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AMD's New generation Graphic device for Gamer's
Computer processor producer AMD has released 1GB AMD FirePro V4900 for pcs that require high computer pace especially suitable for visual content.AMD FirePro V4900"The AMD FirePro V4900 is in a group of its own and redefines entry-level expert style greeting card features," said Sandeep Gupte(General Manager of Professional Graphics, AMD). He included FirePro V4900 controls AMD's most superior style engineering and features AMD Eyefinity multi-display engineering that helps up to six features to increase efficiency.They increases the operation of competing choices in many digital content design (DCC) and computer served style (CAD) application testing, the assessment report said.AMD said FirePro products are examined and qualified with many top programs to guarantee interface, steadiness for best operation.AMD FirePro V4900 has obtained qualifications for a variety of programs such as Abaqus/CAE 6.11, ANSYS 13.0, Autodesk 2012 3D style programs, Bentley Body Microstation V8i, it included.The chipset will be available in a range of devices from HP and others. "HP work station consumers work at the best levels in every industry - they demand remedies that offer the best operation. By developing the AMD FirePro V4900 into its work stations, HP is offering consumers with a highly effective style solution - cheaply," Mark Wooden said.Additionally, it has obtained qualifications from several remedies of Siemens PLM Program."Siemens PLM Program works strongly with AMD to guarantee its product life cycle management application fulfills the needs of its expert people. AMD FirePro V4900 offers superb operation with value," Costs Boswell, person home, Companion Strategy, Siemens PLM Program said.This style greeting card will be available in decide on Dell and Fujitsu devices as well, the report said.AMD has started sales of the chipset for USD 189 through decide on online shops.

HP Design-jet series 3D printer’s-Now enjoy 3D printing
Technology extended ‘day by day’, as we all generally knows only about 3d movies, 3d tv’s,3d camera, but as we said technology is increasing its influence in our day to day life. This time HP (Hewlett Packard) the great leaders in printers manufacturing industries comes with the new design-jet series 3D Printers.As we talk in general, the printers to us means the device which converts the electronic signals (digital code) comes through cables from computer to the printed sheet, that’s hard copy by the cradle of ink cartages which runs on the optical sensed platform and in-crave ink on sheet as per signals on the page, it’s was all ok till now but what HP has done here is, it has given a new definition to printing, a 3d object or the portrait can be touched, sensed, and even use it in your daily life just by printing it with newly designed jet series 3D printer.HP design-Jet 3D PrinterAs above the normal printers work’s on the digital signals it also works on the same principle, the only difference now is in spite of using paper and ink, HP design-jet series 3D printer is using ABS plastic pipes in place of ink which will then melt and splits layer by layer as per digital signals one layer after another up to portrait completed.This unconceivable printer mainly being the high utility device for the civil engineers, mechanical engineers, to make prototype of any designed models very cheaply, environment  friendly and efficiently with most important automatically. i.e. no skilled worker required, less time consuming, clean work no error’s occurred which caused due to human error. Use of ABS plastic makes it unbreakable model.The 3D designed model has dimensions about 203 in width, 152 in height and about 152 in length. And colour vary according to the printer model used CQ656A model is in single colour which cost less than 17500$ (approx) but if you wanted coloured model printing then you have to spent some more bucks and purchased HP Design-jet CQ655A 3D printer which is estimated 18500$(approx).

HTC Incredible S - Smart, Sensible and Sophisticated
HTC Incredible S is an android-based Smartphone, integrates 1GHz processor, 1GB internal space and 756 RAM with eye-catching impressive design.HTC Incredible SIncredible S comes with some top-notch features like high resolution video playback of 480 x 800 pixels in 4inch display with full touch screen control and SRS digital sound with stereo music player makes it a complete multimedia device.HTC has embedded smart controlling G-Sensor to control screen alignment, enables shake phone lock and helps you to control over music player (just shake to change to next track). Other than this, features like game controller and walk-meter measures the kilometres you walk take Incredible S to the next level. Digital compass and GPS tracker guides you in right direction. To impede any sort of anomalies, HTC has introduced proximity sensor, it sense and turn off screen to avoid any accidental touch through ears during call. Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness which is every common in Smartphone this days. 3G, Wi-Fi and HSPDA technology is provided which enables you to access high speed internet help you to enjoy internet games, movies, videos, songs, connect to your dear ones. Capture your memorable moment even in dim light with 8Megapixel camera enhanced with twice Led Flash light and record videos in 720p HD and share it on social networking sites. You can also direct face chat with loving ones through secondary camera of 1.3megapixel. And you enjoy all multimedia items up to 3-5 days with 1040mH battery.HTC Incredible S can cost you around USD 699.

Apple’s Magic Multi-Touch Mouse
Innovative think separates Apple form its competitors, and yet again Apple has bought something new to its users, this time Apple had introduced a computer peripheral which assimilate with the multi-touch technology to act together with your portable devices like your Mac Book, notebook or your iPad. This multi-touch mouse comes up with the Bluetooth wireless technology. Device is smart, delightful and allows you to work seamlessly using multi touch technology which lets you to interaction in much better way with the device and reacts on your gesture (now computers are intelligent enough and are capable to read human gesture and work accordingly). The Apple’s magic mouse has an sleek, button less design and best fit in your hand (both for righty or lefty) you can control your device by clicking anywhere over flawless top shell and can swipe in any direction with one finger swipe it not confuse anytime do exactly you wanted because it pre controlled by the magic mouse  chip. It works on powerful laser tracking technology which works on any surfaces, hence no mouse pad needed. Apple’s Magic Multi-touch Mouse is available in all Apple stores for just $69.

Need for Speed: The Run - A Race For You'r Life
Need for Speed: THE RUN is a story based game and leading role is played by Jack, he is a restless soul and likes speed and challenges. Jack discovers a new way to life with the speed and a right way to go from San Francisco to New York. Now as we talk about game, then high graphics and realistic gaming atmosphere can blow your mind, so better watch it..!!! In game, Jack is constantly troubled with the fear of death and need to run for his life in whole journey that had many hassles such as races in stormy conditions, ice slides, Accidental spots (like railway crossing and highway blockage) and much more. The whole journey has many twist and turns some of them are wrong which takes you to the dark side of the game or even death, and some to the life, so you need to hold your sit tight and wait for the right time to hit the pedal and better be quick since disaster in the way (god of death). NFS: THE RUN had a journey of life for Jack with lots of excitement of driving the newly launched cars like BMW E30, PORSCHE CARRERA S, LOTUS EXIGE CUP 260. The feature autolog tracks you throughout the career each, hence every second will count. You need to be fastest and smartest to survive and reach to New York intactly. EA sports had used the frostbite 2-engine in game, developed by the award winning DICTE studio for especially for racing. The game is ready to release on 15thNovember 2011 in all platforms (Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Nintendo 3DS,Wii). This action pact game will be available at an unbeatable price of $30.

XBOX 720 - Unleashed and Unbeatable Gaming Experience
As in prediction, Microsoft is about to release its 2nd generation gaming device, code name “Xbox 720”, probably in 2nd quarter of next year. It is said that, Xbox 720 will try to deliver an unleashed and unbeatable gaming experience with inimitable graphics as witness in 3D movies such as Transformer and Avatar. If Microsoft is able to bring such high quality in its console, then it will give a tough fight to other major players in domain. Microsoft developers succeeded in fussing Ultra High Definition Video (UHDV) technology for high graphics games up to 4320 pixel and enhanced 3D technology to bring the 3 dimensional experiences in next generation console for games like Haunted house, Alien Hive, Crysis2 and many more upcoming games. Microsoft's XBOX 720 Probably integrated ATI-AMD’s graphic processing unit (GPU) will reinstate recent HDTVs. Yet, Microsoft had not decided the processor configuration but surely I think they will embed enhanced processor unit which has capability to use pre-installed Blu-ray technology in console. Other than this, Microsoft had also paid close attention, to rectify the issues with The Red Ring of Death (RROD). Thou, Microsoft haven’t disclose any sort information regarding the releasing date and price.

Hope….Serious Sam3 Stir Other than Jolt as DNF??
Serious Sam 3 BFE{EAV_BLOG_VER:5cb5d01632b6685d} “Serious sam3 BFE” is underway and looks like it will be available in market at the mid of this month on 18th of November………..with thrilling prevailing offers with your copy.Serious Sam 3 ware provides you the elite occurrence of modern battlefield with the neoteric riffles. The game is totally based on the crime control or the terrorist attack recuperation. It provides the unbelievable realistic environment makes you feel as you are in that place and has many of the locations and levels to go after, with correlation statistics which makes it even more fascinating and holds you all the time. BFE has HD quality video gaming and has the multiplayer platform (exclusive characters “Gold Fork Parker and Gold serious Sam”) and more exclusive character specially timed “Brett Sanderson headless kamikaze” timed for guest entry and also special ‘Devastator weapon’.Serious Sam 3 does requires any fancy specialized gaming device, what  you require is a PC with minimum configuration of 4GB ram and 4GB of freespace in your hard drive with a processor has minimum speed of 2.3ghz with 1GB graphic card. This additive game is available on different platform such as Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.Hurry you can get this action pact game at a very low price as not dreamed before with discounts in the pre-order of this ware in many of the purchasing sites up to 60%. Otherwise the fixed price is 39.99$.

Nokia N8 - Pre-Book a Complete Entertainment Package in Your Hand
Nokia launches a first Pre-Book which redefines the mobile technology. That provides a deviant entertainment platform in mobile world.It provide high definition video recording and editing of an amiable moments of life and share with friends and family direct through social networking site on your phone with 3 personalized screen. Easy to use through AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and accelerometer sensor for auto rotate function and much more as seen below.It can work on both 2G (GSM 850/900/1800/1900) and 3G (HSPDA 850/900/1700/1900//2100) networks. And having display compatibility of AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 16 M deep colors with 360x640 pixels of 3.5 inch with accelerometer sensor with an auto rotate feature.The nokia n8 is an multimedia features as an music player which support an mp3 , wav, poly and so  and videos of xvdi, 3gp, mp4 wmv and so. Also u are able to capture your magic moments in your phone with camera of 12 mega pixel having Carl Zeiss glass lens for superb quality pictures.And share your pictures to dear ones through connectivity options available are Bluetooth and web features as edge and 3g with WiFi internet access also. You are also stay in touch with your dear ones with social networking sites as an Facebook twitter and so. Take an control on your hand with feature as an gps you can search the roads and directions etc with Google maps.It is having 16gb internal storage of integrated memory which expands up to 32 gb micro sd with an 512 RAM wit processor ARM 11 680 MHz with operating system Symbian3 OS.Having good battery backup up to 390h(2g)/400h (3g) on standby time and talk time it is 13 h(2g)and 6 h(3g).                                       You get all of these in very less price approx. 25,000 in India

Turbo Charge Your PC with intel’s 2nd generation iCore Family
Intel recently launched an 2nd generation icore processor’s series that contains an Intel core i3, Intel core i5, Intel core i7 processors.Just select as per your need and join to the Contemporary world of dissolute processing of Intel.Intel core i3Intel core i3 processor had 4 way multi-tasking capability with duel-core technology has features we get built-in is Intel HT(Hyper Threading) technology which enables us to work two tasks at same time for fast processing, Intel Smart Cache which vigorously allocated data on both processor according to workload by which reducing the inactivity an get better performance. Core i3 replicas are below with feature:-i3-2120, i3-2100T, i3-2100S has cache memory 3MB, contains Intel’s virtualization technology and Intel HD Graphics with Clock Speed respectively 3.30 GHz, 2.5 GHz, 3.10 GHz for processing. you get Core i3 in India approx. 7000/-Intel core i5Intel core i5 processor had 4 way multi-tasking capability with Quad-core technology has features we get built-in is Intel turbo boost technology 2.0 which enables processor to increase frequency vigorously for fast processing, Intel Smart Cache which vigorously allocated data on each processor according to workload by which reducing the inactivity an get better performance and also provide acceleration to hardware through AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) for speed up data execution. Core i5 replicas are below with feature:-i5-2500k,i5-2300 has cache memory 6MB, contains Intel’s virtualization technology, Intel HD Graphics and Intel boost technology 2.0 but not AES technology, with Clock Speed respectively 3.30 GHz, 2.80GHz for processing. i5-2500s,i5-2500T,i5-2500,i5-2400S, i5-2400, i5-2390T has cache memory 6MB, contains Intel’s virtualization technology, Intel HD Graphics,  AES technology and Intel boost technology 2.0 with Clock Speed respectively 2.70 GHz, 2.30 GHz, 3.30 GHz, 2.50 GHz,3.10 GHz, 2.70 GHz for processing.Core i5 processor costs approx. 11500/- in IndiaIntel core i7Intel core i7 processor had 8 way multi-tasking capability with Quad-core technology has features we get built-in is Intel turbo boost technology 2.0 which enables processor to increase frequency vigorously for fast processing, Intel HT(Hyper Threading) technology which enables us to work two tasks at same time for fast processing , Intel Smart Cache which vigorously allocated data on each processor according to workload by which reducing the inactivity an get better performance and also provide acceleration to hardware through AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) for speed up data execution. Core i7 replicas are below with feature:-i7-2600 has cache memory 8MB, contains Intel’s virtualization technology, Intel HD Graphics and Intel boost technology 2.0 but not AES technology, with Clock Speed respectively 3.40 GHz for processing. i7-2600S,i7-2600 has cache memory 8MB, contains Intel’s virtualization technology, Intel HD Graphics,  AES technology and Intel boost technology 2.0 with Clock Speed respectively 2.80 GHz, 3.40 GHz for processing.i5 CORE processor costs approx. 15,000/- to 53,000/-

Apple Inovation Olive Pad
Apple launches an Olive Pad VT-100 it is not just an think pad it is an smartphone cum I-Pad all the peoples who prepared to purchase an smartphone this is an resourceful product for them.An apple olive pad is not as all the other i-pad in the market now. An android2.2 operating system based device which contains all the feature that is in all smartphones as well as an i-pad.An Apple Olive Pad has features like an smart phone is that it is based on android 2.2 operating system , two cameras that is on front VGA and an 3MP back camera, a GPS system, for internet accessing there is various options like as 3.5G and Wi-Fi.Apple olive pad is not just an compact device it is an big blast. Olive pad is used as an mobile TV powered by Zenga TV, for navigation route calculation & voice based direction feature through GPS System, Browses internet and surf social networking sites through 3G and Wi-Fi internet connectivity, EBook reader, Photo and Video gallery and so.

Toshiba’s Fully Loaded 3D Dynabook(TX/98MBL)
Toshiba launches a new laptop series satellite A660,this was an inceptive machine which play 3d contents in blu-ray format. The next generation optical disk technology(Blu-ray disc) BD which enhance the storage capacity to five times of DVD(digital video disc).Provides an effectively more data in a same disc.Toshiba TX/98MLB has 15.6inch led backlite display utilizes 120hz panel of 1366X768 pixels 60Hz in each eye when viewed through active shutter glasses. An winDvd(BD) playback blu-ray 3d format with the help of NVIDIA’s 3D vision software and GeForce GTS 350m hardware of 1gb dedicated RAM for graphics. provides an unbeatable 3d gaming performance.With unleashed 3d video performance toshiba provides dolby advanced audio with an Harman or Kardon stereo speakers for complete high definition provide an USB Sleep-and-Music technology which enables user to play songs even in sleep mode which enhancing its power capability.In Dynabook TX/98MBL multimedia is one touch away, a feature dedicated to feather-touch multimedia controls with a matt-black tiled keyboard giving a striking look to its body.A pre-installed Media Controller Plug-In from Toshiba lets users to stream Flash videos from online video library YouTube directly to DLNA® compatible television sets. Inside of toshiba dynabook TX/98MBL,Processor- intel i7 740m quad core processor15.6-inch (39.6cm) TruBrite HD display with LED backlight.Window 7 Home Premium (64 bit)Intel Core i7- 740QM (Quad Core) processor.500 GB HDD with 3D impact sensor.NVIDIA GeForce GTS 350M graphics.1366x768 resolution (16:9)Blu-ray Disc rewritable driveHarman Kardon Stereo speakersDolby Advanced AudioBluetooth 2.1 + EDRWLAN (802.11 b/g/n), Gigabit Ethernet LAN1.3 MP webcam3 x USB Web 2.0Toshiba Resolution+, Toshiba Media Controller, Toshiba LifespacePre-installed 3D contentEnergy Star 5.0 qualifiedSo are u ready for 3d blast? Which priced just $2,700.

HTC 740: Undoubtedly Innovative Notion
HTC provide the innovative notion in the mobile world, dual keypad phone. HTC 740 has one normal keypad as in all the phones and other one is an slider QWERTY keypad which provides it an precise erection. All the other companies only provide normal keypad or qwerty keypad but this time HTC provides both in single package which gives an unleashed massaging performance. HTC 740 has an unique design , slim and special features which is the choice of the youth. HTC 740 is light weighted(140 grams)  compact and slim(116.3x43.4x16.3) with 2.4 inch QVGA display and for music SRS with 3.5mm audio jack, Built-in integrated FM, in-built 256MB internal Flash memory extended up to 32GB.This smart phone comes with windows mobile 6.1 operating system running on qualcom MSM7225 528 Mhz chipset with 256 RAM. HTC 740 comes with GSM cum WCDMA capabilities and has GPS and AGPS navigation also. The data connectivity is faster than normal 3G up to 7MBPS with the Wi-Fi and HSDPA mobile connectivity by Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR, USB 2.0 high speed. According to above specifications HTC 740 provide an undoubtedly unbreakable experience of mobile computing .

Lenovo Launched Its First MultiTouch Netbook Tablet
At CES 2010, Lenovo has launched its first convertible netbook tablet.The newest addition to Lenovo's netbook line is the Ideapad S10-3. In Ideapad S10-3, the most noticeable thing is, it's improved, isolated one, and significant improvement in key pitch from 89% to 98% than traditional keyboard, which will makes typing experience better.Ideapad S10-3 comes with 10-inch widescreen and 1024-by-600 resolution, thou remain untouched. Powered with Intel newest Atom N450 processor, even the N470 is available. Primary memory can be extend up to 2GB, and both 4 cell and 8-cell battery options will be available. Lenovo’s Ideapad S10-3 will price about $500.Next comes, The Ideapad S10-3t which is one of the major attractions, since it is Lenovo's first convertible netbook tablet, which will integrate a multitouch capacitive screen. Even S10-3t comes with 10-inch widescreen, which can swing 180 degree and be laid flat against keyboard. When it comes to keyboard it differs from S10-3, and it's a traditional keyboard instead of an isolated one. It includes Intel Atom N450 and N470, a hard disk of 320GB, and similar battery option as S10-3. The Ideapad S10-3t is available for $500. Since both lies in same price range the only big difference to me is swinging screen.

Power of Gaming with MSI GT680
Buckskin your gaming Habits is discontinue from now because MSI launches gaming laptop which uses Intel’s i7 sandy Bridge Processors technology to unleashed the power of gaming wirelessly. MSI GT680 is not a notebook it is an PlayStation or Xbox with high resolution 15.6inch LED display and a powerful processor for unbeatable gaming performance.The MSI GT680 packed with latest Intel core i7 processor and NVidia GeForce graphics and so…….The MSI provides two series G-series of gaming notebooks MSI GT680 and MSI GX680 and X-series of Ultra Slim laptops MSI X370.Both of the gaming laptops Equipped with Intel Sandy Bridge Technology Processors Quad-core 2GHz Core i7-2630QM and Intel QM67 chipset, up to 16GB DDR3 RAM with 500GB (7200rpm)of Hard disk space supports turbo boost technology for high speed performance.MSI GT680 is equipped with NVidia GeForce GT460M discrete Graphics for 2-bay storage and MSI GX680 is equipped with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6870 Graphics.This powerful device you get last of January and price is not declared.

Apple iPhone 5 As Expected
Apple ready to launch new avatar of iPhone that is apple iPhone 5G.Apple I phone which is the choice of all of the luminaries and youths .The thing  that makes this phone to be an people lovingly is just of its features, looks ,compact and slim size.But due to some of the misapprehension it is not as of its rule. But now Apple is ready for elimination of misconception that are made before this year with this phone.Some of the features as assume to be in this phone are as below:- Firstly the improved antenna, 1080p HDMI output essentiality of multimedia device(apple uses own connection but it’s quite ruthless for consumer so allow full HD mode output).Expected to be new battery for making the phone usable all the times. Dismissal of network down problem through use of 4G or later. Provides noble flash support which is not any of the earlier models.And further you want to be just give me in comments so as we add it in our post…………

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