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Episode from Aug 30, 2016
Club Royal Orchestra - "Dapper Dan" Arthur Fields - "Hallelujah I'm a Bum" "Hobo" Jack Turner - "Big Rock Candy Mountains" [Ernest Hare] Cal Stewart - "Uncle Josh's Huskin' Bee" Harry Smith - "Yascha Michaeloffskys Melody" Wendell Hall - "Old Plantation Melody" Margaret McKee - "Sous les Ponts de Paris" Nora Watson and J. F. Harrison - "In the Candle Light" Gladys Woods - "I'm Disappointed In You" William Robyn - "Who'll Dry Your Tears When You Cry?" Walter Van Brunt - "It's Hard To Kiss Your Sweetheart When The Last Kiss Means Goodbye" Charles Harrison - "Columbia, The Gem of the Ocean" Sam Lanin and his Troubadours - "C - O - N - S - T - A - N - T - I - N - O - P - L - E" Ted Lewis and His Band - "Send Back My Honeyman"

Episode from Aug 23, 2016
Broadway Broadcasters - "Tentin' Down in Tennessee" Frank Wilson - "Goo Goo Eyes" Harry Lauder - "Saftest of the Family" Helen Clark and Walter Van Brunt - "I'll Get You" Fred Duprez - "Vaudeville Rehearsal" Empire Vaudeville Co. - "The Old Clarinet" Billy Murray and Ada Jones - "Nesting Time in Flatbush" Margaret Young - "Whoa, Tillie, Take Your Time" James Lent - "The Ragtime Drummer" Vess L. Ossman - "Yankee Land" Six Brown Brothers - "Bull Frog Blues" George Reneau - "Susie Ann" Ernest Stoneman - "When The Work's All Done This Fall" Ernest Thompson - "Little Brown Jug" Victor Military Band - "Goodbye Everybody"

Episode from Aug 16, 2016
Isham Jones & His Orchestra - "Mr. Radio Man" [Featuring Al Jolson] Ada Jones and Len Spencer - "A Picture Of Long Ago" Billy Jones and Ernest Hare - "Down at The Old Swimming Hole" Billy West & Bob Thomas - "Roll 'Em Girls" Billy Murray - "Nothing To Do Until Tomorrow" Nora Bayes - "To-morrow (I'll Be In My Dixie Home Again)" George P. Watson - "Cuckoo Song" Vessella's Italian Band - "Maria, Mari" Vladimir Resnikoff - "The Happy Vagabond" Harry Raederman's Jazz Orchestra - "Muscle Shoals Blues" The Gulf Coast Seven - "Papa Better Watch Your Step" Paul Sprecht and His Orchestra - "Porcelain Maid" [from "Irving Berlin's Music Box Revue 1922-23"]

Episode from Aug 9, 2016
Hackel-Berge Orchestra - "Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses" Samuel Siegel - "Sugar Plum" Lufsky, Stehl and Surth - "Longing For Home" Anonymous - "The Butterfly" All Star Trio - "Old Man Jazz" Selvin's Novelty Orchestra - "Dance-O-Mania" Sara Martin & Eva Taylor - "Hesitation Blues" Clara Smith - "San Fransisco Blues" Lucille Hegamin and her Blue Flame Syncopators - "Beale Street Mama" Meyers and Hanford - "Down In Arkansas" The Peerless Quartet - "That Naughty Melody" Eddie Morton - "Don't Take Me Home" Columbia Band - "In the Sweet Bye and Bye"

Episode from Aug 2, 2016
Samuel's Music Masters - "My Old Plantation Home" Kings Dance Orchestra - "Dew Dew Dewy Day" Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra - "Mister Gallagher and Mister Shean" Dixie Trio - "Yeedle-Deedle-Lena" Carson Robinson Trio - "Twenty One Years" Vernon Dalhart - "When The Moon Shines Down On The Mountain" Paul Gerber - "Unterwaldner" Fanfara del 120 Reggeto Bersaglieri - "Alla Rivista" Toots Paka Hawaiian Company - "Kaiwa Waltz" Peerless Quartet - "'Way Back Home" Billy Murray - "Oh Say! Can I See You To-night" Collins and Harlan - "Ev'ry Little Bit, Added To What you've got, makes just a Little Bit More" Fanny Brice - "Second Hand Rose"

Episode from Jul 26, 2016
Mobile Melody Makers - "Little Bit of Jazz" Eubie Blake & Noble Sissle - "Sweet Henry" Earl Fuller's Rector Novelty Orchestra - "Sand Dunes" Wilbur Sweatman’s Original Jazz Band - "Kansas City Blues" Original Dixieland Jazz Band - "Home Again Blues" Eddie Hunter & Alex Rogers - "Bootleggers' Ball" The Two Franks - "In A Little Rendezvous" Billy Murray - "Ragtime Temple Bells" George Olsen and His Music - "Always" Frank Banta and Cliff Hess - "Remember The Rose" William H. Reitz - "Eldorado March" Fred Van Eps - "Ragging the Scale" Columbia Band - "A Watch on The Rhine"

Episode from Jul 19, 2016
Prince's Orchestra - "Monastery Bells - Kamenoi Ostrow" Arthur Pryor's Band - "Mendelssohn's Wedding March" May Irwin - "The Bully" Raymond Hitchcock - "Mr. Hitchcock's Curtain Call" Berlin Orchestra - "Dornroidjens Brautfahrt" Victor Dance Orchestra - "The Great One-Step" Jockers Dance Orchestra - "The Royal Vagabond" Paul Whiteman and His Ambassador Orchestra - "My Wonderful Girl" Nora Bayes - "Just A Little Bit of Sunshine" Victor Women's Chorus - "Flying Dutchman Spinning Chorus"

Episode from Jul 12, 2016
Prince's Orchestra - "Smokey Mokes" Jack Kauffman - "Oh Mother! I'm Wild" Ada Jones - "Put On Your Slippers and Fill Up Your Pipe (You're Not Going Bye Bye To-night)" Louisiana Collegians - "Makin' Whoopee!" - "Columbia Demonstration Record" Cal Stewart - "Uncle Josh Buys A Victrola" Adeline Francis - "The Shoemaker and the Brownies" Victor Orchestra - "Medley" [Rhythms for Children] Selvin's Novelty Orchestra - "Dardenella" The Manhattan Dance Makers - "Manhattan" Whitney Brothers Quartet - "Hail Smiling Morn" Prince's Band - "Ramshakle Rag"

Episode from Jul 5, 2016
Victor Military band - "The Star Spangled Banner" J.W Meyers - "THE Good Old USA" Victor Military Band - "Gertrude Hoffman Glide" Mobile Melody Makers - "Little Bit Of Jazz" W.M.C.A. Broadcasters - "C'est Vous (Say Voo)" Samuel's Music Masters - "To-Morrow" Harry Frankel - "Now George" Peerless Quartet - "Blue Jeans" Ada Jones - "Billy" Ernest Thompson - "Lightning Express" Samantha Bumgarner and Eva Davis - "I Am My Mamma's Darling Child" Coon-Sanders Novelty Orchestra - "Some Little Bird"

With guest Lord Holyrude from Jun 28, 2016
Coon Sanders Original Nighthawk Orchestra - "Deep Henderson" Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra - "St Louis Blues" Fred and Adele Astaire - "Oh Gee! Oh Gosh!" Fred Arthurs - "Laughing Mad" Original Dixieland Jazz Band - "Tiger Rag" Original Dixieland Jazz Band - "Jazz me Blues" Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra - "Trudy"

Episode from Jun 21, 2016
International Novelty Orchestra - "Twinkling Star" Ted Lewis and His Band - "Wang Wang Blues" Bessie Smith - "Bleeding Hearted Blues" [Fletcher Henderson Piano] Handy's Orchestra of Memphis - "Fuzzy Wuzzy Rag" Clara Smith and Her Jazz Trio - "I Don't Love Nobody (So I Don't Have The Blues)" Mamie Smith & Her Jazz Hounds - "I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of This Jelly Roll" Helen Louise and Frank Ferera - "Everybody Hula" Guy Maier & Lee Pattison - "Waltz" Ford Hanford - "My Old Kentucky Home" Guido Gialdini - "Fascination Waltz" Wendell Hall - "It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo' part 2" The Virginians - "Blue"

Episode from Jun 7, 2016
It's You - "The Happy Six" Fred Landau - "Fantasie" Felix Arndt - "Marionette" Van Eps Trio - "Chanson Sans Parole and Paderewski's Minuett" Billy Murray - "Mr. Wilson, That's All" Bob Roberts - "I May Be Crazy But I Ain't No Fool" Kirby - "Sweet Adeline" Byron Harlan - "Captain Baby Bunting" Band - "Red Wing" Henry Klauser - "Laughing Song" Steve Porter - "The Laughing Spectator" Anonymous - "Belly Buster" Anonymous - "The Unique Scala Laughing Record" Dolly Connolly - "My Hula Hula Love" Marion Harris - "Mammy's Chocolate Soldier" Wendall Hall - "It Looks Like Rain" Columbia Dance Orchestra - "Wonderful One"

Episode from May 31, 2016
John Philip Sousa - "Washington Post March" Al Jolson with Isham Jones - "Home in Pasadena" Frank Crumit - "I'm A Lonesome Little Raindrop" Henry Burr - "Little Alabama Coon" Trio Zingaro - "Polka Brio" Columbia Turkish Orchestra - "Turkish March" Tyrolian Singer with Zither - "Luftige Buaberl" Columbia Band - "The Girl from Utah pt 1 & 2" Frances White - "Go-Zin-To" John McCormack & Fritz Kreisler - "Ave Maria" Royal Marimba Band - "Pique Dame" Rosario Bourdon - "Cantilena" Victor Dance Orchestra - "Morning, Cy!"

All cylinder show from May 24, 2016
Thomas Chalmers & Chorus - "Star Spangled Banner" Harry Raederman's Jazz Orchestra - "Make That Trombone Laugh" P Dawson - "The Singer was Irish" Hackett & Chorus - "Let Me Like A Soldier Fall" Marie Dressler - "Rastus Take Me Back" Vernon Dalhart - "I'm Waiting For You Liza Jane" Will Oakland - "The Curse Of An Aching Heart" Cal Stewart - "Uncle Josh's Rheumatism" Irving Kaufman - "Listen To That Dixie Band" Vernon Dalhart - "My Baby's Arm - Ziegfeld Follies of 1919" Frisco Jass Band - "Yah-De-Dah"

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