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105 - Space Dogfight
A two player sci fi postcard combat game. One page of printing for a suprisingly tactical combat game.The games home page( )The game of BoardGamegeek( )Download the show

104 - Elemental Clash
A two player card game of fantasy creatures and spell casting, featuring deck building and resource management.The games home page( )Get the Game at its BoardGameGeek page( )Download the show.

No show this week
Sorry to everyone, but there won't be a show this week.Unfortunately a couple of things have come up. 1st, when my computer dies a few weeks ago, I didconnected all of the peripherals, and I seem to have lost the Power Cable for my printer!!!! The second thing, is a lack of time. This weekend has been filled with emptying the kitchen, hallway and bathroom. The decorators are in to repair the flood damage of a couple of months ago. So my studio (bedroom) is stuffed with other-room things, making the recording impossible.

103 - Arkham Express
Todays game is Arham Express, for 1-3 players. It's a dice game that risks health and sanity!The game is available for free from the files section of the Arkham Horror page at BoardGameGeek.( )Download the show.

102 - D-Day Dice
D-Day dice is a solitaire dice game ( although you can play it competitively with others ) with a WWII beach assault theme.The games page at BoardGameGeek ( where you can download it )( )Download the show.

101 - Silk Road Maker
The show is back, after a month long bout of coughing.Silk Road Maker is a tile laying game for the family.The games page at Board Game Geek ( where you can down it )( )Download the show.

100 - Warehouse Elves
A Christmas themed board game for two.The games page at Board Game Geek, where there's a link to download it.( )Download the show.

99 - Brewhouse Bash
This is a game for two or more players who control Orcs having a punchup in the local pub!The Games page at BoardGameGeek( )You can get Orc miniatures from OneMonk, who also has a large range of free minis.( )Download the showGet the game from Games Workshop( ).

98 - Those Pesky Humans
This is a two player game that can handle up to 4 with a little sharing. It's Dungeon crawl, with one player controling the dungeon and minions while the other player takes control of the invading humans.The games page at Board Game Geek( )You can buy the game via War Game Vault( )Download the show..

97 - 1st Alamein
This is atwo player hex and counter wargame ( boardgame ) based on the WWII conflict in africa. It has a low counter density and would be a good introduction to the hex and counter genre.The games homepage( )The game at Board Game Geek( )Download the show

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