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Mhairi Killin
In August 2018, the carcasses of nearly 120 deep-diving beaked whales washed up along the coastlines of Iceland, Ireland, the Faroe Islands, and Scotland’s Hebrides archipelago. Scientists concluded

Samanthe Rubell to Lead Pace Gallery amid Restructuring
Samanthe Rubell has been named the next president of Pace Gallery, Artnews reports. The change comes as the blue-chip gallery, which has nine outposts around the world, restructures for the second time

British Museum in Secret Talks with Greece over Repatriation of Elgin Marbles
British Museum chair George Osborne last week met in London with Greek prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis for the sole purpose of discussing the repatriation of the so-called Elgin marbles to Greece.

Kaitlin Phillips around the 20th Art Basel Miami Beach
LARRY GAGOSIAN DIDN’T FLY DOWN for the twentieth anniversary of Art Basel Miami Beach. This was described to me by Vanity Fair’s art reporter Nate Freeman as “gossip.” And perhaps, were I an art

Joaquín Torres-García
In the early 1920s, in the midst of a personal and creative crisis, the artist Joaquín Torres-García wrote in his diary, “I am not going to paint anymore. I am going to put all my painting into toys.

Daniela Comani
Daniela Comani analyzes the patriarchal structure of society and the family, where clichés around gender roles are hard to eradicate. Rewriting history through innovative narrative strategies, she

Anna Maria Maiolino
Curated by Paulo Miyada, “Schhhiii . . .” is the first retrospective exhibition in Argentina of Anna Maria Maiolino, the Italy-born, Brazil-based artist who—alongside Lygia Pape and Lygia Clark, her

Jota Mombaça
Jota Mombaça’s moving installation evokes the undulating motion of tides, imbuing the seas with an omniscient voice that warns of the cruelties inflicted by humans. THE SINKING SHIP/PROSPERITY (all

The banal spectacle of buying a Beckmann
IT TOOK TWO MINUTES and forty-eight seconds to settle on twenty million euros as the hammer price of the most expensive artwork ever sold in Germany. It was a self-portrait by Max Beckmann from 1943

How should Ana Mendieta’s story be told?
HERE IS WHAT WE KNOW: In 1979, Ana Mendieta, a young, up-and-coming artist fresh off a solo show at the feminist co-op A.I.R. Gallery, met the older, more famous Carl Andre, a so-called founding

Dan Nadel on Aline Kominsky-Crumb
I LOVED GETTING a FaceTime call from Aline, phone propped up so I could see her face and environs. Can you see my cozy bedspread? See my lamp? The wall color is nice! Cute, huh? In her home in the

MoMA Trustee Leon Black Accused of Rape
Leon Black, formerly board chair of New York’s Museum of Modern Art and currently a trustee, is being sued on charges that he raped a woman in the Manhattan townhouse of the late convicted sex offender

Aline Kominsky-Crumb (1948–2022)
Pathbreaking underground comics artist Aline Kominsky-Crumb died of pancreatic cancer at her home in the Cévennes region of southern France, at the age of seventy four on November 29. Kominsky-Crumb in

Tap Chan
In astrophysics, a wormhole is a hypothetical passage between disparate points in space-time. Tap Chan’s Distant Worlds, 2022, is a steel-frame model that represents this phenomenon, albeit bisected,

My friend Jarrett recently told me that the only way he can psychologically reconcile himself to the idea that I work in a gallery is to think of my job as a piece of durational performance art. My

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