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BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Jessie Buckley's journey from BBC talent show loser to an Oscar nod
BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Fourteen years ago Jessie Buckley (pictured) was singing for her supper on a TV talent show - last night she was celebrating her first Oscar nomination.

Dame Helen Mirren breaks her silence on film race row exclusively with the Daily Mail 
Speaking from the kitchen of her home in Italy, the Oscar-winning star surprised me last night by saying that Dame Maureen was right to raise such a provocative issue.

BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Bitten by the Bard bug... Denzel Washington aims for King Lear 
BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Now, Washington has revealed that he has his eye on another great Shakespearean role: King Lear. And this time, he wants to play him on stage.

BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Kirsten Dunst says she would have loved to be in new Spider-Man 
BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Twenty years ago, Dunst played Mary Jane Watson in the first three Spidey movies - opposite Tobey Maguire as the teenage webslinger and would have joined the most recent film if asked.

I dug deep into the make-up box to play Tammy the tragic TV star, says Jessica Chastain 
BAZ BAMIGBOYE: As a child, Hollywood actress Jessica Chastain thought larger-than-life televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker was a silly woman with over-sized eyelashes.

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