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Free Header Images
It has been long since we published any header images ... Sorry for that..Here are 2 header images that you may like:Start your own blog with a your personal domain name :D Liked it!! Why Don't you drop by !!

Finding the right hosting provider
Since we are working in website and web application design and development, we deal with different situations and challenges. However, one challenge we do not want to face is issues with hosting provider. What would you do if your website or the awesome web application is down for most of the time? Does it really make sense?Here is what you can do:Before you buy any hosting solution, check out what people are saying about them. You can do a Google search like “Hosting provider name + review”. You may also try searching for the hosting provider’s name in networks like Twitter or ask someone at FaceBook. You may also try different websites that offer honest reviews of providers to find a reliable website host or ask at different webmaster’s forums that discuss hosting issues and different deals. But what makes a web host reliable? There are different perimeters like uptime, years in business, server specifications according to your need, ssl access, customer support, community, knowledge base etc. Another very important issue one must consider is when to go for shared hosting and when to go for a VPS hosting provider! If you are running a personal blog or website or starting up, you may consider shared hosting. It is much cheaper compared to VPS hosting. However, if you really concerned about speed and performance of your website along with security, you should think about going for VPS hosting. However, for a VPS hosting, you must have enough technical knowledge or a team to take care of the server. The biggest problem you may face with a web hosting solution provider is proper customer support. On any given time, you may need immediate support. If the hosting provider, does not have enough professional resources, you will be in great problem. And you will come across many web hosting providers with almost no support staff. To add, there are many companies who have taken a reseller account and offer web hosting solutions to new webmasters. Their deals can never be close to what the original company is offering. And you will often see that they offer poor customer service. Also, good web hosting companies develop a community around their service. The community members help each other to solve a lot of regular issues. Does your web hosting solution provider have anything like that?Tips, if you are planning to get business via organic traffic (SEO), make sure that you have good neighbourhood (other websites in the same space) in the shared hosting space. Or it may hamper your ranking over time.Start your own blog with a your personal domain name :D Liked it!! Why Don't you drop by !!

11 Christmas header images for your blog or website
11 Christmas header images  for your blog or website - enjoy the festive season. The size of all these free header images are 960px x 200px .. Just click to enlarge and download..You may also check out other Christmas header images here:7 Free Christmas Header Images14 Free Christmas Header Images  Start your own blog with a your personal domain name :D Liked it!! Why Don't you drop by !!

EDirectHost website builder - start your own website
We all know that we must have a company website to run the business. However, in many cases, the business owner does not have enough understanding of the complexities of developing a website or does not want to invest enough to hire a professional website development company. For them, an automatic website builder can work as a life saver (along with being a business saver). This is simple but powerful enough to make your own website. Even making an eCommerce website is almost as simple as starting a new email account. The eDirectHost has some interesting templates for you to customize further apart from having your own domain name like And the interesting thing is that, you have 10 days of trial period where you can explore the system and keep developing your own website (10 days should be more than what you need). Once you are ready with your preferred website, you can go ahead and buy your own domain name along with their service. Your own site will be live in almost no time. Would you like to know how it works? Visit this page. You can take a look at the pricing list before you create your own website.Liked it!! Why Don't you drop by !!

9 free header images that you may use on any website or blog
We often need simple header images that can be used on any blog or website. These header images must not be specific to any specific category or structure. Hope these free header images solve the problem. The top part of all these websites are curved :DStart your own blog with a your personal domain name :D Liked it!! Why Don't you drop by !!

Joining WebPrachar with my whole team
Now here is an awesome news. I am joining WebPrachar, a Kolkata based website design, development and online marketing company as a designer. I knew some of them personally and when they gave me the offer I was almost sure that I want to join the team. But after visiting their place and meeting other team members, I was 200% sure about the proposal. So, now, I am merging my small team with WebPrachar to do something bigger. And my team members are sooo happy.Life as a designer at WebPrachar is going to be a bit different. They follow an awesome designing process driven by the marketing strategy – need of the market and the owner. It is more about understanding the basic business requirements of the client and offering him a designing solution that would generate more business. I really liked their idea of six month design contract where they make sure that the design is acting as an active agent to generate more sales (or the target). If necessary they are ready to completely redesign the website for free. It is about adding value to client’s bottom line. Their vision is simple - “no design is perfect and you can never dream the best design. You need to test and improve it to fit the need of end users and business logic”.Wish me luck in my new venture.PS. Watch this space – I will soon add more header images.Liked it!! Why Don't you drop by !!

Free template for wordpress blog or website
This blog is primarily meant for free header images. However, I get a lot of mails from my dear readers asking for custom templates ... This also means that a lot of visitors do not know that I design templates ... So, here is a template that you may use - clean, simple and minimalistic - designed 960 grid system ...While designing this template I was trying to make sure that content gets the most emphasis rather than the design... It is ideal for small business - product or service based companies.If you love this design and want this to get coded, mail to me at 100pixel [@] ... You can make as many changes as you want :)Start your own blog with a your personal domain name :DLiked it!! Why Don't you drop by !!

5 Free Image Headers - Light Green Dream
Free header image: DreamFree header image: Green Blue  Free header image: Light Free header image: WaterStart your own blog with a your personal domain name :DLiked it!! Why Don't you drop by !!

Free image header for geek blogs
 Free Header Image for Geek BlogsCaption: I'm a self-made Geek and worship my cretorStart your own blog with a your personal domain name :DLiked it!! Why Don't you drop by !!

Free Image Header - Fruits
 760px X 200px Fruits header image  Start your own blog with a your personal domain name :DLiked it!! Why Don't you drop by !!

Free Image Header - Boxes
 Free Image Header: 760px X 200px    Free Image Header: 760px X 200px Free Image Header: 760px X 200px Start your own blog with a your personal domain name :DLiked it!! Why Don't you drop by !!

Free Wallpaper - Change
 Free Wallpaper - change is the only constant ... And I am back to blogging after sooooooo many days :)Liked it!! Why Don't you drop by !!

Free Wallpaper for Free People
 So, If you have nothing to do, please do not do it here. Liked it!! Why Don't you drop by !!

Free Wallpaper for Geek's Girlfriend
 Save it as the desktop wallpaper in your boyfriend's Laptop or PC and remind him to take care of his...aaaa...Growthand the next wallpaper is aaaaaaaaaa... Do I need to make one for her too?Liked it!! Why Don't you drop by !!

Desktop Wallpapers for Geeks
  Free wallpaper for geeksResolution: 1280 x 1024   Free wallpaper for geeksResolution: 1280 x 1024   The above text courtesy Kailash Nadh  If you have some funny texts that only a compter geek can realize, please send them to me. I will be happy to create some wallpapers for geeks.Hope you liked these wallpapers.Liked it!! Why Don't you drop by !!

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