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Deadly Delivery Double Feature... "The Hungry Beast" & "Son Of Satan"!
The Deadly Delivery crew is back at it with a new XL sculpt from Zectron inspired by the classic horror flick Terrorvision! Here comes The Hungry Beast! "Tired of your parents telling you what to do? Sick of your boss getting on your case? The Hungry Beast is here to help! Just introduce your new intergalactic pet to anyone you want to get rid of and watch the magic happen! Nothing left but a warm pile of goo. It can even impersonate whoever it eats so when school or work calls asking why you aren't around The Hungry Beast can tell them you're too busy being awesome to show up today!" Each one also comes with a mini Z-TV accessory. Cast in Pluton Flesh resin and dropping HERE this Saturday at 12Noon CST along with the final color of the Son Of Satan from Demon Wind. It's a Saturday morning Zectron Double Feature!

Mighty Mo the Rebel Royal... pre-order launched by OKEDOKI!!!
Okedoki has just shared some awesome news with us... her 'Mighty Mo' is ready for preorder. This has been a 2 year project (check out the prototype HERE) and we are extremely happy to finally see this little rascal of a Prince come to life. Mighty Mo's story is a bit sad but an uplifting one filled with courage and determination to overcome the greatest obstacles. Cursed and transformed into a purple frog, Mighty Mo is exiled from the Golden Lotus Kingdom. With his trusty sword and a fighter's spirit, Mighty Mo vowed to one day return home a hero! In this scene, Mighty Mo is posing along the shores of Misti Lake, seeking a moment of solitude before carrying on with his adventures. Mighty Mo is a limited edition of 25 pieces and each figure comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a foil collector's card. Snag one up HERE right now for $280 (Figures will be shipped out late September/October as they are finished).

MondoCon exclusive resin DUMPSTER FIRE from 100% Soft!!!
Truck Torrence, the man behind 100% Soft, is back with another coveted Dumpster Fire resin toy variant... and this go around, it's for MondoCon this weekend! This is a special colorway made especially for MondoCon and it'll only be available there... and that's it! Each of the 3.5″x3.5″x2.75″ hard resin toys come signed and numbered by Truck, and will retail for $80 each. Now, there are only 75 of these available, so in order to accommodate everyone fairly, they are going to do a raffle system, half of the stock each day. Each day when doors open at 10am, they'll be giving out raffle tickets until the drawing at 3pm. Limited to one ticket per person. If you pick a winning number, you'll have until the closing of the show floor at 6pm to collect your dumpster. Available at booth #B23... hot ticket item, literally - don't miss out!

New Skinner Halloween Pop Up Card from Poposition Press!!!
From the ghastly team that brought you the Necronomicon Pop Up Book comes the greatest Halloween pop up card of all time! Poposition Press teamed up with Skinner once again to bring you the eternally scary Halloween 'Come Closer' card! Here's what will happen when you open up this amazing card: You'll probably SHRIEK IN FEAR at the sight of the old ugly witch conjuring black magic on All Hallow’s Eve. Then, you may GROAN IN AGONY as the silent flesh starved ghouls reach forth and rip your face off Finally, it's clear that you're gonna STARE IN SHOCK as the local peasant’s child is confronted with the brutal boiling heat of the hag’s black cauldron.GET ONE OF THESE RIGHT NOW OR ELSE! Don't believe us... watch the video below!!! This hideously engineered pop up card is all that stands between you and the screaming endless dread conceived annually in the yawning black abyss from whence all terror is born. And, it comes with a free sticker. Happy Halloween! Each card measures 5.5″ x 8.5″ and comes in a black A9 envelope. Back of card includes a poem by Skinner and a place to dedicate the card to whomever has the unfortunate fate to receive it! Oh... and each card includes a free cat sticker! Sweet! Come Closer is available as a single card, in a 3-pack and a 5-pack. Also, these are NOT A PRE-ORDER. They're assembled, in stock and ready to ship right now. So what are you waiting for? head on over HERE right now to snag them up right now!

Mighty Jaxx presents: Toshi Neko: Graff by Clogtwo!!!
Meet Graff — the newest 4" tall vinyl kitty in the Toshi Neko clowder from Mighty Jaxx and Clogtwo. With eyes as sharp as his, no blank wall goes unnoticed by Graff. Prowling the streets with his handy spraycan, Graff wows with his graffiti skills. Adopt him and his tiny spraycan HERE this coming Saturday, September 14th at 6am PST for $40 a pop... and these are in stock and ready to ship! complete your purrfect Toshi Neko clowder!

Unbox & Friends Blind Box Series 2 is here!
After the HUGELY successful Unbox & Friends Blind Box Series 1, the folks over at Unbox are back with Series 2! Wave 2 consists of ten original sculpted designs by artists including: Kenny Wong, ZiqiWu, Scott Tolleson, Jim Dreams & RETROBAND. Each figure stands (sits) approximately 5cm in height and is packaged with an information card & Unbox collectable coin that can be redeemed for exclusive Unbox goodies at a later date! Too Natthanpong, the creator of Greenie & Elfie, was drafted in to restyle the designs of the characters... and they all look amazing, a very cohesive series! Our friends over at Strangecat Toys informed us of this drop and have them available for pre-order HERE right now... $14 a blind-box, or $168 for the full case of 12!

15-inch Pink UberJanky EXCLUSIVE DROP from Superplastic!
The big daddy of vinyl Jankys is here from Superplastic! NEON, GIGANTIC, and UNBELIEVABLY SMOOTH! UberJanky stands 15-inches tall and comes in a gorgeous, enormous Janky box. Just 300 available now and retailing for only $120 a pop... and this included FREE shipping - so go now, get your Janky on!

Martian Toys x Quiccs - VOLTEQ63 MEGA release info!!!
Let's go, Voltron Force!!! Another TEQ... yes indeed and this time Quiccs and Martian Toys have formed together for a rad Voltron'esque design - the kicker, this is the MEGATEQ meaning it stands over 12" tall!!! Originally limited to 150 pieces, the demand was SUPER high so Martian Toys decided to increase the run to 300 pieces! 150 will be up for grabs online via MartianToys tomorrow while the other 150 will be available via select online retailers (Devil Toys, IamRetro, GachaRobot, My Plastic Heart, Tenacious Toys, Wootbear, Rotofugi, and Collect & Display)! The production on this version looks seriously amazing, super tight lines... and the colors are very bright and vibrant! These will retail for $200 a pop and will drop HERE at 9am PST tomorrow, September 10th - don't miss out!

Introducing Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: Sesame Street! Following the successful release of Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: Spongebob Squarepants, the collection is back featuring your favorite Sesame Street characters! From Cookie Monster to Elmo, to Count Von Count and Big Bird, not forgetting the good pals Bert and Ernie; your favorite Sesame Street characters are all here! The collection features 6 different characters and 4 hidden variants! Who will you get? Each tray comes with 12 individually and randomly packed blind boxes. To top it all off, the box set comes in a beautiful display case! Start collecting your favorite Sesame Street friends today! Standing at approx. 4" tall, these are in stock and ready to ship... so snag them up HERE starting this Saturday, September 7th at 6am PST for $12.99 per blind-box or $155.88 for a Case of 12 (with free shipping)!

Mighty Jaxx presents: Anti Supremacy by Abell Octovan!
First unveiled at Art Jakarta this past weekend, the collaboration between Museum of Toys, Mighty Jaxx, and Abell Octovan is now available for purchase... Anti Supremacy tells the story of how justice and honor should never be silenced. The first polystone piece of Abell Octovan's design, the eye grabbing premium bust is 12" tall and features a sleek marble finish. Limited to an edition of 99 pieces worldwide, this is in stock and ready to ship... snag one up HERE this Saturday, September 7th at 6am PST for $249 a pop!

Poison Pumpkin Spice! Kill Kat from Andrew Bell... a Kidrobot exclusive colorway!
Andrew Bell has been making his food and candy illustrations and sculptures for many years now, and not even the most murderous of killer candies could stop him. And actually, his "killer candy" figures are fan favorites that are more infused with dark humor than sugar - which is exactly why we love them! Bell enjoys seeing people's reactions at Comic Cons when they see his art and their faces light up, then drop, then light up again before saying "that's terrible - I love it!" One scroll through the various "Kill Kat" editions on his website, and you'll quickly understand why we're craving more. "Now with 5% More Bones in Every Bite!," "New! Paralyzing Flavor!," and "a fruity flavor that is more horrifying than it is healthy," are just a few of the descriptive gems you'll find. And now, new and exclusive to, is the seasonal flavor that everyone loves to hate on - Poison Pumpkin Spice! Kill Kat - Poison Pumpkin Spice Edition 6" Art Figure by Andrew Bell is a Exclusive, limited to 400 pieces worldwide and will be released HERE at 9am PST starting TODAY - Friday, September 6th, 2019.

Marsham Toy Hour: Season 4 Ep 22 - Chopping it up with Retroband!!!
The folks over at the Marsham Toy Hour podcast actually did a Blood & Guts hour after all... as this week, Gary and Theresa step out of their comfort zone and into the horror world with Aaron Moreno aka Retroband. Join them as they CHOP IT UP with Aaron and learn all about how he got into designer toys, the Deadly Delivery collective, working with Unbox Industries, his upcoming solo show, art book release, and much more. Aaron is awesome, so do yourself a favor and have a listen!

Resin Rookie x Robins Nest Collectibles - MochiYoo "Vanilla Bean" gid resin release!!!
Say Hello to MochiYoo, a new creation from Resin Rookie and Robins Nest Collectibles. An ever laughing, fun loving, delicious looking piece of resin. Inspired by the tasty treat Mochi Ice Cream. This figure stands to never melt in your hand but will melt your heart. Vanilla Beans harvested from Isla De Nido have been used to produce the first flavor of MochiYoo. He will definitely stand out in your collection with his BRIGHT WHITE GLOW. Produced by the ever so talented Resin Rookie the "Vanilla Bean" gid resin edition measures 2.25” x 2.75” x 2.75” and if ordered, you have a 1:10 chance at a Glitter Glow Chase. Snag one up HERE right now for just $40!

Toy Art Gallery presents: Radioactive Uppercut's Nether Realm Tyrants Evil Shimmer Edition!!!
Toy Art Gallery is proud to present the debut release of the NETHER REALM TYRANTS from Radioactive Uppercut! The TYRANTS are miniscule minions bent on dominating your toy display with their terrible temper and ghastly charm. Each Tyrant measures 2-2.5" tall with an articulated head and massive amount of detail! The Evil Shimmer Edition is cast in a glow-in-the-dark soft vinyl! The NETHER REALM TYRANTS are: Cain, Beleaguer, Abel, Pyromancer, Plague Sacrifice, and Mage of Set! They were designed by Radioactive Uppercut, sculpted by Jean St. Jean Studios, and produced by Toy Art Gallery. The NETHER REALM TYRANTS Evil Shimmer Edition will be up for grabs HERE starting TOMORROW - Wednesday, September 4th at 12Noon PST for $65 a set!

First look at the Kidrobot Santa Muerte 8" Dunny by Stephanie Buscema!!!
Santa Muerte is a deity with many names. “Our Holy Mother of Death,” “Lady of Night,” “Lady of Shadows,” and “The Bony Lady” are just a few. She’s a highly revered deity in Mexico with millions of followers despite being condemned by the Catholic Church as “satanic” and misaligned with church teachings. Nevertheless, she persists. New from Kidrobot, the Santa Muerte 8" Dunny was designed by New York-based painter, illustrator, and designer, Stephanie Buscema, who has a knack for the macabre as evidenced by her playfully dark paintings and illustrations and also her Halloween-centric textile work that she produces for her company Kitschy Witch Designs... and Kidrobot, along with the guidance of Stephanie, nailed this one - WOW! Releasing next Friday, September 13th... WAIT - FRIDAY THE 13th - how perfect, the Santa Muerte 8" Dunny will release in 2 colorways... Protection (BLACK – available at retailers worldwide): limited to 400 units • Love (RED – exclusive to limited to 200 units - both of which look spectacular! Retailing for $100 a pop, these figures are 100% new in terms of sculpt - the body and heard are exclusive to this figure... shoot, and there are even sculpted elements on the hands and ears - and how about that scythe accessory! Oh, and rumor has it, there might even be a 3rd colorway releasing towards the end of the year - we are crossing our fingers for a Dcon exclusive release!

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