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Methane blast in Baltic Sea highlights global problem
Climate scientists have found that methane emissions from the oil and gas industry are far worse than what companies are reporting, despite claims by some major firms that they’ve reduced their emissions. That matters because natural gas, a fossil fuel widely used to heat homes and provide electricity, is made up of methane, a potent climate warming gas. It escapes into the atmosphere from well sites and across the natural gas distribution network, from pipelines and compressor stations, to the export terminals that liquefy gas to ship it overseas.

Cost of crypto: Report say US bitcoin as dirty as 6 million cars

NGT slaps Rs 3,500 crore penalty on Bengal govt for huge gap in waste management

Over 99% of India's population breathes air that exceeds WHO's PM2.5 guidelines: Report

Delhi, Kolkata most polluted cities globally by PM2.5, says study

India home to 18 of 20 cities with most severe increase in PM2.5 pollution: Study
India is home to 18 of the 20 cities with the most severe increase in fine particle pollutants (PM2.5) from 2010 to 2019, according to a comprehensive and detailed analysis of air pollution and global health effects for over 7,000 cities released on Wednesday. The report published by the US-based research organisation Health Effects Institute (HEI) also shows that Delhi has the highest average level of fine PM 2.5 among the world's most populated cities.

Nepal's holy Bagmati river choked with black sewage, trash
Tainted by garbage and raw sewage that is dumped directly into the waterway, Nepal's holiest river has deteriorated so greatly that today it is also the country's most polluted, dramatically altering how the city of about 3 million interacts with the Bagmati on daily, cultural and spiritual levels.

Air pollution increases risk of premature death by 20%: Study

Texas repeatedly raises pollution limits for Cheniere LNG plant
Cheniere’s massive LNG plant, on the outskirts of the Gulf Coast city, has exceeded its permitted limits for emissions of pollutants such as soot, carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) hundreds of times since it started up in 2018, according to a Reuters review of regulatory documents.

Cement carbon dioxide emissions quietly double in 20 years
In 2021, worldwide emissions from making cement for buildings, roads and other infrastructure hit nearly 2.9 billion tons (2.6 billion metric tons) of carbon dioxide, which is more than 7% of the global carbon emissions, according to emissions scientist Robbie Andrew of Norway’s CICERO Center for International Climate Research and the Global Carbon Project.

Air pollution linked to higher risk of severe Covid-19: Study
According to a study conducted in Germany, people living in counties with higher nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels are more likely to need ICU care and mechanical ventilation if they had Covid-19. The researchers noted that long-term exposure to NO2, a gas released into the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burned, can have harmful effects on the lungs.

71% of domestic companies confident of achieving green goals: Survey

Australia declares 'mass bleaching' at Great Barrier Reef

No country met WHO air quality standards in 2021

190 of 1,080 industries polluting Ganga shut down: Govt

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