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A Riveting Memoir of Life as a Chef with an Eating Disorder
Shaina Loew-Banayan’s new book, “Elegy for an Appetite,” chronicles fifteen years of the author’s relationship to food, in an irreverent stream of consciousness.

ďArmageddon Time,Ē Reviewed: A New York Childhood in the Crucible of American History
Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong star in James Gray’s furious new film, an autobiographical drama about white privilege in school and at home.

Crime, Anxiety, and the Story of the New York City Subway
Eric Lach talks about his recent reporting at the Jamaica Center–Parsons/Archer station, in Queens.

Daily Cartoon: Thursday, May 19th
When modernist poetry meets modern antigen testing.

Uber Driver Charges Newly Freed Martin Shkreli Three Hundred Times Normal Rate
The driver said that he jacked up the price once he recognized the notorious “pharma bro,” sending the cost of the twelve-dollar fare rocketing to thirty-six hundred dollars.

Pick Your Battles
It’s O.K. to feel annoyed when your friend brings someone you hate to your birthday party—especially if that person is me.

Trump Brings His Big Lie Playbook to the G.O.P. Primaries
Tuesday was a mixed bag for candidates endorsed by the former President, who is making fresh suggestions of election fraud.

Lalo Alcaraz and the Long Journey of a Latino Political Cartoonist
Does winning a prestigious award mean that Alcaraz is now accepted by the mainstream?

Putinís Last McMeal
Vladimir is no longer sure he’s loving it.

A Chef Who Offered Chinese Food in Spanish
How Lupe Liang’s restaurant in L.A.’s Chinatown fed everyone.

Inside Putinís Propaganda Machine
Current and former employees describe Russian state television as an army, one with a few generals and many foot soldiers who never question their orders.

People Iíd Like to Sign an N.D.A.
Pretty much everyone I’ve ever met.

Daily Cartoon: Wednesday, May 18th
“Sorry, everyone. Mercury is in retrograde again. . . .”

Nationís Doctors Praying for Dr. Oz to Win and Quit Medicine
“I salivate at the thought of Dr. Oz talking about taxes, infrastructure, and foreign policy instead of the healing powers of magic coffee beans,” one physician said.

The Problem with Blaming Robots for Taking Our Jobs
For decades, the effects of automation have been fiercely debated. Are we missing the bigger picture?

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