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Catering Services - A Good Business Option
Catering service is considered to be one of the best business options in the modern scenario. Catering services are essential in any business or social event. Wedding planners hire catering services as it includes much more than food. Caterers provide various facilities such as decoration of the venue, theme selection and other interesting programs to entertain the guests. Catering business is flourishing in the recent scenario due to many factors. It is estimated that the business is far more profitable than a restaurant as it requires less overhead costs. Catering staff is required only during events and functions which is another added advantage of this business. It is essential to gain experience in the field of catering before deciding to choose this business option. It includes physical work and requires long hours on the feet which can be tiring. Working as a server for an established caterer is one of the best ways to gain relevant experience in the field. Catering prices are often decided by the amount of time spent for an event. Like any other business it involves profit and loss, so it is essential to consider various factors before deciding to start a business venture in the catering field. Renting a licensed commercial kitchen is an ideal way to begin the business. The space can be rented on an hourly basis. Catering equipment can also be rented easily. The rental charges can be passed on to the clients once the event is conducted. It is also essential to maintain a good network with event planners and wedding coordinators. Catering business is a part of the event management company so feel free to work with these people. Offer discounted services so that it is easy to obtain more business. It is easy to promote the catering business through various social networking sites. To improve catering business, it is also pertinent to specialize in a particular field rather than perform a lot of activities. Catering is a creative and satisfying business venture so it is important to perform in a professional manner. Joining a catering association is another ideal way to improve your knowledge about catering business.

Industrial Chemicals A Snapshot of Its Important Uses
There are various types of industrial chemicals which are utilized for various purposes. Some of the most important and popularly used chemicals include phosphoric acid, sulphuric acid, sodium silicate, urea, aluminum sulphate, sodium carbonate, ammonium nitrate and potash. All these industrial chemicals can be utilized for various purposes. Most of these industrial chemicals can be bought from online stores at various price rates. Uses of Phosphoric acid: Phosphoric acid is basically a mineral acid which can be used for various purposes. It can be used to remove rust from the surfaces of metals. It can be applied directly onto the metals to prevent the formation of rust. This industrial chemical is also used in the field of dentistry as it can be mixed with zinc powder to form zinc phosphate. Zinc phosphate is used in dental cement for dental procedures. It is also used in teeth whitening procedures as it helps to eliminate plaque. It is used for various industrial applications which range from metallurgy to food industry. Uses of Sodium silicate: This alkaline solution is also known as liquid glass and it is soluble in water. The sodium silicate powder is a unique combination of water, metal oxide and silica. It is widely used in detergent and soap industry. It is used in chemical industries as an anti-rust agent, flame retardant and an emulsifier. This solution can be used in the food industry to preserve eggs. It can also be used to treat various types of wood as it prevents the attack of insects and other contaminants. Sodium silicate is used in water treatment plants as it helps to purify the water. Uses of Sulphuric acid: It is one of the most corrosive liquid that is odorless, colorless and viscous. Sulfuric acid is highly reactive when it comes into contact with water. It should never be inhaled and ingested as it could prove to be fatal. It is used in agricultural fertilizers, dehydrating agents, lead-acid storage batteries and so forth. Apart from these chemicals, there are various other types of industrial chemicals such as chromic acid, stearic acid, urea and potash which are mainly used for industrial and agricultural purposes.

Current Scenario of Apparel Industry in India
The apparel industry in India is one of the most flourishing industries among the other industries. The domestic apparel industry includes five segments which are the kid’s apparels, the men’s apparels, the women’s apparels, uniforms and unisex apparels. In the women’s wear category, the western wears has witnessed a huge demand in the past few years. Uniforms are among the most demanded products in the men’s segment. This industry is a capital intensive industry which requires all types of laborers such as skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled laborers. The Apparel Industry and its Challenges Due to recession and slow down of the economy in the previous year, there has been a substantial decrease in the production and sales of apparels in the country. There are various institutes that train manpower for the manufacturing process of apparels. The industry requires skilled labor force for the production of apparels. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to find skilled labor force in the country for the apparel industries. The government has taken various steps to improve the existing condition of the apparel industry. Apparels are known to add value to the textiles and therefore it is important to produce more skilled laborers to increase the brand image of Indian apparels in the foreign markets. It is estimated that the apparel industry can grow in the coming years and create more job opportunities. With the abundance of labor and effective skill sets, it is possible to create some of the best apparels to increase the exports of apparels in the country. However, the apparel industry has to face many challenges that prevent the growth of the industry in the country. High transaction costs, antique labor laws, high interest rates, illogical policies, poor infrastructural facilities and so forth are some of the most significant challenges faced by the apparel industries. The government should adopt policies to revive the sector. Changes in labor laws, incentives for technological upgradation and so forth are some of the changes which can be initiated by the government to improve the status of the apparel industry in the country. Apparel exports can be multiplied by rationalizing government policies.

What Are Various Tax Saving Investment Options
Today there are various investment options that can be utilized to save taxes. By the end of the fiscal year, it is important to invest so as to save taxes. In addition to regular investment options, investors can benefit by investing in infrastructural bonds. Tax deductions under Section 80C: There are several investment options under section 80C which can be broadly divided as insurance, market linked and fixed income. The market linked instruments include Unit Linked Insurance Plans or ULIPs and the Equity Mutual Funds or ELSS. The investment options under fixed income category include tax saving bank fixed deposits, Public Provident Funds, National Savings Certificate, Senior Citizen Savings Scheme and the Employee Provident Fund. Public Provident Fund: One of the most popular investment options includes the PPF or the Public Provident Fund. The investor can enjoy tax benefits on the amount invested in the scheme and the interest obtained during maturity period. National Savings Scheme: An investment of one lakh is exempted from taxes under Section 80C of Income Tax Act. However, the interest received at the time of maturity is subjected to taxes which make it quite an unattractive investment option. Fixed Deposit Scheme: An investment upto 1 lakh in a savings bank deposit is also subjected to tax benefits under section 80C. However, this investment includes a lock-in period of five years and the interest rates vary according to different types of banks. Equity Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS): This mutual fund scheme is another excellent investment option to save taxes. But it is ingrained with risks and investors need to make prudent decisions while investing in equity shares. However, there is a possibility of huge returns which are deducted from taxes. It has a mandatory lock in period of three years. It is considered to be a long term equity asset and investors can benefit from a longer time frame. Senior Citizen Savings Scheme: This investment option is made available to Indian citizens who have attained 60 years of age. People who have opted for voluntary retirement can also invest in this scheme. It offers an attractive rate of interest which is payable every quarterly.

Current Scenario of Jewelry Products And Market in India
The Indian jewelry is more than just an accessory. It is a vital part of the Indian culture, values and tradition. This explains the reason why Indian jewelries are sold all over the world as it is intricately designed with elegant patterns and styles. The Indian jewelry has witnessed a cultural and social significance ever since the dawn of civilization. With the fall in prices of gold recently, the demand for all types of ornaments have sky rocketed. The jewelry designs offered in India include elegant and exemplary patterns with diverse motifs. Most of the jewelries in India are a blend of contemporary and traditional styles. The Indian jewelry is crafted to perfection by skilled craftsmen. For this simple reason, the jewels from India are demanded excessively in the international markets. Some of the most exquisite and popular varieties of jewelries include kundan jewelry, polki, shell jewelries, meenkari, lac and so forth which are fused intelligently with the global designs and styles. India is a country which is popularly known for its exquisitely designed jewelleries and therefore there are many tradeshows held in the country to showcase the cultural richness and diversity of the country through various jewelry patterns. The jewelry markets in the country have undergone a massive change with the introduction of various types of jewelry designs and styles to suit different occasions. Every traditional function and ceremony in the country includes the use of jewelries and therefore a huge assortment of styles and designs are inculcated into the existing jewelry themes to create some of the most unique types of jewelry designs in the market. India is therefore considered as an idea global market for jewelries. The use of astrological gemstones in jewelries is another popular reason for the attractiveness and uniqueness of the Indian jewelries. People all over the world are fascinated and intrigued by the healing and magical properties of both precious and semi-precious stones which are used extensively in Indian jewelries. Fashion jewelry is another attraction in the Indian jewelry market which has further escalated the demand for Indian jewelries in the global arena.

Top Construction Companies in India
The construction service providers or the infrastructure companies have contributed to the growth and development of the nation by utilizing the support of the government. Although there are more than hundreds of construction service providers in the country, only a few of them are considered significant and popular in the field. Most of these companies have been reliable in performance and productivity for the last many years. Some of the Popular Leaders in Construction FieldLarsen and Turbo Ltd: The L&T or the Larsen & Turbo is the undisputed leader in the field of construction. It is considered to be the number one infrastructural company in the country. The company offers a wide range of solutions, products and services all over the world. The company has various divisions across different parts of the country. L&T continues to maintain an overall growth in all segments where it operates in India. The company has also launched various cost optimization techniques which has further escalated its profits in the last few years. The company occupies a significant position in the international markets. Punj Lloyd Group: The Punj Lloyd group is another EPC company that operates in various countries in the field of construction and infrastructure, gas, oil and power. The company is renowned for its quality services in the field of infrastructure and construction. The Punj Lloyd has completed many prestigious projects in the country. Delhi Land and Finance (DLF): One of the largest companies in India which offers its exemplary services in the field of construction is the DLF. The company offers construction services in both commercial and residential sectors. The company also offers rental services of offices and retail spaces which is an added advantage over other construction service providers. Hindustan Construction Company or the HCC: The initial company in infrastructural sector is the Hindustan Construction Company which offers its services in four main sectors which include nuclear, hydro, water and transportation. It is also renowned as the oldest construction company in India. The HCC comprises of a group of other companies which include the HCC infrastructure, HCC Real Estate, Lavasa Corp and High bar technologies.

Various Online Advertising and Marketing Mediums
There are various types of online advertising and marketing mediums which can be used effectively to increase brand recognition and sales of a company. With the advent of internet marketing facilities and online stores, different types of marketing mediums have been popularized recently. Online Marketing Mediums Search Engine Optimization or SEO: The practice of optimizing website codes and contents so that the web page appears at the top of the search engine ranking pages is known as Search Engine Optimization. Social networking: It is known to be one of the best methods to connect and interact with people online. There are many social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Ning, Stumble Upon, LinkedIn, Digg and so forth. Social networking sites can be utilized by creating profiles and allowing the customers and followers to know the different types of products offered by the company. It is also easy to contact entrepreneurs through social networking sites. Blogging: Blogging is another online advertising and marketing medium that can be used effectively to improve brand recognition. Blogging is used for promotion of products and services, social networking purposes, information and news. Pay per Click or PPC: The sponsored links on the right hand side of the google pages are known as PPC or Pay per Click ads. These ads are linked to the home page of the companies which facilitates better marketing of products and services. Email: Another useful online marketing tool is the email which is used by various companies and bloggers for the promotion of products and services. Free information is distributed in exchange for the email ID of the users. This email ID is often used by the marketers to send product information related to the launch of new products, discount offers of existing products and so forth. However, it is important to ensure the privacy of the customers. Affiliates: Another effective online marketing and advertising tool is the affiliates which is a part of internet marketing. It is basically the practice of paying other websites to advertise your products and services. It is known to be one of the most powerful tools as other websites link to your websites.

Automatic Electrical Kitchen Equipments
A kitchen is considered to be a favorite spot in a home for those who love to cook. Putting a meal for a large group of people can be quite a tiresome job without the use of electrical equipments. It is quiet difficult to follow multiple recipes at the same time without the use of kitchen appliances. Today there are various types of kitchen equipments which can be bought quite easily through various online stores at affordable price rates. Types of Electrical Kitchen EquipmentsKettle: An electrical kettle is quite a useful appliance which can be used effectively to heat and boil water and tea. Modern appliances are available with a range of attractive features such as heat resistant plastic body, automatic cut-off on boiling, large water level window and a capacity of 1.2 liters. Apart from these features, the electrical kettle includes various other advantageous features. Electrical KettleMicrowave OvenMixer GrinderCoffee maker: Another elegant and exquisite electrical appliance which is used in kitchens includes the coffee & tea maker. It is equipped with various features such as boil dry protection, anti-drip device, warming plate to keep the coffee warm for hours together and so forth. Blender: Blenders are among the most useful kitchen appliances which can be used to shred any type of food item. It can be used to make sauces and purees. Bread machine: One of the most essential and useful kitchen appliances includes the bread machine which can be used to make different types of bread. Fresh and tasty bread can be made easily by pouring the ingredients in the mixer. Rice cooker: Although rice is easy to cook, it requires attention otherwise it may be either overcooked or undercooked. With a rice cooker, it is easy to cook the rice by pouring the correct amount of rice and water in the cooker. This efficient device cooks the rice evenly and automatically shuts down the device once the rice is cooked. Apart from these common kitchen equipments, there are many more varieties of electrical appliances which can be used in kitchens such as juicers, microwave ovens, food processors and so forth. A huge array of electrical equipments can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates.

Women Fashion Trends in India and Foreign Countries
India, a country known for its diverse cultures and religious beliefs, has a wide range of dress codes. Most of the modern fashion apparels are closely influenced by the western styles. However, the traditional and ethnic dresses of different states are still popularly worn by the women of India. The dress codes of different states in the country vary according to the state and religion. The dressing styles of both men and women change according to the cultural boundaries. Sarees are known to the typical Indian wear apart from Salwar kameez. The Indian sarees are renowned all over the world for its ethereal and sensuous appearance. The Indian sarees are made available in a huge range of styles, designs and materials. The Kanchipuram sarees of south India are known to be the most elegant varieties of sarees worn by women in the country. Apart from Kanchipuram, there are Banarasi silk sarees which are also elegant and exquisite in appearance. Different types of salwar kameez are also worn by the women in India. The styles and designs of salwar kameez vary according to the cultural differences and states. The dress codes and fashion accessories in India are entirely different from the foreign countries. However, majority of the Indians are influenced by the western outfits and styles. Today most of the women love to wear stylish outfits. Cocktail gowns, party gowns, formal suits, frocks, jeans and elegant tunics, suits, sleeveless dresses and so forth are some of the most common types of western outfits which are worn by women in India too. The outfits worn by women in foreign countries depend on the climatic conditions of the regions. However, sarees are also worn by women in foreign countries as this exemplary Indian outfit is known to attract the love and attention of millions around the world. Although the dressing styles may vary enormously in both the eastern and western countries, modern lifestyles have altered the dressing sense of people all around the world. Today most of the women love to wear comfortable clothes to work places and western clothes are considered to be the most comfortable clothes. Moreover, it exudes a professional appearance.

Know What Computer Hardware Parts Are Important
The physical components which are attached to the computers are known as computer hardware. As it is enclosed in a steel covering, it can seldom be viewed by the users. Computer hardware is available in different models and varieties. There are many companies that manufacture computers such as DELL, HP, Sony, Acer, LG and so forth. Hardware is quiet essential for the smooth functioning of computers. The most important computer hardware parts include motherboard, CPU and RAM. There are various other devices which support the functions of the computers such as monitor, keyboard, mouse, and storage devices. Types of Computer Hardware and Its Specifications The most important hardware part of a computer is the CPU or the Central Processing Unit which acts as the brain of the computer. The RAM or the Random Access Memory is the unit which stores the information used by the CPU on the computer. However, this information is erased when the computer is switched off. Every computer has one or more than one storage drives or disk drives that store data. The hard disk drive stores information on the hard disk and it has the capacity to hold large amount of information. The hard disk which is located inside the system holds all the files and programs. Most of the computers are equipped with CD and DVD drives. It can be used to play music, watch movies, read and write files. Mouse is a small device which is mainly used to select or point items on the screen. These devices are found in different varieties and it can be bought from online stores. Keyboard: Another important hardware component in a computer is the keyboard which is mainly used to type text in the computer. It has letter and number keys which can be used to type text. However, it also includes other types of keys such as navigation keys, function keys and numeric keypad. Other important computer hardware components in a computer include monitor which is available in different sizes and configurations, printers, scanners, modem, speakers and so forth. Each and every component in a computer has its own specific functions and therefore every component is vital for a computer to operate smoothly.

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