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Tesla big announcment, Xiaomi Go, Samsung S10 and more... Tech News week 05
Hey PeopleThe head lines from the world of tech are amazing this week.1:- Tesla Announced:-Quote,''We believe that applying the open-source philosophy to our patents will strengthen rather than diminish Tesla's position," and ability to attract talented engineers,Source NDTV. So basically in coming months anyone from anywhere should be able to use Tesla Patents to save mother Earth and its inhabitants.2:- Jablinski Games:-Recently not more then a month ago the Hollywood's very own Kung Fu Panda Jack Black introduced his channel and quickly became the very first channel in Youtube history to reach 1 million subscribers in 24 hours.Yesterday he uploaded his first gaming video of  fortnite 3:- Xiaomi Go:-Not every company is hitting its lower notes right now but Xiaomi has dared to hit it one more time with this go Phone which is targeted to those people who can not afford a smartphone yet it manages to boost 1 GB ram and 8 GB Rom and a Price tag under  100 Dollars.4:- Samsung S10 :-Here are the latest expected renders of Samsung flagship for 2019      5:- Sub Zero Temperatures:This week whole world saw the very extreme of cold weather which was to be expected but went far enough that almost quarter of liveable earth came under snow storms. some scientists believe that it is due to the shift of axis in earth magnetic field and orbits by a degree of angle.Photos and news from internet random sites

Range Rover Evoque 2019 Model...Drive on
Hi,Well Better late then never as the last model of a proper Evoque by Rangerover was released way back in 2016 and now its back in time. with this model the company is promising to bring new changes to the SUV world and entering a new ERA of Dynamic Vehicals of the future. Have a look at it and be sure video is not ours Happy Christmas Season like us on


XIOMI BLACK SHARK HELOHey people!Here we are Some explanation of the phoneSo, Here are the specs of the phone....ProcessorOcta-core (4x2.8 GHz Kryo 385 Gold & 4x1.7 GHz Kryo 385 Silver)Ram8 GBCamera16MP Back, 16 MP FrontDisplay6.28" inchesOSAndroid 8.1 (Oreo)Battery3300 mAhMemory128/256 GBGPUAdreno 630PriceUSD 900 Disclaimer: Photos and Videos are not ours.

Tokyo Motor Show 2018 : All the EV's from Japan at a glance
Tokyo Motor Show 2018 : All the EV's from Japan at a glance.Its astonishing for some to even think of what the future holds for us. But some people out there are working day over night to make such a thinking concept into reality. Such kind of the first show was held by Tokyo Motors. where only the futuristic and tech oriented cars including the latest models of EVs were on display.All Big names like Toyota cars Honda cars Suzuki cars and even Yamaha and Kawasaki like motoring giants displayed their versions of future EV cars. We dont own videos and photos in this article

IPhone X (R):- the device for all
Hey people!Here we are Apple calls its phones cheap only when they cost less then the new iPhone flagship model. It never translates into being actually cheap like being under 300$ price phones. Same thing goes for this phone as it retails around 900$ in most countries its even expensive in Pakistan at about 125,000/- Rupees in price.Well if you have money that much or your father is a drug lord calls himself God Father. Then go for it.   So, Here are the specs of the phone....ProcessorOcta-core (4x2.8 GHz Kryo 385 Gold & 4x1.7 GHz Kryo 385 Silver)Ram8 GBCamera16MP Back, 16 MP FrontDisplay6.28" inchesOSAndroid 8.1 (Oreo)Battery3300 mAhMemory128/256 GBGPUAdreno 630PriceUSD 900Disclaimer: Photos and Videos are not ours.    We dont a shit load of money to afford this phone and make pour own pictures and video this is why we borrowed the pictures and videos from internet. 

XIOMI MI 8Hey people!Xiomi released Mi 8 instead of Mi 7 to celebrate its 8th Birthday. As Xiomi is famous for releasing flagship smartphones at much lower cost here is another addition to its bloodline.Currently the phone is only released in china but its booming sales for being the best smartphones released in mainland china.It has everything from a big battery, wonderous cameras. beautiful design, rear mounted finger print sensor and a lot more.So, Here are the specs of the phone....ProcessorOcta-core (4x2.8 GHz Kryo 385 Gold & 4x1.7 GHz Kryo 385 Silver)Ram8 GBCamera12MP Back, 20 MP FrontDisplay6.21" inchesOSAndroid 8.1 (Oreo)Battery3400 mAhMemory64/128/256 GBGPUAdreno 630PriceAbout USD 450Disclaimer: Photos and Videos are not ours.

Apple Introduces iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR
Apple Introduces iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XRJohn Ivy the chief design officer at Apple is here to tell us details of the new products of Apple.Note: Photos and Videos are not ours.

Apple Keynote Event in 12 Minutes
Hey PeopleHere is the Apple Keynote event 2018 in 12 minutesThe Important announcements are1. Apple watch 42. iPhone XS3. iPhone XS MAX4. iPhone X R5. First time dual sim capability in iPhone.So, watch the keynote event here... Note: photos and videos are not ours.

More then a Notch away:- Vivo V11 VS Oppo F9
Hi,There are times in ones life when you got to decide. The times of shear ecstasy.The times of devotion. The times of decision. Well that as far as Shakespeare we can get but the point is that there are two of the best things right now that are coming from merely different manufacturers and tends us to devote to reachable. The are the pearls of ecstasy the pinnacles of technology the all new Vivo V11 and Oppo F9. On paper both devices are not more then just a CPU branding away from each other but differences are more when you use them as both tends to have own skin of android, cameras, selfie technology, Artificial intelligence and off course builtin hardware and software frenzy. Which one to go for then well watch the following video and find it your self.    Photos and Video not ours. 

United Bravo Launch Ceremony...Intro and Pre Look and price
HiHere are the first looks of the spec sheet right from the launch padPrice = 8,50,000/- PKRWe dont own the pictures...

Beneli TNT 150i Bike specs and Detailed Review : Latest News
Latest News : Beneli TNT 150i Bike specs and Detailed ReviewThe First bike launched in Pakistan for both having fun and doing day to day tasks easily is here.Its a combination of sports, cruise and hence can best fall in crossover type category.The EFI based OHC engine produced wonderful power and amazing torque. The fuel economy of the bike is brilliant as it can use1 Ltr petrol to reach about 50 KM's. Speed, safety and comfort are matchless as OHC engine, Mono Shok Suspension and upside down front shock absorbents are always struggling to reduce the effects of the road on the motorcyclist.The front and rear disk breaks produce super stopping power to stop this beast without any slipping problem at any instant.It has a 5 speed gearbox, has both self and kick starter and has primary chain drive for driving the vehicle.The best of the things is that its Euro 4 certified for fuel saving and emission. Note: Photos and Videos are not ours.

Audi PB 18 e-tron:- A Super Car of future
Hi,Past are the times when people and even tech enthusiasts did not had much of a thought of an electric car more then Prius. Now are the times when the Electric vehicles are ready to break the barriers be it mileage or on other hand speed.We ll take about the speed some other times but today lets talk about speed and speed of and electric motorized super car. Yes I said that Super car. A Couple of years ago when BMW launched its version of the very first true electric sports car called BMW i8 . That was mere a bench mark for what was to come infuture. Now we have the All new Icon in this category the all new Audi 18 E-Tron.Have a look at what the motoring minds have to say about it.Looking at it for once you ccan easily say it is right out of iron man tony stark garage.Here is what its real worth isHope you like it lets get straight to itwe dont own  pictures and video in this

Is PocoPhone F1 available in my country... Check official list here
You can find countries where the newest offering by Xiaomi is available.Don't know about it yet check what itHere. is the country list...Picture is not ours...Thanks for digging in 

Xiaomi Pocophone F1... The One Plus killer smartphone...under 300$
Hi, It is not often that we see a revolutionary or neither a ground breaking invention. specially in the smartphone world be it Apple iPhone 2018 or Samsung Note 9 or One plus models. All majorcompanies are following almost same specs under not a very large difference of price. One can easily say that 6 GB Ram 2.0+ Octa core processor and 128+ GB memory are staples of all flagship smart phone which cost around 700+ Dollars each. Well Xiaomi is definityl not following this trend at all as their latest offering is a major through back to all the flagships and their killers. The latest releease by the Chinese Manufacturer is Pocophone F1. it promises to give the best of android smartphone performance under mid range smartphone price. So, Here are the specs of the beast deviceProcessor Octa-core (4x2.8 GHz Kryo 385 Gold & 4x1.8 GHz Kryo 385 Silver)Ram6/8 GBCamera12MP Back, 20 MP FrontDisplay6.18" inchesOSAndroid 8.1 (Oreo)Battery4000 mAhMemory128/256 GBGPUAdreno 630Price~USD 300-400Here you can To check if it's available in your countryLets have video look after Disclaimer: We do not own The Photos and Videos in this post.

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