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Hogwarts Mystery - How to Win Duels Easily
This article is aimed at helping players win duels and do better in duels more consistently in Hogwarts Mystery.FIRST, getting a list of the spells is very useful, especially as the game provides very little information on your spells.A helpful resource for duelling is the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery guide, a huge Google Sheets with a lot of game data.There is a worksheet with the various spell icons so you can tell what's coming at you if the game gives you insight into what the opponent is casting.It also estimates the probabilities of various conditions inflicted on your opponents, and it's really quite interesting how chancy they are and how many spells are actually just not that good.An alternative resource, but one that is maybe less often updated, is the Hogwarts Mystery Walkthrough site, which has a duelling spells page with the spells sorted by stance.SECOND, understanding some of the matching mechanics is useful.In general, duelling tries to match you with opponents that have a similar stat distribution as your own. So if your Courage is 20 you can expect your opponents to have scores around 18-22.Your opponent's school year is NOT locked with your own. So if you are a 3rd year, you might still get matched with someone in 5th or even 6th year, as long as their stats are close to your own. This means they can have advanced spells that sometimes gives them a substantial advantage depending on what you have.Regardless of their stats, opponents do not do extra damage to you if their stats are higher. However, you can do extra damage to them if your stats are higher.This is not always true of event enemies, who can have a higher-stat damage bonus.THIRD, take stock of your spells.Medium damage generally means 10 points. High Damage like Flipendo and Depulso are 15 points. Some spells are "useful in duels" only and have no progression. Others like Incendio have progression -- when you use them, it advances your skill meter and when that is full, you get a small reward. Typically this happens during classes when you cast the spell, or the events where you help McGonagall by going around Hogwarts and casting spells to help students.When an enemy is low on health and you can finish them off with a spell, you can choose a spell that has progression to advance that toward a reward.HOW TO CHOOSE SPELLS - Damage raceOn the surface, duelling is very chancy in Hogwarts Mystery, in part because you never know when your opponent will be able to Stun you, or if you can succeed in Stunning your opponent.The basic way to try to win is to inflict more damage on your opponent faster and sooner than they do. This sounds very simple, but it is still not reliable.We do not recommend low-damage spells that inflict conditions because you cannot guarantee a condition will be inflicted.IF YOU ARE STUNNED, DRAW / counterIn the case where you are Stunned, the best move is to go for a draw with your opponent (i.e., use the same type of move, such as Sneaky versus Sneaky)If you win or if you lose, you just waste your action because you are stunned, and your opponent gets to act.But if you counter (e.g., you both choose Aggressive), your opponent does NOT get to act and the person with lower Health gets some healing.EARLY GAME: Expelliarmus / Rictusempra, Throw VialYour best bet is to just keep choosing Expelliarmus unless you are Stunned. Here's why:Defense > Aggressive, so at most your opponent will use Throw Vial, which does the same damage as your Expelliarmus, except you have a chance to stun them.Aggressive > Sneaky, so if you try Rictusempra they might get to go first and damage you plus possibly stun you.Also, even if you got to act first, Rictusempra does no damage and only a low chance of stun. You are unlikely to stun them and that means a wasted move since you also do no damage.YEAR 1 CHAPTER 7: FlipendoOnce you learn Flipendo, that will be your go-to spell. Here's why:Aggressive > Sneaky, but their Expelliarmus does less damage. Even if they always go first, you will still win first, UNLESS they stun you -- but the probability of a stun is low.Things are less clear if they can use Incendio, because that can out-damage you because of the two turns of burn for 10 damage each. Incendio is a Year 2 spell, but you can still be matched against them before you can learn it yourself.YEAR 2 CHAPTER 6: IncendioAlthough Incendio only has a chance of inflicting damage over time, you will still want to use this over Flipendo because you can at least counter any use of Incendio against you. The damage over time is at least fairly reliable at an estimated 70% but to be honest it's still quite chancy.If you have inflicted a damage over time on them, it cannot stack, so switch to Flipendo afterwards. Otherwise, try Incendio again.SPECIAL: WEREWOLVESWerewolves you encounter may have Sneaky and Defensive attacks with reliable Stun (and Bleed). Because of this, you want to focus on Flipendo instead of Incendio. Normally we'd still use Incendio or Depulso because their attack does little base damage, but the Stun is too reliable to not try to counter.If you don't even have Flipendo, try Sneaky and use the Potion. You won't get any bonus from a high Attribute, but event enemies usually have Attributes identical to your own anyway.The strong heal and purge spell Glacius would be great when dealing with them, except they tend to show up during special events and many of your spells are disabled -- possibly including Glacius. And with weak healing from Wiggenweld, it is very hard to recover from one or two Stuns especially if they repeatedly stun you.If all else fails, try watching for their pattern. For the Hallowe'en event Fenrir Greyback duel, it is apparently:SneakyDefensiveAggressiveDefensiveSneakyDefensiveAggressiveDefensiveSneakyYEAR 3 CHAPTER 4: DepulsoLike Flipendo, Depulso is a reliable-damage spell with nothing fancy. Since Aggressive > Sneaky, you want to use Depulso instead of Flipendo. You will either counter an enemy's Depulso or act before their Flipendo.Although Incendio can do more damage over 3 turns, Depulso damage is more reliable, so I recommend Depulso over Incendio. Also, enemies of Year 4-6 try other spells as well and don't often use Incendio. Often they use Expelliarmus, Depulso, and Flipendo. So if you use Depulso, you are typically ahead of the damage race.

Game Review - Tomb Raider GOTY
Game Review: Tomb Raider GOTY by Crystal DynamicsScore: +6/-3Amazed that I actually got this free from the Epic Games Store, including other Tomb Raider titles. If you don't already know, the Epic Games Store gives away full titles every week, and not cheesy indie titles either.Although there are various ways that it could have been done better, it's hard to overstate the plusses here: The story experience is basically unmatched -- not just by other games but even the latest Hollywood action releases. The game was initially released in 2013 and enhanced since then -- the GOTY edition is a 2021 release. And still there's very little out there that can compare with the action-movie experience here.Tomb Raider is a critically acclaimed action adventure that explores the intense and gritty origin story of Lara Croft and her ascent from a young woman to a hardened survivor. Armed only with raw instincts and the ability to push beyond the limits of human endurance, Lara must fight to unravel the dark history of a forgotten island to escape its relentless hold. The Game of the Year edition includes the Tomb of the Lost Adventurer, 6 single player outfits for Lara and 4 characters.Despite the fantastic cinematics, in the end I actually did NOT like Tomb Raider. The reason is the filler gameplay between those scenes is quite boring and blunts the momentum. Tomb Raider is really much better as a movie, and you can basically watch it as one on Youtube.+1 Overall awesome visuals. It probably helped that they limited the map sizes, especially for the plot scenes, so they can focus resources on giving you the best visual experience while retaining smooth gameplay.+1 Plus interesting and epic environments.+1 The archaeological settings are very nicely done not just in the clever design but in the experience of how you get to them. There's a satisfying feel of discovering a hidden and lost ancient place.-1 It's ruined by player prompts.For example, bright white rope wound in implausibly large quantities around a tree trunk or pillar means it's a location you can anchor a rope arrow. However it's very obtuse visually and just ruins the overall look of the location.Instead, they already have a "survival instinct" visual mode where objects you can interact with in special ways are highlighted. They could have just encouraged players to use that more and shown those rope anchor points only during this survival instinct visual mode.Also, standardized objects like junk hanging from nets that you are supposed to burn are generally implausible. They form little puzzles to solve in the environment, but overall I feel the cost to the look and feel of each location is too great.+1 Superb direction for the story action scenes. Really can't understate this. If you even just youtube the cutscenes, you're watching a better movie than most of what was available in theatres between 2013 and 2021.+1 Feels like you are watching a movie but fortunately you are not just watching -- they try to let you control Lara Croft through most of the scenes (mostly for platforming but the occasional shooting and combat).+1 Smart automatic camera, most of the time. A lot of games flub this but somehow Tomb Raider does this so well you pretty much never even think about wanting to adjust the camera yourself.However sometimes melee angles are very bad and you find yourself staring at a wall with no idea what is going on.-1 Rather terrible melee combatBy not putting melee combat as a weapon you can switch to, they overwork your hand controls with a separate button for attacking. Which wouldn't be so bad except a lot of maneuvers and skill upgrades also rely on you coordinating a dodge to trigger. It feels too busy and it's hard to master and actually access those skills; and the opportunities for practice are very few.I recommend swapping the dodge key with the mouse button for aim. That way during melee you can spread out the work between both hands instead of trying to do everything with your one hand.-1 Lousy rewards for skillYou can headshot an enemy in the thick of combat for +15 XP (versus just killing them for +10)... or you can shoot a rabbit and skin it for the same. Or kill and skin a deer for +50 or more.

Game Review - Tower of Fantasy
Game Review: Tower of Fantasy by Level Infinite / Perfect World Entertainment / Hotta StudioScore: +5/-8 Its a dudAn impressive effort for a quickly crushed out game that tries to feel like Genshin Impact in many ways. Fairly smooth launch despite login issues right on the big day. A few days after the official launch date, I downloaded and ran it with no issues, no queue, and it ran smoothly on my three-year old desktop at maximum graphics settings with only a few subtitle / voiceover bugs as far as I could tell.In Tower of Fantasy, dwindling resources and a lack of energy have forced mankind to leave earth and migrate to Aida, a lush and habitable alien world. There, they observed the comet Mara and discovered an unknown but powerful energy called "Omnium" contained in it. They built the Omnium Tower to capture Mara, but due to the influence of Omnium radiation, a catastrophic disaster occurred on their new homeworld.+1 Beautiful anime artwork.+1 Excellent character generation. But obviously your character will be an anime toon.Strangely, their system of "simulacrums" encourages you to collect characters to completely replace your look. But I suppose eventually people can get bored of their own toon.Weak story-1 There's not quite enough to establish just why you are following the story. You are probably supposed to have emotionally bonded with the early NPC you meet, Shirli, so that you care what happens to her enough to keep moving forward, except it's really just not that interesting, not made urgent, not made to feel important.The story prologue is basically a long sequence of tutorials to various systems. Which is fine and typical, except the story is quite weak and in many ways a bunch of cliches.Probably the worst part happens when you get to the city in the clouds because they resolve an incident with a huge deux ex machina.-1 Overall, the story events are a mishmash of anime tropes which weaken a story that already doesn't really hook you strongly.Anime tropes on their own aren't a dealbreaker, except when used in a haphazard way. In Tower of Fantasy, they felt like randomly selected events to fill in quest steps. E.g., "To fix this gizmo we need another gizmo. Oh, luckily there's one being offered as a tournament prize!"I felt more interested in exploring the world but they had me yo-yoing back and forth between the same landmarks over and over for the initial main quest.-1 Really dumb tutorial popups.When you come across something new, or if there's a mechanic they want to teach you, you can press a key to get a pop-up window. This is fine except for a couple of things.The main issue is it's not easily clear how to access that information later. This is particularly bad because...Often they want to give you combat information (e.g., about boss mechanics). Except they do so in the middle of combat -- and they didn't pause combat. So you can read the tutorial while getting the snot kicked out of you, or you can skip it try try to find it later. Only you can't find it later.Boring combat-1 Mostly you just mash your attack key as fast as you can.To be fair though, you can do more than just mash the attack button: You can...Swap weapons at the appropriate time for a special attackYou can use your one skill off cooldown.You can try to master Dodge to get a time-stop effect by "perfectly dodging".But it definitely feels boring when most of the time you are just clicking the attack button as fast as possible. Plus it's likely to wear out your mouse button in short order.-1 The element type of your weapon is supposed to be important but it feels much more important outside of combat when you have to interact with certain objects.+1 That said, the animations and skills do look fun and powerful, and the combat action is smooth.+1 There are a couple of interesting mechanics:"Perfect  dodging" to make a time-stop field that is probably everyone's most powerful ability.Staying in mid-air while you continue to attack (e.g., with your bow) is also quite interesting... but in the end you are still just mashing the attack button while in mid-air until your endurance runs out.-1 Immediately sent to the cash shopYou start with three weapons: Physical damage, electrical damage, and fire damage. And that's it. You want to play with other types? Go roll your gacha and hope for something nice.Fortunately throughout the tutorial you don't actually need anything other than your basic weapons. How long this situation will be valid remains to be seen.-1 Boring crafting - Automatic cookingLots of food types of collect for crafting. It's certainly no scarce, and that's important as the primary way to recover your health.But other than this there's no sign of crafting anything. And there's nothing to suggest it'll get any more interesting than basically making out-of-combat health regeneration and instant-health-with-cooldown consumables.At least entice us to continue by showing us something more exciting is coming with crafting. If there's anything at all. Could very well be they rushed this game out the door to get it in the market and will maybe update it with nice features later. Here's hoping.-1 Levelling is useless because everything is scaledWhen you level up, so do the enemies. You never ever really "get better".So in fact levelling is not a promotion but a DEmotion because your gear doesn't level up to match. That's what you really need to level, except your character level keeps getting pushed up by every little thing giving you XP, such as finding loot boxes in the wilderness and opening them only to discover a few junk materials.+1 If you don't want to play the game, you can play the minigames.There are quite a lot of minigames / training instances and lots of variety: Jumping games, combat challenges, even a mini score-the-goal soccer (!). So you can certainly take a detour to do them.Actually, you really do need to do them regularly to get the special currency to buy stuff to upgrade your character.Although, what's the point of even playing the game if you're only there for the minigames?With such a weak start after several hours of play, I just gave up. It's early days and Tower of Fantasy is at the moment a really beautiful dud. Hopefully promising mechanics updates will come each quarter.Overall, Tower of Fantasy is like another New World -- All gloss but no substance. Except the visuals, everything else is not just lacklustre but inferior to games produced even 10 to 20 years ago that have better story, more engaging combat, more sensible mechanics.

Game Review - Dauntless
Game Review: Dauntless by Phoenix LabsScore: +6/-4Since launch, Dauntless has undergone several progression overhauls and quality of life changes, and in its currents state is very single-player friendly. Which is really essential because the core concept of Dauntless fails because it relies too much on pick-up-groups.Dauntless is a massively multiplayer RPG where you and other Slayers team up to hunt powerful creatures known as Behemoths. Explore the furthest reaches of the Shattered Isles as you quest, craft, and fight to forge your legacy as a legendary Slayer.Before we review the pros and cons, we should first start with our perspectives on Dauntless, which will put in proper context how we evaluated the game.From the very start, and even in the current incarnation, Dauntless at its core is "small parties fighting bosses". You are meant to queue either a party or the group finder and tackle one boss encounter at a time as a group. This has a lot of consequences:Enemy design expects group play. If you go solo, you cannot expect to properly execute weapon combos or strategies against the bosses because the boss will constantly be focussed on you.This is not as bad as it seems, except encounters which involve two bosses at a time. Then if you are solo, all strategy just goes out the window simply because you can't properly do it when there's another boss constantly on you.Weapon viability expects group play. You cannot expect that every weapon will be equally viable against every enemy, although some are meant to be less specialized.A bad party will ruin gameplay.There really is a demographic that really just wants to get in there and mash the attack button and win. They don't even care about the most necessary mechanics.They have a "damage dealer" arrogance that sheer damage output will overcome everything in short order. And to some extent they are right, until they don't actually have enough damage output to pull it off. But they don't care that they failed and caused others to fail too.Players not playing as intended -- i.e., not wanting to learn mechanics and just hoping to steamroll every encounter -- ultimately makes Dauntless better as a single player boss fight game. If you have a stable group of friends to play with consistently, good for you. Otherwise, join the increasing number of MMO players who want to play an MMO as a single player game just to avoid the frustration of being grouped with idiots -- and we see that Phoenix Labs responded early with the "Private Hunt" option, where enemies are scaled according to the number of party members, even if it's just one player.But scaling down a group boss never works properly simply because core aspects of the game wasn't designed that way.But honestly, playing Dauntless as a single player game is still the best and most fulfilling way to go. Every victory is yours alone and you can be assured you were never carried by anyone else.And single-player online games can certainly be successful, such as Genshin Impact and Path of Exile. These are designed as single player games with optional co-op, and Dauntless should have been overhauled early to be that. It's playable as single-player right now, but the underlying designs undermine it.So with this context, here are our observations.-1 It's straight grinding all the way.There is basically no meaning at all to anything you do. From the very start you are basically thrown into grinding boss fights. There are some different modes, a bit of gathering for crafting, but every encounter is basically a boss fight. So you either like the combat or there's no point.-1 They do try to have some main story quest but it's so token and boring. "Go kill boss type X a couple of time sand report back". There's basically no sense of purpose to what you are doing.There are side quests that are equally token and sometimes make even less sense. For example, there's a quest to protect Arbourhome refugees fleeing to Ramsgate from Terra Behemoths. So you need to kill those Terra Behemoths to cover their escape. Except you can kill them absolutely anywhere you find them, even if they aren't anywhere close to Arborhome. But magically, that completes the quest and the refugees make it to Ramsgate.There are various other quests, bounties, achievements, and challenges to try to direct you to kill specific things in certain ways. All this distracts you from the fact that you are basically killing the same pool of monsters over and over.Fortunately there is a certain monster difficulty tier so that as you inch your way through this repetitive grind to get monster parts for upgrading your gear, you slowly encounter new types of behemoths that you have to slay even more of to craft a single item.It sounds like a terrible grind, but again -- this is bad only IF you don't like the combat and fights. Some people do.-1 Group finder is terribleExample of what could happen: You queue for a Hunt and end up in an instance with two players miles away and who have apparently just killed a Behemoth. Eh?Though this is probably a consequence of having changed Hunts to landmasses with constantly replenishing boss encounters. Early in Dauntless release, a Hunt was a single boss and you all queued in at the same time because you all had to take it down before it's enrage meter was too high. And when the boss was slain, the instance was over.+1 Fairly good weapon customization.Most of the time what you will be doing is mashing your attack buttons and trying to get full combos off. But they introduce more and more gearing and customization options as you progress.Particularly with Cells that give you additional perks when you do what you normally do, there is actually a decent array of options, theoretically according to what your fighting style or combat goals are (e.g., breaking boss parts to get crafting materials).+1 "Endless" power creep and fairly good customization.A lot of players will probably count this as a negative, but I feel the deliberate way they pace your ability to acquire upgrades gives players more long-term playability (there's something to work toward) and satisfaction (feeling the effects of that power creep as you progress).+1 Strategy counts -- when you can apply it.If you learn a behemoth's moves in Dauntless, you can start to apply what you learn and make fights easier.And the best way to do this is Private Hunt mode where you don't have the behemoth all over the place chasing other players around so that you can watch how it reacts to you, and in what sequence.-1 Strategy quickly becomes worthlessMany bosses simply strike too quickly and too frequently, or have attacks that are too hard to dodge, so many fights end up being damage races before you are downed.Dodging does not cancel your current action, so you are frequently stuck doing something else -- such as even a basic attacks -- and you cannot react fast enough because you are waiting for an animation to end.There are many situations where you encounter two behemoths -- usually in Escalations and island Events -- and that also throws a lot of strategy out the window.So even though the design seems to favour learning boss fights, in fact it is all too easy to just give up on that and button mash. Especially when you are in a team and everyone is doing the same.+1 Focus on fashionOne of the "real end game" elements for a successful MMO.Lots of fashion to craft and earn from completing season challenges, without spending real money.+1 Careful use of Pay-to-ZoomYou can buy extra reward payouts (e.g., from the season Battle Pass) but overall they are careful with how much you can pay to accelerate progress.Even if you play the game strictly as free-to-play, there's a lot of gameplay to be had, assuming you actually like the fundamentals of how they design combat and fights. But don't expect to progress to the harder content quickly.+1 No PvPProbably contentious to put this as a plus, but honestly it is for every MMO.PvP encourages cheating and toxic chat in basically every single game that has it. Dauntless chat is happily peaceful with no need to moderate. Another great example of an MMO that can do well without PvP at all.

Game Review - Hogwarts Mystery
Game Review: Hogwarts Mystery by Portkey GamesScore: +13/-7 and some cautionsEasily one of the best in category for Harry Potter / Wizarding World franchise games, Role Playing Games, and Casual Games. Yes, all three categories. Excellent overall game design, and it fits on your smartphone. (If you don't like squinting at your smartphone, you can also play it on your PC with Bluestacks.)And it looks like it will be even more fleshed out with Hogwarts Legacy. Instead of a cartoonish side scroller, it'll be movie-quality atmosphere.What Is Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery?Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is the first game in which players can create their own character and experience life as a Hogwarts student. The game will launch under Portkey Games, from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the games label dedicated to creating new Wizarding World mobile and video game experiences that place the player at the centre of their own adventure, inspired by J.K. Rowling’s original stories.Hits all the Harry Potter / Wizarding World nostalgia.+1 Not just iconic locations,+1 but you are walked through a similar experience as Harry Potter in the movies, one school year at a time.+1 You are immersed in the school and do things like flying on brooms and learning magic spells -- even tracing glyphs as a minigame so you feel you are actually spell casting.+1 There is effort to make these applicable outside of classes and in the story arc as well.+1  You engage in other "student" activities such as hanging out with your friends.-1 However these activities, notably "Meal with a Friend" and "Gobstones" are more like currency sinks because the attributes required to pass are so severe that unless you spend a lot of money accelerating your character development, it's almost pointless to try as you are likely to outright fail even if you answer correctly with online Hogwarts Mystery guides and get the best possible score.-1 Some of the animations really make you cringe. Like when you do well in a mini-game during a class and you and the professor smile at each other like overly infatuated lovers.It's made for hardcore fans.+1 Know-it-all fans of the books may have a chance at answering some of the quizzes and that gives them a rewarding feeling for their store of trivia about the Wizarding World. Everyone else will have to look up a walkthrough or just play multiple-choice-answer-lottery.But for overall game design, it's terrible. Given the prevalence of walkthroughs, this just encourages players to look up a walkthrough.It might be at least passable if the answers were at least mentioned in passing during the game, such as when you speak to various characters, even if the dialogs were optional.Some of the answers do appear in this way, but not all.Other answers show up as the game progresses and more dialogues become available as events / new classes / quests become available, but well after the question can appear to the player.Fortunately, after you choose an answer, the correct/best answer is revealed, so theoretically you shouldn't be failing the question more than once and this drawback is mitigated.-1 What is strange however, is that Q&A minigames typically involve attribute comparisons, and not having a high enough attribute will lose you points. So answering the same questions correctly may give you a pass now, but fail you later.It's clearly a game mechanic to slow your progress down, but it still fails the common sense test.+1 The story and activities are not primarily conflict driven.In most games, gameplay boils down to "You are quested by A to go to B and kill C to get D or perform E then come back to A". Or if you want to distill it even more, it's "Kill X fetch Y".Instead they carefully focus the action on what you learn in class, and interactions with other students.+1 Story cutscenes are one-time, but they added a "Memory" journal where you can replay them.However they did monetize this somewhat.+1 There's a solid attempt to let you roleplay with personality through conversation choices, to which you will get contextual replies according to what you choose. -1 However, it's thoroughly undermined by various mechanics.Some of these choices are locked by requiring certain attributes to be a certain minimum score, so actually you can't freely roleplay.And if you do have the required attribute minimum, you get a higher reward than choosing a no-requisite answer, so this puts pressure to NOT have a personality but play for maximum profit.While this is disappointing, it is also not uncommon in role-playing games. Choices have varying degrees of outcomes, and with pre-programmed outcomes, there's constant pressure to choose (e.g., read-ahead on a walkthrough / guide) what the player feels is the most favourable outcome.The best option would have been to not have any attribute prerequisite especially since the quest will progress the same way no matter what. Any reward could be provided at the end, and equal no matter what the player chose.There's no way to back out of a story conversation so that you can try to increase that score to say what you want to say. And even if you could, the process of actually increasing a score takes so much time, and ultimately it has little or no effect on story progress.-0 It's time-gated. Of course it is, as with most smartphone casual games.Predatory monetization of paywalls is the norm in smartphone games. What keeps them going is the fraction of players who are willing to sink literally thousands of dollars into a casual game.Instead of having you spend time actively doing repetitive quests that pay X amount because they are expected to take Y amount of time, casual games force you to wait Y amount of time passively to get X reward by making you pass that time waiting for "energy" to complete the task.It works out to be the same, except being passive tends to make people more bored and impatient, and thereby spend money to speed it up. That's one of the core revenue models and it's hard to fault them for doing what everyone else in the industry is doing to stretch out gameplay.What passive timegating also does is let you do other things with your time while you wait. Like writing this review for example.-1 CAUTION Many scenes involving the expenditure of energy are also time limited. If you don't plan ahead and start an activity while you are low on energy, you might not be able to complete it even if you used up the entire time limit.I'm almost inclined to call this as part of a "predatory monetization" scheme, except that many repeatable scenes (e.g., classes you re-take) only require a minimum amount of energy to pass with less-than-full rewards. But you still are considered to have passed. However...-1 CAUTION Some events are aggressively time-limited, and conveniently enough they sell you time extenders.This concept isn't unique among casual games (or even not-casual online games that regularly have events) but having played through a couple of these events, I feel the amount of time granted is really quite comparison with the casual pick-up-put-down-anytime game model of the regular game. You have to do many scenes requiring lots of energy and frequently you need a full score to succeed.A typical scene would require accumulating 5 stars (50 energy units) with a 3 hour time limit.Energy recovers at 1 unit per 4 minutes, so 3 hours is only 45 units of energy, and you need 50. So you want to start a scene with a lot of energy -- or be willing to spend to make up the difference.The maximum amount of energy you can have banked is quite low; in the early game it might be around 100 minutes worth or not much more than that. If you somehow have exceeded this amount from reward sources, you cannot accumulate any at all from the passage of time.Furthermore, considering that this is marketed as a casual pick-up-put-down casual game, the overall tight time limit means you have to really check in regularly to complete one of these special events.These one-time events have a unique prize at the end which may or may not recur, so there's definitely FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) style monetization going on, even though ultimately you will not have your progress blocked by not having collected these items.The event-time-extension consumables  give you an insultingly little amount of time (possibly still not enough time) for the money you need to spend.+1 Fortunately the story is intriguing enough to make you want to keep moving forward.+1 Considerable quality of life improvements since even a year ago, and updated every couple of days with events. Probably to keep long-time players who've reached the end of the story playing, but for newcomers, this means a wealth of things to do.-1 CAUTION The game has a very delayed save of the status.Theoretically this is good if you wanted to back out of a bad decision by force-closing your game, but you don't know when it'll save or not save, and if you just close the app and go to sleep, you might be surprised next time you start it that you failed a task because you didn't complete it when in fact the game just didn't save your progress.I'm inclined to actually FAIL this game because of this issue but realistically it doesn't happen often that your game wouldn't have saved its status unless you are in the habit of force-closing your apps frequently or they happen to crash a lot (which Hogwarts Mystery rarely if ever does for me).Because of the uncertainty around this, I recommend that before you leave the app, do a manual save: Click your character portrait, then look at the lower right for a gear symbol to open the Options menu, and choose Save.+1 No pay-to-win player-versus-player.In fact, no real player-versus-player at all, which is typically a huge mistake for many games as it prompts complaints about pay-to-win and encourages players to find ways to cheat. This in turn creates headaches related to catching cheaters and moderating social media.What looks like PvP in duelling is actually you versus AI-controlled opponents.You know this because:They don't have to cast their duelling spells with minigames like you do --  otherwise their turns would take longer.Also, sometimes you get an "insight" into the spell they are about to cast. You get the exact spell, rather than the type of spell, which is what you would select first to determine who casts first.At best they are pulled from the player population, but being AI controlled means it is not true PvP and no better than randomly generated opponents.That said, there are a lot of paid alternatives to help progress, such as buying items that help improve your core stats and have an easier time with all aspects of the game.-1 There may not be 1-on-1 player-versus-player that is pay-to-win, but the recurring "Full Marks" bingo game is certainly pay-to-win for big spenders/whales to buy their way through the bingo board and get unique cosmetic since on each server only the top spot will get the cosmetic.Fortunately it is just cosmetic and cannot really affect anyone else's game.However if you are fashion-focussed or a collector, and you happen to be on a server with someone similar but willing to reach deeper into their pockets to outbid you, it can be really disheartening to never win.+1 Customer support through email seems quite fast, and you can expect an answer (not automated) in less than 24 hours. However their knowledge of the game seems low.

Game Review - Pine
Game Review: Pine by TwirlboundScore: +2/-7 and FAILI got Pine free from the Epic Games Store quite a while ago. If you don't already know, the Epic Games Store gives away full titles every week, and not cheesy indie titles either.Pine is an open world action adventure simulation game. Set in the beautiful world of Albamare, you take on the role of Hue, a smart young adult who will have to explore, trade and fight his way through a stirring ecology filled with creatures much smarter than humans.+1 Nice world for the art style. Good density of enemies and critters for a survival game so you're not basically fighting every step of the way and there's time to just forage around for stuff.+1 Interesting system for factions and an ecology where tribes can run into each other and interact according to their current relationship status.FAIL Really stupidly clunky combat. And honestly there's no excuse these days when there are so many even basic combat models they could have copied. Outright fail here no matter what positives this game has.-1 The button for dodge is rarely responsive so you can't reliably dodge or execute a lunge move, which they try to teach you in the tutorial.-1 They recommend you focus a target, which means you always keep it in front of you and basically you circle around it. A common feature of many games. Except here, your character is offset to the left; and you literally cannot walk forward straight, but always toward the side of your target. This makes targeting really awkward.-1 Even if you don't use focus target, the flow and pacing of combat feels really clumsy.-1 Enemies can also eat food mid-combat, drawing out fights tediously. It's not clear how much food they have so you are forced to focus down one at a time as well as burn them quickly before they run away and eat more food to heal. There's a reason most games don't have common encounters doing this, and Pine shows us just why it's a terrible feature.-1 They want you to play a survival game of gathering stuff and crafting, but your inventory is so tiny, limited by a count of the types of things you picked up.-1 No straightforward way to craft more carry ability or home base to put your stuff. Just being able to do this early on would have made this game more playable and not so irritatingly tedious where you have to manage your inventory and run around the map looking for what sounds like common items but are surprisingly rare, just to make common materials for crafting.-1 You can donate it to a tribe for more positive influence with them but you don't want to do that or simply drop rare / hard to get items.Whatever potential payoff there is to playing this game is basically lost because of the sheer irritating gameplay blocking any sense of progress or momentum in following the story.

Dauntless - Behemoth Guide - Khabarak
This is a strategy guide for the Khabarak Behemoth in Dauntless, a kill-boss-monster free-to-play game available from the Epic Games Store. We cover various Behemoths in our Dauntless Behemoth Strategy Guide.Attack PhasesOpening Move - Insect SwarmNear the start of the fight it will plant its tail in the ground and create an insect swarm. This is the best time to burst it down as much as possible while it is stuck in this animation.The insects will also need to be handled, preferably with some kind of area effect attack type sweeping attack to clear them.Fly AwayIf you can keep it busy in melee with Stagger or Wounding (which very briefly staggers a Behemoth), it will not fly off. Otherwise it will do so before engaging in melee again. You can close the gap and dodge its attacks, or you can find cover and wait for it to come to you.If you stand behind a tree, the claw will chop down the tree. You'll be unharmed but you'll need a different tree next time.A tree does typically stop it from reaching you with a charge and you can step out from behind the tree to hit it right away.After the claw and charge phase, it will melee for a while before flying off again. It has two major attacks a downward Claw Thrust, and a very dangerous Scissor attack.Claw ThrustIt also has a sudden dive into the ground with its claws, and following this will have its claws stuck in the ground until it can extract them. Ideally you were not hit and staggered and can take advantage of it being stuck.ScissorIt has a scissor attack with a long charge time. This will do devastating damage if you don't get out of the way.Kat's Hunting TipsWhen aether-charged, additional blades will protrude from the Kharabak's forelegs that improve its agility and strength. Break these blades to end the aether charge.Kharabaks can be interrupted during their blade-drag attack, which it can only attempt when aether-charged.The swarm of stinging insects the Kharabak can summon prevents Slayers from sprinting, increases stamina costs, and inflicts a small amount of damage. Slayers need only attack the swarm to destroy it—or ask a fellow Slayer for help.The Kharabak goes invisible during its enrage, but also uses this highly effective camouflage to recuperate. It won't heal up, but it may attack less often and become safer to approach. The trick is to be ready for sudden attacks when it is in this state, because they become much more difficult to predict.

Dauntless - Behemoth Guide - Pangar
This is a strategy guide for the Boreus Behemoth in Dauntless, a kill-boss-monster free-to-play game available from the Epic Games Store. We cover various Behemoths in our Dauntless Behemoth Strategy Guide.Recommended Weapon: War PikeBecause of the position we recommend standing, the War Pike's heavy attack that sweeps all around you can hit both legs and the head. Stand there and keep heavy attacking, and hopefully get a Stagger.Attack PhasesOpening Move - Long RollsTypically tries to overrun you with a long rolling attack that carries it far away from your melee range. Does this twice in a row.GeneralThe Pangar fights similarly to a Gnasher, except it is taller. It has foot stomps, charges, rolls, and tail spins.Stand right in between the legs. From there it can really only try to foot stomp you, and you just Dodge to the other foot then get back into position. Maintaining this position basically neutralizes all the other harder-to-dodge attacks.Kat's Hunting TipsThe Pangar's scales will ice up over time. If they ice over completely, the Behemoth can become aether-charged, so break those scales to prevent—or end—that possibility.Like the Hellion, the Pangar has lightly armoured legs that are vulnerable to staggering strikes.A rolling Pangar can be an intimidating thing, but with the right weapon and sharp timing a Slayer can interrupt their roll and knock them for a loop.

Dauntless - Behemoth Guide - Boreus
This is a strategy guide for the Boreus Behemoth in Dauntless, a kill-boss-monster free-to-play game available from the Epic Games Store. We cover various Behemoths in our Dauntless Behemoth Strategy Guide.Attack PhasesGeneralThe Boreus acts the same whether Shielded by ice or not. It will eventually shield up, and flying critters will arrive.The Lesser Boreus does not attack often, but its attacks can be hard to avoid, especially the spin / tail swipe, because it is so big and long. However, you do generally have long openings to just stay and attack.The stronger Boreus variants attack much more frequently, with foot stomps when you are on the sides and charges if you are in front; so you need to be more mobile and patient.ShieldedWhen Shielded, you do very little damage to the Boreus. Basically you need a buff to quickly break the shield.The critters that fly down provide this buff. Always focus them because the buff -- counters of extra damage -- will just keep stacking. Once you get a big stack, you can go back to the Boreus and unload heavy attacks to burst it down.CrittersDepending on the type of Boreus, you will encounter three types of Critters that fly downBasic critters with no special abilities.Fat critters that explode shortly after being killed, and can harm everything nearby. They fly toward you, and when they die your attack bounces them away from you, so you can bounce them toward other enemies to damage them in the resulting pop.Ice throwing critters that will try to keep their distance. High priority as their attacks Stagger you briefly, unless you have cover (such as positioning the Boreus in between).Kat's Hunting Tips - BoreusStriking bomber minions near a Boreus will deal extra damage to its shield.When you slay a bomber in a group of other bombers, dodge through or away from the ensuing chain of explosions.A Boreus is psionically connected to its minions and can summon them when threatened. Don’t assume you’re not surrounded if you don’t see any minions yet.

Dauntless - Behemoth Guides
Dauntless is a kill-boss-monster free-to-play game available from the Epic Games Store. We have a series of guides to help identify the attack patterns of the monsters ("behemoths") and how to deal with them.BehemothsAgarusBoreusCharrogg (and Sporestruck Charrogg)DraskEmbermaneFrostwulfGnasherHellionKharabakKoshaiMalkarionNayzaga (and Shadowtouched Nayzaga)PangarPhaelanxQuillshotRezakiriRezakiriRiftstalkerSahvytShrikeShrowdSkarnSkarnAlyraSkraevStormclawThe ChronovoreThraxTorgadoroUrskaValomyrGeneral TipsDodging is quite hard, especially as you are frequently mid-attack when it happens, or the attack covers a wide area for a longer period than your dodge invulnerability window.We highly recommend you aim to unlock the Skarn's Defiance Lantern (V. Light the Way > Lantern Crafting > Skarn's Defiance). The ability to have a shield is basically giving you unlimited healing potions if you can keep it up most of the time and thereby preserve your actual health pool.We recommend the Aegis Cell to increase the Defiance Lantern shields and help you periodically ignore stagger.We also highly recommend the Parasitic Cell as it lets you focus on damage while healing constantly.Once your defense score is good, you can start to ignore mechanics because you are constantly healing through.For the Omnicell, a good beginner one is the Iceborne which gives passive LifeSteal.The Bastion might be easier to get earlier, and for a starter Omnicell it provides decent defense.Since shields do not actually heal you, the Parasitic Cell is also useful as it lets you have a life-steal whenever you are injured. Without some way to keep healing, even with Skarn's Defiance you will still die from attrition.We recommend the War Pike for its overall versatilityWide area effect heavy attackYou can store three charges of strong ranged attack that is good at severing body parts. These charges do not expire over time or after a battle once you have converted your weapon meter into a charge.Behemoths are generally locked by difficulty / maps, but even low-difficulty-map events can randomly generate behemoths that normally occur on higher difficulty maps.Escalations have a fixed difficulty but can spawn various types and various elements. So theoretically once you have access to Escalations, you can get access to higher-difficulty behemoth parts, although in practice the randomness makes focus-harvesting of a behemoth type too tedious.

Dauntless - Behemoth Guide - Charrogg
This is a strategy guide for the Charrogg Behemoth in Dauntless, a kill-boss-monster free-to-play game available from the Epic Games Store. We cover various Behemoths in our Dauntless Behemoth Strategy Guide.(Fire) CharroggAttack PhasesNot Using Flame Jet VentsWhen not trying to use its Flame Jet Vents at its shoulders and over its legs, the Charrogg is most dangerous. It generally alternates between ejecting fire and charging.The charge is fast and because the Charrogg is quite wide, covers a lot of area, so if you think it's coming, try to keep your distance until the Charrogg tries it.When it lifts its belly, it is generally ready to use fire. In this phase it basically has three types:Lava ball that follows you. A single hit should pop it harmlessly. Otherwise it will do a lot of damage if it catches up to you and hits you.Fire sprayed in a fixed dispersal pattern and drops fire pools. Stepping in a fire pool will put you on-fire and inflict damage over time.Tail slap that also has a fire explosion.If you get too close for too long, it will try to paw you.In this phase, you are mostly trying to survive until it starts its Flame Jet Vent phase.During this time you can try to hit its tail and sever it, but it is not particularly necessary.Flame Jet VentsThis phase lasts quite a long time, and that is actually a good thing. If it is staggered during this time, when it gets up it will try to start up its Flame Jet Vents again.When the Charrogg jets flames, it starts to turn slowly. If you are nearby it might paw you, but often does nothing except turn around.Get literally under the belly and keep attacking. This is your best chance to inflict a lot of damage safely as well as stagger it.This won't work for the Sporetouched Charrogg in the Poison Gas Vents phase:It does not seem possible to get underneath.It's smaller and turns faster so you are constantly in the spore jet.It keeps attacking you while you are near, knocking you away.Kat's Hunting TipsThe Charrogg uses flame jets when aether charged. Each of the Charrogg's flame jet vents are fed by four flame sacs that can be broken to cut off the fiery blast.Breaking a Charrogg’s tail will change its tail sweep attack and make it easier to avoid.When the Charrogg cooldown from an enraged state, it belly flops and blasts out a 360-degree ring of blazing fireballs. Breaking flame sacs or the tail will reduce the power of these projectiles.Sporestruck CharroggAttack PhasesPoisonPoison gas is not initially harmful. When you are exposed, a meter starts accumulating. When you are not exposed, that meter depletes quickly. If the meter fills, you will start taking poison damage over time.Poison Gas VentsWhat worked with the fire Charrogg won't work here:It does not seem possible to get underneath.It's smaller and turns faster so you are constantly in the spore jet.It keeps attacking you while you are near, knocking you away.Because poison needs to accumulate first, you have some time to strike then get back out before the poison inflicts a damage-over-time on you.Try to stay right at the tip of the tail during the Poison Gas Vents phase. You are away from the Vents and the Charrogg only has infrequent tail attacks.General AttacksEven when venting Poison Gas, the Sporestruck Charrogg continues it normal attacks.If you are anywhere to the front you are likely to be charged and that is very hard to avoid.If you are on the sides, it can frequently paw you.The best location seems to be right at the tip of the tail, but watch for the occasional tail attacks. However, this position is actually hard to keep because it turns very quickly. If you keep circling, it will eventually give up and perform a poison-spewing attack of some kind, but you don't have unlimited amounts of time for a fight, so you will probably have to settle for hit and run.Whenever it throws out blobs of poison, it is safe to attack.Kat's Hunting TipsThe Sporestruck Charrogg manipulates and metabolizes terra aether as easily as its fiery forebear wields blaze. When aether-charged, the Sporestruck subspecies vents jets of poisonous gas that linger on the battlefield. Choose where you make your stand carefully, and be ready to move at a moment's notice.They can launch "spore shots" at range. These projectiles erupt on impact, leaving more poison clouds to deal with as the Sporestruck Charrogg closes in for a tail swipe or body slam.

Dauntless - Behemoth Guide - Nayzaga
This is a strategy guide for the Nayzaga Behemoth in Dauntless, a kill-boss-monster free-to-play game available from the Epic Games Store. We cover various Behemoths in our Dauntless Behemoth Strategy Guide.NayzagaAttack PhasesGeneralThe Nayzaga fights a lot like a Quillshot, but its attack frequency is higher, and it has longer Belly Crawl charge attacks like a Gnasher.Always does two Belly Crawl charge attacks in a row.Mostly you are watching for a long opening such as when it fires Lightning Spines, in order to unload full combos. At that time, go for the head to build Stagger and keep the pressure up as long as you can.Opening - Lightning StormOn Hunts (not Escalations) it always opens with this attack once you are close enough. Basically a wide column of electricity. After hitting it, run away sideways. Or move close to bait it to attack but keep moving so you have a head start to outrun the attack.Periodically it can use this attack right up close and with little warning.Lightning Tower / Lightning SpinesThe "towers" are just a formation of spines. Commonly they are pairs that periodically generate a blue ball. But if they are a cluster of more spines, destroy them to Stagger the Nayzaga.Takes a while to fire the spines, during which time it is harmless. The pylons are always fired far away so they are for the moment harmless as well. Get in and attack during this long animation.If you run into spines, you will take a lot of damage.You can destroy the spines, but generally they fire only very infrequently so you might be able to ignore them and just avoid the blue balls. Just try to keep them in view so you are not surprised.The blue balls they fire can be pushed away by an attack, and are blocked by barriers (e.g., if you position the Nayzaga in between).Kat's Hunting TipsA Nayzaga's sphere lightning can be deflected toward Nayzaga, but also back toward a the four-pronged lightning towers to deal with them at range.Deflected lightning can also disable the shields on lightning towers.When they become aether-charged Nayzagas will build a "super-tower" that's connected to the Nayzaga through the aetheric spectrum. Destroy this tower to stun the Behemoth and cause a lengthy stagger.A Nayzaga can be interrupted during its belly-slide attack.The Nayzaga’s physical attacks will shock Slayers when it is aether charged.Shadowtouched NayzagaAttack PhasesGeneralFights like a Nayzaga, but relies very heavily on its Umbral powers instead of charging and swiping.Usually starts with trying to double Belly-Crawl charge.Has occasional corruption pool attacks.Enters a PortalWhen it enters a portal, there are two possible outcomes: Short portal and tall portal.The shorter portal means it will just send out a black clone to charge you.The taller portal comes in pairs for it to charge out of one and right into the other, with you in the middle. If you can interrupt it here, the Portal phase ends.Kat's Hunting TipsWhen moving through portals, the Shadowtouched Nayzaga is briefly vulnerable to staggering hits. Land a strike when the creature is visible to knock it out of this behaviour pattern.The Shadowtouched Nayzaga creates shadow clones of itself to use as decoys when using its portals. The clones alternate with the actual Behemoth, so if you are trying to ambush the beast be sure you're hitting the right one. The true Behemoth will be much more colourful.

Dauntless - Behemoth Guide - Stormclaw
This is a strategy guide for the Stormclaw Behemoth in Dauntless, a kill-boss-monster free-to-play game available from the Epic Games Store. We cover various Behemoths in our Dauntless Behemoth Strategy Guide.Attack PhasesOverall they fight like Embermanes -- charging and thrashing around -- but have lightning powers that are very different.ChargeSimilar to an Embermane. Try to Interrupt when it comes straight for you.After a couple of fast charges, it typically stops to thrash around or run a short distance to your flank and charge you.Short ChargeOnce it has stopped being winded from long charges, it can rush around you in shorter distance charge moves that are not vulnerable to Interrupt.Blue Ball / Lightning CurseThe Stormclaw runs far away, and from a distance launches a moderately fast blue ball of lightning that can do a lot of damage to whatever it hits. If you attack it, it can be pushed away and if it hits the Stormclaw, it will shock and Stagger it.Lightning FenceThe Stormclaw will periodically run around dropping spines that connect to each other with lightning. Trying to move through them will inflict a lot of damage but they seem to do less if you are pushed through by a behemoth's attack.Over time, these takes up more and more of the arena, so they are very hard to deal with if you are busy fighting another behemoth at the same time.Kat's Hunting Tips - StormclawThe Stormclaw can only use its lightning curse attack while its horns are intact. As in unbroken. Make them broken.Deflect a Stormclaw’s shock projectiles right back at them to cause electric feedback and stagger the beast.The "fence posts" of the Stormclaw's lightning fence aren't immune to weapons. Destroy the posts to take down parts of the fence.Stormclaws must concentrate to place its fence posts. The perfect time for Slayers to interrupt them.

Dauntless - Behemoth Guide - Embermane
This is a strategy guide for the Embermane Behemoth in Dauntless, a kill-boss-monster free-to-play game available from the Epic Games Store. We cover various Behemoths in our Dauntless Behemoth Strategy Guide.Attack PhasesChargeTypically starts combat by charging from afar. Depending on your weapon and timing, you can Interrupt it. Otherwise, just Dodge aside and after a couple of Charges it will tire and be briefly vulnerable.You do not have to hit it right on the head to Interrupt a Charge.Stronger Embermanes (the not-Lesser ones) sometimes stop short instead of running into your Interrupt attack.After a few long-Charge attempts, Lesser Embermanes mostly just stand there and rest but Embermanes start to run around and do shorter Charges. Enraged Embermanes can also thrash about very quickly, which can buffet you for damage. Just keep moving and wait for them to switch to their next attack phase.Long Range Fire Attacks (Embermanes)The stronger visibly fiery Embermanes use fire. When they run away for distance, usually they will start with fire before eventually trying for a charge.Run toward them to close the gap quickly. When they start this sequence, they typically do not move around or change their sequence, so if you can get there quickly, you can position yourself and attack them from the side.They start with a wide spray of fireballs. If you are far enough you can run between them, but otherwise you need to dodge through.Then they drop fireballs around them, which can pool on the ground. If you step into a pool you will be on-fire and take periodic damage.Kat's Hunting Tips - EmbermaneStand your ground when an Embermane charges. It moves fast, but will always come to you. Wait for your moment and interrupt it just before it strikes.When its horn is broken, the Embermane leaks blaze energy and deals more fire damage.If the Embermane doesn't begin a charge after dashing away, prepare for either a wall of rolling flame or bombardment by fireballs of pure blaze. Roll through the fire if you can't get out of the way.Kat's Hunting Tips - Sporestruck EmbermaneThe Sporestruck Embermane is a climber, and satisfies that urge by creating floating stones out of thin terra. It then leaps from stone to stone until reaching a satisfactory height from which to drop on Slayers like a ton of not-quite-figurative bricks.Where the Embermane is fond of sending jets of flame and meteoric fireballs at vulnerable Slayers, the so-called "Terramane" will send a wave of powerful terra through the ground itself, spurring spires of terra archonite to erupt from the earth, then slam together to crush anything (or any Slayer) unfortunate enough to still be standing between them.

Dauntless - Behemoth Guide - Drask
This is a strategy guide for the Drask Behemoth in Dauntless, a kill-boss-monster free-to-play game available from the Epic Games Store. We cover various Behemoths in our Dauntless Behemoth Strategy Guide.Attack PhasesOpening ShotOn Hunts (not Escalations) a Drask will start with a lightning beam no matter what, so rush to close the gap and quickly use a strong weapon combo.Keep your weapon sheathed until you are close, so you don't waste Stamina running over.TeleportWhen it stop moving and charges electricity on its body, it will teleport soon. This causes a burst of damaging electricity if you are extremely close.It will teleport very far then charge up three lightning beams in rapid succession. Race toward it but also sideways and you shouldn't need to actually Dodge any of the beams.GeneralThe spinning tail sweep is probably the hardest to avoid as it covers a big area, so try to chop off the tail then stay in the rear.Body blocks and charge attacks so attack and pre-emptively move.Any time it plants itself for stability, it will either Teleport or use its Lightning Beam. Either is fairly harmless so take the opportunity to move in and attack during these long animations.Kat's Hunting Tips - DraskThe Drask's tail swipe can really ruin a Slayer's day—chop off the Drask's to avoid them. But be careful, breaking the tail gives a Drask the freedom to use its 180-degree slam attack.Before launching a volley of shock bolts at a target, the Drask will set its feet for stability. and then power up its attack for a few seconds. Interrupt the Drask at that point or get ready to move before the lightning strikes.Kat's Hunting Tips - Shadowtouched DraskPerhaps because it sits so low to the ground, the Shadowtouched Drask is particularly adept at using umbral aether to manipulate the fundamental forces of nature - especially gravity. One of its most effective attacks uses this power to pull the Slayer into terrifyingly close range, where it can then smash its victims into next week with a heavy tail swipe.The Shadowtouched Drask can also infuse its own projectiles with this gravitational effect. If this happens, watch out for long-range strikes targeting that area!Kat's Hunting Tips - Thunderdeep DraskExpecting the Thunderdeep to behave like an ordinary Drask, just tougher, is a mistake. Years evolving in apparent isolation has led to a wider and more diverse range of attacks, defenses, and special abilities than you may expect.Beware the lightning fist! The Thunderdeep can manipulate shock aether to power a mighty leap and take the airborne higher ground. They then lead with one clawed fist that slams foes into the ground with a crackling sphere of energy.This affinity for lighting extends to the natural variety, too. When the Thunderdeep enters the battlefield, it brings with it scattered, wild lightning strikes that seem to gather wherever it appears. Watch out for the warning signs, or get shock-locked out of your abilities!

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