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Effects of Having a Bad Credit Score
A bad credit score is more than just a lower number in your credit report. The consequences of having a poor credit may cause you a lot of trouble than you think. Many businesses today, whether it is financial institutions or not, value the credit report of an individual. So, it is necessary to exert effort in increasing your credit score. We compiled the negative effects of bad credit you should be aware of. High interest rates Many lenders and other financial institutions review the credit profile of an individual who are applying for a loan. The credit history reflects how a person manages his/her finances. Therefore, it is essential to lending companies. Whether you are applying for an auto, business, or personal loan, you will likely to get a higher interest rate if you have a poor credit record. Lending companies see this as a risky business. Fortunately, they can still approve your loan but ask you to repay the loan with a higher interest rate. Having to pay a higher interest rate will hinder you to save money since you will pay more throughout the period of your loan. Denied loan application As mentioned above, many banks and lenders see poor credit score as high risk to their business. So, apart from charging a higher interest rate, they can also deny a loan application. Make sure that when you are applying for a loan, check first your credit profile and see if there are any discrepancies. If you have a poor credit profile, try to improve it first before applying so you can avoid being denied. Denied loan applications will also have an effect to your future loan applications. Higher insurance premium Aside from credit card and loan providers, credit profiles are also important to insurance companies. Before accepting your policy application, insurers check applicant’s background, such as medical and financial background. This may include the credit profile of an individual. For them, a lower credit score is linked with a higher insurance claim. Difficulty in getting an apartment Apart from financial institutions, many landlords consider the credit profile of potential tenants in approving or denying rental application. Hence, you will have difficulty getting approved for an apartment in case you have a bad credit score. On the flip side, you can still find landlords who will accept your rental application. However, they will ask you to pay a higher security deposit or charge you with a higher monthly rental. Don’t know what to do with bad credit? There are many effective ways on how to prevent having one. Here are some helpful tips on how you can maintain a good credit history: Do not max out your credit card limit Pay your bills and credit card balances on time Create a monthly budget Build healthy savings Think before you make new purchases Do not apply for multiple loans Have one or two credit cards only Pay down debt Opt for a secured card Check your credit report regularly

3 pieces of technology that didnít reach their potential
Sometimes, fantastic ideas and products just don’t take off or people are not aware of them. Usually, there are a variety of reasons for this; perhaps there was a lack of awareness around said product, or maybe people didn’t realise how beneficial it could be in their daily life. This also applies to technology, despite how fast we all consume innovative technology at the minute. Over the last few years, there have been many pieces of technology that should have been way more popular than they ever were. Some businesses have even completely lost their place in the market because of one piece of technology that didn’t work out. Here are three examples of technology that people missed, forgot, or rapidly moved on from. Windows Phone Microsoft are a computer powerhouse; the majority of computers, laptops and a variety of other devices all run Microsoft Windows as an operating system. Just because Microsoft are good at computers doesn’t mean they can break into the smartphone market, however, as they Windows Phone venture well and truly demonstrated. Windows Phones weren’t actually bad phones; they were usable and had everything that you get from windows on a much smaller device than anything else. The prospect of having Windows on a mobile phone is seemingly brilliant, but these devices just didn’t have the necessary lure to pull users away from Android and IOS. Despite the promise of Windows on an ultra-portable device, a lack of features and virtually no developed apps meant that Microsoft had no chance of dominating the mobile market, which is likely the reason that they’ve given up on their mobile venture – for now; support for the Windows phone has now completely disappeared, with an executive stating that the phone is no longer going to be a focus for Microsoft. Google Glass Suffice to say, Google are one of the biggest businesses in the world; that’s why it’s a surprise when one of their products dramatically falls below expectations. Anticipation surrounded Google Glass after Google had announced it. Google glass caused a bit of a stir, although it was seen as a step forward for technology. From the beginning, Google Glass seemed like a great idea, but the futuristic glasses didn’t end up living up to the hype for numerous reasons. Despite heavy promotion from Google, Google have now shelved the product. Where did it go wrong? Despite the brilliant idea, there was so much wrong with the odd glasses that it’s no wonder the idea didn’t end up going anywhere. Firstly, despite the futuristic appearance of the glasses, they were just pure unattractive. Secondly, how safe is it to have your head constantly in contact with something that’s constantly emitting carcinogenic radiation? Also, maybe if the device was actually cheaper more would have embraced it despite the glaring issues; a $1500 certainly didn’t encourage everyday people to purchase the glasses. Compatible SFPs A bit different from the heights of products designed by Google and Microsoft, compatible SFPs aren’t products that were promoted at the same level as either the Windows Phone or Google Glass. However, the shocking ignorance around compatibles warranted a mention on this list. Compatible SFPs are the same as ‘standard’ vendor-supplied SFPs. The only difference is that compatibles aren’t branded; they perform the same function for an awful lot cheaper. Compatible SFPs are sometimes hundreds of pounds cheaper than branded SFP, so your business can make a big saving when buying this popular product. For some reason, compatible devices haven’t been as popular as you might first think. Despite being the same as any SFP that you can purchase from a vendor, the vast difference in price tag is something that puts a lot of people off; they often wonder why compatible devices are so much cheaper than their branded counterparts, simply presuming that one must be better than the other.

Great Tech Gadgets for Runners
Are you ready to ramp up your running game? Looking to take your runs to the next level? Consider taking advantage of the terrific selection of wearable technology to record your runs and set goals. Check out the awesome deals on fitness trackers offered by Groupon Coupons at the Nike store. Whether you’re still on the couch or are a beginning runner, follow these recommendations from the fitness experts to ramp up your running experience with your new wearable technology. The first step is to ensure that you have quality, well-fitting footwear. An ill-fitting pair of athletic shoes can truly hamper your stride and also poses the risk for injury. There is a classic run walk strategy that can ramp up your running abilities in short order. Identify a 5k race that will be held in your area approximately 8 weeks from now. Register for this race and make that your goal. Begin training for your 5k race by committing thirty minutes each day to running and stretching. Spend five minutes stretching your calf muscles and lower body muscles. Begin with a power walk for five minutes. Set the timer on your activity tracker to ring at two minute intervals. Walk fast for two minutes and enter a slow jog for two minutes. Repeat this rotation for thirty minutes five times a week for two weeks. At the onset of week three, set your activity tracker timer for two minute brisk walks followed by three minute slow jogs. Continue this five times a week for two weeks. For the next four weeks, increase the running time by one minute each week. By week eight you’ll be more than ready for your first 5K race. Don’t sabotage your new found running goals with poor eating choices. The greatest gift you can give your body is the elimination of fast foods and sugary sodas. Our metabolisms simply are not designed to process copious amounts of added sugars and sodium. Replace these choices with lean proteins and fresh vegetables. In lieu of sodas, enjoy a cool glass of water flavored with a slice of lemon or lime.

5 Favourite Pop! Vinyls
Pop! Vinyls are increasingly popular with lots of figures sold worldwide. They’re perfect as a gift for a fan of the certain franchise as they’re clearly characters from that franchise with a ‘super deformed’ twist to make a unique gift. For the benefit of this blog, we’ve trawled through the hundreds of Pop! Vinyls to pick out our 5 favourites. These are all manufactured and except for Piper (this is a pre-order) can be at your doorstep in 3-5 days. One: Star Wars Rebels Sabine figure Manufactured by Funko, this figure is an accurate representation of Sabine despite the huge head! It is highly detailed, for example, her hair is the same colour exactly as in the series. Also, it includes her weapons and accurate details in terms of her outfit. This makes it a great gift for any big fan as they’re sure to notice the small details that others wouldn’t. If Sabine isn’t the one for you (or whoever you’re buying for!), the other characters from the TV series are also available. From ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Approximately 9 centimetres tall Comes in illustrated box with window to view figure Two: Spider-Man: Homecoming Peter Parker figure Of course, it is again manufactured by Funko. As all fans will know, Peter Parker is the high school student behind the mask, given his special powers due to being bitten by a radioactive spider. This particular Pop! Vinyl sports a blue t-shirt with a yellow emblem, not the iconic Spider-Man costume. For any fan of Spider-Man, this is a great option. From ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Stands at approximately 9 centimetres tall Illustrated box with a window to view the figure Three: Game of Thrones Harpy figure Created by Funko, this figure is a colourful representation of one of the sons of Harpy from the highly successful ‘Game of Thrones’. Featuring the golden head and black, depthless eyes, this figure is easily recognisable from the episodes that they have appeared in. The outfit that the figure is wearing is an accurate representation of how they appeared on the shows. The figure also wields a knife. Game of Thrones fans are sure to want this figure of the highly memorable Harpy. If there’s other characters that you would like to buy, there’s also other Pop! Vinyls such as the Night King. From ‘Game of Thrones’ Approximately 9 centimetres tall Packaged in an illustrated box with window to view the product Four: Fallout 4 Piper figure This figure is of the plucky reporter, Piper. The classic Funko treatment matches her character well. An accurate representation of her and her outfit, this Pop! Vinyl is perfect for any player of the Fallout 4 game. Featuring her trademark hat and her cigarette, gamers will be astounded at the detail. From ‘Fallout 4’ Stands at 9cm tall Packaged in illustrated box with a window to view item Five: Doctor Who K-9 figure We all love dogs, especially robotic ones! Doctor who classic character K-9 gets the Pop! Vinyl treatment which suits this character, making an already unique character even more unique. Despite the enduring popularity of K-9, there isn’t much screen time for him or admittedly many figures. This Pop! Vinyl is likely to only be made once due to this so for any fans of the robot would be wise to buy it now. That makes it a perfect gift for any Doctor Who fans. If you’re not a fan of canines, there’s also other Doctor Who Pop! Vinyls available. From ‘Doctor Who’ Stands at 9cm tall Packaged in an illustrated box with viewing window Potentially limited edition  

How To Choose The Best Gaming Laptop?
The world of video games is absolutely, without any doubt, the most technologically advanced entertainment business up to date! It’s practically like reading a really addictive plot-twisting book, but with controllable and meticulously developed characters, intricate graphics, a myriad of options and a storyline that depends entirely on your in-game decisions… and this is just the tip of the iceberg of the whole experience that top video game companies nowadays elaborately create for their players. The only thing that every player needs, however, is a decent machine to smoothly process all those freshest games that are in fact quite demanding and large in size. PCs may offer more expansion options and are easier to enhance, but right now it’s all about single, portable, self-contained laptops that will allow you to play your favourite games almost anywhere, so if you ever plan on buying, or upgrading such a beast, here are a few tips that will help you make the right choices… 3D graphics engine The graphics card (GPU) is one of the most important components for gaming laptops, due to the fact that almost all modern games are created in 3D and are high on detail. Mainstream laptops are usually powered by Intel, but this graphic unit isn’t powerful enough to run a serious game. Instead, if you aim for manufacturers like Nvidia, or AMD, then you might find the one of best GPU chips out there, essential for maximum performance (and the more – the merrier). So, it’s important to prioritize your laptop around your GPU, but remember that state-of-the-art chips, however, generate heat, consume more power and will limit you to substantially sized notebooks, due to much needed space for cooling systems and large batteries. RAM Size isn’t always everything, so when it comes to buying RAM, you don’t have to overdo it. It is said that between 8 and 16GB should be more than enough for a smooth gaming run, but vendors also sell up to 32GB of RAM. This pretentious configuration of 32GB may pay off in extreme content-creation scenarios, but in general, you should focus on GPU more than anything else. Once again, be careful not to buy more than you need, when it comes to RAM. CPU Intel has somehow managed to convince people to spend loads of money on CPU, but that simply should not be the case with gaming laptops. Yes, CPU with a higher clock speed and more cores will help with video encoding and photo editing, but when it only comes to 3D gaming… once you’re above a certain threshold, it won’t do you justice. For instance, Alienware models may have the fastest CPU, but it will consequentially also require larger fans and bigger packages. It is said that dual-core Core i5 is enough for most titles you’ll end up playing and it also supports Hyper-Threading, too. Display You want something that’s sensible here, a machine with a resolution that dwells around 1920x1080, not something luxurious an extravagant like RazerBlade’s 3200x1800 display. Still, whatever tickles you fancy, but to be frank, try to find a display that reduces the need for anti-aliasing, that doesn’t kill frame rates and that simply isn’t overkill. Vast majority of gaming notebooks contain LCD displays, which are good for faster response, but their off-axis view is almost terrible, while IPS panels have that colour accuracy, but they naturally cost more and you can’t find them easily in the first place. Keyboard Every gamer knows that the keyboard revolves around the WASD directional keys, and Alienware company produces keyboards with a solid steel feel, especially when you’re struggling to survive and you have the need to crush something (YOUR LAPTOP) physically in the process. Still, gaming laptops usually use the same scissor-switch keyboards as any other productivity laptop, but those mechanical keyboards won’t fulfill your desire for a thinner, streamlined chassis design, unlike those amechanical types that may sound insane, but MSI is developing new models in order to make everything more compact. Finally, pay attention to the fact that if your laptop drains a lot of power, it will need big fans to fight the heat and to make less noise, too. Still, you’ll never know what you are up against until you play at least 10 minutes of a performance-demanding game, so remember to put a machine under maximum gaming stress before you buy it. Also, you might be able to upgrade your RAM, maybe even drop in a larger SSD/hard drive, swap out the wireless card, but it’s an impossible mission to upgrade your CPU and GPU properly. With this in mind, it’s better to focus on finding a stock gaming laptop that suits all your needs and then just stick with it for a couple of years, or so, rather than to do a risky laptop surgery that your warranty won’t cover.

Play Larger-Than-Life Games Using Projectors
Video gamers live life vicariously through their on screen avatars. To immerse themselves deeper in the action, they are not above lavishing thousands of dollars on the latest consoles to better simulate their desired realities. Now is an even more exciting time for gamers. As they get better and cheaper, projectors are fast positioning themselves as superior display devices to televisions. While the biggest TV screen maxes out at 90 inches or so, a projector can produce a 300-inch wall of sight and sound—Raccoon City and the Halo rings will never look better. When you buy a projector, you are buying its picture quality foremost. You have no doubts about the size of the image because you can zoom it in and out as you please. With a TV, the cost is proportional to the size of the screen. In other words, you’re buying the screen size, not the image quality. Get the picture? Before you make a dash to the nearest appliance store, learn what kind of projector fits your gaming needs. 1. Resolution Game developers raised the bar in verisimilitude by not only showing movie-like title sequences but also enabling three-dimensional imaging. In turn, projector developers have released models to complement such games. The most affordable projectors designed for 3D gaming yield images in 720p format, but for a higher cost, you may opt for 1080p. Otherwise, you get a no less riveting experience with a simple high-definition (1920 x 1080) projector. 2. Brightness If you use a projector for movies, you may buy a model with relatively modest radiance, as long as you black out the windows and swear off ambient lighting for a while. If you’re an occasional gamer, you may need a brighter projector because console controllers are not always back lit. Unless you can memorise the buttons, you need some lights. In such lighting conditions, the projector should emit a minimum of 1,500 lumens or above 3,000 if you have all the lights on. Your brightness requirements also change according to the size of your projection. The larger the projection, the more lumens you need. If you intend to swathe an entire wall, for example, you need at least 2500 lumens. If you’re content with a 50-inch projection, then 1,000 lumens is viable provided no light leaks into the room. 3. Lamp life Another factor to consider is the projector’s lamp life, especially if you’re a hardcore gamer who devotes most of the week playing. You must know that projector bulbs, on average, extinguish themselves after 2,000 hours or earlier if you take into account the amount of dust, frequency of cycle power etc. If you’re the type who could play nonstop for 83 days, then have a replacement bulb on hand. You would not want the picture to suddenly bail out on you when you’re on the game’s penultimate level. 4. Refresh rate Video games show images so fast that if your projector can’t catch up, your game-play would be somehow compromised. To avoid potential mishaps, invest in a projector with a high refresh rate, i.e. a great ability to process fast-moving pictures. The least jumpy projections come from models with a 480 Hz refresh rate. If the projector’s rate is below 120 Hz, the picture would certainly lag. 5. Contrast ratio There are times when gamers have difficulty telling areas on the screen apart from each other. Fans of survival horror games should know; they must reckon with dark images all the time. This is where contrast ratio comes into play. A high contrast ratio helps you make out the blackest blacks and greyest greys on the screen. Ideally, your projector should have a contrast ratio of 100,000:1, but you can settle for 40,000:1. 6. Throw ratio You also need to consider the distance between your projector and intended screen. If you’re playing in a room no wider than 10 feet, you definitely need a short-throw unit or one that can throw projections in constricted spaces. Some of the shortest-throw models can project from only several inches away. Find these, or move to a bigger room. Reminders Projectors can be used for everything - watching movies, playing games to showing slideshows at parties. For each purpose, the dynamics change. In gaming, make sure at least that your projector has an HDMI connection. At best, go for a projector that offers digital connectivity, so it synchronises with the console’s signal formats. Speaking of formats, pick a projector with a widescreen resolution. Lastly, don’t rely on your projector for good audio. To savour the game, the sound should be as important to you as the video; invest in some quality speakers. Happy playing!

Simple Adjustments to Make Your Condo's Living Room Xbox 360+ Kinect and Fitness Friendly
Dancing your way around your living room needs to be fun and entertaining. Dancing is the perfect way for you to enjoy a lazy weekend or evening in your condo. And, what better way to do this than to dance to the tunes of your Xbox 360 Kinect? Image: Xbox 360 with Kinect sensor Dance to the beat of Kinect in your living room to stay fit and healthy. Make your condo’s living room Xbox 360 Kinect and fitness friendly, in time for you to dance to the beat of your favorite music! The Magic of Symmetry Arranging your furniture symmetrically maximises the spaces within your living room’s premises. Arrange your couch, table, storages and other stuff either on the far end right or left side of your living room. Make sure to clear the spaces in front of your television so you can dance to your Xbox Kinect’s music. Make sure these spaces will be sufficient to hold a dancing mat on the floor where you can dance for better mobility. New Double Purpose Furniture Replace your old furniture with double purpose ones. Double purpose furniture such as a mini table and stool in one go a long way in maximising your condo living room’s spaces. The best thing about having this furniture is that this may make excellent Kinect dancing accessory, too. Put the stool between your feet while creatively making dance moves against the table and stool in one furniture. A Sizable TV Stand Purchase a sizable stand where you’d place your television for your Xbox 360 Kinect. Provide additional storage for other things in your living room. Doing so will maximise the available spaces where you can dance the night away. A Laptop Instead of a PC If you haven’t purchased a personal computer for your living room yet, buy a laptop instead. A laptop will not take a lot of space in your condo’s living room. Avoid troubles even before you start using your Xbox 360 Kinect the easy way. Look into all the possible ways to free up your living room’s spaces. Transfer Kids’ Play Area in the Bedroom If you have a kids’ play area in your living room, transfer it to your kids’ bedroom before you purchase an Xbox 360 Kinect. Your kids will appreciate what you’ll be doing as they frolic in the good time of non-stop dancing with Xbox 360 Kinect. Separate Study Areas from Your Living Room Studying and dancing don’t go together. To enhance your kids’ Kinect experiences, you need to put study areas in your kids’ bedrooms or the guest room. If you have a spare guest room, it’ll be better to put your study areas there. You’ll want your kids to focus on having a good time as they dance to Kinect, without being bothered by anything else. Similarly, you’ll want them to exclusively focus on their studies during the right time, too. Make things easier for memorable dancing sessions in your own living room. Simple things matter a lot in your quest to make your condo’s living room Xbox Kinect and fitness friendly. For more info about best condos and apartments, follow this link.

What Should You Do With Your PS3 Now?
The PS4 has already been launched and with that comes the question of what you should do with your PS3. There’ll come a time when developers will stop releasing games for the PS3 and you’ll most likely spend less time playing on the PS3 as you spend more playing on the much newer version of the gaming console. Well, there are several things you could do with your now “old-gen” PS3 and we’ll review your options one by one. Image: 1) Keep it and build a complete library of ALL the games on PS3 If you love your PS3 so much, think of how the end of new games for the console means that there are now a finite number of games you can acquire for your beloved console. You’ve probably seen some of the game collections others have posted online and you can see racks upon racks of nothing but games. You probably already own quite a lot of games for your console so you’re well on your way to getting the rest of the games released. This option works best for those who have A LOT of space to spare in their room and has a really deep love for their “old-gen” console. Many of the old games for the PS3 are still available online so it’s still relatively easier to collect all of the games. 2) Or, just use it to play your PS3 games. You could also keep your PS3 and take it out during those times when you’re feeling nostalgic and want to replay the games you’ve spent many hours playing on the console. And since the PS4 does not support backwards compatibility, you can’t play your old PS3 games on the newer version so that makes it impossible for you to revisit your past gaming adventures. You could wait for a PS3 emulator to be released one day but it won’t be the same as playing on the console itself. 3) Sell it. You could also sell your PS3 now if you have limited space at your place and you don’t see yourself revisiting your old games on it. PS3 trade value on Game Stop is at $100 and it’s bound to go down as time progresses. Games can fetch as high as $18 for newer and more popular games like Assassin’s Creed IV. 4) Give it to someone who’ll appreciate it. Or if you don’t want to sell it at those prices, you could just hand it down to a friend or relative of yours. It’s still better than stuffing it away somewhere and not playing with it. It’s also a much better option to just throwing it away and having it leak dangerous metals in a landfill. Giving your old console to someone who’ll have countless hours being entertained on it just spreads the love. You could always drop by at their place and play a few games on your old console if you’re feeling a tinge of nostalgia. These are just some ideas on what you could do with your PS3 today. Have fun with whatever plan you choose—whether to give it to someone else or just keep it and give those games another go. This post is contributed by Israel from Money Hero, the best credit card comparison site in Hong Kong.

World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition Will Launch in a Few Days
Gamers! Get in your tanks and get ready to roll as the World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition will come out of its Beta version and launch this coming February 12. The Xbox 360 Edition of the World of Tanks game will be free for download and ready to play for those with an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Image: There are over 70 million active users of the PC version of the World of Tanks game since it was launched in 2011. Leif Johnson contributed his review of the Xbox 360 edition of the game to IGN and he said he enjoyed the newer edition more than the PC version of the game. Johnson notes that the visuals of the Xbox 350 version may have suffered from the cross over but he liked the “intentionally clumsy” movements of the tanks and that the game’s makers added a degree of realism to the game to give gamers the heady experience of tense matches. Gamers can choose from 100 tanks from the U.S., Germany, and the U.K. when the game launches in February and will get to choose more when Wargaming adds more tanks to the game. Like most games these days, the game operates on a “freemium” monetisation model so that it’s free to download and play but players can choose to upgrade their tanks and get rare and premium items through micro-transactions. World of Tanks In-Game Currency and Credit Card Purchases The in-game economy of the World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition lets gamers earn currency and XP by playing the game. Gamers can earn Silver currency by completing battles, doing missions or by exchanging these from Gold currency. Alternatively, you can buy game money online using your credit card by purchasing Microsoft Points. Gold is also sold on Wargaming’s Premium Shop. You can also purchase upgrades and other weapons on the game through PayPal, Western Union, and MOL Points on the Premium Shop. Gold can also be purchased with Microsoft Points. Indeed, with millions of players, it’s not hard to imagine how much money Wargaming is earning through their “freemium” strategy. Gamers earn XP from playing the game and these can either be Tank XP that can only be spent on the tank that earned it or Free XP that can be spent on any tank. The XP can be used to research and upgrade the tanks based on the game’s tech tree system. Johnson pointed out one failing of the game’s maker when they designed the game’s upgrade option because the designers failed to make a clear distinction between premium cash options and items that could be bought through winnings. However, Johnson said he didn’t feel the desire to use premium currency for their tanks as the game provided enough rewards to purchase new tanks and other important upgrades. World of Tanks Game Play Players start with tier 1 vehicles and slowly upgrade to better and stronger tanks. Players can upgrade their tank’s guns, turrets, engines, and other equipment as they progress through the game. World of Tanks is a multiplayer game and gamers need to work within a team to achieve victory. Up to 30 tanks can compete at a time and the tanks are split into two teams. The tanks will battle it out on over 10 maps that are available on the game. Tanks compete in either a “Standard” battle where they attempt to secure the opposition’s base. Tanks can also exchange fire to capture one base in an “Encounter” mode or duke it out as an attacker or defender in the “Assault” mode. The locations of the maps on the game were inspired by actual locations from historic battles but the designers tweaked it to provide better game play. The average map size on the game is one square kilometre for open field maps and the urban and city maps are a little less than that. There are breakable elements on the map that add to the game play and gamers can’t rely on hiding behind a wall as these can be destroyed by enemy tanks. With millions of active players, you can expect to easily find matches in the game. Average battles take between five to 15 minutes. Just make sure you’ve a fast broadband connection so you can enjoy a better gaming experience as you play this shooter online with your Xbox Live account.

Inexpensive Video Gaming Consoles that Made a Huge Impact on Gamers
The 2013 launch of the Xbox One and the PS4 ushered in the next episode of the gaming console war. We’ve seen this war play out in the past with the Xbox 360 going up against the PS3 and the original Xbox going up against the PS2. One of the things that gamers will notice as they compare the two new entrants to the gaming console war is their prices. The new Xbox has a release price of $499 while the new PlayStation is priced at $399. While many will be shocked by the price of these new consoles, many will also remember how much money they took out from their savings or how much their credit cards were charged when they bought previous versions of these consoles. Fortunately, Statista came out with an infographic that makes it easy to compare the launch prices of the new Xbox One and the PS4 with previous consoles as they’ve adjusted the prices for 2013 dollars. Statista’s graph shows us that the $499 Xbox One’s price comes in second only to the Sony PlayStation 3 which at 2013 dollars would’ve cost $579. The high price of the PS3 is not that shocking if you consider how the 3rd, 4th, and 5th place in Statista’s analysis is taken up by the other versions of the PlayStation so Sony definitely knows that their consoles are in demand and people are willing to pay a premium for a single unit. Cheapest Home Gaming Consoles and the Best Selling Home Gaming Consoles in History Despite the high price of PlayStation models, we find that three out of the five best-selling consoles in history are made up of the first three versions of the PlayStation. The Wikipedia entry on the best-selling game consoles in history shows that the PlayStation 2 is the best-selling game console in history with 154 million units sold. Gamers’ credit cards were charged the equivalent of $407 in 2013 dollars to get first crack at this gaming console when it was released in 2000. The PS2 was followed by the original PlayStation that was released in 1994 with 102.5 million units sold. Nintendo’s Wii broke the PlayStation’s trifecta by coming in third with 100.3 million units sold. The Nintendo Wii also stands out as one of the most inexpensive gaming consoles that managed to sell very well as this console was released in 2006 with a price of $250 or equivalent to just $286 in 2012 dollars. The PS3 was able to sell 80 million units since its release in 2006. The Xbox 360 took fifth place with 80 million units sold. While the first PlayStation may have ushered in the era of cd-rom based gaming consoles, any discussion of the best-selling home gaming consoles should include classic gaming consoles that used game cartridges. Gamers born in the early 80’s will remember the endless hours they played the iconic Super Mario Bros game on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game helped sell close to 62 million units of the NES which was released in 1983. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was released in 1990 and the console saw many games released featuring Mario. Over 49 million units of the Super NES were sold by Nintendo. To compare the price of these best-selling consoles to today’s prices, Statista had another chart that adjusted prices to 2012 dollars. That chart shows that the NES sold for $200 back in its release or equivalent to $428 in 2012. Super NES, on the other hand, sold for $199 in its release which is equivalent to $337 in 2012. Before the console war became a battle between Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation, it was a battle between Nintendo and Sega. Coming in at number 8 on the list of top-selling game consoles is the Sega Genesis. This console sold 40 million units and people spent $190 in 1989 or equivalent to $353 in 2012. How Much PS4 and Xbox Ones Will Be Sold in the Future More PS4 and Xbox Ones will be sold in the coming years and we will see if these new consoles will be able to match the sales performance of their earlier versions. What gamers will look for from these next-generation consoles are more stunning games. With four of the five top selling game consoles being released after 2005, this shows that people are buying more consoles and playing more games on these units so there’s a good chance the PS4 and Xbox One will reach at least 80 million units sold each at least if they prolong the availability of these consoles on the market. These next-generation consoles will see stiff competition from other entertainment platforms like smartphones and tablets especially since people are also playing games on these devices. These devices are getting more powerful and developers are eager to create games for these devices. Many casual games are offered on these devices are offered free but gamers will still flock to dedicated game consoles for their gaming fix. Author’s Bio Ryan Del Villar is a writer at, Philippines’ leading online comparison portal. MoneyMax is an independent and impartial comparison portal that helps individuals in making important decisions by comparing different Credit Card, Broadband, Mobile and Insurance providers.

COIN: Must-Have for Gamers this 2014
E-banking is slowly making cash and coins extinct. However, coins specifically would be immortalized with this new smartphone product. Presenting Coin, a revolutionary method to manage and use all your credit cards into one single card. Your smartphone doesn’t have to function as a gaming device for online games anymore. What is Coin? The Coin comes with two tools: the Coin card (designed exactly like a credit card), and the little white card swiper tool that you attach to your phone. It works like this: you attach the card swiper to either an Android or an iPhone mobile device, and swipe the card you want to store to your Coin card. Then you take a picture of the card you just swiped so you know which is which in the Coin App. After storing your info, you now can use your Coin card as a mode of payment. You can store credit cards, debit cards, membership cards, gift cards and all virtual cards. You can swipe this water-resistant (not water proof) card anywhere. It has also a Bluetooth-activated proximity feature that alerts you if your Coin card isn’t near you. Deactivating it is also easy if ever you lose it. What are the benefits of using Coin? Is having a non-fat, credit card-filled wallet the only advantage to using Coin? Not really. Here are a few more: Better credit card use. You will be able to prioritize using only the cards you want to use. For example, you’re more of a traveler, so it’s wise to store your miles and rewards card only. Concentrating only on the cards that are truly beneficial to you (for example, your PlayStation card) is a sure way to get all those benefits, but also to maintain your good credit score. You can store up to only 8 cards per Coin card, so you don’t have to get confused about which card you’re supposed to use. Save money. How can you save money with a tool designed for spending? Simple: you will be able to plan your purchases in advance (it’s important to keep track of online game stores that offer discounts). Having no cash on you will also prevent you from impulsive spending. Save time. You won’t need to spend needless time picking from your credit cards if you’ve got one card that has everything you need. What are the disadvantages of Coin? As much as it’s exciting and beneficial to you, it’s a fact that it’s a new product. Here are a few points to consider: Does not support EMV chip technology. There is a possibility banks outside the US that have EMV chips wouldn’t be able to accept Coin as mode of payment. It’s disposable albeit a two-year lifespan. It’s still a new idea. Are you willing to store all your info into the Coin server? You might need more than one Coin card anyway. As mentioned above, you can store up to only 8 cards per Coin card (the Coin app can store unlimited info though). For people who have more than 10 cards, this may be quite of a problem since having more than 1 Coin card defeats its original “all card in one” purpose. Where can I get Coin? It’s not commercially available yet. However, if you believe its potential for greatness “to rule them all”, you can visit their website and pre-order now. Each Coin costs $50 if you order now. You can order up to 10 Coin cards. They accept VISA, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover as mode of payment. Shipping starts this summer. For tech addicts and gamers everywhere, this is one of the best pieces of technology to have this year. Do you think that Coin will reach international fame soon and be the world’s main mode of payment? This article is exclusively written for by The Malaysia’s leading comparison website. This portal helps individuals in making the best decision by comparing rates from different credit card providers.

Playing Games can be so much fun with Play station
There is just no doubt that PS4 is very fast game with high graphics; however DualShock 4 is best game pads which is ever manufactured by Sony. In the 48 hours when using the Play Station 4 without their extremely comprehensive Day single patch, there are just several feelings to feel regarding the latest game console of Sony. It is also being planned about comprehensive review of post-update console which is ahead of this launch. Devoid of access to PlayStation Network, the lonely profile of "User1" is unhappily underdressed. There is really not much we may do to the key content screen of PS4 beyond browse of a few square content panes such as Internet browser, What's New, Live from the PlayStation as well as Downloads boxes which are there, but do not resolve it without any software update. In a similar way, small icons evocative of PS3's XMB float above the Friends list, PlayStation Store, Messages as well as various other apps which remain unreachable like Trophies, Power and Settings which are available. It plays the games which are disc-based and does almost nothing else. It is also a hope that your internet works fine and the PSN does not get down when you come home with your new PS4! Instead of needing the obligatory install, choosing the game's square also took the right in the title devoid of missing the beat. Possibly disguised by the initial cut scenes of the game, whatever installation is happening on PlayStation 4's was backend and did not restrict us from getting in the game. To be more precise and clear, Knack even loads quickly and also any kind of installation required was just invisible, a cry from the installs of PlayStation 3. If the installation of swapping discs leads to any kind of issues, we definitely does not encounter any kind of ejecting Knack as well as throwing in the Killzone that operates identically to PS3.

Complete pack of fun and entertainment
While the year 2014 will without any doubt belong to new as well as shiny consoles, these are games which are coming out for PC. Various Game boxes, PC gaming is also quite far and is away from getting dead. With the latest consoles out the chances are also PC games will start pushing hardware once again, something which has not yet happened in last few years, just for the reason consoles many games are even made for keeping the technical bet down a bit. Image: However, Next year it will also be a great year to be the PC gamer, and also here we even have various reasons for this, as no usual order. It is true that people love to play games which are handled by hand and few are operated through PC. The PC games are known to be highly fascinating as they use the wonderful and high quality of graphics and picture resolution pixels. This makes an interesting and complete pack of entertainment. So, the game gears are all ready to set you with full anxiety and fun. Especially when it is a time of get together of friends and family members you can just gear yourself and sit together to play the wonderful games on your pc and set a challenging role for each other. Moreover it is not required that you will have to buy the games for playing; instead you can even download the games from various online games websites and can enjoy playing the games. Image: So, if it a party time or any friends get together and you have planned to play a game together then it is supposed to be the best played indoor games which can be enjoyed by people playing it. You may even buy various CD’s of PC games 2014 and can enjoy playing it.

Wonderful Trait Of Games
The heart and mind of people are still the same as they were some years back. The only thing which has changed is the lack of time and invention of latest and updated technologies. It, is true that these days people do not have time to enjoy their leisure games and activities, but passion of games are still the same. With E-Sports you will be able to enjoy and relish the fun of playing games. It is although an online mode to play game, but still the craze and the passion towards game is still well maintained. It is even known as electronic sports, which is another way to play and participate in sports or the game even if you are not physically playing it. Image:  These day people are highly inclined towards online games which receive high amount of concentration from possibly almost an enormous portion of people. Hence people who play such games are usually involved in playing them even if it is midnight or even when sun has just shown its face. Playing games online still manage to maintain the healthy gaming competition in most appropriate manner. The attention towards such games has increased a lot and so many of the games which are featured on websites are always under various categories that are quite commonly called as genres. Thus the user can easily enjoy playing arcade kind of games, and even action games and gamers may even take on role of the historical figures. The basic and key feature of such competitions is that these are organized for the games which are absolutely free. The process which is usually required is even quite simple and full of fun and enjoyment which usually makes healthy competition as a key focus. With help of E-sports and online games you can maintain the similar kind of passion of playing the game and that also with the comfort of your house. So, plan a weekend with your friends or family members and enjoy the wonderful online games.

Complete Entertainment pack
Games are probably the most thrilling and entertaining activity which is not just enjoyed by the kids but these days even youth and adults are also enjoying to play the game. Games not just relief you from tension and worries but it give you a complete relaxation and great level of entertainment. Image: These days, the online games are drawing the attention of people and the imagination of all age and groups of people in the walks of life. These games are becoming successful for breaking the monotonicity of the life and it even assist the user for living life larger and out from the box. GameFly is the wonderful online video game of America for the services of rental subscription which specializes in offering the games for the game consoles as well as the hand held game consoles. However the business model of this game, GameFly is quite similar to subscription service Netflix of DVD-by-mail and even similar to Blockbuster online. It sends the games to the subscribers for particular monthly fee. So, if you wish to have and enjoy the unlimited and complete pack of entertainment then in such a case you should certainly play this game and relish the wonderful graphics and enjoyment.

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