Depth of Field with Matt Brandon (The Digital Trekker)

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Interview with Photo Editor Michael D. Davis
Matt Brandon talks with photo editor Mike D. Davis about what a photo editor can do for a photographer. Mike also discusses the qualities that make up a great photo and how a photographer can better their portfolio.

Interview with Kevin Russ
Matt Brandon talks with iPhoneographer Kevin Russ about how he has begun to make a living by shooting images with his iPhone.

Interview with Douglas Kirkland
Matt Brandon talks with legendary photographer Douglas Kirkland. Kirkland talks about photographing superstars and icons of history and motion picture such as Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Audrey Hepburn and more. In this interview, Kirkland also encourages young and new photographers in their craft.

Interview with Brian Smith
Matt Brandon talks with photographer Brian Smith about his work as a portrait photographer of the rich and famous. They discuss his new book "Secrets of Great Portrait Photography: Photographs of the Famous and Infamous" Brain gives numerous tips on how to effectively photograph people.

Interview with Michael Yamashita
Matt talks with Michael Yamashita, a 30 year veteran photographer with the National Geographic Magazine. Yamashita shares some of his workflow and talks about the realities of shooting an assignment.

Interview with Michael Freeman
Matt Brandon talks with photographer and author Michael Freeman. Freeman is one of the most prolific authors in photography today. They talk about the current trends and editorial photography. Freeman also observes how the photo essay has had to adapt to the digital world.

Interview with Street Photographer Eric Kim
Matt Brandon talks with Street Photographer Eric Kim about he defines street photography and current trends in this field. They also talk about the controversial style Eric has developed for shooting on the street. They look at the pros and cons of shooting with film in a digital world.

Interview with Photographer and Author Jerod Foster
Matt Brandon speaks with photographer Jerry Foster about his new book "Storytellers." They discuss what is a visual story and how a photographer finds these stories. Also  one of the parts of the  photographic essay. They discuss whether or not one image can be a complete story?

Interview with Keith Talley
Matt Brandon talks with commercial photographer Keith Talley about how he markets his work and how after 28 years of working he has had his best year during the economic down turn.Plus, when he might give his services away.

Interview with Mitchell Kanashkavetch
Matt Brandon talks with photographer Mitchell Kanashkavetch. Mitch, a well published travel photographer and in this interview talks he talks about how he enters and interacts with new cultures. He explains that travel and documentary photography sometimes takes setting up your gear and then waiting for the moment.

Interview with John McDermott
Matt Brandon talks with photographer John McDermott. They talk about his work photographing the ruins of Angkor and his uses of infrared film.

Interview with David duChemin
Matt Brandon talks with David duChemin about his recent fall and his life in recovery. They also speak about what voices to listen to for encouragement and critique.

Interview with Esther Havens
Matt Brandon interviews Esther Havens about her life as a humanitarian photographer. They discuss how she survives 10 months a year on the road, her convictions of shooting images of the poor, and how to get an NGO to actually pay for images.

Interview with Stacy Pearsall
Matt Brandon interviews retired Air Force Staff Sgt. Stacy Pearsall, a combat photographer and two-time winner of the Military Photographer of the Year award. She not only shot amazing images in some deadly places, but also won the Bronze Star for Valor.

Interview with Deanne Fitzmaurice
Matt Brandon talks with Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Deanne Fitzmaurice about her work in still and multimedia. Learn how she creates her award-winning multimedia projects, shoots light without a team, and co-founded Think Tank Photo bags.

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