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GPF News: November 14, 2016
GPF's 18th anniversary, "Crisis in Infinite MUTEXes" finally complete, and Trudy's Wumpus World is back!

GPF News: June 20, 2016
In Defense of "Harry Barker"

GPF News: October 12, 2015
Why GPF does not, and likely never will, use Patreon

GPF News: June 15, 2015
New Premium Feature: Whole-Site Encryption for Subscribers

GPF News: January 26, 2015
E-mail backlog, GPF and Patreon, bad ads, and a hearty thanks to subscribers and donors

GPF News: October 27, 2014
Update on Jeff's housing situation, plus a new Premium feature: Read-Ahead Access!

GPF News: July 7, 2014
Heads Up: Potential Future Comic Production Delays

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