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Aion Elyos Level 4-5 Guide
Aion Elyos Level 4-5 GuideLevel 4 ; Finish up the Uno’s Ingredients Quest and the first part of The Kerubim Threat Campaign Quest as well as the Abandoned Goods Quest. Head back to Akarios Village, sell anything you don’t need, and turn in the Quests you have completed. On the way out, collect the A Book for Namus, Quest from Melampus. In addition, grab the next step in The Kerubim Threat and head back to Ager’s Farm to complete it. Once you are done with The Kerubim Threat, head over to Feira and grab her Quest, To Fish in Peace. The Brax, an ox-like creature, she has you kill also have a chance to drop a Broken Axe Handle that triggers another small Quest when you use it. If you don’t get it by killing the 5 Brax needed for To Fish in Peace, you can spend a little more time slaying Brax.Level 5 ; Once you reach level 5 you will receive another Survey from the Adventurer’s Guide. This time, you will receive 20 Broiled Mela! At level 5 you can use the next set of Skillbooks, so be sure to purchase them if you haven’t done so already. Rework your Quickbar and experiment with the new Skills a bit to get used to what they do and how you can work them into your growing repertoire. Finishing Quests in the Cliona Lake area is a good way to become familiar with the new Skills. Once you are familiar with your new Skills and have finished up Feira’s Quest, head back to Akarios Village and visit the merchant to sell unneeded items. Grab Mune’s Quest, Pernos’s Robe, from inside the building with the weapon and armor merchants and, if you have spare Aion Kinah, purchase a higher level weapon if you don’t have one already. Following, you should pay a visit to your class trainer to purchase your level 7 Skillbooks, and if you wish, your level 9 Skillbooks. Head right out of the village and towards Daminu Forest. Be sure to pick up Pranoa’s Quest, Light up the Night, on the path to Daminu Forest.

The Best Aion online leveling guide
So i'm wanting to get a nice aion online leveling guide for my site but im unsure which to pick. I have seen lots of sites out there and lots of them seem good but i dont would like to get scammed. I’m leaning towards kozens guide but im unsure. Can someone give me just a little review for the best site available. You possess a few guides available. Yes kozens guide is pretty nice it gives you a nice in depth leveling guide for aion online, nevertheless its not the best out there. While you are obtaining a great guide for just one type of leveling you are going to miss out on all the upcoming secrets there are in the game. If you’re after the cream of the crop of aion leveling guides you will want to go with taultunleashed. They not only have reviews and information that all the main aion leveling guides have. You also get a lot of other perks from joining the website.With taultunleashed you get to begin with more than a thousand different kinah and leveling guides in the game. You receive cheats and exploits if you wish to utilize them for assisting you level and gain in kinah. You are told allt he major scams available to safeguard yourself. Secrets on creating your personal aion private servers and how to join one. You also get some of the best hacks out there for moving faster than other people. On top of your taultunleashed subscription you receive use of mmoviper. With mmoviper you are getting access to pretty much the best aion online leveling bot out there. That even has flying pathing included in it. Also they’ve without doubt the very best radar hack that will help you know where things are hanging around. It may even detect hidden players for pvp combat.What makes them better still is you are getting access to not just their aion section but all the games they support. Having a listing of more than 50 games being supported and brand new ones being added constantly you get your moneys worth here.

Aion Leveling Guide 1-50
Hey all as you might know i have 4 chars lvl 40 and also 2 lvl 30+ chars, since i leveled all those characters i have tried to developed one of the fastest ways to 40. My cleric i leveled 1 – 40 in 3 weeks this way and for the good of the legion and the legion members i’m making this guide: LvL 1 – 40. Its a guide doable by all classes, i hope you’ll be able to lern something from this. Level 1 – 10 Quest, dont grind (which is my overall advice), do all the campaign quests except for the last one since you’re prolly lvl 10 before you get to that quest.The Elyos MonsterThe Asmodian MonsterLevel 10-20 ; -lvl 10 – 13 are the ones you do around and close to altgard Fortress, moslan Forest and mumu farmland -lvl 13 – 16 are the ones you do around basfelt village, mumu village and mosbear habitat. -lvl 16 – 18 are the ones you do around calderon hill, Mahindel swamp, Black Claw Village -lvl 18 – 20 ok now when you hit lvl 18 something cool and new will be available: a soloable instance called: Haramel, This means you enter an area which only you on your own can enter, no one else is allowed to enter with you. In here you find all sort of fun quests and cool bosses, the instance gives good xp and i recommend doing it as much as possible.The Elyos MonsterThe Asmodian Monster Level 20-30 ; 20 – 23 Now you have reached lvl 20 you can get your first 2 stigma’s you’ll get 1 from the stigma quest and if you want you can buy one from the broker or stigma shop located in Pandamonium Capital building. For leveling you should try to keep doing Haramel, it might gets boring but its good xp. ofcours quest, the first campaign quests in morheim give decent xp and there are a load of quests around and in morheim ice fortress. Level 23 – 25 These are imo the most boring level’s in the game so try to pass them as fast as possible before you get stuck. You cant do Haramel since the lvl cap is 22 and by the time your 23 you’ll prolly have done all quests, you can try to grind @ a few location i’ll indicate on the map, these are spots i grinded those levels on different classes. Level 25 – 28 Good you have passed the boring levels and entered a crucial point in the game: The Abbys. This is an huge area where you can fly free and meet your enemy’s of the other race, also you can take fortresses and artifacts tho thats for higher levels only. Also imo the most fun instance in the game is available for you now, you can enter NTC: Nochsana Training Camp, this istance is for groups only. The instance is filled with balaur mobs, subbosses and a cool endboss, most players wont have any problems with the instance, just make sure the patrol doesnt back rape ya :P. Also the abbys will lead to new campaign quests and allot of normal quests, also the average mob in the abbys gives more xp then in the normal home area’s.Abyss Bottom Floor Level 28 – 30 28 is the cap for NTC make sure you plan you last NTC on the brick of leveling to 29 so when you leave you last NTC you’re almost 30. Then you can try and go to the location i marked @ the map i forgot about the retarded name of that camp but its on the map :P there are tons of quests to do there to get you to 30. Level 30 – 40 ; 30 – 34 Now you have reached level 30, a new stigma slot will be open to you (no quest required). Also from this point you can do the campaign quest: The Tree Key’s (when you do it ask a legion member for help because there is an “easy way”). When you did this quest you’ll be granted entry in a new instance called: Fire Temple, this instance consists out of lvl 34 – 36 elites with subbosses and in the end Kromede the Corrup or if you’re lucky a random rare spawn Vial Kromede (her gold drop rate is way higher then the Corrupt version). The instance gives decent xp and @ 34 you’ll get an repeatable which gives 500k xp each run and a few silver coins when you kill kromede.The Elyos MonsterThe Asmodian MonsterNow in Level 30 – 34 you’ll be mainly questing around and in Alsig Village FT is not far from it either. You have some nice repeatables but they are ofcours “grind” repeatables. Also you can do allot of questing in the area around Beluslan Fortress tho at this point you’ll encounter way more ganking ely’s dont mind giving a call out in the LFG. In the Abbys there are a few good grind spots, tho i would recommend to fist do all the quests available and refer to those grindspots as a last resort.Abyss Upper Floor Level 34 – 37 now these levels are boring, i always find myself stuck somewhere around 35 because i would run out of quests and have to grind @ 36 tho you’ll get allot of new quests. You can keep doing FT and quest around Alsig Village, also try the lepharists and morheim observatory. 37 – 40 Good, Good you have reached 37 and with that you reached a new soloable instance called: Kromede’s Trial, yes indeed Kromede again the hot bich. But this time you dont battle here you battle “as” here. You’ll tranceform in kromede whether you like it or not ;D. Now also a new outdoor instance option is available with allot of quests including the 4k dp lvl 40 quest, this place is Mist Mane Village. Its an elite area and all the way in the end there is an World Boss. You can recieve quests involving that area in Alsig or from the Silvermane Tribe whom have been almost wiped by the Mist Mane. Also in These levels Beluslan will become rich of quests and you’ll find yourself moving from Morheim to Beluslan.Theobomos (Elyos Monster)Bluesthonin (Asmodian Monster) So this was my Guide To 40, all suggestions are welcome: a lvl 40 – 50 guide will be made as soon as i hit 50 with Razac, also i’ll work on an heiron zerg guide, including kisk spots places to go and find ely’s and places to stay away from. May I introduce others Aion Guides like this ; Aion Pets Guides - Aion PVP Guides

Aion Pets Guides : Pets Detail
If you’ve been wandering around trying to find an ideal Aion pet, look no more! We have got everything you should know about Pets the following! Who let the pets out? We did, with Aion: Assault on Balaurea. Your day when porguses can fly originates. Not simply will these cute and cuddly creatures follow you in your adventures throughout Atreia, some have abilities to help ease your burdens.Do I have to get a Pet? Aion Pets are not essential like armor or weapons; however they provide numerous desirable functions and can add a bit of pizzazz to some player’s look.Currently, the majority of pets are companions. They follow their master around looking cute and providing entertainment. Aion Pet Food There are also several types of pets that offer specific functions. Fortune pets create items when you feed them, Signal pets sense an opponent’s presence and warn you of their approach, and Pack pets have their own inventory to provide additional storage. Commercial dog food Most Fortune pets possess a particular number of food they eat and will accept nothing less. However, there are a few pets, like the Hungry Porgus, that will eat any junk (gray) items.Food items for Aion pets vary greatly and the majority of foods are classified as ‘Junk Items’.Please make reference to the list of things for examples of so what can be utilized for pet food. This isn’t an entire list, but meant to give examples that will help you find the right foods on your own. Try feeding your pet similar items and find out if it will eat it!

Aion PvP Review in the first Zone and KAion NCSoft
I wanted a to ask you a few questions, but the topic you posted in you locked so i will just quote you here and ask them. This is what my questions are about, now i am gunna start off by asking if you were aware that when the game was released before the aion na was released many na aion players played Korean aion? Well many of these players never stopped playing even after na release because they didnt wanna have to start over again, many of the na players that play na aion still have there kaion accounts and talk with there friends that never stopped playing Korean aion. There is a Free live video streaming site in korea called Afreeca where alot of the top kaion players have accounts and stream video of them pvping live, and the one thing similar about all these players videos is they are all pvping in the zone you are claiming is restricted to them and have bin for months, another thing to keep in mind is they are also 2 patchs a head of and still doing this restriction free. I have asked every one i personally know that still plays kaion if they heard of this rule and they thought i was joking, they have never heard of anything of the sort, i pmed some of the top players on there afreeca account asking the same thing and got pretty much the same reply accept most added if it was restricted do you think i would be there in 90% of my video footage? Now dont get me wrong please dont think im accusing you of lieing that is not what i am doing how ever i do think you guys are miss informed after reading your comments in the other thread and the quotes from trine, i know there is a high chance this forum post will never get responded to but i really hope not since this topic matters to alot of players and they would like to hear the official reasoning of why we na players are not getting the same quality of gaming as the Koreans even when it comes to basic rules like this 1. i have a few more quotes i wanna add under yours and this is a important part of my questions so if possible please do not ignore them. Quote: Originally Posted by Wtfjim – Vaizel View Post na aion is the only place it’s not allowed to go into zone 1. koreans pvp there all the time. the na team calls it an exploit because they don’t want to admit the map was designed for Aion pvp and the first zone is the best zone to pvp in due to lack of aggroing mobs. Quote: I’m posting this for you guys for clarity’s sake. As you can see by what i wrote above and what i will be righting below you can see this is far from clear and frustrating for alot of players. Quote: Originally Posted by {CC**Trine – Siel View Post The gates are not breakable. The devs in Korea have insisted that is the intent of the zone, that it is a protected area. The changes we will see are also going in for Korea and other territories. i am sorry to say that korea has never in forced these rules or made them public because the korean player base has no idea about these rules and continue to fight there even 2 patchs ahead of us with no restrictions and no punishment. Quote: Originally Posted by {CC**Trine – Siel View Post Hi Daevas,2.1 introduces a fix from the dev team in Korea to the areas players were using to enter into the protected zones in Gelkmaros and Inggison. I am closing this thread, however please remember that these zones are intended as protected areas by the devs. The fix you speak of was never in 2.1 the only thing that was fixed was gliding into the second zone preventing people from bypassing the geyser . As for the zone that is claimed to be restricted there was nothing changed but let me go further into detail so you fully understand. Quote: Environment 1. Fixed a bug that occurred when players used the “raise camera angle” option while in a windstream. Camera will no longer be locked looking up at the sky. 2. Fixed the arrows for the Altar of Avarice and the Temple of Scales on the signpost in Angrief Ruins in Inggison. 3. Fixed the problem where characters were not able to make any motions while activating artifacts in Balaurea. 4. [Abyss] Changed all siege weapons so that they can now only be used near the fortress 5. Fixed terrain bugs in both Inggison and Gelkmaros where characters were able to access areas that were intended to be inaccessible, giving them an unfair advantage over the other faction. You can no longer set up a kisk in these areas. Spiritmaster’s can no longer use their “Summon Group member I” skill in these areas. Players who log on in these areas will automatically teleport to their obelisk bind point.6. Fixed a bug with the Gatekeepers in Gelkmaros, where players could bypass them and get through the gates they guarded. 7. Fixed a bug in several parts of Mitrakand, in Gelkmaros, where players would get stuck inside the terrain and buildings. 8. Fixed a bug allowing players to get through a wall inside Eltnen Fortress 9. Fortress Siege times have been updated 10. Protected areas have been updated in Gelkmaros and Inggisonthis above me is the part of the 2.1 patch notes you speak of i copied and pasted them for you right off the web site now let me explain what is wrong with this. I put the text of interest in bold and underlined . 1) Fixed terrain bugs in both Inggison and Gelkmaros where characters were able to access areas that were intended to be inaccessible, giving them an unfair advantage over the other faction.well every single way from pre 2.1 to access the safe zone is still there, nothing has bin changed the only part of the map that was modified was the mountain that people where gliding from to bypass the geyser to get to the second zone. it also says that the area gave one faction a unfair advantage well the first zone doesnt give any faction a unfair advantage since both sides can access each others zone, how ever the mountain that was fixed in the second zone did give elyos a advantage by allowing them to access the second zone with out the use of the geyser which the asmos could not do. 2) You can no longer set up a kisk in these areas. Spiritmaster’s can no longer use their “Summon Group member I” skill in these areas.Players who log on in these areas will automatically teleport to their obelisk bind point.Well lets start with you can no longer kisk in the restricted area. Well in the current claimed restricted area you can kisk where ever you want as both factions there is no where in that are you cant kisk but the main town. So wouldnt that imply that the area isnt meant to be restricted?you can no longer summon a friend as a spiritmaster in the restricted area. Well in the zone that is claimed to be restricted you can summon people any were in that part of that map. So wouldnt that imply that the area isnt meant to be restricted? You can no longer log back in, in the restricted area as it will send you back to your obelisk / bind point as you can see this isnt the case and every location in the claimed restricted area you can log back in and continue to be there it does not send you back to obelisk. So wouldnt that imply that the area isnt meant to be restricted? Lastly about 60% of the player base dont check the forums, and many more dont check there emails dont you feel it is a little unfair that long term customers are having there accounts suspended for things they had no way of knowing are wrong? They are not exploiting in anyway to get there so how are they supposed to know they are breaking the rules? what about people that took a break and just reactivated there accounts? they go back to there old normal pvp spots and get banned? to me it sounds a bit messed up and think you guys should fix it if its unintended and not punish players for your mistakes when it is clearly difficult for them to find out its wrong. There has bin no in game announcements there is no surveys and even if there was most people don't actually read them you punishing people for things your dev team should of fixed is not fair to the players. and i have a strong feeling you will looses many accounts to this , simply because of ignorance.

Get Enought Food for Your Aion Pets
I came across this interesting post Blackbeard’s Guide to Collecting Trash. At first, I was little surprised by the title, but I believe Blackbeard’s ideas and suggestions on how to easily collect enough food for Aion hungry pets will be very useful for everyone. Gather with your Alts The best way to feed any Aion pet: gather with your lowbies. I mean, most people have more than one alt. Yeah, selling the trash to a vendor will rake in easy kinah, but if you want to take the chance, it’s there.My main alt is the one that has all of the “fortune” pets. So, when I level up a lowbie, I collect all my trash drops, place them in the account/legion warehouse, get my main and summon the pet, and just feed the pet till it spits out a drop. Over the past weekend, running nothing but Kromede’s Trial and Haramel, I was able to stock up on enough trash to feed my Aion pet for a couple of weeks. The Dukaki in Haramel drop cloth bags and iron scraps. From one run I usually have about 20-30 of each. Don’t forget about Poeta and Ishalgen. Your lowbies can stand around for hours killing and save up enough drops to feed a fortune pet in one sitting. Get your legion involved. If you are the Brigade General, start a contest/promotion where the more trash your legion collects and stores in the legion warehouse, they will receive something back as a reward. Maybe some armor they could use, maybe a weapon. Maybe even a dice roll on a random amount of kinah. Heck, buy/make some green/blue/gold weapons and sell/trade them to your legion by giving specific details on the trash you want. List varying items you have to trade based on the amount/type of trash you want. Example:(All types of thorns for a dye producing pet) Green Armor/Weapons: 100 thorns = green armor/weapon, level 10-20 500 thorns = green armor/weapon, level 21-30 1000 thorns = green armor/weapon, level 31-40 Blue Armor/Weapons 500 thorns = blue armor/weapon, level 25-35 1000 thorns = blue armor/weapon, level 36-45 2000 thorns = blue armor/weapon, level 46-55 Gold Armor/Weapons 2500 thorns = gold armor/weapon, level 25-35 5000 thorns = gold armor/weapon, level 36-45 10,000 thorns = gold armor/weapon, level 46-55Sure, the prices could be adjusted to your taste, but figure it this way: if your legion is going to be gathering trash drops anyway, half of the work is done. Now it’s up to you to make it worth their while for giving it to you rather than vendoring it. I’m sure that you’ll see that, when presented with an option of vendoring for tiny bits of kinah or saving up for something that they will NEED as they level, I’m pretty sure that people will go after weapons and armor, since they’ll be able to save their personal kinah for other things.You could also use this method as a way for trading semi-rare/rare armor and weapon skins. The more rare the skin, the more trash it will cost.Cute Video of Aion Pets In the end, everyone will have trash drops that others will have a use for. It’s up to you to find what it’s worth to you and the people you’re willing to do business with.

Aion 2.7 PVP Guide - Tips&Tactic in PvP
So I play with some friends regularily , we figured yesterday that since we all hit level 40 we’d go through a rift and find out if we could knock off some of these spy quests and have fun with Aion pvp while we were in internet marketing. We waited all night in eltnen for any rift to open. First hour there is no rift, next hour there was a rift but i was to high level for this, some hours later a rift opened within the Lepharist Citadel area and that we could finally undergo (this was disturbing in my experience, let’s say we were level 50 and seeking to pvp as our group of 4, we would have waited all night simply to get the opportunity to undergo a rift, that seems completely unreasonable, sometimes I only have an hour or so to experience and I would basically ‘t be allowed to pvp because no rifts are open level appropriate?). Once on the other hand, we find a location to setup a group kisk. We head towards our quest mob and encounter several 4 asmodians, they all are level 45 and clean our clock. Back to our kisk we go. We head out again towards our quest mob, kisk is under attack, **** there goes 35k. We notice we cant cope with alsig village, and that we cant overcome another bridge all because of guards, it looks as though we’re limited to a small section by which to pvp which sucks (is it like this in eltnen for asmodian rifters? dizi seems to be capable of getting ALL over eltnen not a problem). Next we come upon a zerg of 8 players heading to the mistmanes and thus we get our clocks cleaned again and without a kisk we are delivered back with the rift. THAT was our “Aion pvp” experience that people waited all night long for. - Trapped like mice in a lab experiement by guards everywhere limiting the pvp area we now have access too significantly - killed by a group 5 levels higher then ours - killed by a group with two times as many characters as ours. We desired to perform some Aion pvp still, and then we choose to head to the abyss. We fly around for like 30 minutes searching for asmodians to fight, we serve them with some on an island questing, we kill them, these were like level 28, that was no fun. So we fly arund again for an additional 30 mins finally we discover a gladiator farming guards, hes level 42, we 4v1 him, which was clearly a real drag either. There have been no fort raids at that time we were available to PvP, and since we are not 50 the dredgion wasn’t available either, although even thinking how that’s setup, you can only dredgion three times each day sometimes the game says and never what’s convienent for the actual life (so i hear). So my friends log off for that night, Time passes and grind some lepharist in LC in eltnen, and Dizi shows up and 1v1s me, I die faster then when I was attacked by a level 45 gladiator, even though she is much lower level than me. My experience for Aion PvP might be summarized like this - Asmodian rifters are super twinks that will own you even if you’re way higher-level 1v1 - Rifting yourself is hopeless if you are not a stealthing class because of guards everywhere - Rifting before 50 is again hopeless should you arent twinked the wazoo or with full pvp gear because players will be higher-level then you definitely and wipe you easily - Abyss pvp takes forever to locate someone to pvp with after which its usually lowbies leveling or perhaps a single guy trying to farm ap from guards, either case it is not fun for a number of friends to pvp against. - Rifting takes ridiculous intervals to find the right rift to spread out for the level. I truly need to know what expect Aion pvp can there be at level 50? How can things change where it might be better, easier to find pvp, etc.. This is suppose to become a pvp game, but so far the pvp in wow was better because it was when needed in battlegrounds, also it allowed the pvp to be shown at the convience, not at only certain times and only some times.I’m not claiming to be good at pvp yet, as this is my first character this high and im just learning, but I find it incredibly difficult to find pvp after i want too.

Aion Elyos Level 8-9-10 Guide
Aion Elyos Level 8-9-10 GuideLevel 8 ; When you hit level 8 you will receive another Survey. This is actually the third survey of the Adventurer’s Guide, and can award 20 Minor Life Serums! After completing the Quests , head down the Agaric Spore Road and slay all of the monsters you can find; the majority of the monsters in this region are related to Quests.Complete the Quests at the outset of Agaric Spore Road, and to run back up to the Odium Cauldron to sabotage it. While up there you will grab the traditional Cube for Baevrunerk. On the North side from the Cauldron’s area, up against the cliff you will discover a little mining camp. Look for the Ancient Cube on the ground. Snap it up and run back to Melponeh’s Campsite. Consult with Tula, and use your Return Skill. Turn in all of the Quests you can, and begin about the final Campaign Quest in Poeta! Return towards the Campsite and consult with Oz. Then head back to Pernos, who will direct you towards Poa at the conclusion of the Agaric Spore Road.Be careful about your XP bar, don’t wish to get carried away over level 9. All XP earned from level 9 on is going to be lost.Grab Poa’s Quests, and finish Scouting Timolia Mine first. Once that’s done, you are able to venture into the cave and kill monsters, grab the Suspicious Boxes for Suspicous Ore, or continue on the Campaign Quest, it is up to you. But when you reach level 9, DON’T TURN IN ANY QUESTS!Ascension (Level 9) ; A brand new Campaign Quest named Ascension will appear whenever you reach level 9, and also you have to drop whatever you do and do the whole Questline. All other XP gained is going to be lost. This Single Questline goes through level 9-10. To start this Questline, visit Pernos and speak with him. He will request you to visit Cliona Lake and bottle some of the water within the crater. You are able to hit Return and return to Akarios village and run from there towards the Cliona Lake, then to Daminu, and to Pernos. Once in the village head down to the lake, stand close to the island in the center and open up your inventory (I) and use the bottle Pernos gave you. Next you will have to head back to the forest and meet with Daminu again. After obtaining his essence, return to Pernos. Pernos will reveal your past memories to you, or at best part of these. You see yourself in the Afira Obelisk and will have to consult with Belpartan, like you did before. But this time the memory continues. You’ll land and want to defeat four Balaur, and Orissan. After Pernos re-appears you must choose which of the two paths you intend to take. These paths will differ depending on what class you chose in the beginning. Each base class has two sub-classes that they branch out to. You must choose which one you intend to be before continuing your journey. Once you have decided on a class, talk to Pernos and chose that class. You have now ascended like a Daeva! You’ve new ablilities, like Essencetapping and Aethertapping, as well as the ablility to make use of Divine Power to morph items. There’s yet another thing you must do before reaching level 10. You must complete A Ceremony in Sanctum. Speak with Pernos and have him teleport you to Sanctum. Find Leah and consult with her. She will give back to Jucleas who is to do the ceremony. You are able to find Jucleas in the Lyceum left when you arrived at Elyos Square. You’ll get the ceremony and become asked to speak to your class preceptor to get your reward. Your class preceptor will award you with a new weapon, and you’ll finally be level 10!Level 10 ; Once you hit level 10 you will receive another Survey. This is the fourth Survey for the Adventurer’s Guide, and will award 10 Tombstones of Revival! By the way, let try my another post : Aion leveling guides

The best Middleground for PvPers and PvEers
I Just curious what people think is a solid center of the road and PvEers PvPers alike. Do not throw anything rifters violations by calling troublemakers and do not go around throwing a position of concern. It is all.I personally think the new Aion PvE areas better job. This will PvEers rifters of doing things, and a safe haven. In addition, it provides only a new place to grind. win situation for everyone really. How does this not hurt Rifters ? I’m going to probably stick zone PvE bot, the objectives of PvP enabled zones that may be more willing to PvP. PvP should be given more challenging and fun for those who want PvEers rift.The yet become PvP enabled area is packed with important campaigns that are necessary for the full Mira / Fen.1. Battlegrounds and Silentrain Canyon If done correctly, could provide Battlegrounds AP / Relics / user as a new arena for example, that came out when you get the items, completing missions and use them to buy other items.Battlegrounds provide a place for PVP as well as a consistent way sure to lower the levels of learning to Aion PvP (assuming they put it on lower levels, and should!). Another thing that makes Silentra Canyon better. Put non-elite mobs there Balaur much as the High abyss of falling firmly and securely Balaur carpet. Let mentally. Add a world boss, there was as little as Menotios contested.Silentra would be an extremely hot PvP with changes as simple as that. Rather than an empty card, you go through PvE or more to get the other side. 2. A new Aion PvE area I think the closest is in fact a new area of role, but I want a new area to encourage PvP and PvE. The abyss that is perfectly able to do, except that now, except it is very steep near any reason to be there. Originally it was the crowd supposed to be worth more to the farm, but have since formed a quest reward as the gap can not continue. Abyss missions are boring and a little more boring, and then add the travel time on flights to and from some of them … eh. It’s just easier to stay in their own field and do what they do in the Abyss more efficiently. Moving towards PVP battlegrounds is moving I’m going to feel like a game. I am opposed to implementing them, because I think there are better solutions. It ‘s my night, a broken record, but they need to find a new area, which would be used as basis. He needs an enemy out there is worth the risk to the company so that the adventurous PvEers which may, for example, half of heavy PvPers PvP and have a place to meet. I miss when I had to log in and see “Madson and Hobup basic” or Fatal Blow, or Mortred Forlin, or everyone else with a name I unfortunately forgot. Just the generic “Swarm of prey Elyos Core Artis, need help ’cause a solid Aion PvP and sometimes you can even see people who were there, only the farm mobs jump into PvP with people and have fun . 3. The Wars Do not forget the war was over Sulphur Artis Balaur when it was owned. It ‘was like a late ’40s early ’30s ideal spot PvP until asmos both Elyos and started taking it. For example, it is not even worth running. abyss of the Netherlands has been wonderful for the end of years 20 years 30 in the evening of sulfur and battlefield. But as you say .. edge of the sword was my absolute favorite place for Aion PvP. Carpeted Balaur are increasingly common, I find it strange he did not go back to being as active as in the past. That’s where I got most of my PvP kills on my guard. They are weak now, but after I’m dead PvP almost stopped my watch say PvP combat at the Siel, which was filled with hungry Elyos fighting for PvP asmos LOL. Food items for pets vary greatly and the majority of foods are classified as ‘Junk Items’.Please make reference to the list of things for examples of so what can be utilized for pet food. This isn’t an entire list, but meant to give examples that will help you find the right foods on your own. Try feeding your pet similar items and find out if it will eat it! We all know that Aion© is not a solo pvp game. But the area’s to where to pvp at lvl 55 is way to small, and WAY to cramped. We need more space, more places to go, farm, do stuff. Simply 3rd zone in ingg and gelk + silentera is not enough. Its all zerging and if you want AP your forced to go PVE (hence all with over 1kk AP are PVE sluts). What is NCsoft’s point of veiw on the current situation? As i head its the same for all. Quick fixes suggestions. 1. Open 1st and 2nd zone in gelk and ingg 2. Open up Heiron, belusland (BRUSTHONIN ) 3. Copy Heiron, Morheim, Eltnen and belusland. No mobs, no guards ( maybe 1 camp each thats not possible to camp, but possible to attack. This is just my suggestions sucky as they are. but lets say this game area is 100 yards long, when you ding 55 you find pvp in 15 yard of those 100 yards, rest is reserved for levelers, and twinks. make events, test stuff, try it, fail, find a better way. Just don’t leave things as they are.

Aion Elyos Level 2-3 Guide
Aion Elyos Level 2-3 GuideLevel 2 ; Becoming acquainted with your talent and also the targeting system is one of the more essential things for any beginner. Walk around and test out combat just a little before you feel comfortable with it. While you’re wandering around, keep an eye out for glowing plants called Aria. Fundamental essentials first Gatherable objects in Aion. Gatherable objects can be used in crafting professions, which is something you can experience later. For the time being, gathering Aria is really a decent way to gain a little bit of experience, and ten are needed for any future Quest. Continue completing the Questline that start with Kerub Hunt being more comfortable using the game.Level 3 ; Whenever you reach level 3, that ought to happen after completing 3 to 4 Quests, a little blinking button having a scroll icon will appear within the lower right area of your screen. This really is button indicates a Survey has arrived; click to open it.This particular survey is part from the Adventurer’s Guide, which was implemented in October of 2010. This feature is to help point you within the right direction as well as give you a few what to assist with your trip. The reward for attaining level 3 is 10 Minor Life Potions. Attempt to finish off any remaining quests within the Akarios Plains and head to the first town, Akarios Village. By this point try to have those 10 Aria mentioned earlier inside your inventory. You can check your inventory by pressing I. Once you enter Akarios Village a Quest Menu will pop up and you’ll begin your first Campaign Quest. Campaign Quests would be the main story arc for your character so completing them is a vital progression of the game. Campaign Quests see as bright yellow Quest markers. Next to Kalio, the first Campaign Quest NPC, there’s a Priest named Polinia, consult with her and start her Quest, Collecting Aria, and then consult with her again to give her the ten Aria you collected. Polinia will reward you with a few Potions and some XP. Look for all of those other Quest related NPCs within the village and speak with the merchants to sell unneeded items in your Inventory. Open your Inventory and look for items with grey names; these serve no purpose apart from as commercial dog food or for supplying merchants. Armor or weapons you can’t use also needs to be sold towards the merchants. Press J to create in the Quest menu, and click on the checkbox to trace how well you’re progressing on specific Quests. You can also click any one of the current Quests to determine a small description of what you should do to accomplish that Quest. If you will find blue linked names in the text, that means that it comes with an in-game dictionary entry for the specific term or phrase. If it’s an area or NPC, clicking the Locate button at the bottom from the entry. After you have acquired a little bit of Kinah (Aion’s currency) by selling your unneeded items, you should bind towards the Obelisk in Akarios Village. This can allow you to teleport to Akarios Village while using Return skill, or resurrect at Akarios Village in case of your demise. Next you can acquire more inventory space by speaking to the Cube Artisan, and achieving him expand your Cube for a small fee.After you have bound you to ultimately the Obelisk and expanded your Cube, you need to consult with your Class Trainer and purchase the amount 3 Skillbooks to understand additional skills. If you have extra Kinah, purchasing the level 5 Skillbooks in advance can be a good idea. This can save you a trip to town.Since you are now level 3 and therefore are in a position to learn some of these additional skills, understand them and be sure to bind them to your Quickbar. Once all this is done, head out of town and speak with Muranes about your first Campaign Quest, The Kerubim Threat. You might see grey Quest markers above some NPC’s heads, which mean that you are too low level to have their Quest. Head down to the Cliona Lake and west towards Ager’s Farm; there should be several Quests that you can complete down within the Cliona Lake and Ager’s Farm area including; Uno’s Ingredients, Abandoned Goods, and also the first the main Campaign Quest The Kerubim Threat. After you have finished up at the farm, be on the lookout for the Pinbeak Airon named Tirratirra. Tirratirra is really a level 4 named monster which has a opportunity to drop some level 4 unique equipment. Tirratirra likes to hang around the middle island of Cliona Lake.

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