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105 - Space Dogfight
A two player sci fi postcard combat game. One page of printing for a suprisingly tactical combat game. The games home page ( ) The game of BoardGamegeek ( ) Download the show

104 - Elemental Clash
A two player card game of fantasy creatures and spell casting, featuring deck building and resource management. The games home page ( ) Get the Game at its BoardGameGeek page ( ) Download the show .

No show this week
Sorry to everyone, but there won't be a show this week. Unfortunately a couple of things have come up. 1st, when my computer dies a few weeks ago, I didconnected all of the peripherals, and I seem to have lost the Power Cable for my printer!!!! The second thing, is a lack of time. This weekend has been filled with emptying the kitchen, hallway and bathroom. The decorators are in to repair the flood damage of a couple of months ago. So my studio (bedroom) is stuffed with other-room things, making the recording impossible.

103 - Arkham Express
Todays game is Arham Express, for 1-3 players. It's a dice game that risks health and sanity! The game is available for free from the files section of the Arkham Horror page at BoardGameGeek. ( ) Download the show .

102 - D-Day Dice
D-Day dice is a solitaire dice game ( although you can play it competitively with others ) with a WWII beach assault theme. The games page at BoardGameGeek ( where you can download it ) ( ) Download the show .

101 - Silk Road Maker
The show is back, after a month long bout of coughing. Silk Road Maker is a tile laying game for the family. The games page at Board Game Geek ( where you can down it ) ( ) Download the show .

100 - Warehouse Elves
A Christmas themed board game for two. The games page at Board Game Geek, where there's a link to download it. ( ) Download the show .

99 - Brewhouse Bash
This is a game for two or more players who control Orcs having a punchup in the local pub! The Games page at BoardGameGeek ( ) You can get Orc miniatures from OneMonk, who also has a large range of free minis. ( ) Download the show Get the game from Games Workshop ( ) .

98 - Those Pesky Humans
This is a two player game that can handle up to 4 with a little sharing. It's Dungeon crawl, with one player controling the dungeon and minions while the other player takes control of the invading humans. The games page at Board Game Geek ( ) You can buy the game via War Game Vault ( ) Download the show . .

97 - 1st Alamein
This is atwo player hex and counter wargame ( boardgame ) based on the WWII conflict in africa. It has a low counter density and would be a good introduction to the hex and counter genre. The games homepage ( ) The game at Board Game Geek ( ) Download the show

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