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This Grasso Is Definitely Green
See my latest missive on a local politician.....Since I shut down this lovely blog and stopped doing my radio program on 1430WNAV. I have now affiliated with The Annapolis Sound. Also, look for my column, The Ninth Ward, in tomorrow's The Capital (and every Wednesday...) On The Foerfront: This Grasso Is Definitely Green | The Annapolis Sound Share

Latest Video on Downtown/Market House at Annapolis Sound

ACP Publisher Paul Foer Now at The Annapolis Sound
I am now writing and appearing (as in video) regularly as "ON THE FOERFRONT" at The Annapolis Sound also continue to write "The Ninth Ward" every Wednesday in The Capital at  under "Opinion".

Yet More Comments From Readers
ACP would like to thank all the readers who have sent in comments expressing their appreciation. I'll continue to publish them as they come in. here are the latest: ____________________  Paul, You may have silenced your blog, but not your wit and will. Of course, your weekly column in the Capital will give us some guidance and insight into the politics of our area in and around Annapolis.

More Comments From Readers
Paul, best of luck to you in your new adventures, seeking work, etc. You are a true entrepreneur and did amazing things with your blog and radio program. You are very talented and any organization that hires you would be lucky to have your diverse skill set. Regards, Jane Shey ________________________ Paul, I, too, would like to thank you for your blog. Overall, I believe that you were fair

Final Comments From Readers
Thanks to all the below writers. I'll post more as they are sent in...__________ Paul, Thanks for everything you've done on the blog. I look forward to continued reading of your Wednesday column in The Capital. Best wishes and thoughts to you. Arnold J. Gasper, PMP 443-336-0896 Cell ------------------------------------

Today Is Guy Fawkes Day...with lessons still to be remembered AND ACP's Last Day of Publication
Remember Remember The Fifth of November......If you know the story of "V for Vendetta" or saw the fine film upon which it is based, you'll know what I am talking about. Today will be my last day of publishing Annapolis Capital Punishment. I also ended my long-run as host of 1430 WNAV's "On The Foerfront" with my final scheduled show today. I'm simply tired. That's about it. Time to move on. Do

ACP's Paul Foer To Speak to Local Political Groups
I'll be a guest of the Wednesday Morning Republican Breakfast Club at the Eastport Deli in the Eastport Shopping Center, Wednesday, November 10th at 7:30 am and I'll be speaking at the Elephant Club on Thursday, November 11, also at 7:30 am at Our Shepherd Lutheran Church, 400 Benfield Road, Severna Park, Maryland 21146. If your club or organization would like to have me as a guest speaker,

Anti-Government Activism and the Future of the Chesapeake Bay
For a thoughtful piece on this topic in the wake of the recent elections, click here to read what Tom Pelton of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation has to say:

ACP's Election Predictions....How Did I Do?
All in all, I even surprised myself and did pretty well. Below I show what I posted at the time the polls closed Tuesday and IN RED what the unofficial results are as of Wednesday evening. These results may change slightly due to absentee, provisional and military ballots etc. They are also rounded off. This is what I wrote on Tuesday evening: So, how did I do? We'll know Wednesday morning. And

Legum Raised More Money And Got Fewer Votes Than Any Other Delegate Candidate in District 30
Judd Legum raised more money for the District 30 House race and got fewer votes than any candidate.  Legum raised over 133k and received 18,385 votes which put him in sixth or last place. Seth Howard, who raised a paltry $21,296 when compared with Legum, managed to get 600 more votes for fifth place. Incumbent Virginia Clagett who placed fourth and lost her seat raised just under $24k. Ron George

Mayor Announces Public Meetings on Market House
(The following is a news release from the Mayor) Mayor Joshua J. Cohen announces two rounds of meetings in November to keep the public informed about the City’s Market House negotiations with Gone to Market LLC and offer opportunities for citizens to provide input to the City and the developers. On Monday, Nov. 8 and Monday, Nov. 15, representatives from Gone to Market, including the

From The MD League of Conservation Voters...and the final, final word on Judd Legum?
The MD LCV sent this out today from which I have excerpted the following:"Maryland LCV’s new Anne Arundel County Chapter scored a HUGE victory with the election of Chris Trumbauer (the West Rhode Riverkeeper) to the Anne Arundel County Council.  Our Chapter pulled out all the stops to elect Trumbauer and “Team 30” (Speaker Busch, Senator Astle, Delegate Clagett and Judd Legum) by mobilizing

Elfenbein Is Not Ready To Concede to Astle
I have not yet heard from Senator John Astle regarding the extremely close race for his seat, but this just came in from his opponent, District 30 Senate candidate Ron Elfenbein: Many of you have posted on Facebook, emailed and called to find out the results of our race, and honestly, we do not know yet.  Currently, I am 767 votes behind with over 2000 absentee ballots still to be counted in

Judicial Candidate Alison Asti Pulls A Last Minute Campaign Sneak Attack....And I Don't Like it
This image provided by The Capital at  Shame on Aliston Asti!

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