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The abandoned Pug has been improving. We have been giving her small and frequent small meals of rice, chicken, scrambled eggs and cottage cheese. Dog food too. She is still skin and bones but when you pick her up you can tell she has more substance to her. I imagine it will take time until she looks normal. I will update with pictures when she does.We have wormed, de-fleaed (poor thing was FULL of fleas) and given her a bath. She has stopped her nervous pacing and seems to be making herself at home.She is really sweet and likes to be held. She follows us everywhere right on our heels.We really like her.

This is so Sad
I have 2 beautiful Pugs that I may have talked about before. Abby and Lola. Lola was a rescue. My son and I saved her from traffic. We found her owner who seemed so happy to have her back only to turn around a couple months later and ask us if we would go get her out of the Humane Society..said she had been there a couple days...turned out she was there for over a week!But anyway that is not the story I bring to you today. See the pictures above? We went to let our 2 Pugs in this afternoon and this poor starved Pug came in with them. At first I thought I needed new glasses. Then I just started crying. This gal is absolutely starved! Here's the kicker..Someone had to physically put her over our fence. I am confused...Maybe someone dumped her and she came to be starved and then someone else found her and thought to put her in our yard knowing we already have 2 Pugs and soft hearts. Or do you think someone just couldn't take care of her anymore and thought to bring her here before she died. It looks like she has had pups too in the recent past. She also has a white patch over part of one of her eyes. Cataract?I scrambled some eggs..(thank God for the chickens) mixed them with some cottage cheese (thank God for the diet) and gave them to her along with dog food.What else should I do for her as far as food goes? I am worried about her eating too much too fast. Any ideas would be appreciated.I will do the best I can to take care of her even though we are stretched to our limits with dogs. (She makes 8) and it will be a bit before we have the money to take her to the vet.This road is notorious for dumping unwanted pets, but I have never had someone actually put one in my yard.

I Miss My Blog
Wow! What a busy summer I am having! My blog has taken a back seat I see. Glad I still have a few followers. Here's what I have been doing.Tending the 58 goats.Driving my boys back and forth to their jobs and extra activities.Swimming..everyday. Sitting at the computer everyday in the winter takes a toll on the rear. I have been swimming and walking, determined to be more svelte by my 50th birthday.Working at my paying job.Selling food at auctions every other weekend.Getting ready for a huge barn sale.Making goat's milk soap. So Fun! Will put some in my shop for sale soon.Ducking all the stormy weather we have had lately.Thinking up different ways to make stir any ideas?My Dad and his wife came to visit from California so we did some fun touristy stuff..the zoo, the Trueman Library and an old civil war jail.Visiting with friends.Summer is just too short to sit at the computer. It will be winter soon enough and I will have time for it then. If I do have time to sit at the comp I have tended to research a cold case I stumbled upon. It is really creepy and not for the faint of heart. Not something I normally do either..but there is something about this case. I just can NOT believe it hasn't been solved. There is a whole message board devoted to it with some 22000+ posts. Some are family and people who live or lived in the area. It gets pretty emotional in there and it takes a bit just to figure out who everyone is and how they relate to the case and their angle on it. There is a documentary too. I haven't bought it but I have been tempted. You can see clips of it on youtube. If you do have an interest just google cabin 28. Or go to cabin28.comHope you are all having a great summer!

Sold this in my Etsy Shop
I was organizing my shop getting ready for a sale. I was putting all my Etsy store items in a certain spot to be kept out of the sale. I came across this wonderful primitive abacus/chalkboard that I had crafted and the thought that went through my mind was, " Wow, This is so nice. Can't believe it hasn't sold yet!"The very next day.....Bingo! Sold it! Crazy. I have done that a lot with my thoughts. I will be needing something..thinking about it( and knowing the chances are slim to none for finding it) and suddenly..there it will be at a yard sale or something. I am always amazed.Hasn't worked for a million dollars yet but I have toned it down to wishing for a mere 100,000.00 maybe?!?!Have any of you had this happen? Maybe not the money part, but the whole concept of wishing for something and having it happen or appear?

Here! I'm Still here!
Truly, my apologies for not keeping up with my blog! I know some of you loyal readers are disappointed in me..I will try to do better! I had a busy spring with the kids and all. Kidding season is over and everyone is healthy and happy.My youngest human kid just returned from his Washington DC trip. He had a great time. I can't believe how many things they pack into 5 days of sightseeing!My oldest is life guarding at the pool this summer so I get a season pass for half price. So far I have gone everyday using it as a workout tool. And now for my big news..... (drum roll)I started making cold process Goat's Milk Soap! I am obsessed! Every nook and cranny of my house has soap in it, curing. Today I am going to make some with hemp oil. Can't wait to get a few of them in my shops to see if people like them. Soon, I will get some pictures and put them on here. I am still developing the packaging.... translated as I am almost out of printer ink and it's not in the budget this week!I can tell you this..I will never go back to store bought soap! Home made is so much better!

Have a Blessed and Restful Sunday
Have a Blessed and Peaceful Sunday. Rest. Let the stress of our chaotic world fall by the wayside. Enjoy each moment of the day.

Meet Nanna. She is a lifesaver. Literally. If you remember, last Saturday when out goats were having all these kids my BF went to buy us a milk goat. Why you might ask? The truth is, while triplet goats are awesome, the chance of one not surviving is huge. Yes, we lost one from our first set of triplets. I am sorry. He went to that big goat bridge in the sky. We talked to our goat expert friends and they told us that a Mom Goat just can not raise triplets successfully. One either dies from being pushed out or the Mother gets her health compromised. Your choices are to take one off and bottle feed it or take it to a sale and let someone else bottle feed it. I don't know why Mother nature is cruel like this. To those of you who read this and have had your Nanny raise triplets successfully, I say,"GREAT!" It doesn't happen for us. Perhaps because of the breed of our goats. But anyway back to "Nanna".Bottle feeding is not what it's cracked up to be. It's expensive, the babies tend not to thrive as well and they will always consider YOU their Mother which is cute at first but then it gets to be a real pain when they are a demanding 150 pounds. Trust me here. Our compromise was to go out and purchase a Milk goat before we had any more triplets! So the goats are kidding. BF goes out to buy milk goat(a 2 hour drive). Son and I are home watching goats about to deliver and sure enough another one has triplets! We call BF and tell him. Soon enough we see a cloud of dust coming down our road. It's BF driving like no tomorrow on our bumpy dusty road, pulling our stock trailer with Nanna inside. I look at son. Son looks at me. I say, " Dang! When he gets here Nanna will be making butter instead of milk!" Son cracks up and says he was thinking the same thing!Nanna arrives fine and we set about making her feel welcome in her new home. We milk her for a couple of days and let the triplets get all of their life giving colostrum from Mom. Then we take one off. We give her to Nanna. Well, we make Nanna take her. We still have to go down to the barn every few hours and hold Nanna while Baby Girl eats. But it's working out and all 3 are still alive. YAY! I thank Nanna everyday. She is invaluable.

Play Time
Kids are having a grand time playing..They love the tire!

Are You Kidding Me? or Kids Everywhere!
As of Sunday evening we have 13 kids! We still have 12 more goats yet to kid. Kids are everywhere! So much fun and so much work!! The milk goat (We shall call her Nanna) arrived just in time to help feed another set of triplets. The Mommas ideally kid in our kidding stalls that are inside the barn. When they are a day or 2 old they are let out into the nursery area.

Kidding Season is Upon us Full Force!
We have been busy here on the homestead. Kidding season is definitely upon us. As soon as I get some rest I will have pictures for you. We have several first time goat Mommies and they can be tricky. I worked most of the afternoon yesterday to get one of them to realize that : Yes, she had a baby now. Yes, it was hers. Yes, she needed to let it eat. It took some persuasion of the gentle kind. I finally saw it all click in her young goat mind and she claimed her baby much to my relief. You want to avoid having a bottle baby if at all possible..Today BF is going to buy a milk goat that is fresh and will take a baby if needed. Plus I can have fresh goat milk and it will give me motivation to make goat's milk soap! This will have to be after kidding season though as we are quite busy now. We had 2 kid yesterday.Here is our total so far: Nanny had triplets. Young doe had her first baby and is an excellent Mother. Very young doe had her first and as stated she took a bit of persuasion to figure out she is a mother now and not a baby. Last night another one of our older Nannys had twins and she is a wonderful Mother. Lord only knows what is coming today. At least the weather seems to be co operating and it's supposed to warm up!I can't wait to show you pictures!Thank you all for your comments and for those of you waiting on your own little kids all my best wishes!

3 Things for Today
Abby and Lola on a Sunday AfternoonFirst: A big huge Thank You to those of you Entrecarders still dropping on me! I am down to 81% on my downloads so it won't be long before I can start doing my drops again. Second: No more kids have been born as of yet and the triplets are doing just fine. It's been warm and they have been out to play. So cute to watch! Third: What have I been doing with my time without my high speed internet? I have been going through all my old jewelry. It's time for it to find new homes where it will be loved. I have picked out some great items, cleaned and polished them and will be listing them in HouseMouseAntiques soon. Keep an eye out. Much of it is 70's style and I have some beautiful silver pieces that I purchased in Mexico.

Triplets on the Homestead
We are getting ready to go into kidding season here on the homestead. This was the first of our group to have her kids. Triplets born on one of the coldest nights of the year. (Murphy's Law of Goats). We had to put these little jackets on them to be sure they didn't get chilled. The one in red is a little doeling. The other 2 are bucklings. So far they all seem to be thriving! Aren't they cute?

Trying for a Lighter Note or Sunday Blessings
My speeds are picking up a bit. I am at about dial up speeds now. There is no way I can do my drops yet. This is a tough thing for a die hard Entrecard dropper. I'm sorry my blog friends. Thank you to all of you who are still dropping in on me. I did open Daisy the Curley Cat's blog this morning. It took like 5 minutes but I hate to miss Sunday comics. Since I am not hooked to my computer in my free time I have managed a few blessings:My house is getting clean.Laundry is getting done:I watched a movie.Did some long overdue paperwork.Future plans include: Taking pictures of more items for my shops and writing ads. That way they will be ready to go when speed comes back.Taking pictures you might find interesting for my blog and writing blog posts for those days when I am busy.Writing my novel. OK...maybe that won't get done but a woman can dream!

More F.A.P. Ranting or WildBlue SUCKS
30 days is going to be a really long time now that I have been FAPed. What is F.A.P. you ask? It stands for Fair Access Policy. It is a policy that the satellite company's put on your internet bandwidth usage. I went over mine. I have only had this service for a month. It will take a month of me doing no downloads to get my speed back. I couldn't do a download if I wanted to anyway. Speed now is slower than dial up. I can check my email and hopefully post this blog entry. That's about it. If it's peak hours I can do nothing. I wasn't told about this when I signed up. Of course in their defense, when I called to INQUIRE about the service, the lady was talking fast and was difficult to understand. I had to ask her repeatedly to repeat things. I heard 2 year contract and when I said," So you mean I am now locked into a 2 year contract?" She said "Yes." So I was reeling from that bit of info and she may have went on to tell me about FAP and I didn't understand. Do they PURPOSELY hire people like this? I think so.I asked another friend who also has this same company about what happened and she told me she had never even heard of it either! She will find out if she does one too many downloads or looks at 1 too many You Tube videos..My son got an ipod for Christmas. He was excited to be able to put a movie on it. We had just gotten this high speed internet so he downloaded one. It took 24 hours to download. I believe it to be the main cause of my FAPing. Then of course I had some updating to do also. Things I couldn't do with dial up or I could but it wasn't worth the wait. We watched some YouTube Videos, I put on the Entrecard Bar, and did my drops. Then I downloaded Tweetdeck. It was a 3 minute download but I guess it put me at my 100%. So here I am paying 60.00 a month for nothing. I got rid of my home phone and dial up to pay for this satellite service so I can't even hook my dial up up. Satellite internet is a rip off and they lock you into a 2 year contract. Both Wild Blue and Hughes net have the F.A.P.. With Hughes net you only have to wait 24 hours to get your speeds back. Wild Blue has a 30 day rolling. I think that means I will be lucky to have it back in 30 days. (I went to the library computer to study all this after the fact) I have tried calling them to ask just exactly what a 30 day rolling period means and I can not get a straight answer. They just keep telling me I have to get my usage below 70% and don't do any downloads. They read from a script. I told her, "Look..I couldn't do a download if I tried!" She replies," Just do not download anything." I said, " Lady is there another number I can call for complaint's?" She said," I can give you an email address." I said, " Lady, if I could GET to my email I could get the address for myself!" When I checked my usage on the library computer it said 98%. I have had my router unplugged for 3 days!!!! So see? What the hell? Those of you who think Wild Blue is great, well it is when it is working. It's still not as fast as cable or DSL but it sure is better than dial up. Just don't download ( or upload) too many things. Believe me it isn't much and they will punish you like a 5 year old. Are you aware of the F.A.P.? Did they tell you when they signed you up? I have my router unplugged now when I am not TRYING to use the internet or working off line. Why? Because what if my AVG (anti virus program) is updating? Is that a download? I don't know but not taking any chances. I'm scared now. Truthfully, I am tired of this kind of crap. A 2 year contract with Satellite service? It's bad enough with cell phones. It has to be stopped. We should be able to be FREE to pick and choose the best deal/service without penalty. What if they run a cable out here next year?I pay DOUBLE for Satellite service than everyone else pays for cable or DSL because it is my only choice next to dial up in a rural area. A service that is not even close to being comparable. You may have a FAP on cable or DSL but you will never notice it because it is more than enough to do what you need to on the internet.I am worried about my drops and my internet business. What will happen to all the hard work I have put into them? I can only get to the library so much.I am sorry for this long rant. This blog was not intended to be for this. I would make a new one if I had internet service. LOL. I have to vent this somewhere. I look forward to your comments.Meanwhile, I am going to go bang my head against the wall.

Well isn't this just a Fine Kettle of Fish
I live in the middle of nowhere as I am sure I have stated before. My option for any type of high speed internet? Satalite. I've had mine a month. I hate it. Not as much as I hate dial up but close. I suddenly have very little bandwidth. Why you ask? Because I violated the FAP. This is my message:Internet access speeds have been slowed down in accordance with our Fair Access Policy (FAP), which can be viewed at this site. Please be aware that future occurrences, whether intentional or not, can result in the degradation of your service again. Your service will be returned to its previous operating levels once your cumulative previous 30-day’s usage has decreased to 70% of your Usage Level. Repeated offenses will result in the slowing of services and restriction of access (to email and web services).What a crock. So to my dear entrecard droppers. Unless I can get to the library computer. I need to stop dropping for a bit until I can get my usage below 70 percent..whatever the hell that means. I could upgrade but no. Not gonna happen. This package is already too expensive. So yeah, I am not happy.

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