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The Vintage Gamer #21: Book Week!
This week on The Vintage Gamer, I do reviews of three books about games — one about history, one about art, and one about business: The Oxford History of Board Games, by David Parlett Asian Games: The Art of Contest, edited by Colin Mackenzie and Irving Finkel The Game Makers, by Philip Orbanes Show Notes: […]

The Vintage Gamer #20: The Awful Green Things From Outer Space (BG)
This week, the monster movie game The Awful Green Things from Outer Space. So grab some popcorn and a big orange drink and settle in for a good old fashioned tale of horror. Show Notes: Intro The Return of Van Overbay Listen to Random Signal! Game theme and flavor Monster turn Crew turn Strategy Variants […]

The Vintage Gamer #19: Dragon*Con 2006 and Moonshot (BG)
A few days late, but better late than never. This week I give an overview of my time at Dragon*Con (promoting a lot of other podcasts in the process: I expect compensation) and follow up with a quick review of the 1997 — or is it 1999? — board game Moonshot. Show Notes: Intro Goin’ […]

The Vintage Gamer #18: Pente (BG)
This week, I cover Pente, the game of capturing and five in a row, as well as a number of other traditional five in a row games. I also talk a bit about Dragon*Con and review some listener feedback. Show Notes: Intro News – Dragon*Con gaming panels News – Lancelot Biggs: Spaceman at Dragon*Con News […]

The Vintage Gamer #17: Empire Builder (BG)
This week, I am joined in the studio by my lovely podcasting wife Mur, of Geek Fu Action Grip, I Should Be Writing and Pseudopod. We discuss the Empire Builder series of games from Mayfair Games, as well as drift into some other random topics. Show Notes: 0:00 – Intro 0:22 – News 3:48 – […]

The Vintage Gamer #16: Origins 2006
This week on The Vintage Gamer, there is a distinctly non-vintage theme as I review or give impressions of many of the games I saw at Origins. A bit late in coming, but hopefully still appreciated. Start your timers as I cover 14 games in about half an hour… Show Notes (and links to Board […]

TVG Special #1: Origins 2006 Gaming Podcasters Q&A
My Origins report show is coming soon, but until then, enjoy this recording that I made of the Saturday podcasting panel, organized by Paul Tevis. The panelists were: Paul Tevis (Have Games, Will Travel) Mike Sugarbaker (OgreCave Audio Report) The Mad Three (Gamer: The Podcasting) Don Dehm (Pulp Gamer) Yours truly Tom Vasel (The Dice […]

The Vintage Gamer #15: Ace of Aces (BG?)
This week, it’s the World War I flying ace game from Nova Games, Ace of Aces. Fly gracefully through the air with your buddies as one of those amazing young pilots in their flying machines — and then shoot them down to buy the farm below. Show notes: Intro Look for Paul Tevis, Tom Vasel […]

The Vintage Gamer #14: M.U.L.E. (VG)
This week, Dani Bunten Berry’s M.U.L.E, a multiplayer classic of the 1980s computer game era. Develop, trade, consume, make a buck and crush your friends! All this and a nifty musical theme… Show notes: Intro Hello to all the people I saw at Balticon (Geek Fu Action Grip, Random Signal, Escape Pod, The Survival Guide […]

The Vintage Gamer #13: Acquire (BG)
This week, the classic game of mergers and acquisitions: Sid Sackson’s Acquire. So take a break from your ticker tape, or cancel your plans to defenestrate, and give a listen. Show notes: Intro Gamebooks on All Games Considered 2300 A.D. on Godzilla Gaming Podcast Help save Palladium! Game description Variants Publication History Tentative Strategy Session […]

The Vintage Gamer #12: (The) Fury of Dracula (BG)
This week, both The Fury of Dracula and Fury of Dracula, the horror hunt game from Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight. Pull up a comfy chair, it’s a long one. Because of that, I’ve added times to the show notes so you can skip around a bit, if you want. Show notes: (00:00) – News […]

The Vintage Gamer #11: Barbarian Prince (BG)
This week, the paragraph-based solitaire game Barbarian Prince. If that’s not enough of a mouthful, it’s also a Dwarfstar game. Sorry about the delay on this one. Show notes: Any GDC feedback? Cooperative Diplomacy AI Promo! Podcasting track at Dragon*Con Die Macher reprint Barbarian Prince actions Sample game Thoughts on Barbarian Prince Feedback from Episode […]

The Vintage Gamer #10: GDC 2006 Part 2
More from the Game Developer’s Conference in San Jose, California. This covers the remainder of the conference, focusing mainly on the MMBG I mentioned earlier and the game developer’s rant. As before, it’s presented raw and wrrrriggling. Update: added pictures to my Flickr account. Show notes: RPG notables in passing The world’s largest Monopoly board […]

The Vintage Gamer #9: GDC 2006 Part 1
This week I’m at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Jose, California. Schmoozing and learning are on the schedule this week (yes, in that order), but I’m taking a little time out to do a few podcasts. This one is mainly about the first three and half days of the conference. There is a little […]

Vintage Gamer #8: Top Secret (RPG)
This week, the espionage roleplaying game Top Secret. Pick your cover carefully, and don’t forget your watch with the sawblade. Show notes: A song of spring and iTunes Basic character creation Common gameplay: shooting, fighting, obtaining information Brief coverage of Top Secret/SI Thoughts on Top Secret today Next time: GDC reports Top Secret Links: Wikipedia […]

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