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"Drowning is Funny!" with Posty and Lolly
Posty the Pelican and his Pal Lollyfrom All-Surprise #3Glub! Glub! ...with friends like that...Well, they both end up yelling "HELP! HELP!" so I guess it's even. Super-appealing drawings -- Fun stuff!

"I've come to fix your pipes!" A delightful comic by VEP
I really love VEP -- his comics are pure fun!Here's G. Whiskers from Ha Ha 17, 1945Click on any page to see the FULL-SIZED comic book scanYou can read the entire 52-page Ha Ha #17comic at the Digital Comic Museum at ComicBookPlus.com

Droopy by Dan Gordon -- a spooky funny animal comic
A howlin' good one-pager from one of the greatest cartoonists ever: Dan Gordon!From Laffy-Daffy Comics #2 1944Click on the page above to see the FULL_SIZE page!

"Tin Can Willie" one-page filler comic by Dan Gordon
A fun one-pager from one of my favorite cartoonists of all-time: Dan Gordon!From Laffy-Daffy Comics #1 1944Click on the page below to see the FULL_SIZE page!for more about Dan Gordon, check out the mini-biography I wrote about him for the Comics Journal:

Lazy Lee in "Working Pains"
There's a one-page comic feature running in many issue of The Marvel Family -- called "Lazy Lee." A painfully simple one-note character, he appears in one-page (or half-page) gags (I can't call the stories!) that almost always end in a classic flop-take.Click image above for the full-sized scan.Lots of classic public-domain Captain Marvel comics at the Digital Comics LibraryFawcett Comics galore:

Eddie Elephant – 1946 Hallucinogenic Funny Animal Comix by Ellis Holly Chambers
This story comes from Hi-Ho Comics #1 --- a 1946 comic published by Four Star Publications. It’s filled with 45 pages of insane tripped out comics by H. Chambers. So who is this H. Chambers? Milton Knight provides some tantalizing information about cartoonist H. Chambers:“It's Holly Chambers! (Holly was his middle name; I think his first name began with an E.) My late friend, Howie Post, used to share a studio with him and had several vivid tales to tell: he described Chambers as a handsome, charismatic "psychotic" who could walk out with a bar stool and stare down the bartender with a "what are you going to do about it?"Post also revealed that Chambers was a heroin addict who could shoot up and complete a comic book overnight: "Who needs women when you have this??" As colorful as his comics, that was Holly Chambers. Howard lost track of him in the 50s, and suspected that he was "rubbed out" by his drug connections.” Thanks to Milton Knight for that priceless and tantalizing info. It explains a lot – and raises about a million other questions that will probably never be answered.For LOTS more freaky funny-book vintage comic scans by Ellis Holly Chambers, click on Eddie the Elephant below:  

Buzzy the Mouse in “Mechanic Menace” Golden Age Funny Animal Comics
From Jack-in-the-Box Comics #14, June 1947 Click on any page for a FULL-SIZED hi-res scan More info at or download the whole comic at

Working out that SpongeBob Expression...
Dang it...I'm gonna get this expression right eventually. Even though I usually work on the Cintiq, it often takes good ol' pencil and paper to work out those poses.

Cartoon Moderne UPA Style Doodle Page
Doodled while drooling over some amazing 50's animated commercials found on Steve Stanchfield's Thunderbean DVD "Mid Century Modern Animation, Volume 2" you want to see the original cartoons that inspired these sketches, check out the Thunderbean DVD "Mid Century Modern Animation, Volume 2"

"Cartoon-Moderne" scenic designs from 1950's commercials by the Paul Fennell Studio
Here are some super-rare images of "Cartoon-Moderne" scenic designs from some 1950's-era animated commercials by the Paul Fennell Studio.Video from the Animation Resources membership website. More info here: images on my Facebook page at great "Cartoon-Moderne" designs from Animated Commercials by the Paul Fennell Studio. Video from the Animation...Posted by Sherm Cohen on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Fine Art of Looney Tunes Background Paintings
Famous mid-century American urban regionalist painting? Actually, it's a Looney Tunes background by Paul Julian. The cartoon is "Golden Yeggs." Lots more by Paul Julian here:

SpongeBob Diddly-Doodle

Revengeance -- New Full-Length Hand-Drawn Animated Feature by Jim Lujan and Bill Plympton
Jim Lujan's cartoons are mesmerizing, funny, funky and always created with his singular unique view of the world. Always an inspiration and just dang fun to watch! Up till now, Jim has been single-handedly creating animated shorts: writing, directing, and animating all by himself -- even the voices and music in most cases.In the last year or so he's teamed up with indy animation legend Bill Plympton to create a full-length animated feature called REVENGEANCE. Jim's made his dreams come true through his blazing creativity,  his unbelievable productivity and perseverence. This guy proves that you don't need to wait for somebody else to give you the can push through and create your own breaks!I can't wait to see what Jim Lujan and Bill Plympton cook up together on such a big canvas as this full-length animated feature. So I gladly backed this project on Kickstarter -- I think this film is going to wreak Revengeance on the entire animation world. Go Jim!!!

SpongeBob Rockin' the Bass - Deleted scene from the SpongeBob Movie 2
Who lives in a Pineapple and plays bass? Here's an extremely quick cut from a deleted scene from the SpongeBob Movie 2. Don't blink or you'll miss it!   In case you blinked, here's a still-frame shot of the scene (drawn in Storyboard Pro): It's really a deleted scene from a deleted scene; It used to be part of the "Thank Gosh it's Monday" song, which you can see here: The bass part was never animated, but it would have been at around 1:13 in the clip.

SpongeBob Movie 2 -- Some of my Storyboard and Layout drawings
The new SpongeBob Movie 2 is in the theaters and #1 at the box office! I worked on the movie as Sequence Supervisor...and now that it's in theaters, I can finally start posting my artwork from the movie! -- Can you remember which scene this was from?DELETED scene!In this earlier version, the Post-Apoca-Whatcha-ma-call-it started earlier in the picture.Mr. Krabs appeals to the angry mob of hungry customers.Rough storyboard panel from the opening scenes of the new SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. SB loves his Krusty Krab snowglobe (which rains down Krabby Patties instead of snow). Shot lasts about 1.5 seconds in the movie. Thanks everybody for making the movie #1 !!

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