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Air pollution hotspots in Europe
Big cities beset with gridlocked traffic, major regions producing coal, pockets of heavy industry encased by mountains -- Europe's air pollution hotspots are clearly visible from space on most sunny weekdays.

414 million plastic pieces found on Indian Ocean islands: Study
An estimated 414 million pieces of plastic - including nearly one million shoes and 370,000 toothbrushes - have been found washed ashore on the beaches of remote Cocos (Keeling) Islands in the Indian Ocean, according to a study. Plastic pollution is a well-documented threat to wildlife and its potential impact on humans is a growing area of medical research.

Plastic pollution harming bacteria that help us breathe

Trash found littering ocean floor in deepest-ever sub dive
On the deepest dive ever made by a human inside a submarine, a Texas man found something he could have found in the gutter of any street: trash. Victor Vescovo said he made the discovery as he descended nearly 6.8 miles to a point in Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench that is the deepest place on Earth. He saw angular metal or plastic objects, one with writing on it.

91% premature deaths due to air pollution in low and middle-income countries: UNEP

Most EU countries cut CO2 emissions last year: Estimates

1/8th of flora & fauna face extinction due to degradation of biodiversity
Nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history and its impact will see extinction of one million of the eight million estimated number of animal and plant species, many of them within decades, unless their habitats are restored, said the UN-backed inter-governmental body in a report released in Paris on Monday.

This island gets 2.3m tourists/year and is sick of trash they leave behind

Environment ministry rejects global reports claiming 1.2 million deaths in India due to pollution
Union minister Harsh Vardhan has discredited the recent global reports claiming over one million deaths in India due to air pollution, saying such studies are only aimed at "causing panic".

Cutting dirty fuel use may save 2.7 lakh lives annually in India: Study
Researchers from IIT Delhi have found that mitigating the use of household fuels such as wood, dung, coal and kerosene—which means eliminating emissions from these sources without any changes to industrial or vehicle emissions—could reduce air pollution-related deaths in the country by about 13 per cent, which is equivalent to saving about 270,000 lives a year.

Ensure scientific disposal of medical waste: NGT to UP and Delhi pollution boards

UN conference to consider plan to minimize plastic waste

3,000-kg garbage collected from Mt Everest, as Nepal's clean-up campaign gathers momentum

To check river pollution, NGT forms Central Monitoring Committee

CO2 levels hit record high in 3 million years
Scientists from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany succeeded to do a computer simulation that fits ocean floor sediment data of climate evolution over this period of time.