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Disney Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Talking Action Figure -- 12"
Disney Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Talking Action Figure -- 12"From Disney Customer Reviews My son likes it, but I expected moreMy son is a HUGE Buzz fan. We call his room a "Buzzroom" instead of a bedroom (there's an "Infinity and Beyond" mural and stars and planets and LGMS). He loves Buzz.But yet, he doesn't love this toy as much as I thought he would. I think because it is a bit bulky and cumbersome. He does like the voice sounds and the laser. He plays with it quite a bit.I do not like the limited motion in the arms and legs. The wings are hard to push/ latch back into place. It's cool how this bulky toy can stand on it's own. I miss the karate chop action as the movie describes.I'm glad I bought this Buzz action figure, but I feel they could have done more with it (like they designers held back to cut the costs). Buzz Lightyear 2006We bought the Toy Story and Beyond Buzz in October 2006 at the Disney Store for our 4-year-old. I concur with "Average Joe's" review, except for one thing: ours has wings. They don't rotate into place like on the movie, but extend out horizontally. They seem a little flimsy but have held up so far. Other than that, the toy is very true to the movie character except there is no "mission log" door on his forearm, and the laser sound effect is a little different. The big red button on his chest does not deploy his wings (as in the movie), there is a small button on the back for that. Most frustrating aspect of this toy is that his joints are so floppy that he can't stand on his own. My son loves the toy overall. Talking Buzz Lightyear is fabulousMy 3-year-old little boy loves his Buzz Lightyear. It was expensive, but it's worth it. It was one of the best toys he got for Christmas. It moves and talks and keeps him entertained for long periods of time. I'd buy it again!

Toy Story Collection Buzz Lightyear
Toy Story Collection Buzz Lightyear Other products by See collectionCustomer Reviews Mint Condition Box !,December 12, 2009This toy came in Mint Condition, NO dents, and NO scratches on the box. Overall, this is the perfect Buzz and it's been the only buzz that looks like the movie since 1995.This is perfect for all kids, and all toystory fans :)You cannot find it in Mint Condition in ToysRUS or at Target (I Tried)I was surprised how excellent was the box. AWESOME TOY!!, November 3, 2009I am a Eleven year old and I am a BIG toy story fan. One thing this is a replica of buzz lightyear I thing it should be for 9 years and up. I bought this from Target the first one i got the wing wouldn't go in and the wire broke on the same wing and i took it back. The second one the joints wouldn't move and a wire was sticking out the side and i took it back. The third one was awesome and it worked!!!!!!!! This is a great toy for a older kid around 9 years and up one thing it needs is karate chop action!!! Great toy. Buzz Lightyear - YES!, November 25, 2009Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger! Is he real or just a toy - you decide! I'm pretty sure you know who Buzz Lightyear is but if not he's a space ranger who's a toy, or a toy who's a space ranger... Just watch a Toy Story Movie already! This is the Toy Story Collection Buzz Lightyear and just... Wow.For kids and adults:You may look at the price tag and think, "Wow, that's expensive for a Buzz Lightyear," and certainly there are less expensive versions but this is THE Buzz to own whether you are a player (with toys) or a collector. First of all the box... I'm not a keep in the box kind of guy and usually just chunk `em but this box is an exacting (aside from some real world concessions) replica of the boxes Buzz comes in in the movies. Smartly the wings are not attached in the store (imagine the carnage) but are included so you can attach at home for display or when giving to that Pixar loving kid on Christmas day. A very nice box for a mass market toy.This guy is a huge and bulky 12" figure and is impeccably sculpted to match the movie. From the bottom of his feet, pointed knees, rubbery waist up to his cocky face with arched eyebrow this guy is Buzz from head to toe. His backpack and wings are also picture perfect.Paint is fairly simple but all clean. The work on his face, eyes, eyebrows, mouth... all look great and clean. The only slop at all is the around the edges of the purple tips on his fingers and the green patches on his hands. And speaking of the green - IT'S GLOW IN THE DARK! He has a clean green color used to highlight many parts of his body, the biggest area being his chest, but you wouldn't even know it glows until you get him in the dark it's such a normal looking paint. One downside is that some details, like warnings on his jetpack and his communicator and space ranger symbol, are stickers. It looks fine and is movie accurate but as stickers do they will peel over time and play.Articulation is all high quality. The head is part of the features but can be moved when he's not on but I would not recommend excessive tampering with it. Ball shoulders and elbows offer smooth and stable positioning, the wrists turn and the four fingers on each hand move at the hand knuckle. The only down side to the arms is they cannot hang straight down from the shoulder - but they look so good with hand on hips or in a more action pose it's hardly missed. His waist is clicky with a couple of clicks to lean him front and back and side to side that add a lot of pose-ability. His hip joints have a full and smooth range of movement (forward, back and out), the knees are clicky and also rotate (clicky too) and the ankles have a small range. It may not sound like a lot but it really is perfect for this toy and more than you might expect and the quality of the joints is top notch. There's a little wobble but nothing a steady hand can't manage.

Talking Buzz Lightyear - Toy Story
Talking Buzz LightyearOther products by | See collection Product Description Disney Pixar Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Talking Figure Actual movie scale, and very detailed! Wings that pop out, LED light laser, retractable helmet, poseable head and arms, and voice sampler, with 30 different sayings! Ages 4+ Customer Reviews My 6-year old is happy with it,October 18, 2009Our Buzz made it all the way to Europe in one piece. The opening/closing system of the helmet is a bit fragile. But overall my son is very happy with this toy. He has had it for about a week know. My 3 year old loves this!, December 14, 2009 I got this toy for my 3 year old son. He played with it non-stop for about 5 months and it is still his standard go-to toy. He loves to sit and watch the Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear movies with the "toy" Buzz. Absolutely worth the money spent. I love Talking Buzz Lightyear! Awesome for Fans and Kids!, December 2, 2009I love this toy, when I bought it I wasn't sure how big it was or how was it going to look like, but now I have it for my Nephew and it is an awesome toy, I am a big fan of Toy Story and this talking BUZZ is just like the one in the movie, It has all the little details that makes it really special, fun and unique. His arms doesn't move to all the ways but you can still play with it.It's huge! I love it! If you like toy story you should definitely get it! It opens his wings, it has the laser, and says many many phrases very loud and the voice is perfect.I am so happy to share this good review because I am really satisfied with this product.Es increible!!, muy grande, abre sus alas, tiene el laser, dice muchas frases con una fuerte voz!

Risk Godstorm Game Reviews
Risk Godstorm GameFrom Vintage Sports Cards, Inc. Customer Reviews Fun game, August 18, 2008This is a great game for Risk fans! It was quite complicated and we had to repeatedly refer to the instructions but it was enjoyable. This game can last FOREVER though so be prepared for a long night! A Great Risk Game, May 24, 2008Love It - Can't Wait To Play Again! This was a gift for my brother this past Christmas. We have enjoyed the game. We use to play Lord of the Rings version, but I don't think we will ever skip over the Godstorm to play the LOTR version anytime soon. (I guess it goes to the closet for dust collection.) We don't use the Epoch part of it, instead we play until no one has any armies left. It takes longer, but we enjoy dominating the board. If you are a Risk fan or you know someone that is - this game is worth the money. I wish they had an electronic version so that I could play against the computer and polish my skills. Good Game, November 23, 2006Risk Godstorm is a very good variation of Risk, though personally,my favorite is still Lord of the Rings Risk. The game play is remeniscent of Risk 2210 AD, but somewhat less hectic. Miracle cards become a huge factor in gameplay and have a surprising affect on the outcome of the game. Something I found enjoyable was that the game, if you so choose, lasts only five epochs (turns) and the reinforcement rule is slightly different than standard. It is most definitely an enjoyable variation and, while not my favorite, is near the top of my list.

Risk Halo Wars Risk Reviews
Risk Halo Wars RiskFrom USAOPOLY, Inc. Features 293 custom plastic playing piecesCustom game board map features arcadiaCustom major and minor objectives cards3 ways to playAssume the role of a leader as you control your army in an effort to defeat your opponents and win the gameCustomer Reviews Solid Risk Fun What can I say that you don't already know or assume. Well, lets start by saying yes, this is risk with halo characters. There are a few different ways to play the game. The game says 3-5 players, but I have played with only 2 (You do have to make up some special rules). You can play teams, Covenant vs Usnc or teams Covenant vs Usnc vs Flood. Or you can play singles with 5 players. There is a ton to do with this game.Mixed in with the different game types are different rules and game pieces. For example, you can play for achievements, which when unlocked give you bonus powers. (reinforcements, a cannon, extra post reinforcement moves, extra attack dice, extra defend dice, etc) Reinforcement cards are a little different also. Instead of collecting like symbols, you collect skulls which can be turned in, or saved, for up to 30 reinforcements. This game is a lot faster then original risk, but it has its own unique items and charm. The replay value on this game is VERY HIGH!! I recommend this game not only for Halo fans, but to risk fans who want to change up the game a little.One side note, you will need zip lock bags, as no containers are provided with this set. Fast, viloent and funI have a group of friends that I play Risk with. We've played just about every Risk special edition to come out the last few years, and I must say this is one of the best we've played. The achievement system makes for short games, which is refreshing.

Scene It? Disney Channel Reviews
Scene It? Disney ChannelFrom Scene It?Customer Reviews Daughter loves it!!, January 23, 2009My daughter is 9 and is having a great time playing this game. My older son who is 12 even likes it. Best Game Ever, January 14, 2009I bought this game for my 9 year old daughter for Christmas. She loves it because she watches Disney channel all the time. This is a game that is very good for you and your child to play. It allows you to see how much you really know about the Disney shows and movies. So go out and get this game. Nowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fun for everyone,December 26, 2008Puchased a few of these for the "Tweens" on my list. I never know what to get them, and my daughter suggested this. One of her cousins invited her over to play it today and they both had a blast! So if you have that "Tween" girl (or boy) on your list who likes to watch Disney Channel, then condider this.Features Race friends and family to spot the difference between two on-screen images, or be the first to name the Cheetah Girls theme song from a ringtoneCan you name the hotel where Zach and Cody liveIncludes hundreds of trivia questions that will quiz you on all things Disney ChannelWant to jump In with Izzy Daniels and rock out with Hannah MontanaThe game includes a party play feature

Scene It? Disney Channel Reviews
Scene It? Deluxe Disney 2nd EditionFrom ScreenlifeCustomer Reviews Fun but only moderately challenging., September 12, 2009For older players:I am a college student and a HUGE fan of Disney. My friends and I often play this game without the board as a drinking game with the dvd, playing all the questions like All-Plays. This improves the game in the sense that no one feels like the game has cheated them by asking them the only difficult question that has come up during the entire game. That's the problem with Disney Scene It. Most of the questions are easy, and when the one challenging question shows up it seems totally random.The other problem is that, like other Scene It games, the questions following clips are often unrelated to the clips that accompany them.That said, the game is fantastically fun for Disney fans. But good luck getting your Non-Disney fan friends to play it more than once. Fun Family Game!, May 1, 2009If you love the disney movies, then this is the game for you! Our family is not big on board games, but this one is a blast! Everyone gets pulled in when this game starts, and the competition is fast and furious. Great fun! Great Game for lots of family & group fun!, February 18, 2009This game is a definate must for anyone who's a Disney fan. There are times when our kids know more answers than we do, but there's some questions for those of us who remember the Mickey Mouse Club & Old Yeller. Everyone can participate & have fun. There's multiple ways to play the game (short & long version or party version) so time isn't an issue with this game. The directions seem a bit complicated at first but after your first game you'll become a pro. Good investment for family nights! Editorial Reviews Product DescriptionThe popular board game that has players watching video clips and shouting out answers is now available in an upgraded Disney theme. This second edition of Screenlife’s Scene It? Disney game is chock full of questions, characters, and clips from both new and classic films from the family-friendly giant. From older films like Alice in Wonderland and The Little Mermaid to new favorites such as The Incredibles and Ratatouille, the game asks questions about unforgettable characters, songs, and scenes. Pop the game’s DVD into your player to start the magic and mayhem. Loaded with new clips and puzzles, this updated version touches on elephants that fly to cursed pirates and all things in between. There are over 1,000 questions on the 160 trivia cards, so even if you see the same snippet from the 180 on the DVD during the same game, the question about that scene will be different. Special technology randomizes the order of the clips to ensure fresh fun each time the game is played.

Scene It? Twilight Deluxe Edition Reviews
Scene It? Twilight Deluxe EditionFrom Scene It?Customer Reviews Twilight SceneIt? is great, December 6, 2009I am a huge Twilight fan, so when I saw this game, I had to have it. I was surprised that the narration is done by Dr Carlisle Cullen, plus there's a trailer for New Moon on the DVD. The mini games are a lot of fun, and the clips and questions are the best! My family & I had a lot of fun playing this game, & I would recommend it to any Twihard looking for a great family game! Great Gift for Twilight Fans!, December 6, 2009We have had hours of fun with this game. Easy to figure out this game. We have played it three times and haven't seen the same questions. Truly a game for the Twilight fans. Alot of fun and great for parties. Great fun for the Twilighters!, November 17, 2009Awesome game with lots of fun trivia. Believe it or not, there are some challenging questions that even "Twihards" have some trouble with. We played this game at a pre-release "New Moon" party and had a great time. A must-have for all Twilight fans!Editorial Reviews ReviewQuench your thirst for trivia with Twilight Scene It? Deluxe Edition. Recommended for ages 13 and older, this DVD/trivia game features hundreds of questions about all of your favorite moments from the Twilight movie. More than just a trivia game, Scene It? also challenges you to use observation, memory, wordplay, and problem-solving to decode special DVD puzzles. Designed for two or more players, this trivia game is ideal for both serious and casual fans of Twilight.Features Features clips from the movie Twilight!Unique mini-games test your observation, memory and puzzle-solving skillsBonus activities like What Cullen are You? and How to Throw a Scene It? Twilight PartyIncludes four collectible metal tokens, 100 trivia cards and 30 Fate cardsRace friends and family around the game board - Be the first to make the Twilightning Round!

FurReal Friends Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty Cat Reviews
FurReal Friends Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty CatFrom Hasbro Customer Reviews Cute Cat!I have a 6 y/o animal LOVER so this was a perfect toy for her. She squealed right when she saw it and couldn't wait to get it open. The cat is very responsive so my daughter doesn't have to do much to get a movement or meow from her. She is so soft and just the right size. She couldn't wait to put her new "pet" in her stroller and take her to meet her friends in the neighborhood. Of course my daughter changed her cats name. Also, as usual, her big brothers got in the mix and enjoy playing with the new family cat. The sound is good too. Not too loud. I am allergic to real cats so this is definately the next best thing! good but overpricedThis cat is eerily real -- it meows, blinks its eyes, licks its paw and rolls on its side when petted. My 6 yo daughter loves playing with it, especially with the smaller cat with the bottle. My main complaint is the price on Amazon -- a full $10 more than what we paid at Toys R Us. Great for the ElderlyMy elderly mother missed her kitty while in a nursing home. I purchased this Cuddlin Kitty Cat to keep her company. She LOVED it. The nurses loved it! So did the Doctor! This cat was a hit with everyone who saw it. Mom is blind and she could feel it purr, and hear it meow. It was a great comfort to her. This is a cat for all ages.Editorial Reviews ReviewFurReal Friends' My Cuddlin Kitty Lulu is not your average toy cat. A great new friend for the little pet lovers in your home, Lulu features life-like qualities and five touch sensors will have your children amazed by how realistic she looks and acts. Designed for children ages four and up, Lulu is a neat toy for introducing your preschooler to pets and their care. My Cuddlin Kitty Lulu Ages: 4+Requires:4 "C" batteries (included)Phillips screwdriver to replace batteries What We ThinkFun factor: Durability: Ease of assembly: Educational factor: The Good: A fun, realistic toy that teaches kids about being responsible pet owners. The Challenging: Lulu sheds occasionally (though not nearly as much as a real cat.) In a Nutshell: An interactive toy that feels like and mimics a real cat. Interactive, Life-like KittyLulu is the size of an actual cat, though her mechanical body is much lighter in weight, and she even sheds--thankfully not as much as a real cat, and you don't ever have to worry about allergies. Everything about Lulu is amazingly realistic. Her soft white fur and adorable sounds make it hard not to pet her--especially when she rolls over for a tummy rub or cleans her face with her paw. Lulu has five convenient touch sensors located on her head, back and stomach. It seems that Lulu may also be able to detect motion or sound--when you walk by without touching her she will purr and meow "hello" at you. (To keep this from happening you can easily turn her off.) Adorable and Hard Not to LoveThough Lulu is designed for children, we can see how she would appeal to all age groups including adults--who wouldn't love having a fuzzy realistic toy kitty to cuddle with? Lulu's interactivity makes her a great addition to the family or as a first pet for your preschooler to care for. She even includes a brush for grooming and an adoption certificate that proclaims your child as her rightful owner. Once Lulu sits on your lap and purrs, you and your child will not be able to help falling for her. As a small warning, since Lulu is electronic, she should only be used indoors and away from water or hot temperatures that could damage her mechanics. What's in the BoxCat figure, a plastic comb, an adoption certificate, and four "C" batteries. Lulu is so soft and life-like, you'll never want to stop petting her.View larger.

Playskool Chuck My Talking Truck
Playskool Chuck My Talking TruckFrom Hasbro Customer Reviews Cutest truck ever!I bought this truck for my 3 yr old boy and he absolutely went nuts over it. Chuck practically comes to life. My son couldn't stop laughing! Great toy for the money and seems to be solidly built. I highly recommend Chuck. Great toy for a boy's boyMy son got this for his 2nd birthday and he loves it so far. He likes cars/trucks but really loves toys that make noise so this is a great toy for him. His 5 yr old brother likes it too and they keep fighting over it. I would totally recommend this for any boy aged 2-6. Chuck;s Talking TruckI got this for my 3 year old grandson's Birthday....A very good price, good toy...I suggest ordering the recommended batteries at the same time...also a good price..saves trips out etc.Editorial Reviews ReviewYour toddler will have loads of dump-truck fun with Playskool's Chuck My Talking Truck. Not only does Chuck have over 40 spoken phrases and sounds, he also drives to you when called and shakes his bumper and dump bed while chatting and "working." Designed for children ages two and up, Chuck My Talking Truck offers your child interactive fun and role-playing opportunities. Chuck My Talking Truck Ages: 2+Requires:3 "C" batteries (included)Phillips screwdriver to replace batteriesNo assembly required What We ThinkFun factor: Durability: Ease of assembly: Educational factor: The Good: A fun, interactive truck that speaks over 40 phrases. The Challenging: Other sounds in the room could confuse the toy, causing extra movement. In a Nutshell: Your toddler can share many new adventures with this motorized, speaking dump truck. Chuck My Talking Truck knows over 40 spoken phrases and sounds!View larger. Your Own Personal Driving, Talking TruckChuck My Talking Truck has plenty of things to say and places to go. His 40 plus phrases and sounds make each playtime a new adventure for your toddler. When your child calls Chuck from across the room the fun-loving dump truck starts up right up and chugs his way over to your child. His cartoonish features are silly, fun, and inviting, and with four different touch sensors he starts up easily for younger children still improving their eye-and-hand coordination. Though Chuck does come when called, be careful to use him away from the television or radio. His sensors may get confused with extra voices, causing him to keep driving when he hasn't been directly spoken to. Cartoonish Features and Interactive Play for Your ToddlerChuck My Talking Truck will keep your toddler guessing with talk, movement, and sounds. Toddlers can help load Chuck up with stuff to take to the "dump," and help him unload when they've made it across the room together. There are plenty of dump truck adventures to be had with Chuck's versatile actions and sounds. Chuck's body is also made of soft rubber that will not hurt toddlers in collisions. What's in the BoxTruck, storybook, three "C" batteries.

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