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Defiance: The MMO vs Defiance: The TV Show - Fight!
Defiance (PC)We journey to the show's set in Toronto to get the full scoop.

Play Thief in Doom 3 with The Dark Mod
Thief: The Dark Project (PC)A total conversion for Doom 3, The Dark Mod is designed to let players create missions.

"Second Wave" of Options Make XCOM: Enemy Unknown Even Tougher
XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PC)Originally planned to be officially released, modders have gotten the options to work.

DICE Adding Console Command to Disable Color Grading in Battlefield 3
Battlefield 3 (PC)"No major competitive advantage/disadvantage" in disabling color grading.

The Castle Doctrine is Jason Rohrer's New Game
New game from Inside a Star-Filled Sky creator revealed.

Guild Wars 2 Kicks Halloween Off with the Shadow of the Mad King Update
Guild Wars 2 (PC)Grab your digital jack o' lanterns and costumes in Guild Wars 2.

BioWare Shares Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Details
Dragon Age III: Inquisition (PC)First concept art revealed, too.

BioShock Infinite - Beast of America Trailer
New places, characters, powers showed off in new Infinite video.

Zombies!!! Coming This Winter
Zombies!!! (PC)The oft-delayed board game adaptation is finally coming.

DC Universe Online Home Turf DLC Adds Player Housing
DC Universe Online (PC)Missions, Lairs, and PVP content coming to DCUO.

Team Fortress 2's Manniversary Sale Has Begun
Team Fortress 2 (PC)Buy everything. Just do it.

Team Meat's New Game is Mew-Genics
Super Meat Boy creators unveil new project.

Guilded: Guild Wars 2 - The On Again, Off Again MMO
Guild Wars 2 (PC)Guild Wars 2's unique love-it-and-leave-it approach makes it stronger.

League of Legends' Road to Glory
League of Legends (PC)A reflection on the hurdles of creating the world's most popular eSport.

Retro City Rampage Review
Retro City Rampage (PC)Some things are better left in the past.

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