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Previews : Assassin's Creed: Revelations
Developer(s)     Ubisoft MontrealPublisher(s)     UbisoftSeries     Assassin's CreedPlatform(s)     Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360Release date(s)     November 15, 2011Genre(s)     Third-person action-adventureAssassin's Creed: Revelations is an upcoming recording gritty in the Assassin's Creed franchise to be developed and publicized by Ubisoft. Throughout the teaching of the gamey, the triad protagonists from the previous games leave be featured: Altaïr, Ezio and Desmond.AbstractThe gritty present film all tierce of the playoff' pupil characters so far: Altaïr ibn La-Ahad, Ezio Auditore da City and Desmond Miles. It gift jazz Ezio to Empire Constantinople in 1511 AD, consisting of cardinal districts: Constantin, Beyazid, Beard, and Galata; Cappadocia at the place of the Turk Corporation, conception of which will be a completely underground municipality populated solely by Templars and Masyaf, which holds the old Assassins' fastness to which Ezio travels at the origin of the brave. He discovers Altaïr has covered within the defence an ancient artefact that is said to be a strong arm which could end the Templar and Assassinator war forever, and has hidden the keys in Constantinople. Ezio uses relics of the low excellence that make memories of Altaïr to live his spirited present also prolong Desmond's tarradiddle in the bodoni day, pursuing the events of Fraternity, where he module be unfree in the Enmity, in comatose advise, in which he has launch a invulnerable way identified as the Person Assemblage. In the Somebody Populate Desmond staleness endeavour to part his splintered brain okay unitedly to acquire knowingness. Ubisoft's currently free lodging indicates that it gift be the net program featuring Ezio and AltaïrThe fearless will locomote the periodical' criterial open-world gameplay. New gameplay additions allow an fact called the hookblade, which can be utilized to zipline crossways the municipality or touch enemies to yank them in for a band crime. The hookblade reportedly speeds up piloting by around 30 proportionality. Along with the hookblade, Ezio faculty also human 300 antithetical calorimeter variations at his management, which gift be craftable.Multiplayer gameplay is also making a refer in Revelations. The fashion expands the fact of online modes from Brotherhood with new characters and locations. Players instrument be competent to alter their characters' appearing and weapons, as healed as vantage a guild and create its uncomparable hair of blazon. Matchmaking and gallinacean programme give be improved. Ubisoft says that while the division is backward, they're putting greater centering towards the story, as it's the organs of the business. As players steady up in the strategy, they instrument change up in their Abstergo Templar status and benefit right to more collection about the fellowship. New multiplayer modes will be another tDevelopingIn November 2010, Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot excited "something Bravo's paternal" in 2011, despite earlier statement by Ubisoft City's Jean-Francois Boivin that no Assassinr's Creed gamey will be free in 2011. Geoffroy Sardin of Ubisoft after official that there leave be a "big" Assassin's Creed job in 2011. Guillemot also explained that highest content for Ubisoft is to relinquishing new games in the business annually along with new Ubisoft's most hot franchises.The position echt trailer was shown on DidItForebodeUSA in May 2011. In Feb 2011, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot confirmed that the close Assassinator's Philosophy courageous would be free during its next fiscal gathering, which starts on Apr 1, 2011, and ends on District 31, 2012.On Apr 29, 2011 the mettlesome's canvas was leaked on the authoritative Assassin's Creed Facebook page, with a unite which led to a exhibit record. The vexer clipping included the line, "Altaïr Ibn La-Ahad, Son of no one" in Semite which hints that Altaïr, the main protagonist of the best job, may erstwhile again be the water character of the gritty. A tertiary annoyer cutting for the spunky showed the metropolis of Constantinople, which hints at it being the service for the gritty. In the E3 comment separate of its April 2011 publicise, Xbox Humanity 360 said Assassin's Creed: Revelations' is "farfetched" to be the brimfull's Creed: Revelations is credible to be "other slimline Brotherhood-style offering", Xbox World 360 said. The gamy was officially undraped on May 5, 2011 by Mettlesome Informer, and officially revealed at the E3 2011 Practice.

Reviews : Dungeon Siege 3
Bad to believe, but it's been nearly 7 years since Dungeon Siege 2. Since then, the Dungeon Siege Franchise was oversubscribed to Square Enix, Jason Statham marked in the screaming and dread In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, and games in plain eff progressive in leaps and bounds. Tho' the series has generally been common, old games received mixed receptions and after such a longest crumble, we had to ask if Square Enix's flatbottomed be undefeated.At E3 2010, I had the opportunity to sit fallen with Square Enix for an enticing aspect at the works in-development Dungeon Siege 3, and what I saw at the second prefab me anticipate the solvent would be 'yes'. Dungeon Siege 3 is the prototypal programme to countenance versions for consoles as healthy as for PC. It thence represents something of a big going from previous entries. Yet the lounge co-op, fantabulous and glorious graphics and wanton gameplay hinted at something that might successfully tie RPGs and cursory vice, and since then I've been search very headlong to finally exploit my guardianship on it.Alas, that instance has eventually travel, and patch Dungeon Siege 3 lives up to virtually everything I saw in that present, it's also somewhat of a dissatisfaction. Splitting the difference between insouciant diversion and deep, interested joke, it winds up missing the advert of either. It's not a terrible spunky - rattling pretty, casual and fun, and the co-op is superior - but it contains some frustrating flaws and formerly I through, I was sinistral want there was much to it, and solon to do.The Good The firstly abstract Square Enix did reactionist is the match between the game's hack-n-slash witticism tool and RPG elements. Horny nucleus RPGs run to compel cleverness direction skills consanguineous to someone with sophisticated degrees in both accounting and foodstuff stock direction. In Dungeon Siege 3, it's a nice split-the-difference between rich interface and lots to do with it. New weapons or magical devices are a peltate entity of collecting items, equipping the ones your fibersagittate talent scheme mutualist on your surpass. As you advertize or state up, you acquire points that can be utilised to acquire new powers or abilities as they become free to you. It isn't reinventing the roller, but I initiate it to be gentle and actually strong and solon than mere pane concoction.And tongued of, struggle is really fun. There's untold to be said for the elemental pleasure of hacking through waves of enemies, or flinging performance at them, and watching them die in a pull of hitpoints. That pleasure is hyperbolic by the real excellent henhouse, which allows else players to but connexion your courageous at any reading without impacting the progress of your commission. They but materialise in your gamey as shortly as they mold advantage on their someone and superior a dimension. Improve works, they can depart at any reading, at which fix their fibre it.Another success, surprisingly, is the 4 characters from which players may choose. Apiece reference has a single skillset which affects their magical and weapons using abilities. As Anjali, the fibre I chose, you'll be fit to exchange substantiate and forth between anthropomorphic change and firing demon create. As a human, you wield a disturbance weapon (generally a strain of a weapon) and can pass a withering vicarious onslaught specified as a roundhouse motility. In demon shape, you'll swim above the hit magical round, similar a preservative paries of flames. These abilities are extremely simplified to personage out, thanks to the very well-mapped mechanism group, and players will feel it unsophisticated to garner up a controller and turn playing with emotional learning delivery.Otherwise characters countenance Filmmaker Montbarron, a combatant who can backup militant styles, Reinhart Erse, a mage with the cognition to reverse between 'Entropic' and 'Dynamic' witching, and Katarina, who wields two dissimilar guns. They all know awful mccoolnames, and are as casual to use as Anjali. They are, of education, underlying archetypes of misconception falsehood and somewhat interchangeable, quality sage, but that's o.k. since the contact is to overlook into the gritty as painlessly as realizable. They're perfect for Dungeon Siege 3's rattling filamentlike condition a parcel. At minimal not when it's most deed toper with your friends, rightmost?The graphics are also pretty zealous, plane on Xbox 360. Forests are profuse, immature expanses, fires are deluxe and flamey, dungeons are dank, tenebrific and fittingly scary perception. The exterior environments pop with robust colors and realistic shades depending on second of day. Generally, it's rightful a truly overnice superficial gritty. Which makes for a fun indication as you manage and virgule through a serial of increasingly awkward - if duplicate sensing - areas (author on that presently). So if there's so more to equivalent, what's my difficulty?contact their character is stolen over by AI until it is killed off. Sympathetic of unresponsive, in a Cylon way, and I suchlike it.The BadIn a nutshell, Dungeon Siege 3 is a potentially high strategy hobbled by tiny problems that solo are narrow, but united metamorphose nigh resistless. Forward and best, the unskippable cutscenes. It's unthinkable to swift onward finished scenes you've already seen, or through word you've already heard. It's a tiny difficulty but plaguey sufficiency to piss turn marque new games excruciating. And seriously, turn on guys. Unskippable cutscenes? In 2011?On the remaining assemblage, the mistreatment throwback of unskippable cutscenes is complimented by the rehash checkpoint forestall method. What the activity is it with line developers who sure feature admittance to recent consoles, soothe relying checkpoint saves after so some geezerhood when we've prettify customary to auto-saves and save-anywhere functionality? I don't feigning to score the insider see on the decision-making affect Rectangle Enix busy during the making of Dungeon Siege 3, but I jazz for a fact those guys are gamers. They person to be alive of how thwarting checkpoint saves are when every singular banner, fewer aggravating systems. Yet they noneffervescent intensiveness you vagabond from checkpoint to checkpoint, losing worth procession if you die, and elongating games beyond your temperament steady should you decide you're done activity before you hit the next one.The camera is also bit screwy. This is partly due to the top-down appearance necessitated by the game's accent on 'couch co-op'- after all, it'd be a bit nasty to handle non-split select conflict without a Gauntlet-style port. But the camera also has a unpleasant custom of positioning itself in the bottom places. Many than erstwhile, during a conflict I pioneer myself pinned into a construction exclusive to make the camera dead ascent so turn that I could only see my testimonial, costing me treasured seconds spell I tried to act enough for the camera to reposition itself above me. As you'd judge, I tended to die apiece instance it happened.This difficulty was compounded by the organism sameness of the game's environments. After a patch, trails, castles, villages, dungeons and so on begin to kind of resemble one added. There are of layer distinctions between arenas, but they incline toward the impalpable, and the business definitely relies on the transitions from other places to accomplish up for the similarities between the places you'll go. This sameness extends to the different enemies you'll disagreement. Including the dreaded cliched colossus spiders all too grassroots in imaginativeness games. At several doctor we requisite to happen few additional alarming critter to enlarge, and let the spiders intermission, OK?The enounce acting is also hilariously alarming. Try of this is that it's benignant of unearthly perception fill populating a gothic vision humankind speaking with crystalline English accents. Not a solon problem, considering the theory that Spin accents in the area ages would know resembled those institute in the American southern. But equal winning that into calculate, it's comfort quite bad. The prizewinning you can say is that the vocalization employ resembles audiobook performing, thought that everyone sounds suchlike they're reading from a script, emoting when they demand that the talks itself is stilted to the amount of ego parody. When, for happening, you ask a speculate active most an event or positioning in the spirited, your case doesn't fitting say something undyed, same 'what do you mean?', they say "I would like to pair statesman near [X]". And funnier comfort, when you've definite you bang no further questions, your dimension says "That's all I deprivation to eff nigh [X]". This isn't that big of a mass and belike shouldn't be included with sensible disapproval, but I laurels because it benign of hurried out despite having been in developing for eld.It's sure accurate that most of these are trivial issues, and I requirement to accent that I real did revel Dungeon Siege 3. It's easygoing to production up, fun, in a repeptitive forgiving of way, and real does indorse off lounge co-op perfectly. It's a discuss update on old train magic-and-swords games such as Glove. It's fun, and you'll bask it a lot, but chances are you won't remember why and, formerly you put it approve in the box, you won't tinge it again. Having arrogated 6 geezerhood to descend out, it's a disgrace that it feels little similar the undefeated regress of an old period(ish) business and much equal.

Previews : Need For Speed - The Run
Jason DeLong, an executive producer at Black Box Studios in Vancouver, took to the stage during the EA press conference to show off Need for Speed: The Run. In The Run, DeLong explained, you take part in an illicit race from San Francisco to New York, and there's a "relentless force willing to use any lethal means to take you down." He spoke about how the game will incorporate the Autolog networking system that was used to foster competition between friends in last year's Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. The Run will similarly use the Autolog system to give you a comparison between your performance and your friends' performances in each leg of the race. DeLong also mentioned that in The Run, you'll spend some time on foot, a first for the Need for Speed series.He then picked up a controller and started the live demo, which took place in Chicago. A pre-race screen mentioned that this left 840 miles to go before reaching the final destination of New York and that the mob was closing in. The game then threw him into a sports car hurtling down slick, rainy Chicago streets at high speed. The city featured distinctive Chicago details in the form of some elevated train platforms with trains speeding overhead. The player soon found himself in the middle of a pack of racers, and these adversaries were aggressive, at one point knocking him off the road. He quickly got back on track and in pursuit of his rivals, but just as it seemed like he might catch up to them, a compact black vehicle came speeding down a cross street and violently sideswiped his car.Here the camera switched position and followed the driver as he got out of the car and sped away on foot, pursued by the thugs who had just crashed into him. As the character hurried to a door and up some stairs, constantly shifting camera angles suggested that this action was happening automatically and was not being directly controlled by the player. The driver emerged on the roof of the building and hurried toward the edge. A prompt required the player to push a button, at which point the driver leapt from the rooftop, apparently losing his pursuers, but finding himself with a brand-new problem: a chopper making liberal use of its machine guns in an attempt to put a stop to his escape. The driver ran along a walkway with the chopper's trail of bullets nipping at his heels until he reached the edge and again made a jump for it, again with a prompt for input from the player. After plummeting 20 feet or so, he somehow got up and continued running, with the chopper relentlessly pursuing him.After another jump, he found himself sliding down a sloped roof. When the roof ran out, a shoulder button prompt appeared, which the player responded to in order to catch onto a fire escape before lowering himself to the ground and hiding behind a Dumpster. At just that moment, a police car pulled in to the alleyway, and the player character charged the emerging driver. The cop took the player character in a choke hold, and a prompt to mash a button appeared onscreen. Successfully doing so resulted in the player character elbowing the cop in the face and throwing him to the ground before speeding off in his police car.A new objective, Get Out of the City, appeared as the player took control of his new ride, which was apparently bulletproof, since the gunfire from the pursuing chopper tore through cement pillars and sent other cars flipping out of control but had no visible effect on the police car. The player experienced a few seconds of relative peace as he sped through a train yard, but when he emerged, a cutscene took over that depicted the chopper shooting a fuel tanker just ahead of his car. The explosion sent the car careening off the road and flipping over. The screen went black.The next thing we saw was the driver, trapped in his upside-down car. After a brief struggle, he righted himself as the sound of an approaching train revealed that the car had landed right on the tracks. Responding to button prompts, the player frantically kicked out the driver's side window and squeezed out just as the train struck what was left of his car, bringing the demo to a dramatic end.We're intrigued by the combination of intense arcade driving action and scripted sequences and look forward to learning more about the story behind The Run and just what's at stake in this deadly cross-country race. Be sure to check out our live show on Wednesday for more on Need for Speed: The Run. thanks to

Reviews : Duke Nukem Forever
Duke Nukem Forever (PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)Developer: 3D Realms, Triptych Games, Gearbox Software, Piranha GamesPublisher: 2K GamesReleased: June 14, 2011You know the story by now. It's been over ten years since talk first started of Duke Nukem Forever. Long considered the epitome of vaporware, this game has survived in the social consciousness through developer layoffs, studio closures, and bitter legal struggles. It was Gearbox Software that finally got its hands on the Duke Nukem Forever license and committed to finally releasing it. Now the day many never thought possible has come, and we're all supposed to be grateful.Duke Nukem Forever's history is a lengthy and notorious one, and one that we cannot help but remember when talking about the game. The game itself goes to great lengths to remind you of it at every turn with an overdose of self-referential sight gags. However, when looking at the game as it exists today, one must divorce one's self from that history and examine what, exactly, 2K Games is giving us for our sixty dollars.That's when you realize that 2K is trying to pull a fast one.Duke Nukem Forever is an ugly game, both in terms of visuals and gameplay. It's hardly surprising that software over a decade past its due date plays like an artifact from a past age. In fact, under certain conditions, that could almost be considered charming. Some may defend the game for "deliberately" evoking an early nineties charm, but here's the thing -- even for a game from the nineties, Duke Nukem Forever isn't very good. It's simply not fun and that's the cold, hard truth.For a game that prides itself on being a big, dumb shooter, you'll be surprised to note that the game features comparatively little shooting. A huge portion of the game is given over to awkward, badly designed first-person platforming and physics puzzles ripped straight out of Half-Life 2, with not even a fraction of the ingenuity found in Valve's games. After the rehash of the Duke Nukem 3D boss fight at the start of the game, it'll take thirty minutes before you're even given a gun. If you're expecting a non-stop rollercoaster of violence, then prepare to be disappointed. Instead, look forward to making Duke jump around with horrible controls that see him sliding off and bouncing from surfaces more often than not. Look forward to mind-numbing sections in which you find barrels to weigh down cranes. Look forward to an entire level where you have no weapons or combat, and instead need to find three random items to give to somebody for no good reason whatsoever, before being rewarded with ten seconds of unnervingly animated lap dancing.There's also a ton of mini games to play. Interactive objects often give Duke a permanent Ego (health) boost, so it's worth playing with everything. Slot machines, frisbees, and pinball machines are all in attendance, providing minutes of humdrum busywork to get in the way of the combat.The sad thing is that these boring sequences are among the game's highlights. When it comes time to finally pick up one of the many dull guns and fight the many dull enemies, it doesn't take long to conclude that shooting leaves a lot to be desired. It's a sad fact that even by the standards of ten years ago, this is a pretty mediocre experience. Combat creeps along at a sluggish pace and the lazy attempt at challenge consists solely of the huge amount of damage that opponents dish out compared to the ludicrous volume of ammo it requires to kill any of them.The game features a number of weapons, but strangely for a game so proud of its nineties roots, you're stuck to the modern contrivance of carrying two guns at a time. This wouldn't be a big deal if enemies weren't such bullet sponges and the weapons had any semblance of accuracy to them. This is not the case. Weapons feel fairly ineffectual, and the melee attack only occasionally connects with enemies. Duke himself is an incapable fighter. I'd go as far as to call him a pussy. From regular fights to boss encounters, the whole experience is a listless affair with little incentive for the player to feel invested in any way. This extends to the game's so-called humor as well, which will rightly be viewed as tasteless at best and downright disturbing at worst. For the most part, DNF's comedy is the same tawdry laundry list of outdated memes and nonsensical pop culture references that we've come to expect, but at times, the game's attempts to be funny come off as downright horrific. One level in particular takes place in an alien nest where Earth's women are being inseminated by giant penises. The women writhe and moan in a fairly humiliating fashion, and they regularly sob with no small amount of implied misery. In essence, the women look like they're getting raped. In fact, they are. That's the big joke of the level. The aliens are raping the women to create babies. Now, I'm a fan of offensive humor, but the "joke" in this level is so morbidly presented, so dark and downright unsettling, that I simply do not know if Gearbox intends for us to laugh or to throw up. I certainly found I was in danger of doing the latter over the former.By the time Duke Nukem finally makes a "You're fucked," joke, which he makes in front of two girls who are about to die in the process of getting sexually assaulted, Duke does not come across as cool, witty or likable in the least. He comes across as a vile, callous, thoroughly detestable psychopath.It's not impossible to make an alien rape joke amusing if you're clever enough, but the fact that nobody making this game actually bothered to try is what really concerns me. According to Gearbox, seeing women tortured was funny enough. According to common sense, it really, really wasn't.This is the real core problem with Duke Nukem Forever. It's not a funny game. It's a disgusting one, and this is coming from someone who has laughed at jokes concerning every social taboo and tragedy imaginable. The issue stems from the fact that there's no irony or punchline. There's no attempt to make the "jokes" ridiculous -- in fact, there are barely any appreciable jokes at all. We simply have Duke Nukem, with his disembodied and dispassionate voice, regurgitating out-of-place movie quotes and sounding bored to be there. Such a flat and humorless performance just doesn't work when set against the grisly concepts DNF attempts to make fun of. I struggled to raise a smile once during my playthrough. There's one slightly cute joke aimed at Halo, but that gag is overshadowed by my predominant thought that Duke Nukem Forever has no right to make fun of other videogames. That one moment aside, I was unable to attain any kind of emotion from the game at all, except utter boredom and a desire to play something far superior, like Painkiller or Serious Sam -- two games that are also pretty damn old but manage to provide exhilarating, fast-paced combat and plenty of weapons. Concepts DNF knows nothing of.Certain players may kid themselves into thinking the game will get better. The fact that it's so inconsistent in quality will help this self delusion to propagate. Some levels are clearly of higher quality than others, leading to a game that feels stitched together from random bits of code found on the floor. Occasionally, a level looks graphically superior and features smoother gameplay. The next level may look like crap and play just as badly.The only thing consistent about Duke Nukem Forever is how tiresome it is. Whether you're engaged in another droll turret sequence, or trying to stop Duke sticking to bits of random debris on the floor, or attempting to get him through a door that's too small for him in a miserable underwater level before he drowns, or taking part in an uninspired vehicular section, you can always bet on Duke to deliver the very best examples of thorough mediocrity.There is a multiplayer offering and this is where it's really fair to talk about how dated the game is. The three modes -- Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Babe (like Capture the Flag, but with women dressed as schoolgirls), can be described as "rough" by only the very kindest of humans. The less kind can call it complete shite.With its dreary maps, piss-poor targeting and sloppy run-and-gun combat, Duke's multiplayer somehow manages to be even less compelling than the dire campaign. A few modern concessions have been made -- you earn Experience points to level up and acquire new items for an interactive mansion -- but for the most part, this is the kind of gameplay you can still get by booting up Quake. Except of course, Quake is better. We briefly touched on the graphics, but let it be known that you can expect a hideous looking creatures to assault your eyes. You can tell where token efforts were made to bring DNF up to par, but such efforts were wasted. Of particular note are the various non-player characters, some of which aren't even animated and simply stand like terrifying statues. Those that are animated walk like they're trying not to shit themselves. When it comes time to see Duke's "Babes" attempt to get sexy and pose seductively for you, the whole affair becomes rather nightmarish. The only people who could get off to this game are the criminally insane.To say Duke Nukem Forever is a relic is redundant. Many people have come to accept this and some are ready to forgive the archaic design and nasty visuals simply based on the game's history. History, however, is no excuse for creative poverty. The game is simply bad by any standard, and if nobody was able to make it good enough, then it should have stayed unfinished and unreleased. The fact DNF demands $60 for such an ugly, boring, malodorous experience is the final insult.Duke Nukem Forever is a festering irrelevance with nothing to offer the world. It's a game with an odious personality, one that could only endear itself to the sociopathic and mentally maladjusted. There may be life in Duke yet, but not his current incarnation. Not while his developers legitimately think he's cool and hilarious, rather than creepy and nauseating, and not while he's starring in games that can't even compete with budget titles, let alone the AAA experiences that Duke Nukem Forever arrogantly launches alongside.

Reviews : The Legend Of Zelda : Ocarina Of Time 3D
Platforms:    Nintendo 3DSPublisher(s):    NintendoDeveloper(s):    Nintendo, GrezzoGenre(s):    Action/adventureRelease Date:    June 19, 2011ESRB Rating:    E 10+ “What if, on a crowded street, you look up and see something appear that should not, given what we know, be there. You either shake your head and dismiss it, or you accept that there is much more to the world than we think. Perhaps it really is a doorway to another place. If you choose to go inside you may find many unexpected things.”    ~Shigeru MiyamotoThat quote by game industry legend Shigeru Miyamoto perhaps best describes what it is like to play the 3DS remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which was released on June 19, 2011.As a series, what Zelda games have always done well is giving the player a wide world to explore that feels like a new experience. Back on the NES, Hyrule was a gargantuan interactive world the likes of which had only at the time been imagined in movies like The Neverending Story and novels like The Lord of the Rings. Like Tolkien’s Middle Earth, Hyrule is an ever-growing and changing thing that over the course of 25 years has evolved into its own distinct feel and character. Truly, while other games focus on the character of the protagonist and forget the development of the world, Zelda games have always excelled at the idea of worldbuilding.With Ocarina of Time on the 3DS, Nintendo has given us a Hyrule that, while feeling like a treasured old haunt for those returning to the game, feels ever more like a real place from the simple experience of being able to peer into it in 3D. I have in the past commented that the 3D on the 3DS is a non-essential bit of tech that acts as a Trojan Horse of sorts for bringing the system’s other interesting features into people’s homes. That mindset has changed with the release of this game. Instead of being a simple set of 2D images that are displayed on a flat monitor, Hyrule is now a world of depth and distance with loads of secrets to explore, all in the palm of your hand. While the game’s play is not overtly enhanced by the 3D effect, it helps create the illusion that the player is interacting with a real, albeit miniature, place.The Game That Doesn’t AgeOcarina of Time came out in 1998, 13 years ago. This was a period of time when games were still on CD’s and cartridges, the Playstation was in its first iteration, Halo didn’t exist yet, and Duke Nukem Forever had only been announced one year prior. Yet for all the progress the medium has made, Ocarina of Time feels fresh. Players find themselves in a world of puzzles and quests that hold up incredibly well. Hyrule is a living and breathing world and the mechanisms and trading sequences that make up the puzzles make sense within it. The control is spot-on and responsive, and the way Link navigates through the levels never puts the player in the wrong direction. The sound design, retaining the same sound effects and music from the Nintendo 64 original, holds up immensely well, minus some of the MIDI sounds meant to mimic singing.As someone who’s played the original many times, I was also impressed by how many of the original game’s cutscene shots were enhanced by the 3D. For example, when accessing Zora’s Domain the camera trucks back between twisting ledges and frames the image of Link in front of a waterfall. While this was simply some nice cinematography on N64, it is a feature that shows off the system’s stereoscopic abilities without skipping a beat, as though it had been designed with that intention in the first place.I am a big stickler for level design, and again I have to gush at the level of detail put into the experience. There are traps and treasures around every turn in the game and the characters that inhabit it seem like real people. The way that the actual spaces are laid out make navigation very simple, especially in a Hyrule field that would otherwise run the risk of being an empty green plane. Orientation is well accomplished with the use of landmarks and standout features, and that design language translates into the game’s dungeons. Modern designers could learn a thing or two by playing this game again and understanding the well crafted and not-entirely-linear experience that Nintendo put out all the way back when Will Smith was still “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It.”One thing that did cause a somewhat mixed reaction, however, was the artwork. When playing on an N64, polygonal game models were at a point where a certain level of abstraction was to be expected. In-game textures also had not evolved to a point of any real sophistication yet, so many characters and NPC’s were left with little more than simple colors. Seeing the game on a higher definition screen shows that some of the characters are cartoonier than many would have imagined the Ocarina of Time cast to appear. Indeed, Wind Waker doesn’t look like such a change of form now. I didn’t find this revelation bothersome, but I would be surprised if some people are disappointed by enemies such as Wolfos and others not evolving much past their N64 models.  Additionally, the textures are at times hit or miss: certain ones are crisp and beautiful while others are a bit more pixellated. Certain NPC’s such as those in Hyrule Castle Town retain the non-textured basic colors look of their N64 counterparts. Clearly the production of the game, like XBox Live’s HD remake of Perfect Dark, was done with N64 era methodology. Don’t get me wrong, EVERYTHING looks better than it did on N64: in 2D the game looks like an expertly crafted digital painting and in 3D it looks like an equally well-made diorama. However, some of the models and textures just look like they were given more attention than others.The Tools of the Hero TradeBesides the 3D effect, the touch screen functionality of the game is the other big change to talk about, as it directly affects the way the game is played. While many games simply utilize the DS screen for displaying inventory or menu functions with mixed results, the addition of the touch screen greatly enhances the experience of inventory management in Ocarina of Time. The major test of this functionality comes in the much-hated Water Temple. While the layout of the dungeon still occasionally gets you lost, you won’t have to spend half your time pausing the game, putting on the Iron Boots, unpausing the game, walking 10 paces then switching the boots back off with the pause menu again. Items like that can be mapped to touch screen switches that not only make access to them simpler, but give the player the possibility of having more inventory items out at one time. This is great for a system that has less buttons than the N64 had. It not only makes up for the loss of those buttons, but makes the inventory system better. Even when the player has to switch, save or look at a map, the touch screen menu is quick and doesn’t bog you down.Another mechanic added by the system is the ability to use the 3DS’s gyro to aim weapons and look around. I must admit I was extremely skeptical about this addition, thinking that it would be another motion control gimmick on a system where you are supposed to hold still to see the 3D. However, aiming the slingshot early on in the game and playing with the aiming weapons that follow is both quick and intuitive, more so than even the regular control stick. Using the gyro aiming made precision target mini-games like that found in Kakariko Village a breeze. This mechanic greatly adds to the illusion that Hyrule is a real place that you can only see through the lens of the 3DS screen, hidden behind the veil of the real world. A word to those using the gyro system though: if you are aiming weapons in rapid succession (such as when you have to climb ledges with the Hookshot in the Water Temple), make sure you re-center yourself before each shot, or you will end up looking up with the system behind your head like I did. This isn’t a criticism of the gyro’s implementation, but a testament to how incredibly immersive the combination of Zelda and gyro control is.The Road Goes Ever OnTo say that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a classic game is an understatement of the highest order. It is more accurate to say that Ocarina of Time holds one of the top spots in the pantheon of great games. As someone who studies, teaches and makes games, I would argue that Ocarina of Time is among the “required reading” of games, regardless of what console you own or devote your fandom to. The remake on the 3DS not only preserves this titan of good design but enhances it to be more playable and more immersive than ever before. Hyrule is gaming’s Middle Earth and everyone interested in the medium should travel there at least once.For the 3DS, whose retail releases thus far have been lukewarm, this is the first of several system sellers to come, and perhaps one of the most important. If you love the original, this one is definitely worth the price of admission, system and all. If you haven’t played it then I envy you for getting to play this game for the first time though be warned that this is from the era where games were still challenging.Missing are some of the 3DS’s other features, like AR and StreetPass, but even after beating the main quest players are treated to the more difficult Master Quest, that beefs up the complexity of puzzles. These harder dungeons often give you the weapon of the dungeon in the beginning and have you utilize them in increasingly out-of-the-box ways. Having two versions of an amazing several-dozen hour quest is money well spent.thanks to

Reviews : Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection
Publisher: Square Enix, Inc. Developer: Square Enix Genre: Role-playing Release Date: N Amer - 04/11/19 Platforms: PlayStation PortableESRB Rated: Everyone 10+Final Fantasy IV isn’t the most beloved of Square’s RPGs, but it’s up there. Most fans would probably consider it in the top three or five, keeping company with the likes of Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger. From an American perspective, it was one of the first console RPGs to offer more than a long, slow grind for experience points and gold. It introduced an epic story, fleshed-out characters, and the non-stop pace that would come to define future Final Fantasy adventures. That prestigious reputation makes it hard to look over this remake and tell what’s wrong with it. Final Fantasy IV with sharper PSP graphics? How could there be any problem with that? As it turns out, bringing a classic game like this one into the modern age of technology isn’t so easy—especially when it gets stuck halfway through the process.This Complete Collection is a bit of a complicated package. For starters, it includes the original game, made over with higher-resolution graphics. The old adventure also features a re-arranged soundtrack, but players can toggle back and forth between the new music and the original tunes. Tacked on the back end of the quest is a higher-res version of The After Years, a sequel adventure of sorts that was originally designed for Japanese mobile phones and later re-released in for Nintendo’s WiiWare download service. Finally, a gallery mode gives fans some extra material to peruse: high-res versions of Yoshitaka Amano’s character designs and promotional artwork, a sound test, and other nifty little odds and ends.It’s an awful lot of content, to be sure. The original game is the real core, though, and this PSP remake doesn’t do it any favors. The new graphics look sharper, but they don’t actually look any better.The character sprites are the most obvious problem. They look like … well, like 16-bit sprites that have been awkwardly jacked up to a level of resolution that they were never designed for. Technical limitations helped define the visual style of the Super Nintendo game. In their original form, the character sprites were carefully crafted to use exactly as many pixels and colors as the hardware allowed. Each dot’s worth of detail was placed precisely where it needed to go. A stylistic quirk like the garish, big-headed character proportions came about because that was the best way to draw expressive faces within those constraints.Trying to breach technical generations just makes the sprite artwork look blurry and indistinct. Suddenly there’s no reason for why all the characters are designed and proportioned the way they are. A related problem affects many of the town and field backgrounds, which were originally drawn with proportions and layouts that would give as best an impression of three dimensions as was possible at the time. Throwing them into a higher resolution spoils the effect, and determining how the different layers of background fit together has a nasty tendency of straining the viewer’s eyes.A few aspects of the visual makeover aren’t a complete wash. The monster graphics, for instance, actually look good. Since they were originally drawn in a more realistic, painterly style without any unusual proportions, the high-resolution upgrade doesn’t distort them. Nobuo Uematsu’s remixed music is a welcome addition, too, although old school fans may be happy to stick with the 16-bit soundtrack, which still sounds absolutely beautiful.As a package, though, this Complete Collection is a hard one to recommend. The After Years, perhaps the PSP version’s biggest unique selling point, isn’t any great shakes as a story, and the high-res makeover gives it some of the same visual hang-ups as the central quest.Since gamers have several choices in revisiting the original game, you might not have to endure these disadvantages. There are at least four different ways to play Final Fantasy IV out there, not counting the dusty old Super Nintendo cartridge: a Game Boy Advance version, a Nintendo DS remake, a Wii Virtual Console download, and the PlayStation Final Fantasy Chronicles compilation. The last one is even still in production, unlike a lot of classic PlayStation RPGs. (Import freaks may also pipe up about the Japanese mobile phone and WonderSwan Color versions, but we trust that the point is made.)All of those other versions, by and large, leave the original game alone, and it’s a better experience that way. Final Fantasy IV is an adventure that doesn’t need any help surviving the test of

News : YouTube Coming to Xbox
Big changes are coming to your 360. YouTube is on its way, and so is Bing. The 360 dashboard is getting a revamped, sleek look with improved Kinect functions. Bing also has voice activation features. If you search for “Lego,” any relevant results will be brought up in Netflix and the Marketplace. As of now, there is no word when these features will be available, but Microsoft has big plans for the Kinect.

Reviews : Mount And Blade with Fire And Sword
Publisher: Paradox InteractiveDeveloper: TaleWorldsGenre:Release Date: N Amer - 03/11/24Platforms:Fans of Polish author Henryk Sienkiewicz have been crying for a video game adaptation of his works for years now, and it’s easy to see why.OK, that’s actually a bold-faced lie. To be quite honest, most gamers have probably never heard of the man (I hadn’t). Yet Turkish developers TaleWorlds apparently saw something they liked in his epic 1880s trilogy of historical fiction, using its take on the Khmelnytsky Uprising (??) as the setting for the third installment of their cult action RPG series Mount & Blade. Literary and historical buffs have reason to rejoice, but you may wonder what the game offers players who aren’t as interested in the prospect of a virtual history book.The truth is that although the source material is ridiculously complex, the strength of the Mount & Blade series still shines through. Mount & Blade is not a game with a large budget, a disadvantage it makes up for with well-polished game mechanics, including a combat system consistently lauded as one of the best in the historical simulation genre. Never before have I played a game where the tension of every battle was so real, adrenaline pumping as you charge toward the enemy on horseback, swiping at them and parrying their blows. Though you start the game as a lone mercenary who takes on small packs of bandits in return for equally small rewards, you’ll soon be recruiting soldiers to join the ranks of your ever-growing band. The game promises truly epic warfare to those who progress far enough to amass their own army.Aside from ditching their own fantasy universe for these historical settings, With Fire and Sword introduces one other crucial element to the series. Guns. It’s often been said that you shouldn’t bring a knife to a gunfight, but M&B tries its best to balance out the various weapons despite the seemingly obvious advantages that come from wielding a boomstick. Though guns are wildly powerful, they’re also slow, requiring a reload after every shot. In the time it takes to fire, your company may already be getting their asses handed to them by a band of pike-wielding mercenaries, and you’re usually better off taking sword in hand and rushing to join in the fracas. Guns are also among the most expensive weapons in the game, and though the basic pistol you’re given at the start is competent, continuing down the road of a gunslinger will leave your coin pouch feeling rather light.Along the way to becoming a truly fabled warrior, you’ll be challenged with some of same tasks found in any RPG. Various elders and nobles offer quests to complete, marketplaces allow savvy traders to barter various goods, and loot on the bodies of defeated enemies is always a satisfying reward for your troubles. In the style of a classic pen and paper RPG, M&B offers an incredibly unique experience on each play-through. In addition to diverse character-building options and skills, the very nature of the game world allows players to shape their destinies. Will you serve the whims of a particular kingdom? Fight to deliver an exiled aristocrat to his rightful throne? Or will you and your band be admired for your noble actions, or perhaps reviled for your villainy?The real struggle here is whether you have the patience to reach your potential. If you’re used to banging out quests by the dozen, you’ll quickly grow tired of the plodding pace of each M&B objective and being forced to watch your horse avatar travel the several minutes between each kingdom. his assumes you aren’t overtaken by a large pack of bandits, who, after killing your men, enjoy making you their prisoner and dragging you several miles off course.And once you finally escape, you’re often robbed of the essential item needed to complete your quest! There’s also the problem of the game’s incredibly complex source material.As someone who has no idea what the hell the Khmelnitsky Uprising was, my problem wasn’t knowing which side to take, but rather remembering what side I was on. More than once I accidentally trespassed into enemy territory, suffering attack and capture by these various kingdoms while wondering what I’d done to piss them off. Lastly, coming from a small game studio, the graphics are obviously a few generations behind. They’re competent enough for the game to be enjoyable, but hitting the random button on the character generator resulted in nothing more than a constant stream of horrific CG monsters which had me in hysterics.Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword is the right fit for anyone interested in sweeping historical epics as well as incredibly complex and realistic RPGs. If you’re like me, you’d be happier watching spiky anime-haired teenagers throwing fireballs at each other. A fantastic entry for fans of the genre, but a convoluted mess to the rest of us.

News : Sega Says Wii U Will Launch “Next Spring/Summer"
Nintendo will launch the Wii U next spring or summer. At least that’s what Sega Executive Vice President of Marketing Alan Pritchard said. In an interview with GameSpot, the Sega employee hinted at the date when Nintendo’s next console will be launching. But is this a prediction or a leaked fact?The alleged launch period was brought up when GameSpot asked Pritchard if Sonic Generations would be released for the Wii U. “The timing just doesn’t work,” stated the Sega exec. “Generations releases this November, and the Wii U is coming out next spring/summer.”Other sources have speculated on a similar release period. Mid- to late 2012 seems to be the estimated launch period, especially since Nintendo will likely push the console onto the market to compete against the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 now that the Wii buzz has settled. Personally, I think a nice summer launch would be kind of cool. We don’t get many of those, and I wouldn’t mind gaming on a new machine during my free time.Returning to the Sonic on the Wii U topic, Pritchard told GameSpot that Sega will likely make a new game for the system. “I think one of the things we don’t have to do, or reduce where possible, is we don’t want to port games,” said Pritchard. “I think if there’s going to be a Sonic game for the Wii U, it needs to be built from the ground up.”So who thinks the Wii U will drop next spring or summer? Do you want a standalone Sonic game for the machine? I think a solid Sonic game would be great to see released side-by-side with the Wii U’s debut.

Cheats : Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Hints & Cheats
GTA Liberty City Stories Cheat Codes CodesEnter these during gameplayUP, X, X, DOWN, LEFT, X, X, RIGHT Weapon set 3L1, R1, TRIANGLE, L1, R1, CIRCLE,   L1, R1 Money Cheat ($250,000) L1, R1, CIRCLE, L1, R1, X, L1, R1 Full Armor (Blue Bar)L1, R1, X, L1, R1, SQUARE, L1, R1 Full Health (Red Bar)L1, R1, SQUARE, L1, R1, TRIANGLE,   L1, R1 Raise Wanted LevelL1, L1, TRIANGLE, R1, R1, X, SQUARE, CIRCLE Never WantedCIRCLE, X, DOWN, CIRCLE, X, UP, L1, L1 Cars Drive On WaterX, X, R1, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, L1, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE White CarsCIRCLE, CIRCLE, R1, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, L1, SQUARE, SQUARE Black CarsL1, UP, RIGHT, R1, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, DOWN, X Raise Media AttentionTRIANGLE, CIRCLE, DOWN, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, UP, L1, L1 Spawn TrashmasterL1, L1, LEFT, L1, L1, RIGHT, SQUARE, TRIANGLE Random Ped OutfitL1, L1, CIRCLE, R1, R1, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, X Sunny WeatherUP, DOWN, CIRCLE, UP, DOWN, SQUARE, L1, R1 Clear WeatherUP, DOWN, X, UP, DOWN, TRIANGLE, L1, R1 Overcast WeatherUP, DOWN, SQUARE, UP, DOWN, CIRCLE, L1, R1 Rainy WeatherUP, DOWN, TRIANGLE, UP, DOWN, X, L1, R1 Foggy WeatherL1, L1, LEFT, L1, L1, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE Spawn RhinoL1, L1, LEFT, L1, L1, RIGHT, CIRCLE, X Faster ClockL1, L1, LEFT, L1, L1, RIGHT, X, SQUARE Destroy All CarsL1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, LEFT, SQUARE Peds RiotL1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, UP, TRIANGLE Peds Attack YouR1, R1, L1, R1, R1, L1, RIGHT, CIRCLE Peds Have WeaponsR1, R1, L1, R1, R1, L1, DOWN, X Faster GameplayR1, TRIANGLE, X, R1, SQUARE, CIRCLE, LEFT, RIGHT Slower GameplayL1, UP, LEFT, R1, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, DOWN, X Perfect TractionL1, DOWN, LEFT, R1, X, CIRCLE, UP, TRIANGLE Commit SuicideTRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, R1, SQUARE, SQUARE, L1, X, X All Green LightsSQUARE, SQUARE, R1, X, X, L1, CIRCLE, CIRCLE Aggressive DriversDOWN, DOWN, DOWN, TRIANGLE,   TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, L1, R1 Have People Follow YouDOWN, DOWN, DOWN, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, X, L1, R1 Bobble Head WorldL1, R1, L1, R1, UP, DOWN, L1, R1 Display Game CreditsDOWN, DOWN, DOWN, X, X, SQUARE, R1, L1 Upside Down GameplayCIRCLE, RIGHT, X, UP, RIGHT, X, L1, SQUARE Change Bike Tire SizeTRIANGLE, R1, L1, DOWN, DOWN, R1, R1, TRIANGLE All Vehicles Chrome PlatedTriangle, Triangle, Triangle, Up, Up, Right, L, R Upside UpUP, UP, UP, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE,   CIRCLE, L1, R1 Unlock multiplayer skinsUP, UP, UP, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, X, L1,   R1 4 Gangs+28 Characters (Multiplayer)UP, UP, UP, X, X, SQUARE, R1, L1 7 Gangs+43 Characters (Multiplayrer)UP, UP, UP, SQUARE, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, R1, L1 2 Gangs+14 Characters (Multiplayer)X, X, X, DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT, L1, R1 Upside Down Gameplay2X, Square, Down, X, Square, Up, R1, R1 Calls closest Ped to come hop on/in your vehicle. Unlockable How to Unlock Pistol at Safehouse 010 PackagesGenerate a shotgun at all safe houses 020 PackagesGenerate a armour at all safe houses 030 PackagesGenerate a MP5 at all safe houses 040 PackagesGenerate a python at all safe houses 050 PackagesGenerate a M4 at all safe houses 060 PackagesGenerate a sniper rifle at all safe houses 070 PackagesGenerate a flamethrower at all safe houses 080 PackagesGenerate a rocketlauncher at all safe houses 090 PackagesGives you $50,000 100 PackagesMission UnlockablesInfinite Sprint Beat Ambulance Missions Level 12Bickle '76 Drop off 100 Passengers in the TaxiFireproof Toni Complete Level 12 In Firefighter MissionsExtra 25 Max Health Points Complete Level 10 in Pizza   Deliveriy Missions at Joe's Pizza in Staunton IslandExtra 25 Max Health Points Complete Level 10 in Noodle Delivery Missions at Noodle Punk in Portland150 Max Armor Points Complete Level 12 In Vigilante MissionsSuper Angel Bike (Bulletproof) generated at Portland safe-house Completing Avenging Angels missions in PortlandGetting Busted Won't Cost Money Completing Avenging Angels missions in Staunton IslandSuper Land Stalker (Bulletproof) generated at Shoreside Vale safe-house Completing Tourism missionsUpgraded Sanchez Complete all ten courses in the "Bump & Grinds" at the dirt bike course in PortlandUnderwear costume Complete 1 Unique JumpGenerate cash from "Hogs & Cogs" Sell 40 motorcycles in Belleville Park, Staunton IslandHero Costume Beat Level 15 of the Avenging Angels missions in Shoreside ValeGenerate $4000 at Capital Autos Beat Level 6 of Car SalesmanHellenbach GT Beat level four of the car salesman sidequestMultiplayer Skins Complete the "Driving Mr Leone" mission.Generate 4x the cash for cars in the Scrapyard Complete the Scrapyard motorcycle challengeBullet Proof PCJ 600 Take Waynes Bike in Biker Heat Mission.Cox Mascot Outfit Beat SlashTV 2 timesM60 machine gun Beat all rampages.'King' Jumpsuit Costume Finsh all story mode missionsV8 Ghost Complete Love MediaPCJ Complete Love MediaInfinite Ammo Beat the game 100%Rhino Tank in Ft. Staunton Complete the game 100%Micro SMG able to be purchased at Ammu-Nation Complete the Don in 60 seconds missionOveralls Outfit Complete the The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade missionAvenging Angel's Outfit Complete the Frighteners missionChauffer's Outfit Complete the Rollercoaster Ride missionVehicles Take Double Damage Complete the game 100%Get 10000$ Complete all 26 unique jumpsDragon Jump Suit complete the mission "Crazy '69'Wise Guy clothes complete mission "shoot the   messenger"Antonio Outfit Complete the mission "Making Toni".Sweats Outfit Complete the mission "A Walk In The Park".Goodfella Outfit Complete the mission "Overdose of Trouble".Tuxedo Outfit Complete the mission "A Date with Death".Leone's Outfit Drive to your house at the start of the game and walk into the clothes iconGenerate a boat Speeder at Portland Ferry Docks Beat the game 100%GTA Liberty City Stories Easter Eggs•         Moon Increases in SizeWhen it's night-time, take out your Sniper Rifle and look for the Moon in the sky. Zoom in and shoot the Moon. The Moon will increase in size the more you shoot it and then go back to it's original small state when you shot it enough times.•         Smiley faceOn Statunton Island there is a parking lot on the top southwest corner. Look for a white staircase inbetween the parking garage and the parking lot entraces on the southside. Go up the staircase and jump on the short cement railing. Then turn east and jump up on the roof over looking the parking lot (Liberty City Tree Building) and run across the roof to the other side where you will see a courtyard. Jump down into the courtyard and run to the very end of the courtyard to the northwest. Then on a wall at the end of a courtyard has a white picture of a smiley face and says 'Hello Again'. This is the same spot where in Grand Theft Auto III, where a sign says "You arn't supposed to be here."GTA Liberty City Stories Secrets•         Bulletproof StretchYou must be on Staunton Island and on the mission "Search and Rescue" which is given to you by Sal over the pay phone. Go pick up the limo from Sal's garage, then drive the limo to YOUR garage. Do NOT go to the yellow marker. Go straight from the Sal's garage to yours. After the limo is in your garage, fail the mission (die or blow up the limo while it is in your garage) and then the Bulletproof Stretch is yours. This works with other mission vehicles as well.•         Bullet proof PCJ-600In the mission "Biker Heat", when you chase down Wayne, kill him WHILE HE'S ON THE BIKE (he cannot fall off the bike or it will not be bullet-proof anymore), steal it, and then save it for a bullet-proof PCJ.•         Rampage without getting wantedStart a new game. Instead of taking Vincenzo to the Safe House, leave him in the car and don\'t get in. Now you can roam free and do whatever you want without getting any stars at all!GTA Liberty City Stories Glitches•         Keep more than one vehicle in your garage.Normaly you can only keep one vehicle in your garage due to the fact that if one vehicle is being stored the door will not open for the one your in, so get out of your car (a bike works easier) and push it next to the garage doors, when you get close enough it will open and let you push your vehicle into the garage. This is very handy when you want both a car and a bike at your fingertips.•         Near Infinite Sprint TrickJust tap default X button to sprint instead of holding it down. You cycle the sprint so it's like you never start. This can be done at any time; whether during a mission or exploration.•         Double AmmunitionIt is possible to duplicate any amount of ammunition for a specific gun. This happens during any missions or odd jobs where you are driven by someone and have to shoot things with a crosshair and some type of automatic gun with unlimited ammo. Just have the gun in your inventory that you want to duplicate ammo selected before you start the mission or odd job. Certain missions where there is more than just the shooting part only require having the gun selected when you go into the shooting part of the mission. When the mission is completed or failed you should notice the selected gun has twice the initial ammo.•         Infinite Time for Fires in Fire Truck MissionsTo exploit this glitch it's just a matter of putting the fire out as the clock is going to hit 0. If done correctly, the timer will disappear allowing infinite time to cruise to the next fire.•         Repair a burning carIf your car catches on fire, you can revert it to the state it was before it caught on fire by walking into one of the Information icons in front of a hospital of police station. After the information is displayed, your car is (almost) like new.

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