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Why advertisers should stay updated on advertising trends?
How does a brand owner announce the presence of his product in the market? Through advertising right? It provides a hint how advertising occupies a vital position in an organization’s product mix. Advertising is the only means to communicate the brand message among potential target customers. To advertiser a brand or business means to inform or announce the presence of the brand or service and to provide valuable detail that would interest the customers. The flow of communication from the seller to buyer is transmitted through an advertising campaign. Television Advertising, Radio Advertising, Print Advertising, Outdoor Advertising and Online Advertising are the adopted means of communicating a brand or business message among customers. Advertising is not just about informing customers about the launch or presence of a brand in the market. An ad campaign goes further to influence and to persuade customers to take a desired action to buy the product then or in the near future. Customers cannot avail of any brand message without an advertising campaign. The mediums of advertising also play an important role. A strong means of advertising provides a rich impact among target groups. So, every advertiser should conduct a thorough survey on the various mediums of advertising before launching the campaign. Television advertising, Radio Advertising, Print Advertising and Outdoor Advertising are traditional means of promotion. Mobile advertising and online advertising are  two latest means of promotion among advertisers. Today the consumer market has become highly competitive. The launches of new brands almost every day and the burgeoning market are two main factors that have encouraged advertisers to try different means and tactics of promotion. Advertisers however need to stay updated on the current marketing trends so that their brands can actively take part in the ongoing competition. It’s survival of the fittest even in the advertising world. Innovative means and measures are also welcomed to promote a brand among target groups.

Ad-Mad-World of today!
In today’s world, advertising has become a common recipe among all the local, national and international brand and business owners. From small firms to big MNCs, advertising is one common marketing tool that is massively implemented among the business or brand owners. The new age mediums of advertising have further garnered the interest of brand and business owners to promote their products and services through more polished mediums of communication. Traditional mediums of advertising have also gone through rapid changes over the years. For example television advertising campaigns have relied on high-end technology to create a more attractive appeal on viewers’ mind. The change in technique is also observed among other forms of advertising such as radio advertising, print advertising and outdoor advertising.  Radio Advertising as one of the means of promotion has become a more defined channel of brand communication. There are many FM channels for brand owners to choose from. Real estate industries heavily rely on radio advertising campaigns to communicate with their target groups. Print Advertising campaigns have also been redefined. Thanks to the launch of digital printing facilities, launching a print ad campaign of a brand or business is not time or much effort consuming in today’s world. Outdoor Advertising is a major sector of promotion that is continuously booming since the last few years. The expanded avenues of outdoor advertising such as airports, metros and mall advertisings have provided brand owners a gamut of choices to advertise their products. The launch of new shopping malls and the renovation of various airports have provided outdoor advertisers striking avenues to position their brands through OOH media. With more channels of communication and also with a rich technological wave spreading far and wide, brand and business owners these days have a craze for advertising through various avenues and mediums. Quite an Ad-Mad-World that we are living in! For More information-

Changing trend of advertising media!
Change is the only thing constant. Everything keeps changing be it the fashion trend in the market or the advertising medium used for promoting a particular brand or business in the market. Television Advertising, Radio Advertising, Print Advertising, Outdoor Advertising etc. are a few means of brand or business promotion adopted by brand owners and advertisers. Each of these mediums of advertising has its own advantages and disadvantages. Besides there is also suitability of advertising  medium while launching a promotion campaign of a brand or business. For example, a television advertising campaign that runs successful for a particular FMCG product may not be effective for a business ad. Likewise, a radio advertising campaign on the same business idea may spark interest and attention among a wide target group.  Internet has brought an amazing revolution in every sector not even sparing advertisingworld.  Narrowing communication gap among individuals across the world, internet has become the most used medium of communication for people across the world. The trend of online advertising is spreading fast in today’s world. Most of the brand owners these days prefer an online presence and also promotion of their brands. Online advertising is predicted as the future means of brand communication. One of the advantages of online advertising is that it provides complete control on the brand message. A brand owner can also instruct any kind of change in the existing ad copy or design. An online ad display is also advantageous for the very fact that it conveys the brand message to customers in a discreet manner without pestering them. Customers are always kings or queens when it comes to any type of online advertising. They have a choice to access or ignore the brand message. There isn’t any kind of force exerted on them to go through the brand message. Internet Advertising is also an ideal means for small business owners who want to position themselves in the market. For More information-

How Advertising influences us?
We live in a society in which promotion messages bombard through many mediums of communication. Television Advertising, Radio Advertising, Print Advertising and Outdoor Advertising displays surround us everywhere. Advertising has become a part of our culture as much as it is a marketing tool for brand owners. Many brand commercials influence our buying behaviour and also generate a sense of awareness among us. Traditional sources of brand communication such as television advertising, radio advertising, print advertising etc. have been communicating valuable brand messages to us. With the launch of new-age media, a new paradigm is observed in advertising field. Apart from television, radio, print or outdoor media internet and mobile phone devices have also emerged as in-demand means of brand communication among brand owners.  The internet revolution has brought about drastic and dramatic changes in brand advertising.  The day seems not so far away when internet advertising will dominate every other medium of advertising. Marketers nevertheless opine that other advertising mediums will also be relevant as far as brand owners prefer to have gamut of choices about the media vehicles. Most of the brand owners prefer to launch their campaigns through multiple channels of advertising to ensure that the brand message effectively reaches out to the potential target audience. It is indeed advantageous for every brand owner to launch his ad campaign through multiple channels of communication. Also known as media mix in marketing terminology, launching a promotion campaign through multiple media ensures effective reach among target groups. Norms of advertising   may keep changing from time to time. Many tools of advertising may also be introduced or redefined in the near future. In all these, advertisers have to be ready with their promotional strategies to position their brands in the market. A continuous study on the changing trends of brand promotion is also a must for every brand owner.

Advertising beyond the conventional norms!
Today, advertising is not just about conveying a particular brand or business message through a medium. Advertising has surpassed the conventional norms. The induction of new age media has created an upsurge in advertising field. This blog highlights a few points on the changing norms of advertising and how conventional tactics are redefined by a contemporary touch. Keep reading. The upsurge of online advertisingis one of the landmarks in advertising field. Brands and businesses these days heavily rely on online media to promote their services among target groups. Content Advertising is one of the norms of promotion through online media. This type of advertising basically uses written content in the form of articles, blogs or press release copies to draw customers’ attention. A unique content is a must for any type of content advertising. Plagiarism is a threat to this type of advertisement. Advertisers should therefore make sure that any content they post on a publishing site is free of plagiarism. Submitting various write ups on article directories, posting articles or blogs on publishing sites, writing and publishing press releases on PR sites, social bookmarking, posting videos and comments etc. are categorized under content advertising. Through content advertising,you can draw traffic on your website from two different sources. First is from the search engine and second one is from the website where you posted your content. If your content is unique, good and interesting to read with a catchy title, visitors will obviously read by directing themselves on your website or where you have published your article or blog. Article or Blog writing is a free of cost mode of advertising. If you can write a good contextual write up on your business, it may help a great deal in attracting many customers on your website. You can also create your own blog site where you can randomly write on your business. Most of the brand or business owners maintain a blog site of their own. For More information-

Advertising from advertiser’s perspective!
We watch many brand commercials on television; we also come across many forms of print, outdoor or online ads. Advertising messages reach us right at our homes except outdoor ads. Whether we ask for it or not, a brand is advertised, the message is conveyed. In this blog, let us discuss advertising from the perspective of an advertiser who is assigned to promote the product in the market, generate maximum awareness about it and finally enhance sales of the same. Market i.e. the place where the campaign will be launched should be a primary concern for the advertiser.  A detail study on the market is a must to begin with. The rest of the promotion plans can be worked out accordingly to the nature of the market. For example, if it’s a big market, the advertiser has to spend more on the particular medium of communication so that the brand message is not missed. If otherwise, he can plan for a low-budget campaign of the product. A few ranges of advertising means such as television advertising, radio advertising, print advertising, outdoor advertising etc. are available. The advertiser as per the campaign brief and the nature of the market can choose the right means of communication. Another important criterion for a successful advertising campaign is to decide the budget of the campaign. Budget to a great extent decides the medium of communication to be used for the campaign. If the brand owner is ready to spend more, there is no restraint on the advertisers’ part to launch the campaign through a channel that reaches out to maximum number of target groups.  The final decision of how much to spend for the overall campaign however is upto to the brand owner. The advertiser therefore has to consult with the brand owner before opting for the best means of communicating his product message. For more-          

Advertising- Its objective & scope!
Advertising- Its objective & scope!

On a few means of advertising!
This blog provides a brief idea on a few means of advertising. Take a look.Television AdvertisingTelevision Advertising is one of the conventional means of promotion adopted by brand and business owners across the world. Television Advertising is still popular among advertisers across the world. In India, television advertising is one of the favourite means of accessing valuable brand or business information. Television Advertising relies on electricity. Also known as ad films, television commercials provide audio and visual effect that enhances the interest of audiences. Humming brand slogans and jingles are also an observed norm among audiences which implies how television ads are favored. Radio AdvertisingNext to television ads, radio advertising is a popular means of promoting a brand, business or service message to a wide target group. Radio Advertising is a cost-effective means of promotion which is why small brand owners heavily rely on radio ads to promote their brands in the market. Radio Advertising differs from television ads only in the absence of visual output. Print AdvertisingPrint Advertising is one of the traditional forms of brand promotion. Brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, flyers, classifieds etc. are some common forms of  print advertising  widely adopted by brand owners and advertisers to promote their brands and services. Print Advertising is considered the most reliable means of promotion. Print Ads can in fact be relied on for future reference. Anything that is printed can be kept back forever. Online AdvertisingInternet Advertising which is also known as online  advertising  is one of the popular modes of promotion in today’s world. Most of the brand and business owners these days rely heavily on internet media to promote their products or services. Marketers have predicted internet advertising as the future medium of communication. Internet is also a fastest means of communicating brand messages among target groups. PPC Ads, Banner ads, Social Networking Ads, Email marketing etc. are some common forms of online advertising.

Is contemporary advertising evolved?
Brand building is one of the most important aspects of any business activity. Be it an online business or offline one, building the image of the brand is important. One of the purposes behind brand building is to make one’s business easier to identify or come to the notice of prospects thereby taking part in the competition. For a business to flourish in the market, the details of the business need to be provided to prospects or customers that is possible through publicity or an advertising campaign. In fact, advertising is one of the effective practices or measures of marketing widely adopted by business owners to make their presence in the market in order to come to the notice of target customers. Advertising exists everywhere through various mediums such as television, radio, outdoor media, print media such as newspapers and magazines. End buyers, customers or prospects are informed about various brands at every place. Like other marketing means and measures, advertising also follows some tips that include the following-Any ad campaign should be prepared or launched by taking opinions or advices from experts. Besides, the brand (to be advertised) should have its own logo, contact address (along with email ID, phone number etc). This is to make the brand easily accessible by customers if they are interested to adopt the same (after seeing the ad).  Advertisers should also ensure that there isn’t any misunderstanding or misleading point mentioned through their ad. Customers should find the brand information valuable, interesting and different from others. From a mere tool of marketing, advertisinghas so far become a full-fledged industry. The emerging brands in the market, the renovated tools and technologies of brand advertising used by advertisers, the changing norms of promotion- all these set the tone of contemporary brand marketing. Whats more, with technological tools, advertising is quite improved.For more-

Advertising-The Art of Brandishing Brands!
Advertising is an art. It is one way through which a particular brand is brandished and presented in such a manner that whosoever goes through the advertisement creates a rich impression about it and positions it on his or her mind. Thence, advertising can be well summed up as the art of brandishing brands. Well, a few measures of advertising are provided in the following paragraphs. Let us take a look at them.Draws Attention of customersThe first priority of any advertising campaign is to draw as much attention from target customers. Advertisers usually do this by presenting an eye catching advertisement about the brand which is found irresistible by onlookers. An ad display that quickly grasps the attention of customers is usually remembered for a long time. Once the attention is successfully sought, the next steps follows suit. Creates Interest Once the attention is sought, the brand message creates interest among target customers about the brand. If their interest increases, they will be further curious to find out the complete detail of the brand message.Evokes desireIf the brand message seems interesting or quite beneficial to them, customers start having a desire to purchase the brand. This is the last but one step before sales happen. They would go through the detail of the advertisement again and again to make sure that they are purchasing the right product. Rise to actionOnce the detail of the brand is familiarized, customers rise to action i.e. buy the product. They take home the brand satisfied with their choice.An advertising campaign therefore starts with a flaunting approach and finally encourages target customers to buy the product. The advertiser plays a major role in framing an attractive brand message that draws attention of customers, creates interest, evokes desires and finally persuades them to buy the product.       For more-

Does Advertising involve various strategies?
Advertising is an activity of marketing through which potential customers are informed, educated and later persuaded to buy the advertised product or service. An advertising campaign is launched only when the brand or business owner flags the green signal. Various strategies are however involved while launching an advertising campaign of a brand or business. One of the main strategies is to define the medium of communication. Television Advertising , Radio Advertising, Print Advertising, Outdoor Advertising etc. are some of the common means of promoting brands and businesses.  The objective of the promotion campaign also helps the advertiser on deciding the right medium of communication. If the brand or business is targeting a national audience, television advertising or radio advertising would be ideal means of communication. If it is a local audience, print advertising or outdoor advertising would be more suitable.  Cost of advertising through each medium of communication varies from one channel to another. Media mix i.e. choosing multiple channels of brand communication is however a preferred option among maximum number of brand or business owners.An advertising  agency or company plays a major role while disseminating the brand message among target groups. An ad agency makes the most of the innovative idea or strategies that can successfully position the brand or business in the market. An advertising agency is also responsible to suggest or choose the most relevant means of conveying the brand or business message among potential customers. An advertising agency not only provides creative solutions for the brand but also suggests the best ways and measures through which the ad campaign wins maximum favour from target audiences.  As a brand owner, make sure that you are consulting the right advertising agency to handle your promotional activities. Letting your brand communication handle by a good ad agency synonymously means your brand sure to position itself in the market. For more-

Advertising- To Publicize Your Business!
Advertising inculcates the idea of promoting or publicizing a brand or business among a target group. Advertising is considered a valuable marketing tool that bridges a communication gap between brand owners and target customers. Advertising ensures that your brand is easily remembered by customers so that maximum revenue is drawn for your business. The following paragraphs provide a few significances of advertising. Keep reading. Advertising is one way through which you can add value to your brand. Without advertising, it is impossible for any brand owner to convey any type of message among customers. Conventional marketers used to sell products through house to house personal selling or direct marketing. However, advertising has  proven to be a more effective means of attracting maximum customers through a single brand message. An advertising campaign is launched through a particular medium. Television Advertising, Radio Advertising, Print Advertising and Outdoor Advertising are a few means of promotion that are commonly used by advertisers. It is easier for a brand owner to communicate any message through any of these mediums. Television Advertising and Radio advertising are categorized under broadcast mediums of communication. Another advantage of Advertising is that it positions your business in the market and helps you join the competition with other business owners. If you notice around, a thriving business is continuously advertised among customers not just to target sales but to continuously communicate the brand message among the target groups. A repeated exposure of brand message enables more customers to get interested in the product. Hence, long term advertising or a continuous promotion campaign of a brand or business should be encouraged. To sum up, it may also be noted that advertising is like an investment for a brand owner. A successful ad campaign therefore generates good revenue of the brand business i.e. by attracting maximum number of customers who adopt or buy the product. For more -

Advertising –The exclusive art of brand communication!
Owning a brand requires many complex strategies to implement. the brand owner has to devise and deploy many measures through which the brand can be popularized in the market. advertising is the one and only means through which a brand owner can create noise about the presence of his product in the market. advertisingensures that there isn’t any communication gap between brands and customers and that they stay connected to each other through a medium. by the mention of medium, there are various means of advertising that can be deployed by brand owners to promote their brands in the market. television advertising, radio advertising, print advertising, outdoor advertising  and online advertising are a few means of promoting brands or businesses among target groups. media selection is one of the important strategies of an ad campaign. the objective of the promotion campaign helps the advertiser decide the right medium of communication for the brand. an advertising campaign of a brand or business talks about an idea that promotes the image of the product or business. this idea is meant to be unique and has to be presented through an effective medium so that it is not missed by customers. as mentioned earlier, it is a must for every advertiser to launch the campaign through a strong means of communication. the nature of the business or brand features help the advertiser decides the suitable medium of communication. for example, if it is a fmcg, television advertising or radio advertising would be the effective channel of communication. if it is about a local-centric brand message, print advertising such as brochures, pamphlets, leaflets or flyers would be the right means of conveying the message among target groups. one can also take suggestions from media experts on choosing the most suitable medium of communication for one’s brand or business. a brief survey is also a must for advertisers to study and find out the current trends that prevail in the market.

Role of an Advertising medium in rebranding
Add captionThe importance of advertising is never lessened. It instead keeps increasing with many changes occurring in the market from time to time. Whether it is rebranding or new launch of a product in the market advertising is an important marketing tool through which the brand owner can create buzz among buyer groups and persuade them to adopt the product. In this blog, let us take a look at the role of an advertising medium while rebranding and reintroducing a product in the market. Some brands need rebranding to create a strong impression among target groups. Rebranding is suggested for those brands that have created their presence in the market for quite a long time. The same old look and feel about a product no doubt makes many customers feel good on nostalgic ground. However, considering the ever changing market and the growing number of customers, it is a must to opt for rebranding. Changing the logo or tag line, changing the brand slogan or design scheme, renaming the brand with a new name of modified one form its previous name etc. are some forms of rebranding a product or brand. Once the brand is rebranded, it has to be newly introduced in the market. Advertising plays a vital role while re introducing the brand to its target groups. Television Advertising and Print Advertising are two good channels through which a brand can be re-introduced. Radio Advertising may not provide the desired impact due to the lack of visual effect. Television Advertising, Print Advertising or Outdoor Advertising may however provide a rich impact about the brand. By and by, advertisers should wisely choose a particular medium of advertising especially when it comes to rebranding of a product. A minute mistake may result in poor impact of the brand message among target groups.

Social Networking Sites-Sprawling mediums of communication!
Advertising is not just limited to television or radio channels or just billboards or print ads. With the upsurge of online advertising, the norms of brand or business promotion have gone through remarkable changes. This blog discusses an ongoing trend of popularizing brands through social networking sites that are now sprawling mediums of communication among individuals and also between brand owners and potential buyers. Keep reading.Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Google Plus, Hi5 etc. are a few social networking sites frequently surfed by visitors across the globe. Catching up with old friends or making new ones, sharing jokes or rants, watching videos shared on friends’ walls, creating groups of likeminded users etc. are some of the trends observed on social networking sites. For brand owners, the same social networking sites are one of the effective platforms to get in touch with numerous numbers of potential buyers. It is not at all surprising to find out that every brand or service business these days ensure that they manage a social networking account to keep in touch with their target groups. It has been studied that advertising on social media is tailored to reach the exact target group of the brand. Thus, the brand message is not wasted if presented through a social networking site. Advertising on social media is not costly. One can set up a profile or fan group to advertise one’s product free of cost. Free of cost advertising is perhaps one of the best facilities provided by social media advertising. Advertising on social media is not in a two dimensional format. The brand owner can advertise his product through photographs, videos, text or music.  Engaging customers’ attention is pretty easy through social networking ads as they are mostly interactive.  One can also customize the brand message and target it only to those specific customers who would be interested to buy or adopt the product.

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