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CS80 - Alice Blue Gown from Mar 22, 2020
Edith Day - "Alice Blue Gown"

CS79 - Swanee, Gershwin loves you so! from Mar 15, 2020
Al Jolson - "Swanee"

CS78 - The Moon Shines on the Moonshine from Mar 2, 2020
Bert Williams - "The Moon Shines on the Moonshine"

CS77 - Legendary Irish Singer John McCormack from Feb 16, 2020
John McCormack - "That Tumble Down Shack in Athlone"

CS76 - Ted Lewis is happy from Jan 19, 2020
Ted Lewis And His Band - "Bo-La-Bo"

CS75 - Christmas Day in the Workhouse from Dec 22, 2019
Robert Hilliard - "Christmas Day in the Workhouse"

CS74 - Hello good fella! Heard Dardanella? from Dec 8, 2019
Ben Selvin’s Novelty Orchestra - "Dardanella"

CS73 - These records are OKeh. from Dec 1, 2019
The OKeh Dance Orchestra - "Tha's Worth Waiting For"

CS72- Esther Walker Get's The Blues from Nov 24, 2019
Esther Walker - "Blues (My Naughty Sweetie Gives Me)"

CS71 - Clarence Williams Gives! from Nov 3, 2019
Wilbur Sweatman’s Original Jazz Band - "I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None O' This Jelly Roll"

The Antique Phonograph Music Program resurrected. from Oct 21, 2019
Finzel's Arcadia Orchestra of Detroit - "Dicty Blues" LUFTIGE BUABERL - "Tyrol Jodlers" Mousieur Albert - "Je Sius Gris" Nat M. Wills - "Parody on Eight Familiar Songs" George M. Cohan - "You Won't Do Any Business If You Haven't Got A Band" Bently Ball - "The Dying Cowboy" Thomas Waller - "Lenox Avenue Blues" Mamie Smith and her Jazz Hounds - "I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None O' This Jelly Roll" Rudy Vallee And His Connecticut Yankees - "Lover Come Back To Me" Joe Candullo and his Orchestra - "Fifty Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong" Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra - "Blue, Turning Grey Over You" Emil Coleman & His Club Trocadero Orchestra - "Virginia Don't Go Too Far" Sutcliffe Troupe - "The 79th Highlanders Farewell to Gibraltar"

CS70 - Just Like A Gypsy from Oct 6, 2019
Nora Bayes - "Just Like A Gypsy"

CS69 - The first Race Records were NOT very racy. from Sep 22, 2019
Florence Cole-Talbert - "Villanelle"

CS68 - PADDY-MANIA! from Aug 25, 2019
Ignace Jan Paderewski - "Cracovienne Fantastique"

CS67 - The Actors' Equity Strikes! from Aug 11, 2019
Esther Walker - "Sahara (We'll Soon Be Dry Like You)"

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