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Lois Foley art has a new home
Lois Foley has a new resting ground for her work. Stored dry and safe in the rolling, lush hills of Sebastopol, CA, this is a great place for her to begin anew.

Myartspace desktop widgets/gadgets
Myartspace has introduced some new desktop widgets you can install.See

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Spikes MET Membership
An interesting article in the Wall Street Journal by Pia Catton...Alexander McQueen (British, 1969–2010). Dress, autumn/winter 2010–11. Courtesy of Alexander McQueen. Photograph © Sølve Sundsbø / Art + Commerce"The long lines for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's blockbuster exhibit "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" have gone away, but the lasting effect for the museum is the influx of new

MYARTSPACE CEO, Catherine McCormack-Skiba's mother is Lois Foley. When Skiba lauched back in 2004 she dedicated the artist's website to her mother.After 10 years in storage, Lois Foley's art is going to auction. Bonhams & Butterfield of San Francisco is including her painting, Acclivium V, at auction with other 20th Century artist. Her work is one of the few abstracts in this

In and Out of the Studio
Two professors at The Art Institute of Chicago have published a new book, The Studio Reader, a compendium of essays by different artists and theorists concerning both the physical and conceptual space where art is made it. What's so interesting about the text is how it undresses so many popular notions about what and where a studio is. Cultural imagination has long been dominated by images of

Art Critic Jerry Saltz is licking the salt from his Work of Art: The Next Great Artist wounds.
Art Critic Jerry Saltz appears to have endured a few professional barbs due to his involvement with Bravo’s Work of Art: The Next Great Artist. The reality show pitted fourteen emerging artists against each other for a $100,000 prize and an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. Now that the first season is over-- Saltz is licking his wounds in that he is admitting-- at least from what I gather from

Ask the Editor: Where should I sell my artwork online?
Ask the Editor: Where should I sell my artwork online? As the Senior Editor of it is not uncommon for me to receive requests for advice from artists. One of the most asked about subjects happens to be focused on selling art online. It is safe to say that I receive at least a dozen to well over a hundred versions of this questions per month on Facebook, Twitter, or by email. Thus, at SCOPE Miami December 1-5 2010 at SCOPE Miami December 1-5 2010 50 finalists, 3 winners, work represented at SCOPE Miami 2010 Art Show December 1-5, 2010 at the same time as Art Basel Miami Beach Art Fair. is sponsoring a juried art competition. The jury panel will select 50 finalists from those registered for the competition that have submitted their work for review. Out of 50

When Groundbreaking Artists Become Kitsch Where Does it Leave the Rest of Us?
When Groundbreaking Artists Become Kitsch Where Does it Leave the Rest of Us? One negative aspect of the information driven times we live in-- and how it is reflected in our culture-- is the fact that great artists from the recent past often become kitsch figureheads. Take for example Frida Kahlo-- who is now more apt to be admired as a tattoo than heard about in a worth-while discussion about

Sketches of Subjective Truth
There's an old and dusty question kicking around metaphysics: what exactly is truth? Is something truthful if it corresponds to reality? Is something truthful if it is useful in describing the universe? I should approach this question with the appropriate caution: there is an answer there, but I am in no position to find it; I am an artist, not a mathematician or metaphysician. Formulating these

Do Artists Today Need a Blog?
Do Artists Today Need a Blog? The question-- Do artists need to have a blog in order to obtain the exposure they desire online? I’d say yes. If an artist, specifically an emerging artist, wants to reap the rewards of gaining exposure online it is vital to have a digital podium to stand on, so to speak. A blog devoted to your art is more important today than ever due to the popularity of has launched the 3rd annual juried MYARTSPACE Art Scholarship competition has launched the 3rd annual juried MYARTSPACE Art Scholarship competition. The art scholarship competition involves $16,000 in cash scholarships and is free to enter for undergraduate and graduate art students worldwide. The deadline for the 2010 competition is December 12. All that is needed is a free account on to enter-- the scholarship competition

Superstition Aside, Art Can Be Powerful
                     Superstition Aside, Art Can Be Powerful It has been said that artists-- or at least their artwork-- have a way of bringing people together. However, the opposite can easily be said. After all, some artists make a career-- intentionally or unintentionally-- out of being forced into the role of social and political provocateur. One need only visit a New York City art gallery

What Do You Want From Art?
                             What Do You Want From Art? I read an article in passing recently that asked the question, “What does the public want from art?”. The article-- which, if memory serves me correct was featured in the Illinois Times, focused on current art market trends and the complications between what the public desires to view compared to what is coveted by art institutions and

Shepard Fairey vs The AP-- what is the fight really about?
Shepard Fairey vs The AP-- what is the fight really about? Anyone familiar with the myartspace blog knows that I have issue with some of the opinions of Shepard Fairey concerning copyright and appropriation-- to the point that my opinions on the matter have been quotes by the Boston Globe and other news sources. I’m not going to go into detail about the Fairey vs. AP case because it has been

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