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Year Planners - a great year-round ad for your business
Year planners customized and company branded from Tinstar Design are highly effective promotional tools for your business.

Color Management and How to Preflight Documents in CS4
Color management can be confusing for designers. As long as consistency in maintained and you preflight your documents, you'll be fine.

InDesign Files - How to Set Up Business Card Layout Design for Press.
Learn how to set up InDesign files for press. This article demonstrates bleed, CMYK, spot colors and PDFX1a creation by producing a business card layout design. Applicable to all document layouts.

Illustrator How to Make a Triangle
If you need to know in Illustrator how to make a triangle, there are several ways to go about it. The easiest way is to use the Polygon Tool.

Universal Proofreading Symbols for Graphic Designers
An often overlooked skill in graphic design training is the ability to interpret universal proofreading symbols. If you're a designer and know nothing about proofreading, learn these essential basics!

Convert Illustrator CC EPS to CS6
How to Convert Illustrator CC EPS to CS6 EPS if you don't have a Creative Cloud subscription

Press-Ready Image Tutorial - how to make high resolution images printer ready
A graphic design tutorial explaining how and why images are made press-ready. Builds confidence in graphic design graduates and first-job seekers by demonstrating industry techniques.

A Useful Proofreading Marks Chart -Universal Proofreading Symbols and Examples
As a graphic designer, I find it useful to have a proofreading marks chart in front of me when ploughing through heavily corrected pages! Here are some of the most common proofreading marks & examples

Illustrator Tutorials - Top Ten Most Requested
Top Ten most requested Illustrator tutorials. Tutorials which demonstrate some of the more useful tools and techniques of Adobe Illustrator.

How to control gutter width in split column text in InDesign
In InDesign, when making a text box and filling it with text, you have the option to select a portion of the text and, in the Options Bar, choose Split 2 to split your text selection into two columns. However, what if you want to control the gutter width? Not so obvious. The ambiguous solution is (if you're on a Mac) to Alt-Click the icon to left of the Split/Span drop down menu. This will open a dialogue box with all the options you need. Well hidden!

Accent Marks - How to Create French, German and Spanish Accent Marks.
One of the first stories I heard when I began my training for a career in graphic design was a tale of woe. Someone lost their job because they didn't know how to create accent marks on Apple Macs!

Photoshop Tutorial Bling Text - Adjustment Layers Photoshop Video Tutorial
Photoshop Tutorial Bling Text. A Photoshop tutorial demonstrating how adjustment layers and layer styles can be used to create great effects non-destructively. Also shown as a Photoshop video tutorial

Don't Throw Your Client to the Dogs - think before ridiculing
Don't thow your client to the dogs without pausing for thought. Ridiculing them for not knowing everything about graphic design isn't fair.

How to Make a Dotted Line in Illustrator - Basic Tutorial
How to make a dotted line in Illustrator. This shows how to make a line with perfect round dots rather than dashes.

Using Adobe Bridge to View Images Only
I use Adobe Bridge primarily to review the images in a folder. Here's how to hide all other file types from the browser window.

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