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The Squad XP Xbox 360 Podcast

Social life meets video games as we talk about Women, Drinking, and Gaming. Expect biweekly updates on the XBOX 360, PS3, and Nintendo as well as your XBOX 360, PS3, & Nintendo questions answered every week on the air. See what the Miami life is all about as we bring you our experiences as we encounter them. Point is to sit back relax and enjoy the ride while we touch on hot gaming topics. WIN yourself an XBOX 360 Shirt and other prizes as they become available. You do so by answering the weekly trivia question. Weekly updates also include tech news, game updates, recent console patches, & E3. Send relationship questions to and one of our Squad XP girls will answer your question live on the air. Of course no real names will be used.
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Top Selling Xbox 360 Games

Top 10 Bestselling deals on XBox 360 Games. Updated daily with the best price we could find from over 8 thousand online stores so you never miss a discount or sale. Find deals on Xbox360 videogames, consoles, hardware and over 7 million popular products at Online shopping made easy.
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Xbox 360 and : Guides and Tutorials

Learn about the XboX and the XboX 360, and get the most out of the games you play. Each week there will be new articles posted here that will provide advice and information.
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Xbox Games - Latest Xbox 360 Games

Latest xbox 360 games with reviews and all the new releases
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XMBCast PS3 and PSP Podcast

The XMBCast is our new show covering the Sony PS3 and PSP systems. We’ll give you all the new, reviews and gameplay experiences that you can handle. The XMBCast is a proud member of the VGPodcasts network.
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