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Honda CD 70 2022 new model
 Hi, friends We have the latest news here that the new model of Honda CD 70 is around the corner as the leaked images propose new stylish sticker and slight changes in indentions for the first time in over 20 years. Disclaimer:- photos and video does not belong to us... 

Samsung Galaxy A72
SSAMSUNG GALAXY A72 Samsung Galaxy A72 Samsung A series is built for quality and professionalism side by side. The latest addition of A72 with a wide angle big screen and top notch cameras is amazing. The Phone comes with 6 GB RAM and one variant is having an 8 GB RAM along with 128 GB or 256 GB built in Memory. You can literally call it a photo bomb with a super AI intelligent 64 MP camera and 5000 mAh battery with plenty of storage available. So, what ever the memory is you can literally save it on your phone. Samsung Galaxy A72 Back camera.So, Here are the specs of the phone....ProcessorOcta-core (2x2.3 GHz Kryo 465 Gold & 6x1.8 GHz Kryo 465 Silver)Ram6 or 8 GBCamera64 MP Back, 32 MP FrontDisplay6.7" inchesOSAndroid 11Battery5000 mAhMemory128/256 GBGPUAdreno 618PriceUSD 463 Disclaimer: Photos and Videos are not ours. #samsung #samsunggalaxya72 #galaxya72 #smartphone 

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max ... Introduction and Full SPecs
 Apple looks keen to bring iPhone 12 that is the high-end Pro Max version of the series along with its two other variants. This upcoming smartphone Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is packed with high-end specs and will be the flagship of the series. This phone is powered by powerful chipset that assists the smartphone of the company. 6 gigabytes of RAM makes the execution of the Apples iPhone 12 Pro Max very fast. 128/256/512 gigabytes internal storage of smartphone can fantastically store your large data without any cost because Apple iPhone 12's Max provides you an ample amount of space. This is enough space to keep you on the toe while downloading. Large screen size of this smartphone is 6.7 inches with full HD plus amazing resolution. Its got the same Face ID like its other variants. This smartphone has improved security with Face ID. Apple 12 Pro Max has got the same square pattern for the triple rear camera setup. The primary lens will be 12 megapixels and the other two lenses are the ultra-wide lens and depth sensor which makes its result mind blowing. The upcoming Apple iPhone's 12 Pro Max is equipped with 12 megapixels of the front-facing camera which is the best  result never seen before in others of this series. The long lasting battery power 3687+ mAh battery available to keep the handset turn on for a long period of time and also carry support for bilateral wireless charging.So, Here are the specs of the phone....ProcessorApple A14 Bionic (5 nm)Ram6 GB,Camera12 MP Front, 12 MP BackDisplay6.7 inchesOSiOS 14.1, upgradable to iOS 14.2Battery3687 mAh batteryMemory128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GBGPUApple GPU (4 Core Graphics)PriceAbout 1218 EURO

CyberPunk 2077 game play
The wait is finally over and the year is not 2077 but 2020. The most hyped game has finally managed to get your hand to itself. The game was updated recently for the latest gen of consoles and still manages to grab hearts from the older generation console players as well as PC gamers alike. Here is the first one hour game play video youtubeembedcode nlultimate Web traffic video and photo is not ours

Nokia 5310 express music remake
For almost half a decade now HMD global has been amusing us by bringing back the most favourite Nokia hits from the past and better era of Nokia. The 3310 has become a hit again and now for those who want to listen to music a bit classic way here comes the all new Nokia 5310. The phone comes with very basic configuration, having only 16 MB of internal memory and 8 MB of RAM. It has two varients a single SIM and a dual SIM dual Standby version. It has  2.4 inches  of display and a beautiful numeric keypad for dialing, chatting and browsing. It also has beautiful dedicated smart keys for music control which is a standalone feature of express music devices. The phone has a 1200 mAh battery which can last much longer on this type of hardware. 

Apple Says don't cover MacBook Camera...
Hi everyone, The tension you get if you see a line running through your MacBook. Well Apple has the answer. It's your fault. Yes it's all your fault if you happen to be the one extra concerned for you security and privacy, that you covered your MacBook camera. Apple warns that it's MacBooks are made to close with no margin between keyboard and camera as well as screen panel. The problem begins specially with Apple MacBook Pro, as it supports trutone and automatic brightness. Apple explained it so, quote," If you close your Mac notebook with a camera cover installed, you might damage your display because the clearance between the display and keyboard is designed to very tight tolerances. Covering the built-in camera might also interfere with the ambient light sensor and prevent features like automatic brightness and True Tone from working. As an alternative to a camera cover, use the camera indicator light to determine if your camera is active, and decide which apps can use your camera in System Preferences.End quote, Now hope this will be helpful to decide whether you need cam cover in a 2000$ Apple MacBook. Thank you for coming to this blog. Please share with friends, like us on Photos and videos are not ours

Samsung to launch a new smartphone with Quantum technology
Hi fans,We have been living on earth since the human begining, yet since that time we look upto the sky for hope and desire to reach far far away. Just like that even with Plenthora of smartphone manufacturers available its just Samsung that really builds up the hype and some what lives upto it.Quantum technology even to the recent times is considered as somthing which only god level Scientists can understand. But right now Samsung Mobiles is readying itself for the big leap of quantum technology in smartphone.Quantum technology even to the recent times is considered as somthing which only god level Scientists can understand. But right now Samsung Mobiles is readying itself for the big leap of quantum technology in smartphones.The date set for the launch is 22 May. Forbes wrote about it like this, "Although it’s a Galaxy A71 5G at heart, the rebranded and updated smartphone comes complete with one important security extra: a QRNG chip developed by ID Quantique". Now what a QRNG CHIP is, quote,"Quantis QRNG IDQ250C2 is the first Quantum Random Number Generator designed and manufactured specifically for mobile handsets, IoT and edge devices.Mobile applications today require the collection and transmission to handsets of more and more sensitive data including financial, health, business and personal information. IoT and edge devices are now connecting home, hospitals, factories, infrastructure, schools and shopping locations, rising the need for security to the edge.With its low profile, compact size and low power consumption, IDQ250C2 is ideal for securing the collection and transfer of sensitive data at the edge." Let's see of public will love it or hate it. Thanks for reading please come back for more. Like us on 

The Race to Build the World's First Hyperloop : Who's gonna be winner : The B1M documentary
The Race to Build the World's First Hyperloop : Who's gonna be winner : The B1M documentaryAs soon as the idea of the fastest transport of the world was presented by Elon Musk, it was liked and adopted by the world and many of the worlds' companies and countaries started working on it. The big names are India, Saudi Arabia, United States of America, United Arab Emirates and Europe. The companies working on it are Tesla, virgin hyperloop one, Hardt Hyperloop, Transpod, etc. You can find more details in the video below.  Note: Photos and videos are not ours. 

Fastest Hyper cars / Super Cars wallpapers...
The sweatest and the fastest cars are hyper Cars. And here we present to you the beautiful, the fastest and the super Hyper cars on the plant. McLaren SennaMcLaren SennaHope you liked itKeep coming back for moreNote: Photos are not authors own!

Xiaomi Redmi 9 / 9S
Hello everyone Here we present to you the 9th generation smartphones from the best chinese smartphone manufecturer. The design is perfect, camera is amazing and specs are really high quality and compatible with many highend smartphones of now a days. The Redmi Note 9S has a powerful octa core kryo series processor, top of line 4 GB or 6 GB RAM and a super powerful battery to tackle with whatever you throw on it. The Redmi Note 9S retail box contains the usual - a charger, a USB-C cable, and a transparent silicone case.And the best news is that the Redmi Note 9S also comes with a thin screen protector applied in the factory, so that is nice as well.So, Here are the specs of the phone....ProcessorOcta-core (2x2.3 GHz Kryo 465 Gold & 6x1.8 GHz Kryo 465 Silver)Ram4 GB, 6 GB,CameraQuad Camera with 48 MP main cameraDisplay6.67 inchesOSAndroid 10.0 (MIUI 11)Battery5020 mAh batteryMemory64/128 GBGPUAdreno 618PriceExpected to be around 200 $Disclaimer: Photos and Videos are not ours.

Top Smartphones of 1st quarter 2020
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Screen size Camera RAM OS Battery storage  6.9"  108 MP  12/16 GB  Android 10.0  5000 mAh  128/256/512 GB Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus.Samsung Galaxy S10  Screen size Camera RAM OS Battery storage  6.4"  16 MP  8/12 GB  Android 9.0  4100 mAh  128/512 GB 1TB OnePlus 7 Pro.OnePlus 7 Pro Screen size Camera RAM OS Battery storage  6.67"  48 MP  6-12 GB  Android 9.0  4000 mAh  128/256 GB Google Pixel 4 XL.Google Pixel 4 XL Screen size Camera RAM OS Battery storage  6.3"  16 MP  6 GB   Android 10.0  3700 mAh  64/128 GB Samsung Galaxy S10e.Samsung Galaxy S10e Screen size Camera RAM OS Battery storage  5.8"  16 MP  6/8 GB  Android 9.0  3100 mAh  128/256 GB Huawei P30 Pro.Huawei P30 Pro Screen size Camera RAM OS Battery storage  6.47"  40 MP  6/8 GB  Android 9.0  4200 mAh  128/256/512 GB iPhone XR.iPhone XR Screen size Camera RAM OS Battery storage  6.1"  12 MP  3 GB  iOS 12  2942 mAh  64/128/256 GB iPhone XS.iPhone XS Screen size Camera RAM OS Battery storage  5.8"  12 MP  4 GB  iOS 12 2658 mAh   64/256/512 GB Please tell in the comments below which one is your favourite and which one do you feel should be here...courtesy

Good News about Coronavirus...
Hi,Greta Thunberg said in her last year address in WEF and united nation that we need to start acting in 2020 or else it would be too late.Many of us had been working to change the impact of humans on mother nature which has caused drastic effects on climate.But since early January 2020, China was hit hard by Corona virus Covid 19 and then the whole word is in panic and pandemic situation.This situation has given mother nature reclaim it self in full thrive. Here is a comparison picture released by Nasa for Wuhan China. It compares presence of Nitrogen Dioxide in  air of wuhan now as compared to last year same time.Here is a report about Italy.youtubeembedcode esAdd-link-exchange Photos n videos are not ours.Like us on

Toyota Yaris : The new entrant in Pakistan Auto Industry
Toyota Yaris PakistanToyota has introduced a new car into Pakistani market named Yaris. Its still a sedan with modern and much better functionalities.Charm, beauty and performance are the keypoints of this car.Here are the main features.1300 CC and 1500 CC variants. 3rd Generation sedan modal. All variants run on petrol, some of them are manual and some are automatic.This car is a replacement of the GLi and XLi modals of toyota corolla.Almost all the variants can give a mileage of 14 to 16 KM/L.Here we can see the 6 different variants and their expacted prices of the car...Toyota Yaris PakistanHere is a walk around and first view video of the car.Note: images and videos are not ours.

How Coronavirus covid-19 can be cured?
Hi, World...Keeping things simple. Some say it is the end of the world, others say no its not. Some says its a biological weapon while others say it is just like any other pandemic our ancestors had faced in human history.You may call it any thing but you can certainly not deny that the CoronaVirus is here and it is definitly trying to stay. Still as much as its trying to stay, we however are trying our best to avoid its stay.Coronvirus Covid-19 is a member of RNA virus Family called by its name Coronavirus. Its brothers and sisters are as we know MERS, SARS etc. Right now it has been declared as a pandemic (victims can be found all over the Earth) by WHO.Several companies and Governaments are working day and night not only to avoid but to find a cure as well. Here are the potential treatment of coronavirus.1. Immunity Transfer:-This treatment depends upon active antibodies (protiens responsible for body immune response). What it means is simple transfer of blood plasma from a recovered person into a sick person. Which should potentially work like vaccine. Improving and preparing the host body to hold its sheild against the virus.2. Killing the virus:-The title seems easy like loading a gun and firing the bullet. The reality is very different as the viruses are not technically a living being its just a molecule over a molecule. So killing may not work but its reproduction can be controlled.A virus is made from a DNA or RNA covered by a protien coat which have receptors or you can call them antennae. Which help a virus join hands with body cells. If we could deflect the receptor signal we can end this meeting resulting in no viral replication.3. Climate change:-As with every thing living or atleast behaving as living. A differnce in climate effects its working. In this pandemic case we can work to keep body climate at a level where no such virus can perform attachement to humans cells and replicate inside those cells. This should work by drinking hot water, taking in more citrus juice or some omega 3 imminity boosters.Some other ways are discussed in the video below.youtubeembedcode Yet the biggest problem with any scientific hypothesis is that everything has its harms too.Thanks for reading please share this info so more and more people can us on and photos are not our properties

Oppo watch:- hands on review
 every oneThough a little while ago it was considered a bad choice for a company to come late but now a days it has become a norm to launch late in a race.This is what Oppo has done for its watch,  almost all major brand had it's watch since 2014. Be it Apple watch,  Samsung Galaxy Watch,  Mi watch or any mechanical watch maker like Tagheur, Rissoto, tissot etc had it before we guess Oppo has started to think of making a watch.Looking more like an Apple watch  it has design inspiration and color duplicates of Motorola and Huawei watches.  Yet when you take the first look into the display you are welcomed by what is purely Oppo.What it can do your ask,  see first of all its a smartwatch. So technically it does everything like a smart watch. Connects to your phone yes,  notifications yes,  calender and time alarms yes,  becoming a remote to your phone yes, health monitors yes.So you can expect from it to be a good toy.

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