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Australia lists small wallaby among new endangered species
Many of Australia's species are clinging to existence, their habitats shrinking from human activity and extreme events such as the 2019-2020 Black Summer bushfires, wildlife groups say.

Methane blast in Baltic Sea highlights global problem
Climate scientists have found that methane emissions from the oil and gas industry are far worse than what companies are reporting, despite claims by some major firms that they’ve reduced their emissions. That matters because natural gas, a fossil fuel widely used to heat homes and provide electricity, is made up of methane, a potent climate warming gas. It escapes into the atmosphere from well sites and across the natural gas distribution network, from pipelines and compressor stations, to the export terminals that liquefy gas to ship it overseas.

At 64,000, green law offences up 4% in 2021, says report

Cost of crypto: Report say US bitcoin as dirty as 6 million cars

14 dead sperm whales found beached on Australian island
The whales were discovered on Monday afternoon on King Island, part of the state of Tasmania in the Bass Strait between Melbourne and Tasmania's northern coast, the state department of natural resources and environment said in a statement. A government Marine Conservation Program team travelled to the island on Tuesday and conducted necropsies of the whales to try to determine their cause of death.

Kuno National Park has adequate space, prey base to house 20 to 25 cheetahs: MP forest officer

Prime Minister Narendra Modi releases Cheetahs in MP's Kuno National Park

India welcomes back cheetahs after 7 decades of extinction: Key points

Cheetahs in India: A spotted history, a future of hopes

Yvon Chouinard: Patagonia founder gives away company to help fight climate crisis

Patagonia's billionaire owner gives away company to fight climate crisis
The founder of outdoor retailer Patagonia, known for his environmental stances, announced Wednesday he has given away his company in an effort to do even more for the planet. Yvon Chouinard, 83, could have sold the brand--valued at $3 billion --or taken it public.

First batch of 12 cheetahs from South Africa likely to reach India in October
The first batch of 12 cheetahs are expected to reach India from South Africa next month as part of an ambitious project to reintroduce the distinctively spotted cat species in the country where it has become extinct, officials said on Friday. This will follow moving eight cheetahs, which are expected to be sent to India from neighbouring Namibia next week.

Two dead, thousands told to flee California wildfire
Several buildings were destroyed as the Fairview fire erupted southeast of Los Angeles, racing to consume 2,400 acres (1,000 hectares) in less than 24 hours. Firefighters said two people were known to have died in the blaze, and one person had been hospitalized with burn injuries.

NGT slaps Rs 3,500 crore penalty on Bengal govt for huge gap in waste management

Northern California wildfire burns homes, causes injuries
California is in the grip of a prolonged drought and now a brutal heat wave that is taxing the power grid as people try to stay cool. Residents have been asked for three consecutive days to conserve power during late afternoon and evening hours when energy consumption is highest.

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