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Dennis Rodman Hits Up Kanye West on Video, 'Send Me Some Shoes!'
You know what rich people love more than anything? FREE STUFF! Just ask Dennis Rodman who sent a video message to Kanye West asking for some comped Adidas sneaks ... and Kanye isn't exactly saying no! The rapper just posted the video message he got… Permalink

Cardi B Files Trademark for New Baby Clothing Line Business
Cardi B's got babies on her mind ... and she's also seeing green, 'cause it appears she's about to dive into the baby clothing biz!!! According to docs, obtained by TMZ ... the rapper wants to trademark her name for a new children's clothing line… Permalink

Joel Embiid Rocks Hazmat Suit To NBA Bubble, Safety First!
Joel Embiid made a helluva fashion statement on his way to the NBA bubble -- rockin' a FULL HAZMAT SUIT to keep the COVID out!!! Embiid has not minced his words when it comes to the NBA's plan to restart in Orlando -- saying earlier this week, "I… Permalink

Fashion Retailer Shein Pulls Swastika Necklace, Apologizes for Confusion
The online fashion retail site Shein is apologizing for creating confusion over its attempt to sell a Buddhist swastika necklace, which triggered outrage and led to the retailer removing the item from the site. A rep for Shein tells TMZ ... the… Permalink

'365 Days' Star Michele Morrone Lands 6-Figure Modeling Gig
Michele Morrone is quickly learning it pays to be tall, dark and handsome ... the "365 Days" star just scored his first big-time modeling gig, which comes with a fat payday!!! Famous fashion designer Paul Marciano tells TMZ ... Michele just signed… Permalink

Dana White Takes John Oliver's Advice, Selling UF-Sea Shirts for Charity
An awesome new twist in the Dana White vs. John Oliver feud -- Dana is now selling UF-SEA t-shirts as John suggested ... with all of the proceeds going to one of John's favorite charities. Okay, some brief backstory ... Over the past few months,… Permalink

Presidential Hopeful Kanye Files to Protect 'West Day Ever'
Kanye West's been having some very good days lately ... and it looks like he wants to make "West Day Ever" the next extension of his booming brand. The apparent presidential candidate is much better at filing paperwork with the trademark office… Permalink

Elon Musk Peddles Tesla Short-Shorts, Sells Out in Just Minutes
Elon Musk just dipped his toe into the fashion world -- via his car company, Tesla -- and the man might have a new career on his hands ... 'cause his new streetwear sold out. The Tesla CEO followed through with a promise he made on Twitter the… Permalink

6-Year-Old Kicked Out of Daycare Over Black Lives Matter Shirt
A child was booted from her daycare because she wore a shirt promoting the Black Lives Matter movement. 6-year-old Journei Brockman had been enrolled in daycare at Arkansas' His Kids Preschool for 6 months. The little girl wore a shirt to the… Permalink

Jennifer Garner, Snooki Among Celebs Celebrating Pride 2020
The last day of Pride Month is upon us ... and even though the pandemic tried to rain on the pride parade, celebs still came out in droves of rainbow to show their love. Jennifer Garner, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Laverne Cox, Sarah Hyland and Billy… Permalink

Cam Newton Touches Down In L.A. in Fresh Outfit After Signing with Patriots
Cam Newton has landed in L.A. just one day after signing with the Patriots ... and his new squad outfit is straight FIRE!!! The 31-year-old QB was decked out in a plaid shirt with pink pants and a pink sweater around his neck ... lookin' like… Permalink

Kim Kardashian's Beauty Biz Reaches Billion-Dollar Status with $200M Deal
Kim Kardashian's brand was just launched into another stratosphere of riches -- hitting the billion-dollar mark ... courtesy of a new deal with a very familiar beauty investor. Here's the scoop ... Kim's beauty business -- with a range of products… Permalink

Baltimore Mom Says Restaurant's Apology for Discrimination Not Enough
The African-American woman who was denied entry to a Baltimore restaurant because of her son's t-shirt is shunning the establishment's apology ... because the incident traumatized her 9-year-old boy. Marcia Grant and her spokesperson, Michelle… Permalink

Ariana Grande Throws Herself 27th Birthday Party
Ariana Grande threw what kinda sounds like an oxymoron but it's not ... an intimate birthday bash for herself. Ariana hosted the party Friday night for a few of her close family and friends, to celebrate turning 27. Trucks traversed her Hollywood… Permalink

'I ❤️ NY' Artist Milton Glaser Dead at 91
Milton Glaser, a super famous graphic designer who created one of the most iconic campaigns for a city has died on his 91st birthday. Glaser was embedded in pop culture in the '60's and '70's. In '67 he fashioned a poster of Bob Dylan with… Permalink

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