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I fell in love in...
Soooooo in love, with a little town called Wellfleet this summer. Mainly because I got a really great job at The Frying Pan Gallery across from the town pier at Wellfleet Harbor. It's an amazing building filled with amazing art. The building is an old Oyster shack. It was made from wood that was floated over, and some that washed over, from Billingsgate Island when the sea took the community out there. You gotta come down and see it in person this summer.Neat Squid wall sconces below.There are beautiful views & the yummiest things to eat in every direction you can see! Above is my dog Bella just chilling at the gallery with me. Below, more metal fish by Steve Swain.Above, the beautiful gardens outside the gallery planted and maintained by the multi-talented Sarah Swain. Above are some prints by Hannah Hillard-Bouvier, I just love her mermaids. Below are a group of paintings by Jen Morgan. Below are my vintage chenille soft sculpture cupcakes. Next season my jewelry will be sold at the gallery as well. Above and below are the steel sculptures of Steve Swain had to add this one of the chefs of Sol having a little fun at work. More soon...XO Emily

Emily's Vintage Cottage June 2010 Show Schedule
June 12 Wakefield Festival By The Lake, Wakefield, Ma. On the town green June 13A Taste Of Truro 2 till 6 pm at Truro Vineyards, Truro, Ma.Celebrating Cape Cod wine, food, music and a select group of Cape Cod artisans.June 19 & 20Hands On The Arts Festival, Eastham, Ma. On the town greenCelebrating the arts on Cape Cod Come see me! XOXO...Emily

Emily's May Brimfield Show J&J Photos
Words soon, I promise!

May Brimfield Show J&J Field Booth C12
It's almost here! Im not ready. Wow, I am going to be busy for the next 10 days or so! Come see me if you are coming to town for the show! J&J is open Friday and Saturday of the Brimfield Antique Show week XOXO...Emily

Vintage Image & Polkadot Ribbon Brooches...Well, Almost
Such cuteness! These are buttons I have covered with vintage postcard and vintage valentine images. They measure 1 7/8 inch. I will be making some gathered ribbon rosette type thingys to mount the buttons to add a little frillyness. I'm still figuring out which type of pin finding I want to use. There are so many types out there nowadays.I really love these vintage valentine images. Iron-on printer paper is a great thing. I was super thrilled to find all these colors of polka dot ribbon on sale at the fabric store. Just wish there was an off white with white dots. Well, I will be working on these over the next few days and will show you some when I get a few finished. Can't wait to see them myself. New projects are always so exciting. More soon...XOXO Emily

Been Workin'
Been busy! This is such a simple design but I love how they come out! you will find a few in my etsy shop. just another little peek.will be working on some emery pincushions out of pretty feedsack fabrics. I will probably add some buttons to fancy them up. Maybe some lace, who knows? XOXO...Emily

Oh Lord...
It's been a long freakin' while since I put any time in to my blog. Shame on me. Well, I have been working on lots of new goodies for the 2010 shows. Here are a few pics.Tulip cascade necklace above and poppy hairpins below. Just a peek!Well that's all I'm giving up for now. Working on my show applications and schedule and I will post some of that soon. The May Brimfield show is right around the corner!!The hair poppies are available at Salon 2000 in Harwich, Ma. Just over the Harwich line on route 28. Pop in and say hi to Jen and Jeneanne. Jen cuts my hair and does a super fab job with the color as well.More soon XOXO Emily

Wellfleet Oyster Fest Emily's craft show pics
Wellfleet Oyster Fest 2009 was a freezing fun-fest. Busy, good company, great food, nice folks, great music and lots of familiar faces came by the booth. Some of my favorite artisans set up at this show and there have been quality new vendors every year I have set up there. Samantha, my childhood friend makes beautiful jewelry and had a lovely little nook in my set-up. It was such a busy show , nearly impossible to get out and get many pictures. Samantha's jewelry can be found on Etsy at Looking forward to some upcoming shows after a real stinker last Sunday. Samantha and I will be doing an artisans home show sale at her parent's lovely marsh side house in Harwich. Local? email for details! More soon...XOXO Emily

Emily's fall handmade shows
Wellfleet Oyster Fest October 17 & 18th, downtown Wellfleet, in the street.Fall Festival outdoors at Quincy High School, October 24th 10 till 3 on Saturday.November 20 & 21 Craft showcase put on by the Duxbury Art Association Boston Bazaar Bizarre Sunday December 6th 11 to 7pmDecember 6th Eastham evening show...details to comeDecember 12th Fairhaven Church show...details to follow Will keep you posted on what else gets added. XOXO...Emily

Fall shows and new handmade goodies
I am ready to settle in to fall. My favorite shows happen at this time of year. Brimfield was a pretty soggy and chilly show this September but still fun. didn't get many pics but here are a few...Above, insert crowd here.Below some vintage crafty stuff and the Czech glass buttons which I importAbove, my trusty rubber rain boots which kept my feet warm and dry while the rest of me froze. Below, the Maker's Mark which we all drank out of silly frilly little porcelain creamers. No one ever seems to have real cups at shows. Just part of the charm of Friday Night Dinner Club activities. I was feeling warm after a few sips of Bourbon...I am working on a list of my October and November shows and will post it in a few days. I am still looking for some New England November and December Artisan/craft shows. Any suggestions? XOXO...Emily

A Few Things
First off, I am very much looking forward to fall weather & cooler days. Also some of my favorite artisan fairs happen in the fall months. I am contacted by show promoters quite often who have seen my setup at other shows. This year I have been invited to participate in some very nice craft shows, artisans fairs or whatever we are calling them these days. I am about to book a show in Dedham Mass on the Endicott Estate Here is a link to the BEAUTIFUL property. Sorry, I stink at html and word links... I was intrigued! It's located at 656 East St. Dedham, mass and the show I am booking is on Sunday, October 4th. Can't wait.Another development that's got me giddy is a production deal I have been working on. Production, as in having findings produced overseas which are designed to work with my Czech art glass buttons. The buttons are odd sizes and it's been torture to find NICE well made earring findings with glue pads like these below...which are too small for all but the tiniest buttons 3/8 to 1/2 inch buttons and cabs. Soon there will be a simple silver plated french hook with a glue pad that works perfectly with the 18.5mm cabs & buttons I import & sell. Sure, I can use filigree bases, and I do, but these are something NEW that didn't exist till now. They are being produced as I write and will be here in about 3 weeks. They will look just like the bezel cup french wires above but take bigger buttons including the mini Dragonfly!!Ok, back to work for me...XO EM

Emily's Brimfield July 2009 show pics & purchases
I love Brimfield. Especially the J&J field and the folks who do such a good job running it. Great show. Good weather, good crowd and great shopping!!!Below is my booth, van & trailer on Saturday morning. I had no neighbor beside me so, I took advantage of it as my personal parking spot. I bought this great country cabinet for storage in my studio. It was a steal. The July Brimfield show is a great opportunity to buy big stuff at small prices. Bella had to get inside, once I got it in the house, and check for antique smells. Above Bella is a load of vintage printed hand towels and tablecloths in need of a good soak. They will be going back to Brimfield in September as clean crisp goods for sale. I love freaky Halloween decorations and Bella will sit next to or on anything if she thinks she's getting a treat after. I love that dog. Below is the other country storage piece I got for a steal. I love the creamy yellow paint. Good lookin' huh?? Here are the Halloween decorations in the light atop a mountain of vintage metal locker baskets. Sweet vintage smock apron below in amazing novelty fruit fabric with lots o bias tape edging. If only I wasn't so long in the middle. Vintage clothing & aprons would fit me so much better. Below is a fun mixed drinks tablecloth. Such a funky 50's print. May have to keep this. It would make great aprons. The locker baskets...I love them for organizing all my sewing & crafty stuff around the studio. I will show you a pic when I find the right shelf to house them. Unfortunately they are too wide to fit in either country cabinet I just bought. They fit sideways but it's a less efficient use of space. Below are the great printed linens waiting for a little soaking & sunshine to make them feel all pretty again. Below are some vintage valentines I got from my friend Ann Marie. She has an awesome Shabby Chic style booth in the row behind me. She and her husband A.J. take good care of me when I do Brimfield by myself.I couldn't pass up a collection of vintage hankies. It's so fun to buy a huge pile of something vintage! Well, that's the photo roundup from my July Brimfield show. Already have a great load for September and I am on the hunt almost daily to bring you the greatest vintage and handmade goodies at the best possible prices. I know it's tough out there, but I am thinking of you! More Soon...XO Emily

Emily's June craft show pics...Wakefield, Eastham, Fairhaven & Plymouth
Ok, we will start with the most recent! This is Village Landing in Plymouth, on water st. It's a nice grouping of artisan's boutiques with a lovely brick courtyard. Every Thursday between 4 & 8 there is an artisan's fair there run by Mandi Fedele of Snuggle Time Embroidery. It's a new & growing market so if you are in the area come out and support all the hard working folks that have given artisans like me an opportunity to participate. Can't wait to see how it evolves! I will be set up at Artisans in the courtyard again on July 30th and on Aug 27th.My set up above, in front of the Winery.Below Mandi's table of machine embroidered baby accessories. Sew cute!! I loved my neighbor's all natural handmade soaps. Between all the lavender in my work and her soaps we had the courtyard smelling fantastic! I am such a sucker for a French Bulldog. Maybe someday I will have one.Fairhaven...An old New England downtown setting, so pretty. I have to say I was really disappointed to see all the mass produced and imported CRAP that was in this show. Especially when the application & paperwork said that was a no-no. Emily's Vintage Cottage won't be making an appearance that show next year. The money was just not there. It was a beautiful day and the food at this show was the yummiest and most varied I have ever seen at any craft show/street festival. Fairhaven has incredible public buildings. It was worth the trip just to see the Town Hall and Church. That Raggedy Ann in the pic below was made by my neighbor. Just couldn't seem to get a picture of that table without one in it...Busy street & pretty Town HallEastham...Hands On The Arts!!!Dirty pants and all....Before & after above, vintage fabric covered buttons belowWood cut scatter pins above, Czech glass button jewelry belowReally awesome free kid's hands-on arts & crafts tent aboveDr. Frankenswine does the best BBQ on Cape Cod. He's at The Oyster fest in October too. Can't wait for that show. It's the weekend after Columbus Day so, save the date!! Nifty BBQ meat smoker-trailer. Having a party on Cape Cod?? Frank does it right.Wakefield Festival By The LakeAnother adorable town green setting. I usually have a nice shady spot under a tree.Met lots of nice dogs and people at this show. It's usually the first craft show of the year for me and one of my favorites.This little guy caused quite a ruckus!Well, That's the June craft show roundup. I am working on my July Brimfield post next. I have a craft show on the cape this Friday & Saturday hosted by the Dennis-Harwich Lions club. It will be held on the old Melpet Farm property on Route 134 in Dennis.More Soon...XOXO Emily

Ok, so I have done a little website overhaul at the website. If you have come here looking for pics of my handmade goodies in relation to show apps jump over here More soon...XO Emily

Clarice Cliff Harvest dishes
I bought these pretty dishes at the thrift shop the other day. I NEVER buy dishes but they were just too pretty to pass up. There are 2 nice platters I will probably put on ebay. All said I got 27 picess including dinner plates. I am still editing my Brimfield pics so that post will be coming soon. XO...Emily

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