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Canned air and water-spraying drones: Smog remedies

India taking lead in setting timeline to eliminate single-use plastic: UN Environment acting head

Dead whale in Philippines had 40 kg of plastic in stomach

CPCB is directed to expand the list of cities for clean air action plans

'Ganga pollution rise claim unscientific'
Referring to CPCB data of the last six years, the Mission said the DO level has, in fact, been found to be within "acceptable limits" of notified primary water quality criteria for bathing.

Water quality of Ganga has worsened in 3 years, says study

Freshwater pollution will be prime cause of death by 2050, warns UN environment report

Environment damage behind one in four global deaths, disease: UN
The Global Environment Outlook (GEO) -- a report six years in the making compiled by 250 scientists from 70 nations -- depicts a growing chasm between rich and poor countries as rampant overconsumption, pollution and food waste in the developed world leads to hunger, poverty and disease elsewhere.

Air pollution killing more people than smoking, say scientists
Air pollution is killing more people every year than smoking, according to research published on Tuesday that called for urgent action to stop burning fossil fuels. Researchers in Germany and Cyprus estimated that air pollution caused 8.8 million extra deaths in 2015 - almost double the previously estimated 4.5 million.

Use of natural resources tripled since 1970: UN Environment Report
From 1970 to 2017, the annual global extraction of materials grew from 27 billion tonnes to 92 billion tonnes, tripling in that time and continuing to grow.

Honey bees may tell how clean your city is: Study

SC asks states to file responses on fixing compensation for silicosis victims

Govt puts complete ban on import of solid plastic waste

Green crackers arenít smoke-free, Other options may be explored

Green crackers ready for production, SC informed