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The Gelatomin are back 4 a limited time!!!!

Introducing: Dandy! A Softie with a Flexible Stem!
Bring a whimsical touch of spring ... and a sprightly splash of color ... to these cold, bleak winter days with this quick knitted/felted flower! Check out Mummble-jummble2 for the free pattern!

The first ever Chickenpants Customer Appreciation Day of Awesomeness is here!
Today is that day! And what exactly does that mean?WELL. I really wanted to create a way to say thank you to everyone who has supported my shop this last year. But any one thing I thought of didn't seem like quite enough, so I combined them all. Here goes:1. I have mailed handwritten thank you notes to everyone who purchased something from me in the past year.2. I stopped making Chickenpants Babies a while ago. I released their pattern into the wild. Making them just got to be too much. However, I keep getting asked about them. "When are you going to make more?" The answer isRIGHT NOW! I have made a very limited batch of them, and some Puginpants and Piginpants and Bunnypants babies. They're all in the shop right this minute! Go go go!3. I will be tucking a FREE, signed, limited edition Chickenpants mini print into all orders placed today over $30. It will be chosen at random. 4. And finally, the sale. 25% off almost everything in the shop, today only. Thank you all for supporting my weird creative endeavors, through buying stuff, sharing stuff I post, commenting, etc etc. I truly appreciate all of it! You guys keep me going. Thank you, thank you, thank you.Claire

A plush giveaway!
I'm giving away a Chickenpants plush art toy on my Instagram feed! I'm actually super nervous to do this, but here goes. I will be giving Luann Chickenpants away to one winner, picked at random. To win her, just 1. Repost this photo on Instagram* 2. Tag said photo #chickenpants 3. And follow me on Instagram, @chickenpantsThat's it! I'll pick a winner next Wednesday, the 4th. (Feel free to tag anyone you think might be into this, too. I didn't want to make that a requirement, but I sure would appreciate it!)And here is Luann's story. (Every Chickenpants has a little backstory.) Luann Chickenpants - CP. No. 608Luann Chickenpants is a thrifter extraordinaire. She takes great pride that nothing that she owns has been bought at retail cost. She has an eye for great finds and a beak for bargains. If you'd like to see more chickeny goodness, you can check out the Chickenpants blog!*There's a copy of this photo on my instagram feed, naturally, to make this easier for you!

Octopus toy sewing pattern
My son loves octopus, so I just had to create a octopus plush!I turned into a pattern, so anyone can make one.It is available here:- toy sewing patterns on - Stuffed animals patterns  ETSY- plush toy patterns on DAWANDA

BRAND NEW WEEGLINS ALERT!!! Hot off their Autumn 2014 appearance in the latest issuer of STUFFED MAGZINE!   ONLY @ PLUSHPLEX! 

Introducing the BMO plush hand sewing pattern!
I am so thrilled to be able to share with you the latest pattern I made. Thrilled because of the way it turned out (awesome) and thrilled because oh my gosh it's finally done and wow was it a lot of work.Ahem: Introducing BMO (or Beemo, if you prefer), the hand sewing pattern:This pattern is frankly HUGE. It clocks in at 16 total pages. BMO however, is quite tiny- just 3.5" tall.Look, he fits right in your hand!This pattern includes detailed step by step instructions with lots (seriously, LOTS) of photos, a supply guide, and, for the first time ever, a bonus Stitch Guide. An illustrated little extra that shows you how to do all the stitches mentioned in the pattern. Yay!This pattern is 100% for hand sewing. I'm not going to lie to you, it's a lot of hand sewing. However, this makes it a perfect project to work on while watching, oh, I don't know, an Adventure Time marathon or something. Plus, you will feel like a sewing rock star once you finish one of these little dudes.If you'd like a copy of your very own, come on over to the shop. BMO is waiting for you!

A wild craft appears! This is one of my new projects. I wanted a little get-a-away from plush making so I decided to dive into the world of cross stitch. This is my first one, I created it for my husband. He is an aspiring tattoo artist and has stay true tattooed on his hands so I thought it fitting. It was a frustrating and time consuming project, but I do enjoy the final product. My next ones will be a bit more in the style of subversive Xstitch or have geeky quotes in them. I have a whole list of fun ones I want to do. Have no fear, I'll still be making new plush. This was just my little break from it. 

Spring is coming, when thoughts turn to Jellyfish and Milkshakes!
Strawberry Jelly and his pal Milkshake are off to a new home today.. good luck guys!xoxoxoCalliecalliejumpjump!

A new Holiday Tradition: Christmas Patrol GoblinsMeet Santa's Other Helpers, Santa's real eyes and ears, who hang out in your house all year and write down all your children's misdeeds and report back to Santa. These cute Goblins are about 13 inches tall, handmade from cruelty-free poly-felt. Their little tunics, hooded cloaks, and fleece tights as well as pointy green elf slippers are all handmade and removable. Every C.P.G. (Christmas Patrol Goblin) comes with a little hand stained wooden chest to keep their naughty list. These guys are small enough to go everywhere with you and your family so they can keep a watch over the little ones. Each Goblin comes with a copy of My Santa's other Helpers poem that shares their back story, along with a scroll to write down misdeeds and a little convenient secret "jingle bell" key chain for parents. These Goblins have the ability to become "invisible" but kids can sometimes hear their bells jingling when they are misbehaving in grocery stores.....the car...restaurants.... Do you know of any kids who need a Christmas Patrol Goblin in their life???? Visit us @ Plushplex

Henry Fabien "The Architect Of Strange Impossible Things"
 Once upon a time, there was a poor architect called Henry. He was the architect of strange impossible things His works were pretty amazing, everybody were admiring his designs because of the projects were colorfull, ethusiastic, modern, inspired, full of imagination... still, he was a poor architect. He was designing those beatiful houses but noone could ever live in them, because the houses were drawn upside down, means the people had to walk in the air to get in their houses. And he was drawing shoping malls but there was no space to put actuall stores in it, Henry was filled with the trees everywhere, he thought this is better. And his last project was a school but this time he didn't add the stairs, stairs always made me feel me blue he said, so here was a huge building with plenty of  classrooms but no stairs. Once upon a time, there was a poor and odd architect called Henry. He was the architect of strange impossible things. Available on etsy !!!  

Halloween Plushies
It's almost fall! Has anyone else started making monsters for the Halloween season yet?     shop BANANAnutHEAD

Grey Gardens Doll
My handmade plush doll, "Little Edie" is up for bid!  This piece was part of UglyCon at Giant Robot 2 Gallery last month.If you're interested in bidding, visit: inTIMIDnation on Facebook

That’s right I’m giving away one of my Baneling Inspired plushies to one lucky winner!I also have some Baneling Inspired plush and other goodies up for sale on my Etsy!! to enter the GiveawayThere are two ways to enter. Entering both ways gets your name in the “hat” two times!Go to my Facebook page <—Click here and find the Baneling Inspired plush Giveaway post. LIKE and SHARE the post to get your name in the drawing. Please like my facebook page if you want updates on available plush and future giveaways.Follow me on twitter. <—-Click hereRULES:Giveaway goes from 7/6/2013 and ends 8/3/2013. A name will be drawn at random on the 3rd and the winner will be contacted by 8/5/2013. I will post the winners name on my facebook page as well.If you are contacted as the winner, I will require your address to ship out your plush. Your information will not be used for anything other than shipping the item. You must also respond within 2 weeks of being contacted. Otherwise I will draw another name.

Pug Plushie Pattern
I made this plushie pattern a little while ago, but I just realized that I never posted it here! Anyway, here is my pug plush toy pattern:He's available as an instant download, if you're into that sort of thing.

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