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News : FIFA 12 - Gameplay Trailer
In a slightly earlier than usual move, EA Sports have released the latest FIFA 12 footage in the form of a Gameplay video. The clip highligths several new match mechanics, most notably the close control ‘precision dribbling’ system when attacking, and the updated containing and defending systems. Following the slightly oversold Player Personality system of last season, it will be interesting to see how FIFA 12 implements these new modes. Due to techincal issues we are currently experiencing, we can only provide a link to the EA Sports website which features the video. Hopefully this will be rectified in a couple of days.

Previews : Football Manager 2012
Most people who know a little about me know my opinions of Football Manager. I think the game is addictive genius and I probably have equated the best part of 3 months of my life playing thee game solidly, a feat very few titles can brag. I know I am not alone in this praise, and to the loyal, passionate and ‘in rehab’ Football Manager fan, I bring warning of the imminent release of its latest instalment, Football Manager2012. In a plethora of information, please find in this very article a copy of the official press release along with a couple of videos straight from the developers themselves. For me, the videos never do the game justice, however the new graphical improvements seem to be decent, and the higher resolution screens are a welcome addition to those on iMac or with large monitors. SPORTS INTERACTIVE SET TO SCORE AGAIN WITH FOOTBALL MANAGER 2012First Details for Football Manager 2012 Revealed.LONDON (August 11th, 2011) – Sports Interactive Ltd. & SEGA® Europe Ltd. today unveiled the latest version of their successful football management simulation series, Football Manager™ 2012. Planned to be in stores before Christmas, Football Manager 2012 will once again allow you to take charge of your favourite football team and put your managerial skills to the test.The award-winning Football Manager series has now sold in excess of 7 million copies worldwide and has topped the UK and many European PC charts for the last seven years, with over 108 weeks at no.1 in the UK to date.“We’re delighted to finally be able to start talking about Football Manager 2012” said Miles Jacobson, Studio Director at Sports Interactive. “It’s another year of evolution, with some revolution thrown in for good measure so we’re pretty sure our dedicated communities, and hopefully lots of new people too, get to play and enjoy the game when it’s released later in the year.”Counting over 800 new features, not including changes to the rules of the games 50+ leagues,Football Manager 2012 promises to be the most realistic, immersive and playable football management simulation ever for any fan who has ever dreamed of making the big decisions, both on and off the field.Key new & improved features for Football Manager 2012:Transfers & Contracts – significant changes to the transfer and contract systems, including loyalty bonuses, better implementation of amateur and youth contracts, an improved transfer centre and the ability to lock areas of the contract negotiation when you aren’t prepared to budge. This helps you to manage your budgets and gives you flexibility in what you offer money hungry players, or agents, as incentives.Scouting improvements – using several real life scouting reports, a new in-game report has been devised which includes squad analysis, tactics information and information about goals scored and conceded alongside lots of other scouting improvements, giving you all the information you need to prepare before kick-off and throughout the season.3D Match Improvements – new animations, a whole new crowd system, improved weather system, more stadiums, plus two brand new cameras - “Behind Goal” and “Director Cam” as well as all other camera angles being reversible - meaning you can watch and analyse every aspect of every game.Manage Anywhere, Anytime – the ability to add or take away playable nations in your saved game as often as you want. Manage in that country at the start of the next season- meaning you don’t have to stay in the nations which are chosen by you to be playable at the start of your career.Tone – a whole new level has been added to team talks and conversations, with the new tone system, which allows you to specify the way you want to say things – be as cool as a cucumber by saying things calmly or throw tea cups around by saying things with passion. There are 6 different tones to choose from with specific comments per tone.Intelligent Interface – a new adaptive layout system, which means the higher your screen resolution, the more info is easily at your fingertips. The new interface also contains new filters, customisable columns, a new tactics screen, and lots of new overview screens.Brand New Tutorial – standing separate from the main game, a mode to help new players find their way around the game easily, whilst also offering tips to experienced managers on how to get the most out of the game, as well as a new in-game “how to” system.On top of these key innovations, there are lots of areas of the game that have had huge improvements, such as the media system, press conferences, the youth system, newgens, the social networking options, friendlies, international management and many more which will be detailed in a series of  video blogs over the coming months, alongside more information aboutFootball Manager 2012.For further information please go to or assets, please visit

Previews : Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
In professional wrestling, the WWE pay-per-view that ends the month of January begins what is referred to as ‘The Road to Wrestlemania’, essentially a 2-month period of matches and promos which act as an extended build-up to the hottest wrestling event of the year. The first demo to PES 2012 was released recently and i’m calling it - we’ve just entered ‘The Road to Footiemania’. ‘Footiemania’ is the period of time that links the releases of the two major football titles, those that we look forward to every year. Now that we’ve got our first demo, it’s all on. And this demo doesn’t disappoint. To begin with, there is an excellent starting video which showcases the top graphics, as they do each year. Things to note: Good focus on England team, Forlan sure looks good, nice cameo from Ganso… The video focuses largely on the varying pass/ball control elements of the game so that’s what I expected when I booted it up.The first thing we’re greeted with is the warning that “this demo is taken from a product that is still in development and as such does not represent the quality and appearance of the final product”. There’s not much time left to develop the game however, so a safe bet would be that the gameplay in the finalproduct will be very similar to this.The menu is similar to last year’s revamp, just a lot more polished. The video is running in the background, which suggests the possibility of having videos running in the menu screen of the main game. I don’t want the PES 2012 background to be a closeup of Cristiano Ronaldo, though. Couldn’t it be used for replays of previous goals? Also worth noting is the new menu item – Football Life.Only accessible are the exhibition and Copa America modes, which means that there are slightly more options for matches than there was in last year’s demo. You can either play as Santos v Penarol, or as one of the four following teams: Man Utd, AC Milan, Porto & Napoli. The latter two are a strange inclusion, as is the lack of Real Madrid (considering the discovery that Cristiano Ronaldo is the new poster-child).I like the rating system under each team, showing Offensive, Defensive, Tactical, Speed, Technical and Physical ratings numerically, as well as a letter ranking, though the lack of an Overall rating is a shame. Also, how is it that AC Milan are rated so much higher than Man Utd? It seems that the slightly insane PES rankings are back in full force this season.I opted to defend English pride by playing as Man Utd against Porto. The following screen is unchanged from last year, with a player from each team standing next to the logos, although the load time was faster and both players look very realistic – the best i’ve seen yet in a football game.The tactics screen all looks polished. Again we’re building on the successful system put in place last year, so imagine that but with simple (yet effective) differences. A text box at the top of the screen notes what tactic the team is set to play, with the four preset ones being ‘Quick Counter’, ‘Long Ball’, ‘Possession Game’ and ‘Standard’. By selecting one of these presets you can edit many different sliders that would seemingly have a big effect on how the AI positions your players. A nice feature.Vidic is the highest rated player in the Man Utd team; a 92 overall. Rooney follows closely on 91 (if you change his position). Overall, Man Utd only have nine players rated above 80 in their team, which is interesting. De Gea has the strangest rating – 78 overall. If you select players you can see their rating in four categories, alongside a picture of themselves and another chosen player. This makes comparisons even easier than before.No commentary in this demo i’m afraid, but we are treated to what must be a near-final pre-match buildup. Good graphics for the players, nice crowd sounds, everything looks very slick and stylish. I can only imagine how fantastic this must look on Cup Final day. The ball is placed in the centre-circle and i’m feeling very excited to get my very first taste of Pro Evo 2012……and you press X to start!! Hooray! No more accidentally passing to the opposition when you’ve been playing FIFA for too long! At any rate, the first thing you’ll notice is that the players pass better. You’ve got a heck of a lot of control over through balls which really makes skill important. The game seems somewhat more forgiving than it did last year, but weighting passes correctly is still hugely important.The mechanics for passing really make you feel proud of your goals. There’s little room for individual skill if you’re not abusing the shoot/cancel tactic, so teamwork is once again paramount. I easily scored a fantastic goal after some solid passes, coupled with a fun lob over the keeper. One of the things that makes this so great is the first touch mechanic new to the game, allowing you to direct your players much easier than before.The auto-cross is much better than i’ve seen in any other football game… possibly too good. It really pays to cross the ball into the box now and you’ll be doing that a lot more often to get goals. There needs to either be improved AI for defending crosses or the crosses have to be made worse before the game is shipped – right now crossing can be a guaranteed goal half the time.Nonetheless, the running animation doesn’t quite feel right and you’ll find some players move awkwardly. Some frames were dropped during certainly sequences and you can tell that this is not the final product. I’m sure these issues will be addressed in the next month. I could swear that a player did a trick automatically as well, which I do not like one bit. And despite the improved crosses, I didn’t see any real improvement to set pieces. Hopefully they will be improved though.A final point to make on the demo is that substitutions were quick and painless. Good to see that taken care of; it may be too late to add quick-throws but at least making the time taken shorter will make some fans happy. All post-match information is unchanged.So, to summarise…Pros:Ball control, passing, moving, first touch, shooting, improved AI. Passing again. I can’t stress enough just how fantastic it is to pass the ball in this game. You’ll want to pass it through defenses rather than go it alone all the time just because it’s so fun. It’s also far more effective, unless you’re substantially better at the game than I am!Cons:Free kicks/corners seem relatively unchanged. Some animations are still very sloppy, although that could be changed before release. Shooting is weighted well, but there is something to be said about how many of my shots are going off-target at the moment. Just a thought.What it needs:Quick-throws would be nice, and i’m really hoping that the set pieces are improved as well as the AI for defending crosses. Other than that, Konami have yet to offer anything that mimics the fantastic Arena mode from the FIFA series, so something of that ilk would go down a treat.And finally….Remember when we thought Neymar was going to be on the cover of PES 2012? And it turned out to beCristiano Ronaldo? Maybe a deal went wrong somewhere, because Neymar is rated terribly in this game - 78 overall. How utterly odd. As always, leave comments in the comments box and tell me what you think about the demo!

Previews : Gears Of War 3 Trailer
ORIGINAL STORY: A new trailer for Gears of War 3 will be coming to Machinima tonight, and national television this weekend. The video, called “Dust to Dust,” touches on each of Marcus Fenix and Delta squad's exploits in the three games to get players stoked for the third installment.Gears of War 3 hits Xbox 360 on September 20.

Reviews : Call Of Juarez The Cartel
All the uppercase ideas in the concern don't needs pass for a zealous scheme. Framing in point: Call of Juarez: The Cartel. This cooperative-focused first-person marble has few refined concepts, but makes mistakes so significant you strength excogitate how close this business may tally been, acknowledged a few many months of developing indication. Armchair philosophers can disputation such hypotheticals. The Cartel is free now, and it doesn't lively up to its assure, though that doesn't convey inaccurate in each place's nooks and crannies--and moldiness do so without being caught by your nosy comrades. It's an inspired thought in keeping with the innate suspect among these ternary slippery sorts. But what The Cartel required wasn't inspiration--it was improve. The gamy is open and buggy, particularly on the PlayStation 3, where pauses and hitches too often disrupt the movement. Only with pc games strategy. The Cartel also required much liked leads and gambler discussion, which isn't to say there isn't shack for complete antiheroes in line stories. (The pilot spirited's Reverend Ray is a polishing information of an antihero through good.) But the trio leads here--the LAPD's Ben, Kim with the FBI, and DEA businessperson Eddie--gush obscenities and sneer so oft, you reverence their faces may detain in that post permanently. There are a few attempts to increase their personalities, much as a quieten shot in which Ben contemplates a recorded message from an old quaker. But most scenes con {separate them from the goons they're combat. Remaining cinematics are so dry as to quieten you to nap, such as an expository cutscene largely devoid of stable personalty and punishment, in which regime reps sit around a fare and set up the occupation's suppose. Both aspects--the drilling and the obnoxious--come unitedly in a surround in which the leash partners bloodthirsty up a reference in the average of a laboring highway. When activity cooperatively, you and your buddies have turns delivering a raging biff or bound with a exclusive add press--one after added after other. The environs goes on for so longstanding you statesman to look worthless for the guy on the position. Yet your reference (and thus, the camera) stares at the connecter instead of shadowing the fierce acts of your comrades. The environs las broke marihuana textures author than the violence your team visits upon this curve. It's an uncomfortable mix of action and monotony. Nevertheless, uniting tierce unfaithful agents from threesome opposite agencies is a commendable foot, and The Cartel tries to urinate reputable on it by giving apiece of the three playable characters a uncomparable restore of panorama. The game, in which this unmated team attempts to discontinue a web of treatment trafficking, is the said disregardless of which case you music. But each drama online with added player or two filling in for the AI, this tale style adds an intriguing dimension that nicely parallels the escalating trait among the unit. When a mate receives a play, you centre exclusive his root of the conversation. And the cryptical one-sided word substance that you undergo that trait along with your personation. The strain of distrustfulness carries over into those inward missions themselves. Concealed missions may refer nabbing a radiophone phone or destroying a object, and each stratum contains unseeable objects that you, and only you, can store. Your companions, meantime, screw distinguishable duties to action and divers items to nab. The illusion, withal, is not feat caught. Should you thieve an fact in range of a commie, you don't get title for taking it, though your chum gets impute for espial you. Successfully accomplishing a task earns you see, as does spotting a double-crossing relation. And earning participate helps you realise levels, which in reverse gives you accession to wagerer guns at the start a aggressive turn.

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Monster Galaxy Free Cheat

Reviews : L.A. Noire Trailer
The City of Angels is afire with corruption in this trailer comprised entirely of in-game footage for L.A. Noire! Only in pc games strategy.

Strategy Guides : Alice Madness Returns
  - THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE YOU PLAY -  - Controls............................................................[CON04]  - Game Basics & Tips..................................................[TIP05]                               - MAIN WALKTHROUGH - CHAPTER 1:  - Vale of Tears.......................................................[AMR01]  - Hatter's Domain.....................................................[AMR02]  - Smelling & Regurgitating............................................[AMR03]  - Cranking Up & Pressing Down.........................................[AMR04]  CHAPTER 2:  - Tundraful...........................................................[AMR05]  - Deluded Depths......................................................[AMR06]  - Chores Unending.....................................................[AMR07]  CHAPTER 3:  - Vale of Doom........................................................[AMR08]  - Murals Pt. 1........................................................[AMR09]  - Murals Pt. 2........................................................[AMR10]  - Murals Pt. 3........................................................[AMR11]  CHAPTER 4:  - Cardbridge..........................................................[AMR12]  - Queensland..........................................................[AMR13]  - Tormented...........................................................[AMR14]  - Tormentor...........................................................[AMR15]  CHAPTER 5:  - Dollhouse...........................................................[AMR16]  - Meatgrinder.........................................................[AMR17]  - Doll Factory........................................................[AMR18] CHAPTER 6:  -Infernal Train.......................................................[AMR19]                                   - EXTRAS -  -Memories.............................................................[MEM01]  -Trophies.............................................................[TRO02]  -Credits..............................................................[CRE03] ==============================================================================                       - THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE YOU PLAY -              ============================================================================== ==============================================================================                                 Introduction                  ====================================================================[INT01]=== Hey guys, it's D-okta with a guide for Alice: Madness Returns, the follow-up to the decade-old 'American McGee's Alice'. This game presents a very twisted version of 'Wonderland' for the player, all warped by Alice's fragile mind after her parents are burned alive. This guide is COMPLETE beginning to end, but will undergo a MAJOR overhaul: Once you BEAT the game it actually tells you SECTION names. I will also be overhauling how and what I call MEMORIES, so there is that to look forwards to, as well as a memories section and a trophy section. So you guys know, this guide was written FOR (and inspired by):    ================    ================ My updates will be on the ABOVE site FIRST (Just an FYI). Chances are that if you are reading this, you are ALSO probably interested in the 'HORROR' genre, and if you are there is NO better place to hang out than the above website. In fact, I'm even working on posting this guide there. In the future they will have guides with fancy 'pictures' and 'videos'. Oh la la! Anyway, come check out our horror website, if you're into the genre you won't be disappointed. ==============================================================================                                 Controls                  ====================================================================[CON04]=== Here are the controls for playing Alice: Madness Returns.                 _,.--.,_                              _,.--.,_                |  _____ |                            | _____  |                |-'     `'.__________________________,'`     `-|              ,'    __     `.                      ,'    .,.    `.             /     |  |      \        SONY        /     (/_\)     \            !   __  \/  __    |                  !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |            |  |__ >  < __|   !__SELECT   START__| ([ ])     ( O ) !            !       /\        ___`-.        ,-'     `-'  ,-.  `-'  |            |\     |__|     ,'   `. \      / ,'   `.    ( X )     /|            | `.           /       \ |    | /       \    `-'    ,' |            |   `-.____,-. \       / |____| \       / ,-.____,-'   |            |           ,'\ `.___,' /      \ `.___,' /`.           |            |          /   `-.___,-'        `-.___,-'   \          |            \         /                                  \         /             \       /                                    \       /              `.__,-'                                      `-.__,' *Note: This control list is taken directly from the game's manual. ================== Game Play Controls ================== Left Stick: Move Right Stick: Camera/First Person Camera mode (available in London only) R3 Button: Aiming mode (available in Wonderland only) *Note: You can use 'R1' to aim when Alice is not focused on a target. L2 Button: Shrink L1 Button: Focus on target R2 Button: Dodge R1 Button: Fire ranged weapon Circle Button: Clockwork Bomb 'X' Button: Jump Triangle Button: Hobby Horse Square Button: Vorpal Blade L3 Button: Activate Hysteria Directional Buttons: Toggle ranged weapons SELECT: Skip cinematic START: Pause menu ==================== HMS Gryphon Controls ==================== Left Stick: Move Square/'X' Button: Fire cannon Triangle/Circle Button: Fire depth charge ==================== Shadow Path Controls ==================== Left Stick: Move 'X' Button: Jump (Hold to float) L2 Button: Shrink ==================== Giant Alice Controls ==================== Left Stick: Move Right Stick: Camera Circle/Triangle Button: Stomp 'X'/Square Button: Swipe ========================== Off With Her Head Controls ========================== Left Stick: Move Square Button: Charge cannons ==============================================================================                             Game Basics & Tips               ====================================================================[TIP05]=== Be sure to read the "past memories" section before playing. It will give you some backstory on Alice. You can hit 'Triangle' on the menu screen to see your game progress, including the amount of items you've collected. As you play through the game, be sure to collect the teeth! Each chapter and area often has teeth hidden in break-able containers. Be sure to go around and bash EVERYTHING. Probably the most important tip I can give you is to USE SHRINK SENSE EVERYWHERE YOU GO! It is the single best way to ensure you find everything you can! Also, those many violet and pink flower pods that you come across? You can SHRINK yourself and walk into them. Doing so will REPLENISH your health and give you some teeth afterwards. Be sure to note that there is ALWAYS some invisible platforms / path near the violet and pink flowers. They are a clue! You can only float for so long before you start falling. However, with Alice's triple-jump, you have QUITE the jumping range, especially if you can time your floating right. Falling to your death isn't the end of the world! The game will place you back on safe ground automatically. You even keep all your teeth! ==============================================================================                             - MAIN WALKTHROUGH -                ============================================================================== Start up the game and watch the rather interesting opening. It's clear that Alice is still haunted by the fire that claimed her family, and her 'wonderland' (her mental sanity) has been clearly affected by it. ==============================================================================                                  Prologue               ============================================================================== After the scenes, the doctor will ask Alice to go pick up some pills, giving us control of Alice for the first time. Head through the rather large house, learning the controls along the way (the game will teach you a few controls as well). The only real things you can do here are walk up to the groups of kids (who say some VERY mean things) and hit the square button when prompted to get Alice to comment on various things (such as her family portrait in her room). As you leave the house you can see the board on the gate calling it the 'Houndsditch Home' for wayward youth, the property of Dr. Bumby. This outside area is VERY linear, with every path blocked off except the one they want you to take. Follow the path until you meet a stray cat, who Alice will decide to chase. Keep chasing it until you get to another cutscene and meet Nurse Witless. You'll find out more about the people in Alice's "life" in the next cutscene. Afterwards you will be at the nurse's pigeon coop. Go across the nearby bridge and walk towards the nurse to see another interesting scene, plunging Alice back into her wonderland.                             .:| CHAPTER 1! |:. [*NOTE: I am currently missing TWO (2) memories in Chapter 1. I have NO idea         where they are right now. Send them in to me if you know! Thanks!] ==============================================================================                               Vale of Tears                  ====================================================================[AMR01]=== Now that you are back in wonderland the first person... er, animal you will meet is the Cheshire Cat. He will of course be a bit cryptic, but WILL warn you to be on your guard. Head up the incline in front of you and you will see a glowing shiny object. This my friend is a MEMORY, and is one of the things we will be aiming to collect throughout the game. Hit square to collect the memory, which will play a small audio clip praising Alice's jumping ability. This is our first memory! When you press START you can see that 'Chapter 1' has 26 of these buggers for us to collect. To make it easy, I will make them stand out in the text AND count them. Like this: .: MEMORY 1/26 :., so you can easily spot them! Keep going up the incline path. The game will have you jump over a small gap as you head upwards, and further in it will teach you to 'twirl'. Twirling is essentially a double jump with a slow descent (I can guarantee you right now I will be calling it "double jump" from  here on in). Past the double jumping section (see, I've started already) you'll recover your second .: MEMORY 2/26 :.. It sounds like Alice was quite a handful as a child. This next area will have some toadstools for you to use as platforms, so use them and continue to the glowing toadstool. THIS thing will vault you up in the air, so use it to get to the ledge above you. There is another one of the 'trampoline's' here, but more important is the .: MEMORY 3/26 :. behind it! Also keep the SMALL KEYHOLE here in mind! Jump to the next higher ledge. To the left is ANOTHER SMALL KEYHOLE that we must keep in mind for now. Head down the ledge to see a scene with Cheshire Cat. The famous shrinking potion will be pouring out like a waterfall, giving Alice the ability to hold L2 to SHRINK. While you are shrunk, you will gain 'Shrink Sense', the ability to see things that your bigger self just cannot see. In this enclosed area, grab the nearby .: MEMORY 4/26 :. and then use your shrink power by the memory and the convienent SMALL KEYHOLE. This path will lead to the FIRST small keyhole we saw, so use the mushroom to jump back up to the ledge and take the keyhole on the left. Past that keyhole will be three 'TEETH' that we can collect. If you haven't read the online manual yet, teeth are what we will use to POWER UP our weapons. Oh yeah! This path is very linear, so head downwards and through the small door. You'll pick up more teeth along the way, but keep going until you get to a open area with a blue-ish mushroom on the ground. BEFORE you step on this mushroom pick up the .: MEMORY 5/26 :. from behind the rock nearby. It'll mention a giant slide. NOW feel free to jump on the blue mushroom. You'll find yourself at the top of... *gasp* A GIANT SLIDE! Jump down it and ride! Do your best to collect the TEETH on the way though! At the end, you will find yourself in a river of blood. Keep going to see a cutscene. And... we have obtained the VORPAL BLADE! The Vorpal Blade is our SWIFT weapon... well, it's also our ONLY weapon right now, but keep the 'SWIFT' part in mind. You can use it with the square button. You can also see your HEALTH bar now (The ROSES in the upper left-hand corner) and you can DODGE as well by pressing the R2 button. Alice has SUCH a pretty dodge animation. After the scene (and when your done swiging your shiny new weapon around), be sure to grab the .: MEMORY 6/26 :. from the left. Also, be SURE to break open those shell looking things. They contain TEETH! Press onwards to meet your first enemy! These slime-things are called 'Insidious Ruin', and are a suitable target for our new vorpal blade. Remember to FOCUS on an enemy with L1 and to DODGE with R2. Take out the monster and the two that follow it to make some nearby tree roots disappear. Head down the new path and grab the .: MEMORY 7/26 :. on the right. Use the mushroom trampoline (with a float) to get up to the upper ledge. As you move on, the game will pause and tell you about Alice's float, and how you can EXTEND it by pressing and holding 'X' multiple times. To test your competency, we will have to jump to the far ledge. Get a good start, jump, and press and hold 'X' to float. This first jump is easily crossed with one hold, but go ahead and try out multiple holds to get a feel for the game's platforming. Next, jump to the next ledge in the distance. Up the incline to the RIGHT here is a BOTTLE! Bottles in Alice serve to unlock extra content which you can enjoy from the main menu. We will count them in the same fashion that we count memories in! So, this one is .: BOTTLE 1/18 :.. Yeah! Be sure to break the shells for the teeth too! Now jump over the next gap, where .: BOTTLE 2/18 :. is waiting for you! Keep going to meet with the DUCHESS. Approach her to trigger a cutscene. It seems the Duchess has learned her manners, and is now asking for your help. She will give you a PEPPER GRINDER if you will shoot it at PIG SNOUTS for her. Well, I guess we can help. After the scene, pick up the PEPPER GRINDER! This weapon will act as our RANGED weapon, as you'll soon see once you go to the back yard. Once you are out here you will meet a new enemy. This enemy is made out of bolts and flies around, trying to attach itself to you and hurt you (dodge away if it gets you). You can use your pepper grinder to kill it by focusing on it and hitting R1 to fire the pepper grinder. As you can see, the pepper grinder acts like a machine gun, but be careful! Using it TOO much will make it overheat! We want SHORT, CONTROLLED bursts here people! Kill the bugs AND their 'nest' to stop them from respawning (alternately you could also 'farm' some teeth here). Head deeper into the yard to make more nests drop down, giving you some EXCELLENT pepper grinder practice. There's also an Insidious Ruin here as well. After killing everything, you will be told to find the pig-snout (up the trail) and shoot at it. You can enter 'free aim' mode by using the 'first person view' (R3), so shoot the pig snout to make it fly into the kitchen. These pig snouts are ALSO going to be a collectible, and we will count THESE down as well. This one was .: PIG SNOUT 1/14 :.. Head back into the kitchen, where a bread basked full of teeth will be your reward for helping the Duchess. The keyhole door will also open up as the Duchess gets rid of you. Go through the hole into the next area. Here you will see a .: PIG SNOUT 2/14 :. off in the distance. Go ahead and pepper the bugger. Doing so will make some dominoes appear to the far ledge in front of you, but will also drop down three bolt nests (one bolt nest is DIRECTLY underneath you on the floor below. Shoot down the bolt nests and cross the dominoes to the far side where a couple of ruin monsters await. Kill them off as well. Here another .: PIG SNOUT 3/14 :. will hang out, near the back of this cubby. Fill HIM full of pepper to make even more dominoes further down the path appear. Take a moment to collect things now, including the .: MEMORY 8/26 :. by the globe with Mock Turtle in it (and the many teeth that are hanging around). Also, explore the bottom area. There are shells down here, but in the very back (by the waterfall cliff) is a FAKE ROCK. Use your SHRINK SENSE to find that the rock on the wall to the right is fake and HIDING a KEYHOLE DOOR. Behind the door is some gold teeth and a .: BOTTLE 3/18 :.. Go ahead and use the dominoes to continue onwards. As you do you'll come upon a bust of Alice which introduces a new enemy: the Slithering Ruin. These things are quite easy to take down with a pepper spray, so kill them fast. Jump to the next ledge and kill the ruin that pops up. The shells will have teeth in them but also some slithering ruins, so get ready. If you use the shrink sense here, you will see that the gap on the left has a keyhole, and further on are enemies. Now, I KNOW what you're thinking. That ledge where the keyhole is is WAY too far up. Trust me. Jump to the small piece of land and you'll see it has a trampoline mushroom on it that you can use to reach the keyhole door. Go inside for some teeth and another .: BOTTLE 4/18 :.. Continue onwards after that little distraction and you'll see that you'll have some jumping to do. The spurts that you see before you are SLIME, and you DON'T want to touch them. Thankfully, there are trampoline mushrooms before each spurt. Jump to the small ledge on the left and use the trampoline to get over the slime (do a jump float at the apex of your jump). There are some ruin for you to kill on the next ledge. Now jump to the next ledge, which leads UP to go onwards, but go DOWN and jump over the slime to the right (and the one after it) to reach a cliff with a .: MEMORY 9/26 :.. Make your way back to the cliff going up and you'll see the foilage disappear again. Jump past the divide and go into the open area. Here you will get to fight some ruin and bolts again, making the nearby train fall when you're done killing them. After killing them all you'll get a chance to upgrade your weapon! By now you will have enough teeth to upgrade the Vorpal Blade, so choose to do that if you wish (you may as well). Be sure to explore this area for teeth. There is a .: BOTTLE 5/18 :. on the ledge to the left! Once you have it, move forward along the railroad lines. You'll have to jump to the far floating platform here, and then use the trampoline to get to the next one. Follow the path and you'll see a scene as you enter the tunnel. Keep going (break the pitchers for teeth) and drop into the gully to meet a NEW enemy. This goblin-looking thing is a MADCAP. It will ACTUALLY try to dodge your pepper grinder fire and is a tad more intelligent than the ruin. You may as well fire at the things from range as they approach. You will have them half-dead when their tea-cup 'helmets' break, then finish them off with the blade, dodging after your three-hit combo. Once you deal with them, one will push down a nearby ramp. THIS madcap has a SHIELD, rendering your long range ineffective! Wait until the creature goes to strike you, then DODGE him. His weapon will be stuck in the ground giving you a chance to kill him. Easy! Head up the ramp and kill two more madcaps. Past them are two more, but one has a shield. Once you kill them, a trampoline will appear in the distance, so keep going. Drop down to the next area where the game will tell you to use your SHRINK SENSE whenever you're by the violet flowers. Go into the keyhole on the right to find a .: BOTTLE 6/18 :.. Now head back out and use the shrink sence to see the invisible platforms leading over the air. The platforms ARE there regardless of whether you are small or not, but its better to be safe than sorry! Past the platforms is solid ground with a .: MEMORY 10/26 :.. Keep heading onwards and you'll be in an open area. Be sure to smash the pots on the right and left, and then hit the .: PIG SNOUT 4/14 :. on the left! This will make a ledge and trampoline appear, so use them to get up to a basket and some pots for some teeth! Now go back to the big ledge. Here you can see a nice panoramic view of the scenery. When you're ready, head over to the right and call the cable car. This will lead you into the "Hatter's Domain". ==============================================================================                               Hatter's Domain                 ====================================================================[AMR02]=== After you've had yourself a nice chat with Cheshire Cat and crashed into the building, the game will teach you about air vents. Basically you can float in them. Use the nearby one to see for yourself. By the wrecked cable car is a .: MEMORY 11/26 :.. Head outside now. You'll find a valve out here that will turn on some air vents. There are also madcaps out here that you can take potshots at. Kill the first one on the lower ledge, then use the vent to get over there. Don't go to the next vent yet though, instead double jump to the higher ledge on the right. Here use your shrink vision to see that there are invisible platforms moving back and forth to a ledge in the distance. This is a BIT tricky, but we need to cross them. Shring to see the platforms, then jump to them. Remember that they ARE moving! Once you are on the floating platform, look back towards the main building to see a .: PIG SNOUT 5/14 :. in the building shoot it up to make another vent appear. Use this vent to float up to a higher ledge where you can find some boxes to break for teeth and a .: BOTTLE 7/18 :.. You can now jump to the starting point here. NOW feel free to continue upwards with the second earlier vent and kill the madcaps ahead. Enter the building again. Explore the room off to the left and shrink to get past the keyhole and find another .: BOTTLE 8/18 :.. In the right room, hit the lever to make the spinning gear move and jump over. There is a madcap over here to kill. There's also a small opening to the left that a small Alice can get through. Be aware of the madcap with a shield though, as his area attack can hit a small Alice. There's teeth in there to nab. When you're ready head back outside to kill some more madcaps and open another valve. Use it to get to the platform in the distance, kill the madcap that is there, and then jump to the ledge on the left. Follow this path and vents as it leads to a more open area where you will have to fight some madcaps. Here TWO shielded madcaps will attack you with a regular one. You should be fairly proficient at killing them by now, so bait them into swinging at you (while dodging) and then attack! A ramp will open up afterwards leading to another wave of madcaps to kill. After that a gate will open. Go past it and collect the teeth, then look ahead. Oh boy, more platforming! Jump down to the platform with the flower. Once you are down there, use shrink sense and look behind you. You will see an invisible platform leading into a lower room. Down here are teeth, a .: MEMORY 12/26 :., and a .: PIG SNOUT 6/14 :.. Nice! Go back out and to the right platform. There is a gear you can jump to from here which leads to a vent. Use the vent to get to another gear and another vent. From this second vent you can get to a higer ledge on the left for a box, then drop down to the platform below. You can open up a valve here. Now you can go either left into the building again or right to the newly released vent. Go into the building and you'll fight some madcaps, but its worth it as there is a .: MEMORY 13/26 :. inside for you! Head back out and make your way to the new vent. Use it to get to the platform on the right when you can, then to the moving up & down gear. On the next platform you'll hear the familiar pig snout. Jump to the platform leading into the building and look behind you to see the .: PIG SNOUT 7/14 :.. Shoot it to make a vent appear, which you can use to get some teeth and a .: BOTTLE 9/18 :.. Go into the building now and a ways in you'll hear another pig. Jump to the far ledge and turn around to see the .: PIG SNOUT 8/14 :.. This one will summon another vent. Use it to get to a ledge with a KEYHOLE, which houses some teeth and another .: MEMORY 14/26 :.. Go back out to the main path and jump down to the big circular platform. This will play a small cutscene, introducing a NEW enemy: the EYEPOT. This thing is a mechanical teapot with a large eye in the middle. What you want to do is pepper the eye to 'stun' the creature, then attack it. Two rounds of that will do it in. After you kill the first one, two more will spawn, one below you and one above you. Jump down to the lower platform and kill the eyepot there with the ruin. After that, jump to the next higher platform (do NOT try and jump into the watery areas around you) and you can turn a valve to summon an air vent. This air vent will take you up to the higher eyepot, but when you get up there another eyepot will come out with some ruin. Focus on one eyepot at a time and dodge back when they get too close. Kill the ruin first if they are annoying you. After the battle the 'Lost & Found' door will open. Go in there and the game will tell you to hit 'select' to call Cheshire. You can call him now for tidbits of 'advice'. Jump over to where he was and  hit the floor plate nearby to call down a grate. QUICKLY jump over to it to get carried up. You can now jump down to a ledge below you to continue. Follow this path as it leads into a tunnel. You'll come to a room with a ramp in front of you and a small hole in a door to the right. Go through the hole and follow that path to a wide open area. Here use your shrink sense to see invisible platforms moving about. These things are numbered, so take your time and jump from one to the next. Your reward at the end is a .: BOTTLE 10/18 :.. Head back to the ramp room and go up the ramp, hitting the floor plate. This will open the door ahead, leading to the previous room where a metal door was closed before. You can use the lever up here to open it now. Follow it to get on a slide and go into a new area. Once you have control again, pick up the WHITE RABBIT looking thing to gain a new weapon: The CLOCKWORK BOMB. This thing packs a punch. You can set it down by pressing 'Circle' and let it go off, or you can hit circle again to remote detonate it. You'll get the hang of it in no time as the game makes you blow up a couple walls to escape this hole you got yourself into. Make your way past the weak walls and destroy the boxes to reveal a trampoline. Use it to get back to the 'Lost & Found'. Continue on and into the next room. Stay on the floor and destory the boxes on the left to reveal a KEYHOLE. You can follow it to find a .: MEMORY 15/26:. then jump up to the doorway and interact with it for a scene. When you regain control, the game will teach you about HYSTERIA. Hysteria is what Alice uses when her health is REALLY LOW (Like ONE rose bud). It makes Alice INVINCIBLE and ups her damage, giving you time to gather up some health and NOT die. The game will have you experience this too by taking away almost all your health and having you enter hysteria. Go ahead and try it out! After the slaughter (you monster!) you'll see a switch open up. Gather up your teeth and go hit the switch with your pepper gun (like the game will explain). This will open up the way. Go onwards to see a scene with the Mad Hatter. Well, it seems the hatter is in need of our help. Alice will have to find his limbs for him. When you have control, gather up the teeth and bomb both of the doors. Go into the right door for a .: BOTTLE 11/18 :. and to see a pressure plate. The game will explain that you can use the clockwork bomb to hold down pressure plates for you, so toss a bomb on the plate. Now go into the hole across the way and get on the gear. This will lead you up to a platform outside. In the middle of the platform, pick up the UMBRELLA. This item will act as your SHIELD. When you FOCUS on an enemy you can hit 'X' to BLOCK. You can even REPEL certain attacks with it. To illustrate this, the game will bring up an enemy called 'Malicious Ruin'. This thing is TOUGH. It's like the normal ruins but has THREE faces, can take a LOT more pain, and has a wealth of attacks. First of all it has a fireball that it likes to throw three times in a row. This is where you can get some practice in REPELING attacks, which will hurt it. It also likes to fling slime which you can block, and it likes to charge at you (dodge this). It also has a 'ground pound' move sends small fire waves at you for a limited distance. Dodge the charging and repel the fireballs back to it. Get in close and do some vorpal blade attacks as well. As you hurt the beast it will lose faces. Just keep at it and put an emphasis on dodging and repeling attacks and you'll do fine. After the fight two switches will pop up. You'll notice that a .: PIG SNOUT 9/14 :. is by one of them so go ahead and pepper it when you can. This will raise a platform in the distance that you can jump over to grab a .: MEMORY 17/26:.. Go back to the platform and hit both of the switches. We have a choice now: to go LEFT or RIGHT. I choose the RIGHT path leading to the 'Smelling & Regurgitating' plant. ==============================================================================                          Smelling & Regurgitating                 ====================================================================[AMR03]=== At the plant you can hear the mouse talking over the intercom. You can also call Cheshire at the beginning if you wish. Move on in and jump to the platform in the lava. Jump over to the next one and then find the switch to your left. Turn in on to get this gear and the next one to move up and down so you can continue. In the next room you'll be locked in and have to fight two eyepots and two small ruin. Fairly easy. After the fight, you can go collect a .: BOTTLE 12/18 :. from the left and a .: MEMORY 18/26 :. from the right, just wait for the lava to go down before you jump. Continue on to the end of the platform and jump down below. Turn around and jump down below again to find a KEYHOLE and a lever. Hit the lever then you can get out the nearby door using the gears. Go back up to the main platform again to fight two ruin (laughably easy) and find a piston on the left you can use to continue. Be careful! It goes all the way into the lava! In the next room you will be told to hit the lever to cool the place down. You'll fight an eyepot and some ruin on the first platform, but then you'll have to make your way to the moving pistons on the RIGHT. Follow this path around and it will lead to the higher platform where the lever (and an eyepot) is located at. Turn the lever to make this boiling hot place ice cold! This will also drop some enemies on you though! Back on the first platform will be a MALICIOUS RUIN, with TWO bolterfly nests above him. Those bolts are ANNOYING, so try to take out the nests from a distance before focusing on the big baddie. Down on the ground there are also some pots and teeth (and vents), along with some minor ruin enemies. You can also easily pick up a .: MEMORY 19/26 :. from one of the frozen platforms in here. There is also a .: PIG SNOUT 10/14 :. below the platform with the malicious ruin on it. When *I* shot it, it didn't give me ANYTING though. I may just be unlucky! That's not all the goodies though, go to the right-side of the room. Up on the ledge on the wall is a KEYHOLE that you can make appear with your SHRINK SENSE. Go through it to find some teeht and a .: MEMORY 20/26 :.. Past the memory you can get a open-air look at the factory. There's a .: PIG SNOUT 11/14 :. in the distance as well that you can get a basket form. Feel free to move on once you're done. The game will load you into a new area now. Go forward and get the teeth, then go explore the hall on the right. Shoot the switch up ahead to make a vent appear. Ride it up to the center and then use the next vent to get to the next platform. Here, blow up the wall with a bomb and you'll find a KEYHOLE behind it. This path leads to some teeth, and to a hole where you can see a giant teapot eye. However, look too the left for a .: PIG SNOUT 12/14 :., which will reward you with a basket. Go back and shoot the next switch (to your right) and ride the vent up. Ride another one up and you can get some teeth from a cubby on the right. You can get some more teeth by following the outer wall, but chances are you'll have to redo the whole ascent. Your call. The last vent can get you to a platform on the middle structure (with some good gliding) which you can use to jump to a higher-up platform. You may need to double or triple jump to get up there, but it's possible! There is a pressure plate up here that you can put a bomb on to open the way forwards. Out here Cheshire will hope you have 'nine lives' (lame!) and you can turn a nearby valve. Use the vent to get to the nearby gear and the next vent to the platform. Up here is some madcaps and an eyepot for you to slaughter. You can also get a .: BOTTLE  14/18 :. that is on the gear over the abyss. After that collection you must get by the violet flower and jump to the trampoline in the distance. Follow this path and you'll come to a cutscene with the mouse. The mouse has the hatter's arms, so we must get them. This place is full of lava though, so float from piston to piston. Easier said than done, as two eyepots will be taking potshots at you from the left. On the fifth piston, shoot the switch to your right. This will raise two columns from below, but lava will be pouring on them. Time it right and cross them to the trampoline mushroom and the opening on the right. Up here you can break some boxes and kill some small ruin. Hit the lever when you're ready and you'll cool off the lava you just crossed. Go to the left and blow up the wall, then jump out. There will be two bolterfly nests out here you can destroy. Go back to the trampoline and you'll see a KEYHOLE here. There is a .: BOTTLE 15/18 :. down here. Get out and go hit the switch near the fifth piston. This will turn on an air vent and take you higher. Up here the door mouse will flood the chamber with lava, taunting you by saying you can't cross. If you use shrink sense, you'll see a NARROW path. Cross over it being mindful of the falling lava. Jump down to the ground below and fight some eyepots and ruin. There isn't much room here, but you can do it. Bombs help in tight quarters. Afterwards a switch will open up and you can make debri float in the lava up ahead. Use the debri to continue on and shrink past the KEYHOLE to pull the lever. This will let you get to where the mouse WAS and hit another lever, freeing the hatter's arms. Follow the arms down the hole and you'll wind back near the HATTER. ==============================================================================                       Cranking Up & Pressing Down                 ====================================================================[AMR04]=== Ride the lift up again, but this time travel left to 'Cranking Up & Pressing Down'. The MARCH HARE controls this place. Move in and you'll see a giant foot stomping to the left. There's a switch behind it you can shoot to carry on. You'll find a .: MEMORY 21/26 :. behind some boxes up ahead. Shoot the switch to the left to move forwards. Further on you will see some metal hands pound away. Move to the right and you'll see a pressure plate. Put a bomb on it to stop the hands and get through them. The gears up ahead have holes in them so be careful! Follow the gears to another single hand pounding away. Jump under it when it is raising and dodge out of there FAST. Up ahead drop off the right-hand side to a KEYHOLE which leads to a .: BOTTLE 16/18 :.. You can use the mushroom to get back up. Blow the door to the right apart. There's another door to the right you can blow to reveal a pressure plate. Put a bomb on it and continue on. The bomb will RAISE the gears, letting you move onwards. Follow the path past ANOTHER fist. There will be a breakable door behind the fist you can open to reveal a pressure plate. This will raise the gears even HIGHER, and open a door in the distance. Once you get to the far platform, you may spot a platform to the right with boxes on it. You CAN get to this with some GOOD jumping, but it just leads back to the last pressure plate. Go past the door and follow the path. Kill the eyepot and avoid the fists. The path will lead up to a pressure plate, so throw a bomb on it and float down through the open door below. This next room has some boxes and a room full of FISTS POUNDING THE GROUND. Of course there area also ruin and eyepots here. You can hang back at the starting area to avoid all the fists if you wish, or any of the corners. Hit the switch afterwards and get the .: MEMORY 22/26 :. from the right-hand room. Take the center one to continue. You will now be in the Dodo Miserarium. I can't make this stuff up... Jump to the left platform and look to the left. There is a .: PIG SNOUT 13/14 :. here, which will reveal a .: BOTTLE 17/18 :. up ahead. Sweet.  Go down the right path now and you'll see a switch in the distance. Shoot it to drop some cages and carry on to a ledge. Blow up the rubble here to reveal a switch and another vent. Use it to get to a higher crate, then turn around to find yet another switch. Shoot this one to drop some more crates up ahead. There is an obvious .: MEMORY 23/26 :. up ahead to the right as well. Continue on to the door up ahead. You will meet the hare in here, who will try and crush you with his fists... Just take them one at a time and you'll be ok. Past the fist go UP the stairs and throw a bomb on the pressure plate. Quickly jump on the gear and go hit the lever past it. This will open up a new path and stop the first set of fists. Head through the new path being careful of the fists. The stair ones are fairly easy, and you can jump through the other two easily by waiting a split second before jumping once the path opens up. On the platform below you will have a battle royale. The most annoying part here is the bolterflies, who have THREE nests, one on the right wall, one on the left wall, and one on the back wall. Take those out first if you can, then spread bombs and try to kill the ruin. The Malicious Ruin will make it hard on you, and he is joined by an eyepot, but you got this. Just keep moving and dodging. After the fight you can open a switch. Blow up the wall it reveals to find a KEYHOLE leading to the .: BOTTLE 18/18 :.. That is ALL of them! Hit the lever nearby to lower a crate. This crate leads to, yep, more FISTS. There are three in a row here that you just plain need to sprint through to the safe square (where the teeth are). Dodging helps. Do it one more time to round the corner. There is a single one up ahead, so don't go lax now. Follow the path and you will come to another lever, making the Hare leave and opening a path to his lever. Go turn that one to deliver the legs to the Hatter. You will see a scene now showing the Hatter being put back together. He will ramble nonsense and then take you and make a grand escape. When you regain control you will be outside. Shoot the .: PIG SNOUT 14/14 :. in the distance to complete THAT collection. Follow the path and grab the .: MEMORY  24/26 :. with the help of the vent. Get to the platform below and gather all the teeth you can find. Further in the Hatter will work on getting a door open for us, leaving us to fight off a couple of waves of ruin. The game will also teach you about the bombs DISTRACTING properties, so waste the easy ruin until a MALICIOUS RUIN comes out. Kill off the distraction and handle him one on one. An easy fight compared to the last Hare fight. Go into the newly opened door and use the trampoline on the right. Ascend until you get stuck then look around for a switch to shoot, clearing the path. Continue on and you'll make your way to a lever (after blowing a hole in the floor). Let the Hatter through and he'll open a path for you. Past that, just watch the scenes to be finished with chapter one. [Yes, I know I'm missing two memories. If you can email me where they are  I would appreciate it!].                             .:| CHAPTER 2! |:. [*NOTE: I am currently missing ONE (1) PIG SNOUT and ONE (1) BOTTLE in CHAPTER         2. I THINK I may know where they are, but send them in to me if you         know! Thanks!] ==============================================================================                                  Prologue               ============================================================================== After the scenes from the last chapter you will be in the 'real world' again. May as well go chase some furry animals. I kid, I kid, but this section of the real world, like the one before chapter one, is short and linear. Just follow the path and go into the door after the scene. Alice will be mistreated soon, launching her back into wonderland. ==============================================================================                                 Tundraful                 ====================================================================[AMR05]=== Welcome back! Not that you've been gone very long. From where you start out turn around and use SHRINK SENSE. There's a KEYHOLE here that leads to a .: BOTTLE 1/16 :.. Go back out and take the high groud to grab the teeth, then go back and take the slide. Further in you'll battle a MALICIOUS RUIN with some normal ruins. After beating them, you'll see a yeti appear and start blowing cold air. Before you leave though, be sure to find the thin wall of ice across from the owl and blow it up. Behind it is a .: BOTTLE 2/16 :.. Head over to the trampoling now. On the way is an AWESOME ship in a bottle and moon art in the distance. Also be sure to check the right for a .: PIG SNOUT 1/15 :.. Jump by the yeti when you can and get the basket the pig dropped for us. Continue on down the slide. Down here you will find a new weapon: the HOBBY HORSE. This is our HEAVY HITTING weapon, used to break walls and defenses. You'll also meet a new enemy: the Ice Snark (the weird fish we saw earlier). These things are capable of FREEZING you, so if you are about to get frozen dodge out of it. They can also HIDE underground, but you can hurt them with the hobby horse. Kill the one to get a feel for the enemy, then the three that follow him. Some icicles will fall down for you afterwards. Go up the steps and crush the wall on the right. Crush the wall after that too. Jump to the far ledge then turn around and pepper the .: PIG SNOUT 2/15 :. which will raise up a platform which you can use to reach a .: MEMORY 1/15 :.. Go back out and use the mushroom now. Note that you CAN'T reach the duck in the distance! Crush the ice wall ahead. You'll be in a new area with small ruin and ice snarks (and a GIANT ice snark frozen in ice). They shouldn't be any trouble to you. Once you kill them a path will open up further in, but look for a small KEYHOLE to the right of the frozen giant... this will lead up to the ledge with the teeth that you saw earlier and a higher ledge with a .: MEMORY 2/15 :.. [NOTE: SEARCH THE LEFT PATH FIRST! I DIDN'T GET TO AND YOU CAN'T REDO A        CHAPTER UNTIL YOU COMPLETE IT!] Follow the incline now and check out the floor on the right of the next room. You can blow it up. Fall down there and gather up the stars/teeth. There are invisible platforms in this room you can use to get to the gold teeth on the ledge to the left. Do that, then look to your right to see a .: PIG SNOUT 3/15 :.. This one will lower a wall and reveal a breakable wall, so go visit it to rake in the teeth. For the record, I was able to fully upgrade my VORPAL BLADE at this point in time! Sweet! Now you can go jump on the mushroom, which will warp you away, right at the start of a giant slide. There are a few paths to take on this slide and you can fall off, but try to gather as many teeth as you can! At the end you will be on an ice floe again, so go into the nearby cave and fight two ice snarks and a MALICIOUS RUIN. Take out the snarks so you can have a one on one fight with the ruin. Beating them all will open the path ahead. Follow the path down and you'll see the game focus on a shell up ahead. Drop down and do a 180. Break the wall you see here for a .: BOTTLE 3/16 :.. The shell that the game showed you is one of the RADULA ROOMS. Go ahead and enter it to meet Cheshire, who will ask you a question: "How is the Queen of Hearts like a typhoon?"   - Both are cruel.   - Both are indiscriminately destructive.   - Both are powerful.   - In all ways - but the typhoon doesn't mean to be. Choose the LAST answer here, and Cheshire will reward you with some rose red paint (which of course is used to give you more health). It's only 1/4 of what we need though. Afterwards you will be transported out. Use the nearby mushroom to continue. The game will show you a path to the bottle we saw earlier. Drop down and float over to the RIGHT ice chunk. To the right is a .: PIG SNOUT 4/15 :. in the distance. Shoot it up to make a path to a KEYHOLE and a .: MEMORY 3/15 :.. Follow the correct path now and it will lead to a mushroom. Up above is an ice snark waiting for you. Ok, we got some choices now. To the LEFT is a path you can travel to get some hidden teeth, and to the right is the path that they want you to take. Take the RIGHT path so you can get some teeth, but DON'T go past the first invisible ledge. Once you get those teeth, go back and take the LEFT path. This ice chunk on the LEFT path will tilt depending on how you are standing on it, so be quick to get to the ledge beyond. Break the ice wall and kill the snark inside. Jump onto the left ledge and break that wall too. There are invisible paths here with some good teeth on them. Head back and continue on using the mushrooms to get to the main area. Up here head RIGHT and float over the gap to the ledge you'll find (the upper left one). This path leads to the RIGHT path from our earlier choice (you can see the teeth). Drop down to the lower area here. Use your shrink sense to find the board in the water then get on it. It will start to go down the water, so stay on for the ride. After the hole, you can jump off to collect the teeth and the .: BOTTLE 4/16 :.. Break the ice wall near the bottle and shoot the .: PIG SNOUT 5/15 :. that you find behind it. You can use the nearby mushroom to escape this place, landing in the big area you were at before. Now head towards the giant bottle. Jump down onto a chunk of ice. There are several small chunks leading to further land, but be QUICK about jumping on them as they DO SINK and can KILL YOU. As you approach the ship a scene will take over. When you regain control, the game will explain the HMS Gryphon controls to you. It's simple, really, 'X' shoots forwards while 'Triangle' fires down. This section of the game plays out much like a 2-D shooter (think Gradius or something). You will have to shoot down the sharks and mines. About halfway through you will start having crabs shoot missles at you (I've seen them shoot at the sharks too!) and the sharks will occasionally come in from the LEFT. It isn't a very long section and you have 10 lives, so you should be good to go. Remember, always clear a path for yourself! You'll know you have beaten it when you see a scene. ==============================================================================                                Deluded Depths                 ====================================================================[AMR06]=== After the scene, you will be told to go to Carpenter's theatrical. When you regain control, go hack the coral to the left of... um, Napoleon Cow. That leads to a .: MEMORY 4/15 :.. Once you have it head the other direction. You'll see some teeth off to the right on an invisible path you can collect. Head down the path past the coral. You'll see a water jet here. These act exactly like an air vent. Use it to cross over. Go into the room on the right. Kill the snark here then use your shrink sense to find the KEYHOLE. THIS leads to a .: BOTTLE 5/16 :.. Go back out and jump on the FIRST fish to the right. Turn around and find the .: PIG SNOUT 6/15 :. behind you. This will put a basket in the clam down below. Make your way over there. This clam will try to snap on you, but you can pepper the basket to break it and get your teeth that way. Use the vents to the left to get out of here (and more teeth on the higher ledge) and you will make your way to the coral door in the background. This path leads to the Liddell home and another scene. Once you are done, jump to the area in front of you. Down here is a new type of enemy, but the game gives you no introduction for him. It is a pirate ghost who is invulnerable to damage until he brings out some bombs. When he does, either send the bombs back or pepper them to make him vulnerable and then hurt him. Ok, now we can either go left or right. Go left, it leads to some invisible platforms and at the end a .: MEMORY 6/15 :.. Go back and head right when you nabbed it. To go right, you must stand on a pressure plate and shoot the switch that appears. This will make some platforms appear. Go over to the next piece of land. Here head RIGHT. This path has invisible platforms. First is a plank that shifts, then a jump to a mushroom and a circular invis. platform. Use your shrink sense to line up the jump. Follow the platforms to the right as you go over to the structure. Here you can follow ANOTHER invisible path around the building. Be sure to look up to the left for a .: PIG SNOUT 7/15 :., which opens the path to a basket. make your way back now. Now take the LEFT path. On the way there is some chests to the right and black corral to the left (which you can make go away to see a KEYHOLE and the path to a .: BOTTLE 6/16 :.). Head back out. Further down the path is a coral door with a clam and teeth. You'll soon see 'Barrelbottom' and can talk to Cheshire if you wish. Enter the town. Stop a ways before the central monument. To the right is a .: PIG SNOUT 8/15 :. that you can shoot for a basket. Head past the monument and to the LEFT. There is a piece of FLOOR over here you can break and drop through. Down here is another pirate ghost, so kill him. Further in is a mushroom you can use to find a .: MEMORY 7/15 :.. Jump down to the statue now. See the coral barrier to the right? Break through it. This leads downwards. Stick to the left wall and you'll come across teeth and a KEYHOLE leading to .: BOTTLE 7/16 :.. Grab it and than find the RADULA ROOM nearby. THIS room is unlike the last one.. no questions here. Instead is is a battle royale with a bunch of madcaps; your only goal being to survive! Just do what you do best (I used bombs to distract them) and survive. You'll get a bucket of rose paint as a reward. Head to the theater now (straight past the statue). On your way there you will meet a new enemy: the Drifting Ruin. You can pick these guys out of the water with your pepper. Follow the path to the wooden platform, where you can go left for some teeth and right towards the theater. Once past the entryway, go into the left room for teeth and a .: BOTTLE 8/16 :.. Now down the path head to the left (as the shrink sense will tell you). There is a diagonal invisible path here leading to a house. More invis. path surround the house, and a .: PIG SNOUT 9/15 :. is back here. Shooting it will make a platform appear for the .: MEMORY 8/15 :.. Go back to the front of the house and follow the white platforms to another house section. Here you will fight another ghost pirate. After killing him and gathering teeth, go to the back and you'll see a pressure plate. This plate summons a switch. Try it out to see where you need to go. What you need to do is put a bomb down and then quickly get over by the switch (on the invisible platform) and shoot it to make a pathway to the theater appear. Once you do that the rest is easy. ==============================================================================                               Chores Unending                 ====================================================================[AMR07]=== Inside the theater head down the central stairs to meet the carpenter. This will initiate a scene. After the scene, be sure to grab the .: BOTTLE 9/16 :. from the floor. Exit the middle area, as the right hand area will now be open. Go down the right hallway for the shells and the KEYHOLE for a .: MEMORY 9/15 :.. Go back and straight this time. Cheshire will stop himself from saying 'ass' (what, this game is 'M' right?), and then you'll drop into a new area. Here you will meet a new enemy: the CANNON CRAB. The secret to beating this guy is to REPEL his cannon shot back at him, then go attack him. Do that TWICE and you'll slice his cannon off. After that, use your HOBBY HORSE on him TWICE IN A ROW (combo) to knock him on his back. You know what to do from there. After you kill one they will throw TWO at you. Just keep your cool, repel both shots and focus on one crab. Once you've killed both of them a series of swiches will open up. Follow them upwards on the maui heads until you can enter the shark mouth. In here you will meet the OCTOPUS, who is apparently Irish. He'll want to play hide and seek... ok. Head to the left and you can sense an invis. platform with some teeth on it. You can also shoot a .: PIG SNOUT 10/15 :. from here, revealing a basket. Go over and grab it. Ok, I'm UNSURE for now if where he hides is random or not, but here's what I did. From the basket I headed right, past a series of invis. platforms to a new area FILLED with bottles. He was INSIDE one of the bottles here, on the left side area of the place (the camera kind of zooms in when I was near him). He was in a smaller bottle (you can break the bottles here releasing... um, liquor I guess). He'll zoom off to the right. Go follow him. You can use shrink sense to see an arrow pointing off to the distance. Invis. platforms will be here too. Ride them up to a wood platform with a pressure switch. Once again you must use a bomb to hold the plate down and go shoot a switch off to the left. You can actually shoot if from the invis. platform, so don't jump to the wooden one. That will open the way on the right. Go over there, but be sure to check for an invisible platform going up and down to the left that leads to a .: BOTTLE 10/16 :.. Keep going to reach another area FILLED with bottles. Stick to the left hand wall and you'll see a .: BOTTLE 11/16 :. out in the distance that you can get to with the help of some invisible platforms. Go back to solid land and go through the KEYHOLE to the right. Break the bottles you find and you'll 'find' him a second time. Out in the ocean you will see some jellyfish platforms. Follow them, jumping over the spikes and you'll come to another wooden platform with a pressure plate. You know what to do. Open the path to the right. Once you get over there, check the left hand side (past the gate) for .: MEMORY 10/15 :.. Down below you will have to fight another ghost pirate. Kick his ass and get ready for some tedious shooting. Ok, there is a pressure plate to the left and to the right. Putting a bomb on the left one raises a switch on the RIGHT, and vice versa. So you must run over to the other side after placing a bomb. The game DOESN'T help at ALL with it's forced camera angles after raising the switch either (a poor development decision). Once you get those two switches turned on (practice makes perfect) you'll have to jump out to the wooden walkway on the left and put down another bomb. Of course the switch is facing the entryway, so hurry over there and shoot it. FYI, just pressing 'R1' starts shooting. Once that is done a mushroom will pop up, so follow that path and you'll find more bottles. The octopus is in one of them, so find him and he'll open the nearby gate saying you won. He'll go on to say he'll deliver the script to the carpenter. Grab the chests and be on your way. Now, from where they drop you off, drop off the ledge and break the chests. There is a .: BOTTLE 12/16 :. behind them. Jump back up to the ledge. There is a .: PIG SNOUT 11/15 :. off to the right. You can see it by jumping to the next ledge and looking past the stalk growing on it. Now go to the middle of the area and talk to the fish. It will ask you to clean it's pipes... Ok, let's do this. First, there are red, yellow, and blue pipes, so let's do this in some sort of order, eh?    Yellow Pipes: Head in and you can hit 'L1' to see a scene of the obstruction: it's ruin alright. Jump down there and you'll have to battle three snarks and as many weakling ruin. Not a very hard fight, to be honest. Afterwards you will be warped out and drums will start playing.    Blue Pipes: Same as the yellow pipes, head in and look at the blockage. This time though you will fight a single cannon crab and a TON of weakling ruin. Focus on the crab as much as you are able and take him out. Use a bomb to help while you repel his fire. You'll be warped out as trumpets start playing.    Red Pipes: Not much differnt than the previous pipes, you will face down THREE snarks here and a MELICIOUS RUIN. Kill off the snarks asap so you can focus on the ruin properly. Afterwards you will free some trumpets and be warped out. Afterwards the fish will complain about not having her timing down. You will now have to play a rather ridiculous mini-game. A bar will move left-to-right down below and you must press the buttons as you pass them. It's rather easy given how slow the bar moves; I'm sure you can do this. Afterwards the door will open up, letting you leave. Past this door and to the right is a .: MEMORY 11/15 :., but it's in a clam shell! Be careful! Continue down the path. There is a coral door to the right you should take to get some teeth from a clam, and ANOTHER one in THAT room on the right that leads to a rare RADULA ROOM. THIS RADULA ROOM will have you playing the HMS Gryphon game again, only a little bit harder. You still have 10 lives though, so this shouldn't be too much of a challenge. Just be sure to clear a path for yourself and you'll be awarded a bucket of ROSE PAINT at the end. After getting your paint, continue onwards. You'll enter another area where you will have to fight three cannon crabs (only two at a time). Once you kill them, the oyster performer will come down and say you woke her (him? it?) up and then leave to the performance. Good! A door will open to let you out of here as well. Follow the path and you'll see another platforming section needs to be done. Follow the path until you get to the SECOND BIT GREEN jellyfish thing. If you drop off to the left there's some chests. To the right, use your shrink sense to see some invisible platforms. Follow them and you'll hear a pig sniff. Look backwards and up to find the .: PIG SNOUT 12/15 :. and get a basket. Continue past the second big jellyfish to a trampoline one, then to another stable one. See the violet flower!? Yep, invisible platforms to the left. This leads to a KEYHOLE and a .: MEMORY 12/15 :.. Go back and take the proper path this time. This leads to another oyster's bedroom. Here you'll fight some weak ruins and a single cannon crab. Laughably easy compared to the last fight. Waste them and the oyster will say they still need the star. YIKES. I guess we're off to go get her. Her bedroom isn't far away so follow the path. You'll find her asking you to help put together a poster. We need to find FOUR blocks before we can do it though. First, use your shrink mode and enter the KEYHOLE to your right. This leads to the FIRST piece. The SECOND piece is the obvious one to the left of the KEYHOLE we just went through. For the THIRD piece, go to the left side of this room and into the adjacent room. Here you will have to fight three snarks and a cannon crab (who is shooting from some high groud). Get near the ledge where the crab is so he can't hit you and kill the snarks. Now you can kill the crab without worry. This will open up the path to the THIRD PIECE. For the FOURTH piece, head back out to the main room. To the right of the oyster is a mushroom trampoline. Use it. Follow this path. Use your shrink sense to find a path that leads to the upper left out here, where you can break a coral door and find a .: MEMORY 13/15 :.. Go back and take the right path now to reach a pressure plate. View the invisible platforms to see how they go, then put a bomb on the plate. A door on the far side will open up so make your way over there and collect the piece. With all four pieces collected you now have to put the poster together. If you've ever played those sliding puzzles you know how this goes. The missing piece is in the bottom right. You are given 24 moves to do this in. Here is what you need to do:    Move 1: Move the TOP MIDDLE piece DOWN.    Move 2: Move the TOP RIGHT piece LEFT.    Move 3: Move the CENTER RIGHT piece UP.    Move 4: Move the CENTER MIDDLE piece RIGHT.    Move 5: Move the BOTTOM CENTER piece UP.    Move 6: Move the BOTTOM RIGHT piece LEFT. BINGO! Easy as pie! Enter the shark mouth when you are done. You'll now see a scene with the Carpenter. When you regain control you will fight a Drowned Sailor, but this guy will actually attack you as well as throw bombs. He's not invulnerable all the time though, so pepper him and throw in vorpal blade combo's when you can! After killing him, explore the left side of the graveyard. Behind one of the graves is a .: PIG SNOUT 13/15 :. which opens a KEYHOLE that leads to a .: MEMORY 14/15 :..  A nice haul. The right side of this area has some teeth. Continue on to fight a ghost pirate, but after the fight another pirate will beg alice to help his shipmates, opening a door up ahead. Well, its not like we have any choice here. Through the door are THREE tombs, but only the one on the RIGHT will be open. Go in and you'll fight a drowned sailor. This battle isn't much different than before, but when you kill him his soul will flee. You need to chase it down! Follow the blue light as you jump along coffins and cement. This part is pretty straitforward, just bash the chest at the end. The next tomb is the one on the LEFT. This one also has a drowned sailor, but he has THREE drifting RUINS with him. Take them out asap as they can be annoying. Just keep strafing to avoid damage and take them out. Afterwards you will have to go after THIS would too. THIS section is also pretty straight forward. Just be sure to stay with the light (the dark water hurts), GRAB THE .: BOTTLE 13/16 :. from the CLAM on the left as you go on, and when you see the violet flowers use your SHRINK SENSE to keep going on the invisible platforms. The usual. Next we'll take on the last tomb. In this one you will again fight a drowned sailor, but he has CONSTANTLY RESPAWNING creeper ruins. It's best to just throw out a bomb and let whoever attacks it attack it while you strafe and focus on the sailor. Once you take him out you'll have a heck of a platforming section to tackle. It's fairly easy at first, leading through some clams and over to a platform. Throw a bomb on the plate here to use the four vents without dying. From there, use your shrink sense often to follow the path. There IS a .: BOTTLE 14/16 :. up ahead (on the right-hand side) that you can nab. From there, float to a trampoline mushroom and then to a vent, landing on the platform where the chest is. The sailors will thank you afterwards and open the other gate for you (the one we REALLY needed). Head through the other gate, but use your sense to find a KEYHOLE to the left. This leads to a series of invisible platform jumps but culminates with a .: MEMORY 15/15 :. at the end. All the memories. Nice. You can also easily jump to the path below from here. Follow the path. There is a coral door to the right with teeth inside, and a trampoline at the end that will load a new area. This area is another slide, and like the recent slides will have multiple paths and teeth to gather. Ride it to the end where you are dumped in an arena with a new enemy... the BIGGEST yet... the COLOSSUS RUIN! This bad boy easily has half a dozen faces on his body... he'll try to charge at you and will send out several packets of explosions. As you hurt him though a face will disappear. All I did was kept a column between me and him while he was trying to charge, and peppered the HELL out of him. Peppering alone will actually kill this guy if you can keep a column between the two of you. If you don't want to be a punk like me, just continuously dodge him and attack when he is done charging. Break the barrier afterwards. You can see a grisley scene here, but focus! Use your sense to find a KEYHOLE on the RIGHT HAND WALL. This leads to the levels last RADULA ROOM, and it's a doozy. Here you must KILL or BE KILLED. The first wave will be TWO EYEPOTS and a MALICIOUS RUIN. Focus on the EYEPOTS first. Since this 'arena' has a lot of holes, you can lure them over to you and divide and conquer. Beware of each of their long range attacks though. After that, you'll then have to kill THREE EYEPOTS and a MALICIOUS RUIN. SHEESH! This is tough, I won't lie, but focus on luring away the pots and killing them and you'll be ok. Afterwards, you'll get some rose paint, and if that is your fourth one you'll have a NEW ROSE on your life bar. Afterwards return to the main area. Use your sense yet again and look down the doorway on the left (not the one you went into, the OTHER one). There is a .: PIG SNOUT  14/15 :. floating around here you can shoot (for some reason it is invisible). That will spawn a mushroom to your right where you can find a .: BOTTLE 15/16 :.. Sweet. Head down into the carnage now. There's nothing you can do about the poor fish that are still alive. The path is very linear from here on in, so head into the theater to see several scenes, all of which will end this chapter.                             .:| CHAPTER 3! |:. ==============================================================================                                  Prologue               ============================================================================== You'll be back in the real world now, saved by the fire and with nanny. She will tell you that she'll take you to Radcliffe as Alice insists on asking about the fire. Like the previous 'pre-wonderland' stints, this section is entirely linear. Explore the streets and you'll come to Radcliffe's place soon enough. You will find the man in his house and set off a cut-scene. After the cut-scene the path is once again very much linear, so keep heading down it until you come into wonderland once more. ==============================================================================                                  Vale of Doom             ====================================================================[AMR08]=== After the scene you will be attacked right away! A malicious ruin will attack with sevearl weaker ruins coming in from the sides. After dispatching them, go break the nearby shiny rock to discover a hookah you can interact with. This will make some ledges come down, so use it to get to a platform on the left. A few slithering ruin will attack here. There is a vent to the right you can use, but be sure to do a 180 and collect the .: BOTTLE 1/18 :.. Continue on the path to the next big platform and hookah. Now use the vent and moving pillar to get to the ledge on the left for another .: BOTTLE 2/18 :.. You can jump down to a ledge on the right and use the vent past there to continue. Jump down to the open area and go explore the left room for yet another .: BOTTLE 3/18 :.. Finally, go out into the middle of the area to claim another weapon: the TEAPOT CANNON. This bad boy is another ranged weapon that acts a lot like the EYEPOT tea attack. You can use it to destroy weak walls and the longer you hold the attack button, the bigger the splash radius is. Once you get the weapon you will get to try it out against a malicious ruin and some weak ruin. Once you kill THOSE, a GIANT RUIN will come out. Keep your distance between the two of you so he can't grab you, and switch between peppering him and scalding him. A fully-powered teapot shot can stop him dead when he's in his 'train' phase, letting you get in a lot of vorpal blade hits. Afterwards, break down the wall with the cannon to continue. There are lots of things to break in this next area, but keep your eye open on the lefthand path for a .: MEMORY 1/19 :. behind a big slime wall (it's a ways down the path guys. You have to cannon the slime than crush it with the horse). Further on you will have to smoke another hookah and then you can explore the upper ledges thanks to a vent. Get to the ledge above the hookah and look off to the right to find a .: PIG SNOUT 1/11:.. Shooting it will make the gear below rise up and down, so you can get up where the snout was. Here you will find a KEYHOLE leading to a side area. Use your shrink sense here to make your way to a RADULA ROOM. In the room you will be quizzed by Cheshire: "We welcome the arrival of a phantom at sunset, only to rue its departure at  sunrise. What is it?"   - Night Phlox.   - Dreams.   - Hope.   - May flies. Choose 'Dreams' to win a bottle of rose paint. Feel free to continue on the upper path once you win that rose paint. You'll have to smoke another hookah up ahead and take out a couple of floating ruin. Be sure to find the drop-down on the right of that first floating platform you are on for a .: BOTTLE 4/18 :.. You can also jump over to the ledge on the left and use the vent here to make your way to another .: BOTTLE 5/18 :. Man, they are really giving those things to us. Go back to the floating ruin platform and use the cannon to shoot down the wall straight ahead (like the game will tell you to do). Jump on the rock to ride over there. An eyepot and some madcaps will be waiting for you. On the next platform is some ruin, but you can take them out from range if you wanted to (you wuss!). Follow the path as it makes it's way to a broken down train platform and beyond that to a boxcar. You'll fight some more madcaps and some floating ruin. After the fight, jump to the upper ledge on the left (the palm) to make your way to some boxes and teeth. There is also a SWITCH in the distance, so shoot it to turn on some vents straight ahead. You can use these to get to the far ledge and the .: MEMORY 2/19 :. over there. You can head back now and use the path you were SUPPOSED to take to get to the open area (which involves a lot of invisible platforms). Over on the open area, you'll fight some weak ruin, some drifter ruins, and oh yeah, a COLUSSUS! Use the pillars to keep him away if you must and use the tea cannon to really punish him. Head onwards now and smoke another hookah. This will bring up a platform, so use it to get to the second vent. Now you can go left or right. Right continues on but we want to go left. There are invisible platforms here you can use to get some teeth, and then to the right you can destoy the wall in the distance. This leads to a .: MEMORY 3/19 :.. Beyond that is a keyhole that houses some enemies and teeth, so go wild. Go back and take the right path now. This will lead to a scene, where the caterpillar will take you to a new area entirely. ==============================================================================                                 Murals Pt. 1             ====================================================================[AMR09]=== This area has an obvious Japanese-themed setting. You'll also see this area is called the 'Mysterious East', but I named this chapter and the ones after it after the murals we'll be playing in due to how utterly large the 'Mysterious East' is! You'll see small platforms moving around bigger ones. Explore the ledge in front of you for teeth and head right past the bridge. You'll come to a fish with a chain you can pull, and beyond that is a .: BOTTLE 6/18 :.. Pull the chain. Use the platforms and vent to get higher. In front of you on an island is another .: BOTTLE 7/18 :. that you can get to using some more moving tiles. Head back and you'll see a mushroom pop up. Jump forward to the next island with the boxes and get the teeth, but do a 180 and check out left side of the left column. You can JUST make out a .: PIG SNOUT 2/11:. here, which makes a pathway behind you when you shoot it. Go up there to find a .: MEMORY 4/19 :.. Head out and continue onwards to the big area on the left. Don't go to far into it though: head to the right and stand near the water by the fish on the line. Some tiles will pop up leading you to a KEYHOLE with a .: MEMORY 5/19 :. in it. Head up the path and it'll lead to some mandatory invisible paths you must follow. Go down them, use the vent, and go down another invisible path to a village looking place. Break down the obvious weak wall on the right for a .: MEMORY 6/19 :..  Keep heading further into the village to encouter your first enemy in this area: the SAMURAI WASP. Three of them will attack here, so pepper them. You'll soon see their mask breaks when they are being damaged. The hobby horse is great here as the wasps like to block. They are also somewhat proficient at dodging. Not too hard to be honest. Keep going and you'll have to drop down to a platform in a hole. There is a breakable wall to the left you can break with a chain inside. Pull this to continue to the next village area, where three more wasps await you. Gather the teeth in this village and continue down the stairs. There are invisible platforms here but before taking them use your shrink sense to find the KEYHOLE on the right with a .: MEMORY 7/19 :.. Take the platforms now but watch out for the walls as they spit fire out at you (just time your jumps). Up ahead you'll fight a couple of wasps and then be introduced to a new enemy: the Daimyo Wasp. This guy is stronger than the samurai's (he's a daimyo!). He likes to twirl his spear and charge at you. He also likes to plant his spear in the ground, making it send a shockwave towards you. An effective way I've found to kill him is wait until he plants his spear and THEN shoot him with a cannon shot (he blocks ranged if he's not attacking). THAT will stun him, letting you attack him however you want. His armor will come off in shards as you defeat him. Continue onwards up to the building once you are done. There will be LIVING insects here! Amazing! To the left of the entrance is some boxes and a breakable wall. Past that is a switch. Throw a rabbit on there and go stand on the wall behind you, which leads to a .: MEMORY 8/19 :.. Explore the other side for teeth. Go past the central statue and take a right down the stairs. Our here is an invisible .: PIG SNOUT 3/11 :., which rewards you with a .: BOTTLE 8/18 :.. Nice! Go back and continue on to meet the elder, who gives you another one of those sliding piece puzzles. Ok, we have collect the pieces. The first one is to your left out in the open. Now go up the ramp by it and shrink for the KEYHOLE, which of course leads to another puzzle piece. The THIRD one is past that incline and to the left, behind the breakable wall. The FOURTH piece is once again by the ramp. South of the ramp is a mushroom. Bounce up to the ledge and break the wall you find there. Kill the samurai wasp and go find the pressure plate on the left. Put a bomb on it, then go use the right platform to collect the last piece. Ok, time to put the puzzle right. We have 24 moves again, but we don't need nearly that many. Here's what you need to do:    Move 1: Move the TOP MIDDLE piece DOWN.    Move 2: Move the TOP RIGHT piece LEFT.    Move 3: Move the CENTER RIGHT piece UP.    Move 4: Move the CENTER MIDDLE piece RIGHT.    Move 5: Move the BOTTOM CENTER piece UP.    Move 6: Move the BOTTOM RIGHT piece LEFT. [*NOTE: This is EXACTLY the same way that we solved the last puzzle. Why they         made the answer the same is BEYOND me.] The door onwards will open up. Head down the stairs and look to the left for a KEYHOLE that leads to a .: MEMORY 9/19 :.. Keep going past some more floating tiles and you'll soon meet the Elder again, who will send you into the Sacred Caves. Go forward and interact with the mural to load a new section. As you'll see, Alice is now in 2D! Crazy! You can move like normal and even float and shrink. Gather the peach behind you and move forward. You'll soon have to use a mushroom to bounce over a house. Keep going past the vent and to the jump with some trees on each side of a gap. Be careful here as the right tree will BREAK off. Soon you'll be dodging fire balls (remember you can shrink to avoid some). Keep going and float over some bamboo spikes. Further in you will see a bunch of statues chilling over some spikes. These things will start to drop when you jump on them so quickly jump to the third one and wait for it to fall a bit before jumping to a forth one. Don't wait too long as the spikes can get you! This fourth one will RAISE and there are spikes ABOVE you, so jump to the ground on the right when you can. Another startue will pound the ground over here so be careful. Past that mess you can continue up an incline, but be sure to use the incline (the second one) and jump to a mushroom to the left. This path leads to a peach. Continue to the right and you'll come across more statues and bamboo you have to shrink under. Keep going until you go past the cloud.  You'll find a mushroom beyond it, but I want you to keep going to the right to find another peach up a tree over there. Go back and use the mushroom. This leads upwards to 4-5 mushrooms in a row. Be sure to check the left side as you go up, because at like the fifth mushroom to the left is another peach. Ride the shrooms up until you get to the leaves. Jump to the swirling leaf on the right and use it to jump to the branch ever higher (at 12 O'Clock). From there climb higher, but float over to the branch on the left to find another peach. Go back and head right. Climb the branches and go pull the fish chain. You'll just have to go right a little bit more and then you'll be able to exit this 2D affair. ==============================================================================                                 Murals Pt. 2             ====================================================================[AMR10]=== Continue onwards now and to the next open area. You can talk to Cheshire here, but look off to the left for a .: PIG SNOUT 4/11 :. which leads to a .: MEMORY 10/19 :.. Follow the path across the gorge now. The bridges here will scroll towards you but watch out for the firey symbols! Those will obviously hurt. Also don't jump over them, dodge them. Past the first bridge you will meet a new enemy: the wasp archer. Just use your pepper gun to take them out. Make your way to the chain on the right. You'll have to cross another bridge and take out more archers. Keep going and you'll find a large gap you need to cross at the bottom of some stairs. Too big for a jump. You need to use the invisible platforms below you to reach a room with a chain, which summons an air vent. There's also a wasp in here along with a .: BOTTLE 9/18 :.. Head back now and continue onwards. In the next room is an archer and a new enemy: the samurai ink wasp. This thing is BASICALLY a bolterfly, as the glowing ink tile summons them non-stop  until you kill them. Kill the archer and use the cannon to destory the ink tile in one blast. Further in is another tile and a samurai. Keep going past the mushroom to kill some more enemies. Be sure to check the LEFT area for a RADULA ROOM. This radula room challenge is to KILL or BE KILLED. It consists of a bunch of madcaps and bolterfly nests. This one was actually laughably easy. An easy thing of rose paint for you! Heac back not and use the mushroom to jump to the higher ledge where you can find a pressure plate. Put a bomb on it and procede through the spinning doorway. This leads to a warp mushroom which takes us to... a slide! You know the drill: gather as MANY teeth as you can and avoid the lava looking things. At the end you will have to do some LONG FLOATING, so be sure to milk it. Once you land you can look off to the right for a .: PIG SNOUT 5/11 :. in the distance that you can shoot. Head down this path now using the plates to open the drawers. You'll traverse the wooden bridges fighting samurai wasps (hobby horse). Be sure to check out the right path for the basket you unlocked earlier. Up ahead is a big circular area that you'll fight a DAIMYO on, but be sure to take out the archers and the ink wasp tablet first. After that use the nearby pressure plate to get up to the chain. That will open the path further down. Be sure to check out the left ledge with a 'hidden' KEYHOLE for a .: MEMORY 11/19 :.. Further on you will use some invisible platforms to get to a pressure plate that release a mushroom you can get to another chain with. Follow the path to the split and go right for a .: MEMORY 12/19 :.. Head onwards to reach the door for a scene. After the scene you'll come across some samurai terrorizing the insects. Battle them, and after defeating them you'll have to play the ridiculous music mini-game again. The door ahead will open after that. Go about halfway up the stairs and check to the right for a breakable wall that houses a .: MEMORY 14/19 :.. [*Note: I did a double-take here, and counted my memories! That last one was         indeed number 14. It seems the game counts the last scene as a memory         making the house scene .: MEMORY 13/19 :..] Move onwards to an area absolutely FILLED with ink wasps... seriously there is like 6 ink wasp nests here. AND you have a DAIMYO to fight. I like to run around and kill all the ink tiles first, then fight the daimyo one on one. Afterwards a spinning door will open, so go through it. Immediatly after exiting it check to the right for a .: BOTTLE 10/18 :.. Head onwards to warp to a new area. You will now have another slide to go down, so as usual collect as many teeth as you can. At the end you will have a mushroom to jump to solid ground. Up here you have some slithering ruin and weak ruins to kill. Doing that will make a pressure plate in the back accessible. You must put a bomb on the plate (behind the rock) and use it to jump to the chain. This will make more columns appear, but you'll probably run out of time and need to put a bomb on the pressure plate again. Once you get up to the higher area you will kill two more weak ruin. Check the right path for teeth and head into the cave. Here go through the right KEYHOLE for a .: BOTTLE 11/18 :.. Continue on and you'll fight some slithering ruin and floating ruins. There is a big pit of tar here. Use the invisible platform to get to the ledge with the pressure plate (which you can use once you kill everything). There is also a KEYHOLE to the left that leads to a .: BOTTLE 12/18 :.. Now use the plate to raise platforms that lead to a chain. This raised platforms that lead to a wood structure. Break the wall to the left to get another plate that gets you out of this area. Further ahead is a fight with two samurai wasps. Check the left side of this area for a KEYHOLE that leads to a .: BOTTLE 13/18 :.. Now head into the building. The game will load and you'll be in a cave. Talk to the Elder and drop down and defeat the two weak ruin and the malicious ruin. Afterwards you can break the corruption on the right and free the ants. Be sure to grab the teeth inside the room. The insects will make a trampoline appear. Use it to get to a higher ledge. Shoot the .: PIG SNOUT 6/11 :. for a teeth basket. Use the nearby mushroom to get even higher. Up here you have to use tiles to get to a chain in the distance, which isn't hard in itself, but floating ruin will constantly spawn. It's best just to ignore them and go activate the chain since they don't stop coming. With the chain active, you can use the vents near the start to continue. Be sure to notice the KEYHOLE to the right of the third vent as a .: MEMORY 15/19 :. is nearby. Keep heading upwards from there. The path is pretty linear, just break weak walls and corruption while jumping on mushroom. Soon you'll come to a blue mushroom and a new area. Here the ants will be praying. Cheshire will make a few comments here too if you let him. As you continue you'll notice that the fans will become your platforms. Be sure to look off to the RIGHT and you'll see a .: PIG SNOUT 7/11 :. that you can shoot, even from the FIRST FAN! Jump to the THIRD fan and use your shrink sense. There are INVISIBLE platforms to the right, but they are (*drumroll) PURPLE! What the heck!? These can be hard to see, but they are there. This path will lead you to a platform moving up and down, leading to a fan with a .: MEMORY 16/19 :. on it. Follow the fan path to solid ground. Once you touch down, check out the path on the right to find a KEYHOLE leading to a .: BOTTLE 14/18 :.. The incline leads to some teeth and back to where you were. Head down the path and you'll come to a cave. In here, float across the LONG gap to get a quick panoramic of the place. The lions in here do a 360 while spitting fire that WILL kill  you, even if you try to jump it or shrink. You're safe from the start, so run to the left when the fire passes. On this path another lion attached to the wall will shoot out fire every now and again. Time that too and break the wall in front of you. Pull the chain inside to see your destination. Exit that small room, but before heading left go straight into the KEYHOLE ahead. There is a RADULA ROOM back here! This radula room will be all about SURVIVAL. It will be filles with cannon crabs and madcap, all of which re-spawn. After a certain amount of time has passed you will win some more rose paint! Once you are done with the room, follow the path to the right for a .: MEMORY 17/19 :.. [*Note: Alternately you could have just jumped on the first lions head to get         to the memory and radula room.] Make your way through the KEYHOLE that has the statue pounding near it. It's pretty obvious to use good timing here. The other end has another statue too. Past that is a room where a door will shut on you. Two samurai wasps will attack you with an archer.  This is a SMALL platform you're on, but you should have time to pepper the archer to death and than BLOCK the samurai. Use the hobby horse from there. Keep going up the stairs to the next room. Break the wall to get to another room with a lion.  Here you want to run counter-clockwise with the lions flame to get past it to another breakable wall. Grab the .: BOTTLE 15/18 :. to the right and pull the chain. This raises three columns outside that lead up to a ledge. The trick here is that columns 1 & 3 raise together while 2 lowers (and vice versa). HOWEVER, whenever a column raises up to its peak, the nearby lion breathes fire on it! Yikes! YOU want to go RIGHT AFTER the first lion is DONE breathing fire. You'll jump on column one, hit column two as it is going up, and then jump on column three as it is going down. NOW just get to the ledge one it raises. Throw a bomb on the pressure plate you find and make your way through the far end door! This leads to another one of those 2-D murals. This mural will start by telling you how the poor ants suffer. Move up and pull the chain. As you go right you'll have to dodge archer ants. Past that is a ledge that you can float off of to a mushroom. Be careful of the lions! Their eyes light up before firing! Keep going until you have to pull another chain to move a lion. This drop is tricky! Be sure to FLOAT downwards as sharpened bamboo is waiting for you. Go RIGHT, the LEFT, then to the CENTER, then to the RIGHT. Continue onwards! Once you get up the mushroom jumps and decide to head right (remember to explore, for example to the left is a peach), the path leading to the cliff will start to fall down (be quick!). Past that you need to use the rooftops as platforms and time your jumps with the archer's arrows. The exit is shortly after the house section. ==============================================================================                                 Murals Pt. 3             ====================================================================[AMR11]=== With that the 'real' world path will be open. Go down it to fight TWO weak ruins and TWO malicious ruins all at the same time. Obviously focus on killing the two weaklings and then one malicious ruin. The bunny will help here. After that continue on and you'll see the ants need you to do yet another 'sliding puzzle'. We'll need to gather pieces, though. To get the FIRST piece, go into the hole on the right. This drops you down into a room with a TON of slithering ruin. Take them all out to be able to break the door and grab the piece. To get the SECOND piece follow this path past the vent to a room with some invisible platforms and a pressure plate. Throw a rabbit on the plate and use the platforms to get up there. Return to the main area now. Let's get the THIRD one now. From the puzzle head left. Go to the right when the path splits and a mushroom will bounce you up to a ledge with a KEYHOLE. Follow the keyhole but go RIGHT when it splits to get to a room with a .: BOTTLE 16/18 :. in it. Now take the left path. In this room the right side will have a mushroom. Bounce up it and to a 180 to see a pressure plate. Put a rabbit on the pressure plate to reveal the box. Go grab it and get back outside once you do. Now for the FOURTH one. Go down the left path now and it will be up on a pillar. There are invisible platforms surrounding the pillar. Sense them and go get the cube. Once you grab it you will be taken to the puzzle. Ok, time to put the puzzle right. We have 24 moves again, but we don't need nearly that many. Here's what you need to do:    Move 1: Move the TOP MIDDLE piece DOWN.    Move 2: Move the TOP RIGHT piece LEFT.    Move 3: Move the CENTER RIGHT piece UP.    Move 4: Move the CENTER MIDDLE piece RIGHT.    Move 5: Move the BOTTOM CENTER piece UP.    Move 6: Move the BOTTOM RIGHT piece LEFT. [*NOTE: This is EXACTLY the same way that we solved the last puzzle. Why they         made the answer the same is BEYOND me. For those keeping count, that         is the THIRD TIME they have done that!] The gate onwards will open. You'll get a panoramic of the upcoming area. Go down the path jumping from cage to cage but beware of the archers. On the second ledge, check the left wall for a .: PIG SNOUT 8/11 :., which opens up a path on the left for a .: MEMORY 18/19 :.. Head back to the first ledge now and use the teetering cages to continue on further upwards. You'll fight some samurai wasps up ahead, but only two of them. Defeating them opens up a nearby door. Go through the door to talk to an ant and fight a COLOSSUS. This big guy is accompanied by TWO samurai wasps and TWO ink wasp tablets. I like to get my cannon and destroy the two ink-was tablets (to the left up above you and in front of your to the right up above you), and then focus on dodging the colossus and killing the samurai to make it a one on one fight. From there it's easy to use the colossus killing strategy (Cannon shots) to win. Afterwards the ruin blocking the frog's gong is gone. Here you need to explore the left side of the wall in the back for a KEYHOLE. Go through it and nab the .: BOTTLE 17/18 :. then jump on the mushroom and pull the chain. This will make the frog VOMIT up a HUGE ball, opening the path up ahead. Follow the new path and break the first left hand breakable wall. Use the vent and follow the KEYHOLE to the last .: BOTTLE 18/18 :.. Nice. Go break the other wall now. Be sure to note the teeth on the RIGHT as there is a KEYHOLE by them. Follow the keyhole to a room with a wall you can break that reveals the last RADULA ROOM. This radula room puts you back in 2-D land. It's a pretty linear path, just be careful of the bamboo spikes and further past the mushrooms are some lions shooting fire. Once you reach the exit you will have earned another jar of rose paint, and another rose to boot! Go the right way now and you'll fight some samurai and archers. Break the floor to continue and keep breaking floors until you reach a new open area. Cheshire will have a comment if you'll listen. The tiles here will sink ALL the way into the wall, so be quick about getting to the cage. Keep going past the vents and you'll soon see a .: PIG SNOUT 9/11 :. up ahead. It will raise some nearby platforms. Get ready for a fight when you jump down to the circular area. Here FOUR archers will fly up (surrounding you) while a DAIMYO walks down the stairs. Take out the archers with pepper while the DAIMYO tries to attack (strafe), and another archer and some samurai wasps will appear. Use a bomb and cannon shots to distract the daimyo and samurai while you kill the last archer. Then you can focus on the samurai with hobby horse combos so you can face the daimyo in peace. Be sure to cannon him when he charges up something in mid-air! After that you can explore the area the pig snout opened up. Get up there and you will find the last .: MEMORY 19/19 :. of the chapter and plenty of teeth. Head back and go up the stairs to drop down into another mural area. You know what that means... In this mural the narrator will paint Alice as a hero. Head to the right and use the mushroom to get higher and pull a chain. Keep on going. You can collect extra teeth to the left of the big branch drop. Hit the next chain to make a vent appear. Past that you have an area you must shrink to continue. Be FAST here as the bamboo ceiling drops! Past that you will ride a cloud. Watch your positioning and jump over the bamboo. You'll have to shrink to fit through one point. Past that is a second cloud. SHRINK from the get-go here. Further on you have to ride clouds while lions shoot fire. It isn't too hard to avoid though. Hit the chain to make more vents appear. Note that there is a lower area to the left once you reach the house. Past that you'll ride a cloud upwards, but your jump will be almost taken away (it's weird...). Lions will be on either side of the ascent, so you need to run left or right accordingly (if the lion is shooting fire on the RIGHT, run to the LEFT). The exit is right after that part. Once again the path will be open to you. Continue on past the bridge and up to the open area. See the LEFT statue? Go behind it and use 'shrink sense' to see a decal of 'Spicy Horse' (this game's development studio). This will net you the "Eyes on the Size" trophy. Head up the stairs to view a scene. Once you have control you can slowly walk up the ramp while Alice and the caterpillar talk. He will insist Alice can save her sanity by saving wonderland, which is kind-of what we've been trying to do this whole time. Walk to the end of the incline to see another scene and end this chapter. [Wow, I missed TWO pig snouts!? How the heck did that happen? Well, as usual  let me know if YOU'VE found them and where they were! Thanks guys!]                             .:| CHAPTER 4! |:. ==============================================================================                                  Prologue               ============================================================================== Well, you're in jail. Don't be too surprised, nutjob. The police will let you go though, so head out of the building. Alice will react to freedom horribly though. This next area just go straight ahead and you'll come to another scene soon enough. ==============================================================================                                  Cardbridge ====================================================================[AMR12]=== Go forwards and the path will reveal itself (the cards fly in automatically). Use the vent to get higher, then use you shrink sense. There is an invisible .: PIG SNOUT 1/11 :. up ahead! Shooting it will make some cards appear in the distance, leading to a .: MEMORY 1/17 :.. Keep going down the path. When you get to the '2' card that is moving back and forth use your shrink sense to see an invisible path straight ahead (the game wants you to go left). You can get quite a few teeth out here along with a .: BOTTLE 1/18 :.. Head back and keep going down the cards. Once you get past the slide with the trampoline use your sense to find a .: PIG SNOUT 2/11 :. in the distance that leads to some teeth. Go into the castle after that. In here, gather teeth and move through the doorway. Now go down the small path to the left. You'll find teeth and a .: BOTTLE 2/18 :. down here, but you can also go into the small gap at the end for a .: MEMORY 2/17 :.. Go back to the start. The right path has teeth. Ok, now we have to get a little tricky. Up ahead to the LEFT and RIGHT and pressure plates. Then there is an invisible platform between this castle and the one up ahead. The LEFT pressure plate LOWERS the invisible platform so you can GET on it, while the RIGHT pressure plate opens the door to the second castle. What you need to do is put a BOMB on the LEFT plate, then go and step on the RIGHT plate. The door in the distance will open (and start to slowly shut). Now quickly go through the middle door, get on the platform, explode the bomb, and go jump to the next castle. Be sure to SHRINK so you can fit under the closing door. If you mess up there is an invisible platform to your right you can use to try again. Keep going down the path past the trampoline to the next stack of cards. Here go right to a vent, leading up to a pressure plate. In the distance are some cards on the right and left. DON'T try to jump to the ones on the right (you will die). As you can see, the plate opens up a platform to the left, and there is an invisible path that way too. Put a bomb on the plate and follow the invisible path to the far platform. Get to the section that DOESN'T disappear with the plate! Up ahead and to the left is an invisible .: PIG SNOUT 3/11 :. which opens the path forward to a .: BOTTLE 3/18 :.. Now go and put a bomb on the next pressure plate. This opens up a path straight ahead, so go float over there. Don't dilly-dally though: keep going as the cards take you down to another trampoline. There will be another castle ahead. It looks like a LONG float over there, but just for it as some cards will make you a platform when you get near. A blue mushroom will warp you to a new area here. ==============================================================================                                Queensland ====================================================================[AMR13]=== You will have a new dress now. Neat. Up ahead is a slide, which of course means dodging slime and collecting teeth. Be sure to take the LEFT path when the slide starts to split for a .: BOTTLE 4/18 :.. Gather up all the teeth below (jackpot) and keep going down the slide. It will drop you off on a broken bridge. Move forwards for a scene. Jump to the next piece of bridge. To the left is a lower area that you can jump down to (as opposed to the next bridge ahead). Do so. Go past the moving platforms to the vents. On the third vent do a 180 and jump to that broken piece of bridge for a .: BOTTLE 5/18  :.. Jump over to the ground now to fight three weak ruin. Use the mushroom after that and jump to the small platform ahead. Now, look to the LEFT to shoot a .: PIG SNOUT 4/11 :. which opens a path to the .: MEMORY 3/17 :.. Keep going to the heart gate, but BEFORE you go in, break the wall to the right to find a mushroom leading to a RADULA ROOM! In this room, Cheshire will ask you a question: "What comes next in the sequence: 1 3 4 7 11?"   - 18.   - 21.   - 13.   - 17. The answer of course is 18. (1+3 = 4, 3+4 = 7, etc). Choose it to win a bottle of rose paint. OK, now head through the heart door. It will close off of course, and you'll meet a new enemy: the CARD GUARD. These things aren't very threatening, but they DO attack in number. They can also get back up after being knocked down. I like to use the hobby horse combo, but really anything works. After the fight, go explore the right path. Some invisible platforms will lead you to teeth. When you get to the ledge past that, shoot the .: PIG SNOUT 5/11 :. to the right. This leads to a room with teeth. Head back now and go up the incline to talk to the statue. After the talk, brutally murder the poor thing and go inside. To the left is a breakable wall which houses a .: MEMORY 4/17 :.. Go further inside and you'll get a quick panoramic of the place. Go up to the queen's picture as there is a .: MEMORY 5/17 :. on the left nearby. Now go put a rabbit on the pressure plate leading off to the right. Jump past the platforms and go through the club door. Do a 180 and shoot the .: PIG SNOUT 5/11 :. that you find. This opens up the wall back where you came from. Follow that and the KEYHOLE there to another .: MEMORY 6/17 :.. Go back through the club door and bomb the two pieces of the floor that are obviously weak. The far one has a .: BOTTLE 6/18 :. Go down the other hole to find a chain that opens up the LEFT path past the picture. There's also some teeth behind a breakable wall. Go back now and take that path. BEFORE dropping down to the left, break the wall to the upper left with the cannon to find a .: BOTTLE 7/18 :.  Keep going to enter a room with some more card enemies, but after finishing them off you'll meet a monster of an enemy: the EXECUTIONER!!! This guy CANNOT be hurt, so don't even try! Just flee out of the nearby door to escape him... for now. The peace won't last long though: just try and go down the corridor. The executioner will break down the door and chase you. The trick here is to DASH quickly towards the screen (stupid fixed camera) and you will see a keyhole to the right. Quickly shrink and go into it. This MAY take you a couple tries. Once you're into the next room, explore the left side to find a breakable piece of the floor with a .: MEMORY 7/17 :. in it. Go follow the right path now and you'll end up outside. Drop to the right ledge to find a chain, which lets you get higher and fight a bunch of cards and weak ruin. Once you kill them all the executioner will appear out of nowhere and create a portal under you, sending you down into the castle again. ==============================================================================                                 Tormented ====================================================================[AMR14]=== Grab the .: BOTTLE 8/18 :. from behind you. As you move forward the exectioner will chase you again! Just keep dashing and soon you'll get to some stairs where we will stop. Go up them to have a gate fall down. You'll now have to fight some ruin and cards... after a certain amount of time, the executioner will open the gate and join in the fight! Once you kill everything that you CAN kill, the pathway onwards will open! Use the vent to get to a new area and to leave the executioner behind. You'll have a gate close behind you. The platforms in front of you go up and down like a scale. Put a bomb on the first one, jump to the right, and then onwards. Get to the second brick platform and look to the right. An invisible platform move back and forth here. Ride it to the far ledge and look to the LEFT for a .: PIG SNOUT 7/11 :., which places a basket down for you. Go grab it than put a bomb on the southern plate of the next "scale platforms" to get higher. A card is up here that you can kill. Go past that to another scale. Put a bomb on the left one so you can get higher with the right one so you can use the lever. In this next room you will encouter your first CHESS PUZZLE. The rules are fairly simple: there are two pawns. You control one of them (the alice one). The other pawn will MIRROR your moves. You have to get BOTH pawns to the goal at the same time (within the amount of moves they give you). Here's what you do on this puzzle: PUZZLE 1:    Move 1: Move FORWARDS.    Move 2: Move LEFT.    Move 3: Move FORWARDS.    Move 4: Move FORWARDS. [*NOTE: This gets you the "Grandmaster" trophy!] PUZZLE 2:    Move 1: Move FORWARDS.    Move 2: Move FORWARDS.    Move 3: Move LEFT.    Move 4: Move FORWARDS. After that a door will open up in the distance. Go towards it to enter a new area. Here a gate will slam shut behind you. Go inwards a little bit and look up to the left for a .: PIG SNOUT 8/11 :.. This leads into a room with some teeth and a .: MEMORY 8/17 :.. Go up the stairs and to the hallway to meet up with the executioner again... did you miss him? Quickly dash towards the camera and you'll get to a small slide, seperating the two of you. Down here use your shrink to see a KEYHOLE. Go through it and bomb the floor. This leads down to a .: MEMORY 9/17 :. and plenty of teeth. Oh, and !_RAZ_! from the game PSYCHONAUTS is chilling down here too! Say goodbye to RAZ and head back up to the hallway. Keep going and there is a breakable wall to the right with a .: BOTTLE 9/18 :. in it. Go through the breakable wall straight ahead to continue. Up ahead you'll meet a new enemy: THE ARMORED CARD GUARD. This guy is a LOT like the SHIELDED version of the MAPCAP: He swings his weapon at you and it gets stuck in the ground. He then has a weak spot on his back you can hurt. BE CAREFUL! As you hurt his back he will often get his weapon unstuck and swing it at you again! After you kill the first one, a second one will spawn, accompanied by three regular cards. After you kill them all, the path onwards will open up for you. Go on to see a panoramic of the upcoming area and hear the queen ramble in the background. OK, we got more scales to play with. This first set is SPADES. Put a bomb on the left spade and get on the right spade. Do a 180 to see a .: PIG SNOUT 9/11 :.  in the distance. Shoot it to open up a pathway. Now put a bomb on the RIGHT spade and ride the left spade up to a .: BOTTLE 10/18 :.. Thank god for those mushrooms inbetween the scales! Now let's go to that space we opened up. Put a bomb on the left spade and get to the right spade. Up here is some teeth and a KEYHOLE, which leads to a .: MEMORY 10/17 :.. You'll need to go put a bomb on the left spade again to get to the ledge. Now get your teapot out and break the weak RIGHT wall up ahead. This will let you nab a .: BOTTLE 11/18 :.. Now put a bomb on the DIAMOND scale closest to the broken wall so you can use them to get to the platform up ahead. Here you can find the CLUB platforms. Put a bomb on the closest one and use them to get to the BIG platform above. Here you will fight a couple weak cards, an armored card, and two drifting ruin. A fun fight, but not very hard. (You can alternately put a bomb on the farthest club scale and kill the two weak cards from afar). Once they are dead, you can float over to a higher platform to find a lever you can pull. It will open the doors to the left, but BEFORE you go through them, go back to the fighting platform. Use the newly spawned vents here to reach a RADULA ROOM! In THIS room you must KILL or BE KILLED! Two samurai wasps will spawn with an eyepot. There will also be FOUR archer wasps spawned at each corner of the area. You can either run around to all the corners and kill the archers or move to a single corner, kill the archer, then focus on the samurai wasps (use the hobby horse combo!). Once you get rid of the wasps the eyepot is easy. Your reward, as usual, is some rose paint! Feel free to continue on now. Up ahead is a mushroom you can use to get to the room beyond. In here you will have a battle royale with regular cards, armored cards, and the executioner! In the back there is a ledge that drops and seperates the floor levels. You can use that to make ALL the cards stop chasing you, despite how easy it is to jump up and down for you! Once you kill everyone but the executioner, he will once again summon a hole underneath you and you'll drop into a new area. ==============================================================================                                Tormentor ====================================================================[AMR15]=== In this new area, go grab the .: BOTTLE 12/18 :. right behind you. Go forwards and you'll see a pressure plate on the right. Go throw a bomb on it and you'll see a switch pop up to the left. Go shoot it to open the path. In the next room, cannon the far upper wall and go stand on the pressure plate to drop another switch. Shoot this to open that path again. Continue on to fight some weak RED ruin. After that you have a choice: go left or right. Go right first. Jump down to the lower right platform with the violet flower. Shrink to see the platform raising and lowering. Use the vent to time the jump. Past that are four more invisible platforms that lead to a .: MEMORY 11/17 :.. Go back now and take the left path. Here use the vent and mushrooms to carry on. On the THIRD mushroom make sure to land on the higher ledge on the left, as there is a .: BOTTLE 13/18 :. on a ledge further in. Drop down now and go through the KEYHOLE. There will be a path to the LEFT as you're in the keyhole, so take it to reach a .: MEMORY 12/17 :.. This next area is FULL of invisible platforms. Head off to the left first to make your way to a chain. This will pop up a set of scales. From the first scale, the path leads clockwise around the column. You need to put a bomb on the first scale and make your way around the invisible path (go explore it first if you want to get an idea/make it easier). Now you can use MORE invisible platforms to get to the next set of scales. Go explore the right area (teeth are calling). The upper area over here is the way onwards. Throw a bomb on this far scale and run back to the first one. You can reach an upper column with a .: BOTTLE 14/18 :. on it. Now put a bomb on the first one to continue. Head in and gather up some teeth. Ahead there is a pressure plate in front of you and a path to the left and right. Go put a bomb on the pressure plate and you'll see the switch appear to the right. You'll have to take that right path now (with invisible platforms) and break the wall to the left with the cannon. After that you can jump over there and shoot the switch. This will make a column appear off to the left. Head off to the left path now and gather the teeth. Continue on to reach a bigger platform where you will battle a malicious ruin and plenty of card guards. The executioner will be GIGANTIC in the background. The cannon is great here. Once you kill everything another hole will warp you away. In this next area the executioner will once again chase you! Dash away and you'll get to another slide, saving your ass once again from the exectuioner. Move onwards to find another chess board. This one has a knight that CAN kill you. PUZZLE 1:    Move 1: Move LEFT.    Move 2: Move FORWARDS.    Move 3: Move RIGHT.    Move 4: Move FORWARDS.    Move 5: Move FORWARDS.    Move 6: Move FORWARDS.    Move 7: Move LEFT.    Move 8: Move LEFT.    Move 9: Move FORWARDS.    Move 10: Move RIGHT. A little harder with the knight! After beating that puzzle, the way forwards will open. Check the right path for a KEYHOLE leading to a .: BOTTLE 15/18 :.. To the left are some cards for you to kill. [*Note: I got the "52-Pick-Up" trophy here.] Move forwards to see the train on the left! Use the vents here to access another RADULA ROOM. In this room all you have to do is survive. There will be TWO daimyo wasps and a ghost to fight. Again, just survive and you'll have your coveted rose paint. After that move on. There is a breakable wall to the left with some teeth in it. Move on and there will be a quick panoramic showing you this new area. Put a bomb on the first scale here and use it to get to the big platform up ahead. Here you will have to kill some weak ruin, a couple of drifting ruin, and an armored card. After killing them, look straight ahead for a .: PIG SNOUT 10/11 :. under the ledge. It will give you a basket. Then, to the left of the snout, use your cannon to break the weak wall over there. An invisible platform will shuttle you over there to a KEYHOLE and a .: BOTTLE 16/18 :.. Ok, with the collecting out of the way now let us move on. Exit the keyhole and go to the far scale. STAND on it and ride it down. Now put a bunny on it and run to the middle of the area down below. A mushroom will pop up. Use it to launch yourself up and float over to the higher scale. You'll reach a lever doing this! It will open the gate! Now repeat the process, only ride the OTHER scale down. Continue forwars into another chess room. PUZZLE 1:    Move 1: Move FORWARDS.    Move 2: Move LEFT.    Move 3: Move RIGHT.    Move 4: Move FORWARDS.    Move 5: Move FORWARDS.    Move 6: Move LEFT.    Move 7: Move RIGHT.    Move 8: Move FORWARDS.    Move 9: Move FORWARDS.    Move 10: Move LEFT. Afterwards continue on to the Lidell house door (and .: MEMORY 13/17 :.). Listen to the revelation that Alice pieces together. Go up the stairs and hang a left. Go out to the ledge and look to the right. You can shoot a .: PIG SNOUT 11/11 :. from here for a basket (which was glitchy for me and gave me NOTHING). Continue down the hall to have a talk with Cheshire. To the left is a series of invisible platforms. Get to platform '3' and use your cannon on the breakable wall to the right. Behind it is a hidden .: BOTTLE 17/18 :.. Continue on to get into a fight with some weak cards, an armored card, and a malicious ruin. Move forwards into the area so you aren't trapped near where you landed! After defeating the pests, a giant wall of red will lower. Also, be sure to destroy the ruin wall blocking the deck in the middle of the area for a .: MEMORY 14/17 :.. [*Note: I got the "Tea Party" trophy here, for destroying the ruin barrier.] Further on is a mushroom. There are some teeth and invisible platforms above it, but you want to continue on after that. You'll see the entrance to the rose garden. Hang a right when you go down to find a breakable piece of the ground and a KEYHOLE (leading to .: BOTTLE 18/18 :.). Head back to the entrance. To the left you can either hug the left wall or go right. [*NOTE: I went the 'left wall' path and didn't get to go back afterwards! Make sure to go right! I'll go there next time and fill this part in!]. To the left you can keep following the wall for teeth, but you'll have to go attack the enemies to the right sooner or later. There is a group of cards, two drifting ruin, and an armored card. Be careful of the holes in this area. Once you defeat them all a giant red wall will lower. Continue on and you'll be chased once again by the executioner. Keep dashing towards the screen and soon the game will take over and show you the BEST SCENE EVER. Now we are GIANT ALICE! Pretty much all we can do is STOMP stuff (Triangle & Circle) and SWAT stuff ('X' and Square). Be sure to stomp on the chess pieces and gazebo's for teeth! Move forwards and swat the gate open. You'll see a swirling mass of red on the ground. These things spawn dozens of cards... Be sure to go to the red mass on the ground and kill IT when you can! Keep going and you'll have a cannon firing at you in the background. Kill the red mass ASAP, then head left to kill the other one. You can then pull up a nearby tentacle and smash the queens heart underneath the cannon's tower (She says "'Tis only a flesh wound!"). Keep going collecting teeth and you'll soon have to face THREE card spawners at once, with a cannon to the left. Still not very hard, just strafe whenever the cannon is about to fire (it flashes before hand) and stomp on the cards. Pull out a tentacle afterwards and stomp another heart. Soon after that, there is another area with three card spawners and a cannon. Just do the same thing to open up a gate to the queens tower. Go up there and rip her heart out to see a scene... Well, now that we're small again go and follow the right hand wall to a breakable wall in the distance. You'll find a revealing .: MEMORY 15/17 :. here. Now go back and through the 'mouth'. Just gather as many teeth as you can, the path splits don't matter. At the bottom go find the hidden KEYHOLE on the LEFT wall. This leads to a RADULA ROOM, and a rather fun one at that! You will be GIANT ALICE once again! The cannon here is on a ledge in the center, and really never bothers you unless you're somewhat near it, so have fun! Just kill the red patches and pull tentacles! Easy! You'll get your rose paint afterwards and, if this is your fourth room, a NEW ROSE! After that, go back to the main room and pepper the blue heart. This opens up a path further ahead. Here take note of the bile-covered floor (which WILL kill you). Shoot the blue heart to the right, which pops up some rock columns to the left. Time your jumps and travel that way. On the ledge over there do a 180 and shoot the next heart. Again, time your jumps to the next ledge using the rock columns that appear. Over there the blue heart is on the right, but this time it opens a door. Move into the room to kill some more weak red ruin. Be sure to go down the KEYHOLE on the right here for a .: MEMORY 16/17 :.. Head back and through the left door. Look up to the RIGHT and the LEFT for TWO blue hearts to shoot which open the way. Keep on going: the path is linear from here. Enjoy the scenes that follow as you finish up what's left of Chapter 4. [*Note: I missed a single memory in Chapter 4, even though I suspect it's in         that area I couldn't get to before! Be sure to go there! I'll check it         and confirm on the second play-through.]                             .:| CHAPTER 5! |:. ==============================================================================                                  Prologue               ============================================================================== Well, we are back in the mental asylum, with our head shaved. Not too much of a surprise. Like every other prologue, this area is extremely linear, but it is PACKED with awesome scenes. Once you DO get out of the asylum, just follow the lights from streetlight to streetlight. You will manage to make it back to wonderland at the end! ==============================================================================                                 Dollhouse ====================================================================[AMR16]=== Ah, good to be back! From the FIRST vent turn and get to the LEFT platform. This will lead to a house interior with a .: BOTTLE 1/13 :. and plenty of teeth. Go back now and use the next vent to get to a pressure plate. This plate raises a distant platform you need to continue. It may be better to just explore and get the teeth NOW, then go for it when you're ready (doing both can be pushing it...). Once you do make it, use the trampoline to the left to get to a .: MEMORY 1/17 :.. Go into the house proper now and go through the KEYHOLE. On the way you'll see it branch off to the right. Take that path. You'll be outside again and will have to use two invisible platforms to continue. You'll find some teeth and a .: BOTTLE 2/13 :. when you do though. Pull the nearby lever and drop down. There is a BASKET down here! Go outside and shoot the nearby .: PIG SNOUT 1/8 :. to make some platforms rise! Just so you know, the KEYHOLE path earlier? Look off to the left. See the rotating spinners? That's where it leads (so you missed out on some teeth but got a bottle! Keep going onwards into the next house. Here hit the lever on the left and drop down. Through the KEYHOLE you can talk to Cheshire. Now break down the 'gingerbread men' wall to find a lever. Now you can shrink and fall DOWN the keyhole! Down here there's a breakable floor. Break it to get to an open area! Hey, there's enemies again! Let's fight them! There are a couple of drifting ruin and a malicious ruin down here! No challenge for you! However, after you kill them you will see a scene with the SCARIEST things we've seen so far! After the scene we will get to fight a NEW enemy: The DOLLGIRL. This is a rather large enemy, and as you damage it, it will break up into MANY parts. The cannon is EXCELLENT in this fight. The pepper can be OK, but the doll is more than capable of deflecting shots, rendering it useless at times. The doll will attack with a wide arching swing (giving you time to dodge) and as it breaks down it will throw in a fire-breathing attack! Keep the cannon pressure on and you'll win! After the fight it's time to explore! Go to where you first started this area. To the right is a breakable wall that houses a .: BOTTLE 3/13 :.. 'Fort Resistance" (where the kids are) is closed off to you, but to the right of it are some teeth. There are teeth to the southwest, too! When you get them all, head left. There is a hidden KEYHOLE by the flower that leads to a .: MEMORY 2/17 :.. Head into the baby to continue. Continue down the path and you'll have a house wall fall for you. Use the vent past that and pull a lever to make another wall fall. Keep going and you will have to fight about FOUR drifting ruin in a open area, which is easy: just keep strafing. After that look for a hidden KEYHOLE nearby to find a room full of teeth and a .: MEMORY 3/17 :.. Go back and use the new vent to get higher and reach the pressure plate. This baby opens a wall back where you came from, so put a bomb on it and do some backtracking! You'll find another vent that leads up to a lever (watch out for the swinging doll!). Pull it to see more walls flip in the distance. Time to go over THERE now. Use the mushroom to bounce AWAY from the lever into the house's attic where another .: MEMORY 4/17 :. awaits. Hit the lever now to make the wall where we just were spin to a mushroom. Head back over there and use the mushroom to reach the vent. NOW you can float down to the right. Be careful of the bears though! When you hit solid land, you will be in for a fight! Another doll will attack, but this time it has several WEAK ruin to help it. Take out the weaklings in a hurry so you can fight the doll one on one. Use your cannon tactic to dismantle the thing and watch out for fire breath and it's counterattacks! A wall will open up once everything is dead. You'll now be able to hit a nearby pressure plate. Hit the thing to get some platforms open up. Put a bomb on the plate and then jump to the platform. Use the vent to get to a higher ledge on the house on the right. Here shoot the switch in the background to open up the path. Follow the path to another house and use the trampoline. Pull the switch that you'll find to make a door appear. Head out it and look to the right. Climb the blocks here to get higher and find a .: BOTTLE 4/13 :.. Go back down now and look to the left this time. Shrink to see the invisible platforms. Get on the second one (going up and down) and do a 180 to get to a higher one. Jump to the ledge with the pressure plate. To the right is a breakable door with a .: BOTTLE 5/13 :. inside. Ok, now put a bomb on the pressure plate and you'll see the house on the right lower. Jump over there and follow the path. You'll have to break a door down and jump past a swinging doll. Down here you will have a challenging fight on your hands. You have to fight a DOLL, a malicious ruin, and two drifting ruin! Thankfully, there are stacks of presents here that you can use as cover! Try to pick off the drifting ruin with pepper so you can focus on the doll and the malicious ruin. After that a house nearby will open up. Gather up your teeth and head into it. Here gather up teeth and head up the stairs. This leads to a vent and a lever, which opens up the way. Use the mushroom it spawned to continue out to an open area with lots of swinging dolls. Use the vent to get by a doll and get to a pressure plate platform. Beware of the two drifting ruins that will attack. This plate pops up another platform, so put a bomb on it and time your jumps well! Land on the platform BY the vent so you can kill a couple more drifting ruin. Now, use the vent to get on the house ledge nearby. Here, I want you to drop OFF the ledge and land on the lower ledge (still inside the house!). You can see a .: PIG SNOUT 2/8 :. for you to shoot. [Note: Alternately you could have used some invisible platforms by the vent to        get down by the pig snout.] Grab your reward and go back to the vent. Follow the vents higher to the lever. Pull it and follow the path it shows you to a new house. Beware of the drifting ruin on the way. Once you are IN the house, it will close up, and show you another sliding puzzle that we obviously have to collect blocks for. Go down the stairs and into the first room on the left. Here the desk will have a pressure plate on it. Put a bomb on it so you can enter the door it opens. You'll find a mushroom here that lets you get higher and collect PIECE ONE on the left. Now, there is an invisible path to the right that leads to another door! This one opens with the below pressure plate as well, so drop back down and put a bomb on the plate. Go back up and shrink to see the path, then go through that far door as well for PIECE TWO. Head back to the stair room and take the other door. Down here you'll fight a malicious ruin with never-ending slithering ruin. Obviously just focus on the malicious ruin. Once he's dead, take a look under the stairs for a flower and a KEYHOLE that leads to the THIRD PIECE. Now go back and break the ruin barrier for the FOURTH PIECE. You will now be taken to the puzzle. We have to put together a kid's face, and we got 24 moves to do it in.    Move 1: Move the MIDDLE LEFT piece DOWN.    Move 2: Move the MIDDLE CENTER piece LEFT.    Move 3: Move the TOP CENTER piece DOWN.    Move 4: Move the TOP RIGHT piece LEFT.    Move 5: Move the MIDDLE RIGHT piece UP.    Move 6: Move the MIDDLE CENTER piece RIGHT.    Move 7: Move the BOTTOM CENTER piece UP.    Move 8: Move the BOTTOME RIGHT piece LEFT. Mission accomplished! The far wall will now open up. You'll also be introduced to a brand new enemy: the BITCH BABY. Like the drifting ruin, these things will float along. They have TWO attacks: one where they CHARGE at you and one where they SPIT at you. Try and deflect the shots they do (there's a trophy for doing it 10 times). PLUS it will kill them automatically. Ok, now you'll have to use the vents to make your way to the lever on the left. Pull it to spawn a platform that lets you continue and two more bitch babies. Go over to the platform now and take the right path. Use the mushroom here to find a .: MEMORY 5/17 :. up above. Go explore behind you. There is a .: PIG SNOUT 3/8 :. on the right and a flower. Shooting the snout opens a door nearby, so take it and follow the path to a mushroom. The right room here has a .: BOTTLE 6/13 :. in it and a quick way back to the central platform. Go back and check out the nearby RADULA ROOM. Here Cheshire will ask us another question: "The one that uses it never knows that he's using it. What is it?"   - Coffin   - Sugar   - Necktie   - Insurance The answer of course is a coffin. What else could could be?! Collect your rose paint afterwards. Now go back to where you shot the pig. There is a flower here which of course means invisible platforms. Follow them to a jack in the box. Alice will automatically interact with it, leading to a new area. [Note: The game once again whisks you off to a new area. Be SURE to explore        this previous area! I will have to replay and update later on!] Ok, like me you may be wonder "What the $!@# is going on!?" This is a mini game. You actually CONTROL the head that will soon be hit by a flamingo. The goal here is to SURVIVE while picking up as many teeth as possible. There will be THREE stages here. Hit the ARROWS (which speed you up) as often as you can as they are often needed to jump ramps. When you get to the CANNONS, you can hold SQUARE to charge them. Keep those tips in mind and make your way through this section. ==============================================================================                                 Meatgrinder ====================================================================[AMR17]=== After those three levels, you will be in control of Alice again. Next up is a giant slide! Pick either path, just gather up as many teeth as you can while avoiding the slime. At the bottom you'll fight two weak ruin and a bitch baby. Now, go up the left stairs and the next set after that. Straight ahead is a .: PIG SNOUT 4/8 :.. This opens the path to a .: MEMORY 6/17 :.. Now use the pressure plate down below to lower the nails in the room past the stairs. Be quick about getting past the spikes, as the camera focusing on the pressure plate doesn't help! Past that is a series of boxes that will try and CRUSH you, as you can see by the ruin getting crushed! Time your movements and get past the first two, shrinking when you have to. The third one has TWO in a row, but get to the right and you'll make it. Go past that to an open room. There is a breakable wall in front of you and a path to the left and right. Break the wall to find a pressure plate. Use it (with a bomb) to open the path on the right. Follow the path to the breakable floor. Drop down and kill whatever ruins survive the traps. The left one has some teeth behind it. Take the right one when you're ready to go on. Remember to SHRINK as you cross! The area here has two pressure plates; one on the left, one on the right. You want to put a BOMB on the RIGHT one, then go stand on the left. You will have enough time now to move onwards. Quickly DASH to the LEVER in the distance. Pulling this lever will OPEN UP the path you just went to as well as several doors in the area. By the way, this area is the same as if you went to the LEFT from the breakable wall from before. Go back the way you just dashed through. To the left of the left pressure plate is an open door to a .: BOTTLE 7/13 :.. Now, go back to the lever area. There are some stairs leading downwards. Down here is a hidden KEYHOLE that leads to another .: BOTTLE 8/13 :.. Now go back through the area you dashed to, but straight ahead to a new area. There are some BITCH BABIES out here for you to kill. After that take note of the surrounding area. To the left are a bunch of invisible platforms. Past that is a scale which is connected to another scale on the right. The idea here is to RIDE the RIGHT scale down to the bottom, put a bomb on it, then use the nearby mushroom to get out quickly while you run to the LEFT scale. Note that you'll need to use the path that wraps around the column to get high enough to reach the scale. Past the scale will be ANOTHER set of scales, with some vents and platforms to help you out. There are TWO paths here: one to the upper left (the left scale) and one to the upper right (the right scale). To get to the left path you need to put a bomb on the right scale (don't ride it, just a bomb) then quickly get on the left scale. To get to the right path, you need to do THAT but WHEN YOU ARE ON the left scale at the top you need to EXPLODE the right bomb, then put a bomb on the left scale, then jump to the invisible platform to your right. This will let you get to the right path. [Note: I took the right path here and COMPLETLY missed checking out the left        path, as the game locks you into the right path... Damn them! Another        part I'll play through and update on.] Once you take the right path you'll be shut into a room. Here there are some creepy babies on the wall ahead. This entire area is invisible platforms, with some teeth to collect below. Follow the platforms to the right to find a switch that leads onwards. Here, put a bomb on the pressure plate and quickly leap to where the spikes WERE on the right. There is a switch you can shoot to the left that will stop the spikes from coming back up entirely. You can now explore this area. Note that there is a pressure plate on the upper ledge, but there is also a breakable wall nearby AND invisible platforms which both lead to teeth. Now, put a bomb on the plate and blow it up. The camera in this game is awful and will focus on what the plate did, wasting a quarter of your time. Put a second bomb on the plate now and head over to where the camera focuses in at to shoot another switch. The wall below you will open up. This leads back to the FIRST pressure plate, but a door has opened up in the distance. Put a BOMB on the first plate again and head to the door. The columns up ahead will have their spikes lowered, so be quick! You have to get past two columns and a spiked room to a vent. Past that drop down to the corridor. Lots of slithering slimes await you here. Kill them all and bash down the LEFT breakable wall for a .: BOTTLE 9/13:.. Up ahead are some more pounding traps. DASH past the first one as it locks you in this area. Continue down the path dashing past the traps until you get to an opening. Here you will be attacked by a DOLL and several weak ruin. Kill off the weaklins so you can have the doll all to yourself. Once they are all dead the barriers will be breakable. Go down the right path to find a barrier blocking a KEYHOLE (there should be a picture of glasses nearby). Take this KEYHOLE and to the RIGHT will be an opening to a RADULA ROOM. Here you must KILL or BE KILLED. Your will have to face some cards, armored cards, and some ICE SNARKS. Haven't seen those in awhile. Use the cannon when they group up, and the bombs are great for distracting. Past that just divide and conquer! Collect your well deserved rose paint. Go back into the KEYHOLE and take the RIGHT path for a .: MEMORY 7/17 :.. Now go back to the main area. You can take the right path for teeth and a Cheshire talk, but break the ruin to continue. Down here there is a lot going on under the glass. Use the violet to heal if you want, then go find the #1 lever on the right. Pull it to unlock the way ahead. Be sure to investigate the path to the right of the lever as there is a .: MEMORY 8/17 :. past the doll heads. Now, go back to the start and go through the #2 KEYHOLE. You'll be in the area below the glass now. Be careful as the meat tiles pop up spikes every now and again. Be sure to grab .: BOTTLE 10/13 :. on the right (it is safe to do so when the spike wall is coming AT you). Continue on. Use the rotating platforms to reach KEYHOLE #3. Here there is a pressure plate you can put a rabbit on to make a switch pop up outside. Go out there and shoot it to open a nearby door where another switch awaits you. This opens the way ahead, which is all linear leading to the '666' door and a blue mushroom that warps you away. ==============================================================================                                 Doll Factory ====================================================================[AMR18]=== You'll now have to slide down a small section of slide leading to another scale room. There are some bitch babies to kill here as well. Ok, what you have to do here is jump on the LEFT scale and put down a bomb. Immediately use the two vents on the right to get to the RIGHT scale. Throw the lever that you find. NOW... jump on the scale by the lever and ride it ALL THE WAY down. Put down a bomb and jump to the nearby platform. Ride the vent up. Shrink at the top to see a circular invisible platform that you can use to reach the original LEFT platform to continue on. This next area has scales as well. Before playing with them, jump down to the lower platform. There is an invisible path here you should take to find the .: PIG SNOUT 5/8 :. on the right. This gives you a .: BOTTLE 11/13 :.. Now go back to the first scale and put a bomb on it. Quickly move on. The second scale will be quite high now. Shrink and follow the invisible path to the right. Chances are if the second scale hasn't started descending yet, it is STILL too high for you. Wait until it starts to descend to jump on it, and then past it to a new room. Here check out the right jar to see the three blind mice! Hehe... Ok, to get past the spikes smashing everywhere, wait until the box ones and the FIRST set of wall spikes go, then stand where the were. The SECOND will smash now; dash past them when they do. Past that there are four tiles of meat. Spikes will smash 1, 2, and 4 at the same time while another alternatly hits 3. Just use some good timing here to get under 3 after it goes. Past the breakable wall you will need to continue to the left. Just avoid getting crushed. Past those first two crushers you need to USE the next ones to keep going to a vent. Have a chat with Cheshire here and break the right wall. Put a bomb on this pressure plate and jump to the far horizontal column that appears. This leads to another vent that winds around to the FIRST crushers you passed. Use THOSE as ledges now and wind your way around to a smashable wall. Keep going until the path ahead starts having its CEILING falling down. Just go slow here and you'll be okay. Past that there will be a BIG room with quite a fight in it. You will be facing off against another DOLL, but this one carries SICSSORS! There will also be plenty of weak ruin as well as drifting ruin AND bitch babies. Yikes! I HATE those bitch babies and drifters, so first take out the weak ruin enemies and then use the walls around this place to seperate the doll and you while you take out the floating nuisances. The doll will be easy after that. BEFORE pulling the nearby lever, go check out the END of the LEFT HAND WALL. Use the camera to find a ledge hanging out over here. This has a KEYHOLE which leads to a .: MEMORY 9/17 :.. Now ride the house upwards to a new area. In this area go up the stairs to a mirror, where you can talk to Cheshire and find a hidden room on the LEFT that houses a .: BOTTLE 12/13 :.. Head outside now. To the right is a path that leads to some teeth. Make your way down the path but IGNORE the pressure plate. Instead, look to the right for some invisible platforms leading over to a RADULA ROOM. The point of this room is to SURVIVE! You're old buddy the EXECUTIONER will be back! With him are several samurai wasps and some ink wasps. Whatever you do just stay alive (run!), but do try to kill the ink tiles and bother the samurai's with cannon fire! Collect your rose paint after the time is up. Now go back to the pressure plate and put a bomb on it. As you'll see, the doll head from earlier will rise up, but they'll give you a vent to get to it. Head through it and float to the platform afterwards. Here you will fight a COLOSSUS. He has a bunch of slithering ruin spawning around him too! Use the blocks here to put some distance between the two of you if you need to. After killing him, go break the ruin blocking the far pressure plate. Stand on it while the head comes down, then put a bomb on it so you can continue. Quickly head through it to find another platform with a pressure plate. Explode your previous rabbit and put one on here. A doll head further down the line will come down. Head towards it but BE CAREFUL of the swinging dolls! Follow this path down to the 'Fort Resistence' area. Back down here, look to the RIGHT of this area to find a .: PIG SNOUT 6/8 :., which reveals a basket. After that, be sure to explore the INSIDE of the fort, which is open to you now. The place has a bitch baby in it and plenty of ramps and teeth, but on the ground floor check for a KEYHOLE which leads to a tiny room with a .: MEMORY 10/17 :. in it. Head outside to the open to kill some more bitch babies. Now feel free to continue down the path... y'know... INTO the doll. You'll load into a new area when you do. Head into this area and gather the teeth on the right. Go into the house now and you'll have to fight a DOLL. However, there will also be a malicious ruin on the right and one on the left. You can get up near them and take them down first using the boxes on the left, OR you can just strafe during the fight and take down the doll first. Afterwards find the lever up on the second level and pull it to get even higher. Here, find and break down the 'gingerbread' man door. Past that is some teeth boxes, and then a KEYHOLE leading to a .: MEMORY 11/17 :.. After that, go back and inspect the pipe organ. You'll have to play another music game here, so hit the buttons when the line passes over them (easy stuff). Head out to the train yard area now. Explore the right side first to find an invisible path to the last RADULA ROOM. THIS room will be another one of those 'off with her head' rooms. Let the flamingo launch you forwards and pray the game lets you keep your momentum for the jump. After that just manuever past the other flamingo's and cross the moving platforms when it's safe. Note that the incline platforms CAN and WILL drop you to your death. Also, past that is a tube that you need to wait for it to turn right, then get on the LEFT side. Then when it rightens itself out you can continue. Past that are some cannon sections. These are in 2D, so they are a bit easier. You will have to use the twirling ramps to angle yourself to the next cannon, and break the floors. Practices does indeed make perfect! Past the cannons is one more rotating tube and than you are home free! Collect your red rose paint afterwards! You should also get another rose if this is your fourth room! Head back to the train area now and take the steps up to the house. Once inside, go to the RIGHT of the next set of steps and look too the left for a .: PIG SNOUT 7/8 :., which gives you teeth. Keep going up to come to the second 'off with her head' in the chapter (the Radula Room doesn't REALLY count...). This one is EASIER than the radula room anyways. There really isn't anything TOO hard here, the main pointers I could give you would be to MAINTAIN YOUR MOMENTUM: I.E: Using the curves of the track to maintain speed is ESSENTIAL here. The cannon sections just basically require GOOD TIMING to get through. Oh, and it's almost ALWAYS worth it to CHARGE your cannon shot before you fire (press/hold square). There are THREE sections to this run, but they are all pretty short. [*Note: You can get the "That's Using Your Head" trohpy here by getting         through that track in under 6 minutes. Having trouble? Read my tips         above, but more importantly PRACTICE! Remember, you can always hit         RESTART to try it over. And they give you PLENTY of leeway... I died         MANY times and I managed to get it...]. After that section, you will be in a new area. Ride down the slide here. Use any path you want: it really doesn't matter. At the end you'll drop down into a GREAT fight. There are TWO dolls down below and a malicious ruin in the middle of this area. You CAN drop down to the middle and fight the ruin, but it's kinda close-quarters. When you are fighting them, don't be surprisec to see 3-4 bitch babies join in. Just keep strafing and running around the square here and you'll be ok. After the fight follow the mushrooms to the breakable wall. Behind it you will find a Liddell house door (and .: MEMORY 12/17 :.). Enter it to see another scene. You'll be in a new area now. Head to the end of it and outside to the left is another .: MEMORY 13/17 :.. Head down the path and you'll soon load into a new area. Here, head into the open space and jump across to the far ledge to battle some weak ruin. Drifting ruin will come too! Before going up the stairs on the far side of the room, go check out the LEFT side of the room to find a KEYHOLE that leads to a .: MEMORY 14/17 :.. Go onwards now. The path from here is linear until the end, where you will meet the doll maker... and unveil all sorts of revelations. This will also end this chapter. [*NOTE: As you can see, I missed ALL SORTS of things this chapter... 3         memories, a snout, and a bottle! Sheesh! I'll definitely be updating         soon!]                             .:| CHAPTER 6! |:. ==============================================================================                                  Prologue               ============================================================================== Just like the other chapters, follow the path. It's very linear. Soon you will enter wonderland once again: ==============================================================================                                 Infernal Train ====================================================================[AMR19]=== This area ISN'T very long. Just simply move through the train and you will encounter the many wonderland characters you have interacted with (except for the ones from chapter 2, apparently). Each character and scene is broken up by having you run from door to door while you are inside of the train (which LOOKS like a freaking church, to be quite honest). At the very end, you will once again meet up with the doctor. This will ignite the FIRST (and ONLY) boss fight in the game against the doctor:                            /------------------------\                            |   BOSS: Doctor Bumby   |                            \------------------------/ Ah, our first boss fight! Too bad it's so late in the game! The good doc will be in the background, out of our reach, really. His main method of attacking us will be using his HANDS. He has a LEFT hand and a RIGHT hand. Also, during the fight, serveral WEAK ruin enemies will spawn from time to time (at least in the beginning phase). LEFT HAND: His LEFT hand will attack first. Notice it has a face in the middle of it that can turn BLACK and WHITE (white meaning you can hurt him). The hand will move around the areana on it's strings and will likely try to CRUSH you. When it does, you are given some time to dodge away and hurt it. It also likes to fling itself at you (easily dodgeable), as well as scrunch up and screech along the glass (making a grating sound). You will just plain need to use the COLUMNS in the areana to dodge this (dashing helps as well!). He will also get UP on the column (grabbing it) and spit FIRE at you. As you fight it is IMPORTANT to watch for the FACE to turn WHITE. Also, MANY of the hand's attacks will outright KILL the weak ruin enemies that may be trying to attack you. After hurting the LEFT hand enough, the RIGHT one will come out to attack you. RIGHT HAND: This hand ISN'T much different than the left hand: it too has the black face/ white face thing going on. A LOT of its attacks are also similar. For example, it will try to crush you as well, just with a different animation. It will also do a move VERY similar to the GRATING move the LEFT hand does where it STOMPS towards you. It will also fling itself horizontally at you. One thing that it DOES do that is indeed different is that it will wave a single finger at you (like a parent telling their child 'No!') and than draw a line on the ground. It will than send a WAVE of dust (or fingernail paint) at you! This CAN be avoided by either dodging to the side PAST the wave or by inflicting DAMAGE on the hand (as it's head is WHITE while its doing this). Continue to lay down the pain to make the RIGHT hand go away, which leads to: BOTH HANDS: That's right! They will BOTH attack you now. However, your MAIN target is NOT the hands, as the doctor will move into the foreground. Every now and again he will show his TONGUE, which has several WHITE FACES on it. THAT is your main target. In the meantime, the hands will often try to rush forwards and GRAB you. You can tell they are about to do something when they start moving their fingers. This is fairly easy to dodge, just know which one is about to try (the left or the right) and then run the opposite direction. Also, be sure to put a PILLAR between you as you run (to try and make the hand wrap around it) and you have a VERY good chance of it missing you. Also, there are NO more weak ruin enemies. Instead, DRIFTING RUINS will periodically appear. Take them out when you can. Keep harming the hands and the doctor will occasionally grab the two columns with both of his hands and stick his tongue out, giving you a chance to hurt it. He will also occasionally use the tongue to try and shoot slime at you, giving you another chance to hurt it. Keep hurting his tongue and you will have defeated the doctor in no time flat. Once you are victorious, watch the remaining scenes. There is nothing left I can do for you: you've earned your rewards. Congratulations on defeating Alice: Madness Returns with pc games strategy! - If you liked this guide, please recommend it above. Also, my contact info is   up above as well if you want to follow me on facebook (and recommend games   to write guides on) or just say 'Hi!'.

Strategy Guides : Dungeon Siege 3
Obsidian Entertainment is a group of developers that generally makes sequels for big-name RPG games. Whether it's Neverwinter Nights 2, KOTOR II, Fallout: New Vegas, or Dungeon Siege III, Obsidian is the go-to developer for RPG sequels while the originators are busy crafting a new experience. That's not to take anything away from Obsidian, though; they have managed to piece together excellent games, and their titles often improve upon the formulas established in the original adventure, while also including plenty of fresh ideas, and a brand new perspective. Dungeon Siege III is the latest game from Obsidian, and it is published by the King of the RPG, Square Enix. Even though I wrote this guide by playing the Xbox 360 version of the game, it is compatible with the PC version and the PlayStation 3 version, as there are no differences between the games!                           -------------------                            TABLE OF CONTENTS                           ------------------- 1. Introduction and Controls 2. Things to Remember 3. Playing the Game    A. Characters    B. Level Up!    C. Solo vs. Co-Op    D. Personal Strategies 4. Walkthrough    A. A Gathering in the North    B. The Search for Survivors    C. Unanswered Questions    D. Enter the Mournweald    E. The Battle for Raven's Rill    F. On the Road    G. The Root of the Matter    H. The Grand Chapterhouse    I. The Tumbledown Court    J. In Search of Solitude    K. The Tumbledown Court (revisited)    L. Enemy at the Gates    M. Uninvited Guests    N. Ebb and Flow    O. Lord Devonsey's Trap    P. Majority Rules    Q. Strike!    R. Trouble in the Crypts    S. The Automaton Rebellion    T. On Holy Ground    U. Rebirth 5. Conclusion - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1. Introduction and Controls - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The Legionnaires have been brutally eradicated from the land. However, The Venerable Odo has managed to save a few of those with Legion ancestry, protecting them from certain death. Now they must quest around the world to save the legacy of the Legionnaires! With that back-story out of the way, I think it's important that you'll know just how to control the characters in the game! Left analog stick - Movement Right analog stick - Camera control/Change view A - Attack B - Special Abilities X - Special Abilities Y - Special Abilities LB - Stance LT - Defensive Mode RB - Interact RT - Empowered Mode D-pad (up) - Quest Guide D-pad (down) - Mini-map Start - Pause Back - Player Menu Ah, but a horror_spooky guide just wouldn't be complete if there wasn't a few tips and suggestions to keep in mind while you play! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2. Things to Remember - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - In Dungeon Siege III, there are two different methods that the game uses to display the health of enemies. Fans of hack-and-slash RPGs like this know that knowing how much more life an enemy has is a very important feature. Dungeon Siege III takes a unique route when displaying health. For bosses, just a standard health bar is used. However, for regular enemies, there is a pentagram on the ground at their feet. It will start off bright green. When the enemy takes damage, the pentagram will start turning red, and when it turns blood red, that means the enemy is practically defeated already. As for player's health, it is displayed using a health bar as well. Players can hold LT and then use the X button to activate their special ability to heal themselves. At the start of the game, this only works really if you are low on health. However, this ability can be upgraded to be used at any point in the game. It can even be used if you have full health, but are planning on acting like a tank and running into a giant mob of enemies. It will just keep healing any damage the enemies are causing. Speaking of healing spells, there are other types of spells in the game as well. There are three different wheels of ability, that appear on the HUD of the game, right above the portrait of the player's character. The icon on the left can be used with the X button, the icon in the middle with Y, and the icon on the right with B to activate that power. If you hold down LT, it switches to defense mode, which results in all new different abilities. Tapping LB will show more offensive magic spells for the player to utilize. Dungeon Siege III doesn't use healing potions or magical potions to refill a character's life or their magic bar. To replenish magic in Dungeon Siege III, players have to attack enemies with regular melee attacks. There are also blue orbs that are dropped by enemies that can be collected to refill a portion of the magic bar. Likewise, green orbs are dropped and they refill the health bar. Health is restored by using healing spells or by reaching a save point. A hack-and-slash game generally has co-op. Dungeon Siege III is no exception to this rule. This game supports drop-in/drop-out co-op play as well as online co-op integration. The game will record the player character statistics that aren't the host player, but these statistics will only be available on that save. If you join a random game on Xbox Live or are invited to a friend's game, you will be scaled to their level and will be allowed to upgrade your character to be competitive at that point in the game. Two players can play the game on one console, and the couch co-op can be taken online. Finally, I feel like I should mention Power Spheres in here. In Dungeon Siege III, there are purple circles next to the character portrait on the HUD. These circles can be used for various purposes. Defensive magic and abilities don't use the magic bar, but they do use these Power Spheres, for example. Players can also hold down the right trigger and press A to unleash a devastating attack. The attack changes depending on what weapon they have equipped (LB gives players different abilities because it equips their other weapon). I wrote this guide with the intention of helping gamers get through the main storyline in Dungeon Siege III. As a result, I don't cover the vast number of side-quests that are available in the game. This guide is to be used to get players from the beginning of the game all the way to the very end of the game. However, I encourage anyone playing to do as many side-quests as they can, especially if they get stuck on a boss or particular tough dungeon and they need to boost their XP. Completing quests is a fantastic way to earn XP. Well, I think you're good to go...Ah, wait a second. This is a complex action- RPG game! I HAVE to go into more detail than that. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 3. Playing the Game - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -                           -------------------                              A. CHARACTERS                           ------------------- * * * * * * * * * LUCAS MONTBARRON * * * * * * * * * Lucas is the son of the last Grand Master of the Legion. This makes him a very important character, as you could probably guess from the title of "Grand Master". In terms of gameplay, Lucas is a very well-rounded character. He can be used for up-close and personal affairs, mainly, but his sword is long enough that it can practically be used as a long-range weapon. * * * * ANJALI * * * * Anjali is an Archon, a spirit of Fire, and a servant to the Gods. Anjali is one of the best characters you can have in your party. Her magical abilities can be levelled up to deal an absurd amount of damage, and her capabilities as a healer are truly limitless. Some of her best equipment is available at merchant stands, and it makes her damn near unstoppable. She's like a powerful breed between a healer, a tank, and a long-range attacker. She is also useful for up-close melee attacks. * * * * * * * REINHART MANX * * * * * * * Reinhart is a mage for the Legion. Reinhart is also a very good character to have. I personally think that the duo of Anjali and Reinhart will guarantee smooth sailing for the entirety of the game. I feel like they are the best two characters in the game. Reinhart's magical abilities complement Anjali's very well. I will get into that a bit later. Reinhart himself is particularly adept at long-range attacks. * * * * * KATARINA * * * * * Katarina is the half-sister of Lucas. Her mother was a witch, so she's half- Legion, half-witch. What a feisty combination. Katarina is my least favorite character in the game to play as. She's basically only good for long-range attacks and her abilities that she earns throughout the game are fairly uninteresting, and not all that useful compared to the other characters.                           -------------------                               B. LEVEL UP!                           ------------------- It just wouldn't be an RPG without XP and leveling up. Leveling in Dungeon Siege III is handled in a unique way. It is broken up into three different categories, and players choose to upgrade certain abilities for each character in the different characters each time that they level up. The three categories are Abilities, Proficiencies, and Talents. * * * * * ABILITIES * * * * * Abilities are the magical attacks used in this game. I refer to them as magic throughout the vast majority of the game, because that's what they are. Players don't always get the opportunity to choose a new ability, but by level 20, all abilities for a character will be unlocked. Abilities range from offensive attacks to defensive powers. The offensive attacks use the "power" bar, or the blue magic bar located under the health bar. The defensive powers use Power Spheres as their source of energy. The defensive powers are also extremely helpful. They include the shield ability, which is a MUST-have ability, as well as the healing ability. I highly recommend that you unlock these two abilities as soon as possible. * * * * * * * PROFICIENCIES * * * * * * * Proficincies are points added to Abilities already unlocked. These enhance the spells in certain ways to make them more useful and powerful. There are two different categories for each spells that points can be spent on. In the game, these two different categories are represented by the colors gray and blue. You can only upgrade each Ability a set amount of times. * * * * TALENTS * * * * Talents are more passive powers that are granted to the character. These talents range greatly from chracter to character. They can include increasing the amount of gold picked up from dead enemies, or adding special effects to the dodge ability.                           -------------------                            C. SOLO VS. CO-OP                           ------------------- There are very slight differences between the single-player game in Dungeon Siege III and playing the game in the co-op mode. I have decided to mention this in my guide. The main difference between the solo experience and co-op experience is AI partners. These companions are recruited by playing the main game, and there is no added challenges to getting them. The difference is that in co-op, players control these characters. A person playing single-player can manage the inventory of all his party members. It's worth noting that dialogue during co-op is chosen by a vote. However, in the case of a tie, the host player will automatically get to pick what the dialogue is (i.e. if only two people are playing the game). This isn't all that is shared between co-op players of the game. Players also share gold, and can sell each other's inventory. Be wary of who you let play with you. Keep in mind that any people playing in co-op WILL NOT KEEP THEIR CHARACTER DATA. Unless they are playing with you and you are the host, they will have to start their game over back at square one if they make their own save. Any progress made with any character while joining someone else's game or playing as the second player in offline, same-screen co-op can't be imported to your own saved game. * * * * * * ONLINE PLAY * * * * * * Dungeon Siege III features online play. This includes play with party members, or randomly joining someone's game. From the pause menu, you can set your game to being offline-only, private (only people you invite can join), or public. If the game is set to public, anyone can join your game at random at any time. They will be scaled to your level.                           -------------------                          D. PERSONAL STRATEGIES                           ------------------- I have decided to include a few of the personal strategies I developed while playing the game. Feel free to use these strategies in your own game. If you feel like you have developed a sound strategy yourself, you can e-mail it to me. I will decide if it's a good strategy, test it out myself, and then I will update thisguide with your strategy included, and you will be rewarded full credit. Strategy #1: TRIANGLE FORMATION 2.0 Characters used: Anjali, Reinhart, and Katarina Used for: Mobs, bosses I call this the "Triangle Formation 2.0" because the characters should be standing in three points that if they were connected with a line, would look like a triangle. Have Anjali in her fire state. Have her use the healing spell, which will create flames. Have everyone in your party stand in it, with Anjali at the back. Reinhart and Katarina should be at the front, to the left and to the right of Anjali. Have Reinhart cast both of his "clock" attacks, which can be activated by switching to his gauntlets and using X and Y. Katarina should spam her RT+A attack as much as possible. Have Reinhart shoot lightning bolts, and then have Anjali shoot fireballs. These different auras of fire and the clocks on the ground will essentially create a giant vortex that will be damn near impenetrable. Everyone will be getting healed constantly, and enemies are sure to perish if they get too close. This is great for large groups of enemies to wipe them out in a quick fashion, and for large bosses that aren't very mobile. STRATEGY #2: DINE AND DASH Characters used: Anjali and Reinhart Used for: Magical enemies, enemies with projectiles, the final boss This is Dine and Dash because it requires you to constantly heal while fleeing. It is strategic retreating at its finest. If you ever get low on health, keep tapping LT to teleport around as either Anjali and Reinhart. Katarina and Lucas both roll around, which makes them more susceptible to attacks, even while dodging than Anjali or Reinhart. While you are teleporting around, remember that LT will bring up the defensive abilities that can be used if you have Power Spheres. Spam the X and Y button to try and activate shields and recharge health while constantly teleporting around. The enemies will have no chance of hitting you, and you don't have to stop teleporting like crazy until you are fully healed and you have a shield that is at full capacity. STRATEGY #3: WE ARE, WE ARE Characters used: All Used for: Bosses, large enemies I'm going to leave the reason that I named this strategy "We Are, We Are" conspicuous, just to see if anyone gets what I'm referencing. I doubt it, but oh well, on with the show! This strategy uses all four of the characters in the game, playing on their strengths, and is extremely effective. Have Reinhart and Anjali stay back. Have them cast their auras to deal damage to enemies as well as creating a big vortex of healing for the party. Keep Katarina standing directly inside the vortex of delicious healing flames and glowing clock symbols while she fires her guns constantly. Lucas is the toughest character to use for this strategy, but not if he has good armor and a high amount of stamina. Lucas is going to function like a tank for this strategy. Have him run up right into the face of whatever you are fighting, and have him waste all of his offensive magic spells and use up all of his power spheres. If you have more than three Power Spheres, you can use one to activate his shield. When Lucas is in the read for health, have him roll backwards into the giant healing vortex. This strategy is very helpful for the game's Hardcore Mode. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 4. Walkthrough - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - A. A Gathering in the North - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----------------- MONTBARRON ESTATE ----------------- Pick your character, and then head straight forward along the ledge. Keep walking until you come to a courtyard, right in front of a burning mansion. Ignore the dead bodies and head inside the mansion. It's a straight-shot to some boxes blocking the stairway. Destroy them with melee attacks, and then basically just keep going forward until your first battle. This first fight is very easy. Just take out the enemies any way that you see fit, and then keep following what is essentially a straight-path. You won't be missing out any loots if you stray off the path, and really, there's nowhere to stray to anyways. Eventually, you meet up with Marten Guiscard. You talk to Marten Mass Effect-style. If you're in a co-op game, everyone will vote on the dialogue option to say, and the winning dialogue option will be the one that is said. When he's done talking, follow him. There will be a few enemy encounters along the way, but they will be no problem as they are very weak. When you come across a bridge, run straight down the bridge, using RB to ignite the explosive kegs along the way. When all three are ignited and you're on the other side of the bridge, congratulations! Level complete! ----------------- PILGRIMS' ROAD ----------------- Save the game. Then follow the path. To the left and to the right there will be treasure chests that you can loot for items and gold. Keep following Marten until you get to a big wooden gate. Open the gate and head to the right to grab some loots. Then follow the path to the left of the gate to reach a save point. I recommend using save points to equip any new armor and weapons you have picked up along the way. Walk across the bridge to get in a conversation with Bogden. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Bogden * * * * * * * * * * Bogden is the first boss, and very easy. Basically, just hack and slash the living crap out of him. Kill any of his cronies that will be hanging around trying to back him up. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Bogden * * * * * * * * * * After the battle is over, walk through the door. ---------------------- LEGION CHAPTERHOUSE ---------------------- Have a conversation with The Venerable Odo. With that done with, you'll probably level up for the first time. Upgrade your character as you see fit. When you're done, go to the Quest List. Make the Search for Survivors your active quest. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - B. The Search for Survivors - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ---------------------- LEGION CHAPTERHOUSE ---------------------- Before leaving, do a little bit more exploring. Head to the basement area of this place for loots, and to farm XP against spiders. ----------------- PILGRIMS' ROAD ----------------- Head back out to Pilgrims' Road. Go to the right after crossing the bridge, and follow the path. You'll have to do battle, and there will be various loot scattered around the place. Nab the loot, and then take out the enemies. Press up on the d-pad to make yellow glowing orbs appear to lead you to your current quest. Follow this line of orbs into Lower Raven's Rill. There will be a locked gate, but if you talk to the man in front of it, he will open it for you. ------------------ LOWER RAVEN'S RILL ------------------ This quaint town as a merchant as well as other stuff. You probably don't have much gold on you at this point to buy any equipment, but if you do, then you might as well upgrade yourself. Just buy anything that is better than what you currently have, which should be pretty obvious. There will be an old woman with an exclamation mark above her head, standing outside of a house as you walk through town. Approach her and speak with her to get another quest. Follow the yellow orbs again until you are approached by Alexei. He will tell you about his sister. Follow the yellow orbs, and you will come across a guy with an exclamation point above his head as well. Talk to him to complete an objective for a different main quest, and be rewarded another side-quest to complete if you'd like. Talk to the fisherman as you walk out of town, save, and then head into the forest. ------------------ WEST FOREST ------------------ There is a couple of tough battles in this forest. There will be a ton of enemies that deal an extraordinary amount of damage. Just stand back and try to make them fight you one at a time. When they're dealt with, keep following the yellow orbs until you reach the cavern. ------------------ STORMSONG CAVERN ------------------ Just follow the yellow orbs. This cavern doesn't have any loot worth mentioning. Like virtually every other place in the game, it's more or less a straight shot to your destination. Keep following the orbs, save at all the save points that you come across, and deal with the enemies. They are pretty weak, and much easier to defeat than the baddies encountered in the West Forest. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Barbat * * * * * * * * * * Barbat is an archer, with a circle of purple around him. This circle drains magic. If you are a class that doesn't use magic much, then just run right up and beat the hell out of him. If you're using a magic character, just say out of the circle and fire magic at him repeatedly until he dies. He's not a hard boss. Save right afterwards. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Barbat * * * * * * * * * * Follow the orbs. You won't have long to rest. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Vera * * * * * * * * * * This boss can be a huge pain. Vera deals a massive amount of damage herself, has a lot of minions running around, and it's just bad. Kill all of the skeleton soldiers right off the bat. They will be the biggest problem, easily. When you take them out, turn your attention to Vera. Vera herself is somewhat easy if you just stay back and use projectile attacks on her. If not, just get in close and nail her with repeated melee strikes. Wait for your Power Sphere to fill (the purple orbs next your character's face) and then hold RT and press A to unleash a deadly attack. Just keep spamming attacks on her to defeat her. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Vera * * * * * * * * * * With Vera defeated, walk over to the cages that are nearby. Free the prisoners from the cages. Then follow the yellow orbs. You'll have a conversation with a strange woman that will give you a side-quest. Then you'll have another conversation, this time with Alexei from earlier. When you're done speaking with him, the quest will be complete. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - C. Unanswered Questions - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Now's time to do a side-quest. Go to your quest screen. Choose any of the side-quests you have allocated thus far. You can tell the difference between side-quests and main quests because main quests are highlighted with gold. Pick any of the side-quests and then complete it. Just follow the orbs, defeat any enemies that you come across. It's pretty basic stuff. But for the sake of the guide, I will provide a detailed explanation of how to complete one of the optional side-quests. The quest I chose was the one where you avenge the death of the widow's husband. Follow the golden orbs until you reach Boris. He's a really easy boss, and all that is required of you is to spam attacks. ------------------------------------------------------- LOWER RAVEN'S RILL, PILGRIMS' ROAD, LEGION CHAPTERHOUSE ------------------------------------------------------- With the side-quest completed, go speak to whoever gave you the quest in the first place. Talk to them about Grigorio. Then follow the yellow orbs. Have a conversation with him. Then it's time to return to Odo. Follow the yellow orbs all the way back to Odo and have another conversation with him. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - D. Enter the Mournweald - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ---------------------- LEGION CHAPTERHOUSE ---------------------- Follow the golden orbs. It will lead you to the basement with the spiders. Kill the spiders, and then open the door. ---------------------- EAST FOREST ---------------------- Once again, keep following the golden orbs that are floating above the ground. There will be new enemies to contend with in this area, including a pair of giant wolves as well as a big troll creature. Be sure to use your Power Sphere attacks on the troll, but take care of the wolves first. This battle isn't all THAT hard, really, but they do deal a lot of damage up-close, so don't get too close. Keep travelling through the forest. If you see treasure chests on the side of the road, don't be shy about opening them for loot. Keep going until a tangle of giant roots are blocking the path. After a short scene, the roots will untangle. Time to follow more orbs. ---------------------- THE MOURNWEALD ---------------------- This place is literally a hallway. It's the straightest path in the entire game. Just follow the path. A bunch of demon, ghost, water monsters will try to attack. Take care of them, and then return to following the path until you come across some dead bodies. Examine the closest dead body. Take the ring from the dead body, and then start following the orbs again. Suddenly, The Radiant Youth will materialize out of nowhere. Have a conversation with him, but then the forest will start shaking uncontrollably. Follow more orbs, and then you and your party will be teleported back to the forest. -------------------------------- EAST FOREST, LEGION CHAPTERHOUSE -------------------------------- Back at the forest, backtrack all the way to the Legion Chapterhouse. Head back to Odo. Have another conversation with him. It's time to use the ring from earlier to open a portal! Follow the yellow orbs to a room with Armand. Buy any equipment off of him (yeah, you saved his HE'S GOING TO SELL YOU STUFF! Gee buddy, I think you kind of owe us one) that you want, and then activate the portal in the stone doorway. Step on through. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - E. The Battle for Raven's Rill - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -------------------------------- RAKKENVAHL CAUSEWAY -------------------------------- Walk along the demonic bridge and save at the save point in the middle of the platform. Hang a right to collect loot at the treasure chest over here. Don't worry about the fact that there's no room to walk scare you; a bridge will form out of giant, demonic rocks. After you have looted successfully, use the yellow orbs to reach the next portal. -------------------------------- GUNDERIC MAUSOLEUM -------------------------------- There are flying demons in this area. They are easily killed. Kill the lot of them, and then follow the orbs again. Open the door to head out into the next area right off the bat. -------------------------------- RAVEN'S RILL GRAVEYARD -------------------------------- Nazi Zombies! Actually, just regular zombies. And some of them have swords. There are a lot of them, but they are easily taken care of with melee attacks. Proceed to follow * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Zora * * * * * * * * * * This boss will hang out, completely out of reach. She'll summon a bunch of skeletons to do battle with you. They will constantly respawn, but you will need them to recharge your power. Fire off all projectile attacks at the boss until you run out of power. Then beat the hell out of the skeletons until it is recharged again. Spam the boss with more projectile attacks until she is defeated. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Zora * * * * * * * * * * With this boss dead, follow the yellow orbs... -------------------------------- UPPER RAVEN'S RILL -------------------------------- Get ready for madness! Fight any enemies and then keep following the orbs for yet another boss fight... * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Vorgamil * * * * * * * * * * This guy is easy. He will be surrounded with a red aura, and a bunch of baddies will be around to accompany him. Don't worry too much about him, and just spam attacks until he is dead. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Vorgamil * * * * * * * * * * Follow the orbs. Another boss will come running out like a madman. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Ilias * * * * * * * * * * Same strategy as before. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Ilias * * * * * * * * * * Ah, but don't get too comfortable. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Marek * * * * * * * * * * The difference with this boss is that he'll be packing an aura around him that will drain your magic power. Still, he's not a big deal. Hack, slash, rinse, repeat. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Marek * * * * * * * * * * -------------------------------- TOWN HALL -------------------------------- With Marek dead, SAVE AT THE SAVE POINT NEXT TO THE DOOR. Then head inside for yet ANOTHER boss battle in this quest. Jeeeeeze. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Rajani * * * * * * * * * * Wow, this boss will drive you nuts, I guarantee it. There are two phases of this boss, and both of them are considerably difficult. Rajani has a few different attacks. She'll swing at you with her staff, which deals a ton of damage, and she'll also make pillars of dark energy appear. These attacks are devastating. You have to constantly be moving, using all of your magic on her. When you run out, run over, cross your fingers, and hack and slash like crazy. When it recahrges, return to the same strategy of hacking, of slashing, of using a ton of magic. When Rajani's health is depleted, she will then have a second wind, and will be much more powerful. The roof will collapse from her power. Stay in the middle of the room to avoid being damaged by the flaming debris. Rajani will have a slew of new attacks at her disposal. She will teleport to the four different corners of this room, while constantly making dark pillars shoot out of the ground. In addition, she will also shoot purple laser beams that will track you and won't stop until they hit you, or you successfully dodge them by spamming the left trigger. When the magic power is recharged, spam attacks again, from far away. When you melee her, be sure to do it as fast as possible so she doesn't whack you with her staff. Remember, when your health is low, press LT and then press X to start a healing spell. Depending on what you've done as you upgraded your character, you can start the healing process before your health is low. By the way, this fight is a million times easier in co-op. Try to get someone to play with you so you can revive each other by holding RB if Rajani deals too much damage. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Rajani * * * * * * * * * * Oh, thank god. Follow the orbs. There's a lot of loot in the next room, so be sure to scour the treasure chests and what-not. Release Jazar from his prison. After the chat, follow the yellow orbs back to Odo and Marten. After the conversation, you'll return to the Legion Chapterhouse. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - F. On the Road - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----------------------------------- LEGION CHAPTERHOUSE, PILGRIMS' ROAD ----------------------------------- Follow the orbs to Pilgrims' Road again, albeit a different part of the road that you have yet to visit. Just follow the yellow orbs until you reach the swamp. Stop by to grab loots when possible, there will be a quick conversation that will grant you a side-quest to complete at your leisure, and use any save points that you walk by as well. ----------------------------------- EASTERN SWAMP BLUFFS ----------------------------------- This is essentially a straight-shot, just like Pilgrims' Road. Keep walking, fighting enemies for XP, and raiding treasure chests for loot. Save at any save points you come across, just in case, but this area really is not going to be much of a problem. ----------------------------------- BIOLUMINESCENT CAVE ----------------------------------- Yup, this boils down to another hallway. Keep walking and fighting enemies. This area turns out to be a bit more interesting than the last couple of areas because there is a semi-powerful new enemy that makes its debut here. It's like possessed walking knight armor. While it's easy to kill, it does a hefty amount of damage. Anyway, make it out of the cave by following those handy, shiny, beautiful golden orbs of awesomeness. ----------------------------------- SWAMP BATTLEFIELD ----------------------------------- You'll be approach by the general. After the conversation is over, head to the save point and save your game. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - G. The Root of the Matter - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----------------------------------- SWAMP BATTLEFIELD ----------------------------------- Follow the golden orbs to have a conversation with Roderick. When he's done talking, keep following the orbs again. You'll do battle with a new type of enemy along the way, which is a weird worm thing that burrows into the ground. They are a bit of a pain since they can allude your attacks, but they don't do all that much damage that you'll have to worry about. ----------------------------------- GLOAMWOOD BOG ----------------------------------- Keep following the golden orbs again. The enemies here are dangerous, but luckily, there will be soldiers that will alleviate the pressure. Follow the golden orbs as usual. Save at the first save point you see. ----------------------------------- FIRST PEOPLE VILLAGE ----------------------------------- After having another nice chat, start following the golden orbs again. Keep battling the enemies and push through. Eventually you come across a broken section of bridge. Unfortunately, this is basically the first time in the entire game that you can't rely on the golden floating orbs for guidance! So, turn around. Take the first right, and start heading that way. You'll come across a group of enemies that include humanoid beasts that do a significant amount of damage, but die quickly. There will also be two giant enemies, and a couple of magic enemies that will constantly use negative auras against you. Take out the magic guys FIRST, and do so with in-your-face melee attacks. Then back up as far as possible to pick off the other guys with projectile attacks as well as magic attacks. With them dead, walk over to the switch. Pull the switch, and then you can start backtracking, following the golden orbs. The missing section of bridge will now have a bridge. Head across the bridge, and do battle with the enemies that confront you. To the right is a treasure chest that is hidden off-screen. Walk forward a little bit to initiate a confrontation. After the quick chat, you will be absolutely SWARMED with enemies. And I mean, SWARMED. Run away from the giant mob of enemies as quickly as possible, and then start picking them off. They will deal a ridiculous amount of damage as well as take a decent amount of time to get rid of. Just keep running and only attack when you feel as though it is absolutely safe to attack at that point. With the enemies defeated, use the save point that appears. The glowing orbs will point you up a giant tree root. Fight your way up the tree root. At the first platform there are a bunch of chests that are usually packed with a sick set of new equipment. Make sure you and anyone in your party is fully equipped to the max, and then head up the root to the next platform. The game will save automatically, giving you a much-needed checkpoint in the progress. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Maru-yatum * * * * * * * * * * The boss is the big green cloud in the middle of the area. Enemies will constantly spawn, including dangerous ogres. Walk along the outer-rims of the platform. There are cages here with soldiers inside. Open the cages to free the soldiers. They will then help you in the battle. Now it's time to focus your attention on the green cloud. Run around in a circle on the platform. Throw all of your attacks towards the green cloud, and if you have any auras that deal damage, use them in the middle area. Keep running around in a circle to avoid the attacks and keep repeating the process until the boss's life bar is completely depleted. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Maru-yatum * * * * * * * * * * With the boss defeated, you'll have a conversation with him. After the convo is over, you'll be on the ground again with a bunch of treasure chests lying around. Open the chests to gain loot. When you try to leave by following the golden orbs, a nerdy guy will talk to you about the natives that you just did battle with. When the conversation is over, return to following the glowing golden orbs. Eventually, a woman will approach you and start talking to you again. Have the conversation with her, and then keep following the orbs. ----------------------------------- GLOAMWOOD BOG ----------------------------------- Following the orbs. Fight the enemies. Keep pushing forward, backtracking through the swamp. ----------------------------------- SWAMP BATTLEFIELD ----------------------------------- When you reach the battlefield, you'll have a quick conversation with that Lord guy again, and the nerdy guy that is going to get you to Stonebridge. When they are done talking, visit the merchant and get any new equipment you can and then sell the old stuff to restock your supply of gold. Then save at the save point. Follow the golden orb. The nerdy guy will raise makeshift bridges out of the swamp waters. You can use these bridges to make your way across the roots. Save at the next save point, and then keep following the orbs again. ----------------------------------- ROAD TO STONEBRIDGE ----------------------------------- Walk forward a little more and have a nice conversation. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Svarbog * * * * * * * * * * Easy boss. He's surrounded by a red aura. Take out all of his minions and then turn your attention to him. He will be defeated very easily. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Svarbog * * * * * * * * * * With Svarbog taken care of, start following 'dem orbs again. Keep walking until you come across a save point. And a robot! Talk to the robot for some funny dialogue. He'll then open the gates, walk on through. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - H. The Grand Chapterhouse - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----------------------------------- STONEBRIDGE CITY ----------------------------------- Walk through the city and enjoy the sites. It's a very beautiful location in the game, with quirky characters and interesting locales. Keep following the orbs as you walk through the city. Any NPCs with exclamation points above their heads will be ripe for side-quest nabbin', so if you feel like doing any extra quests for extra XP, don't be afraid to do so. Apply how you've been playing through the game thus far to the side-quest and you'll do fine. Remember, these are optional, and are segrated from the main quests in the pause menu due to the fact that the main (required) quests are highlighted in gold. Stop at the merchants to buy new supplies if you need to. Then keep following the orbs until you reach a gate. There is a lever on the wall next to the gate. Pull the lever to head into the Chapterhouse. ----------------------------------- THE GRAND CHAPTERHOUSE ----------------------------------- Save, and then follow the orbs. You'll get ambushed by a group of enemies in the room with the gates that are going up and down uncontrollably. Dodge under the gates. Walk to the platform in the middle and read the scroll. Then follow the orbs. There will be a locked door. You need to go around to get the next scroll. So, head around. Avoid the traps on the walls. They will shoot flames at you. Run past all the enemies and then use the lever on the pillar. This will open a passageway that will allow you to get to the scroll. Pick it up, which will deactivate the gargoyles on the walls shooting the fireballs, and destroy all of the enemies nearby. It will also unlock the gate that was previously locked. Head through that gate. Run past all of the traps, avoid the enemies, and then dodge under the crazy gates in the middle of the next room. Use the switch to deactivate the crazy gates and unlock the two gates to the left and right. Head to each one of them, nab the scrolls to disable the traps and the enemies. Then follow the golden orbs to reach the next scroll. Grab that one as well to deactivate the rest of the traps and all of the other enemies. The golden orbs will then lead you back to the beginning of this place. There is a save point in the middle of this room, that you already used, and you need to use it. Then follow the golden orbs up the nearby staircase. There is a large bookcase. Press RB to interact with it to make the bookcase open, revealing a secret passageway and initiating a cut-scene. After the converesation is over, you get to pick which of the next two quests that you want to do. So, if you are doing the other one, skip ahead to Majority Rules. I recommend you keep following this guide if you are having trouble, and just do the quests in the order I have written them, for convenience's sake. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I. The Tumbledown Court - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ------------------------------------- THE STONEBRIDGE/GLITTERDELVE CAUSEWAY ------------------------------------- Go through the portal. Then follow the straight path to the save point. Save, and then keep going until you get to the next portal. Head through. ----------------------------------- FROSTSPIRE MOUNTAIN ----------------------------------- Follow the orbs. Giant flaming balls of doom will then start firing. Keep dodging repeatedly to avoid the mortars as you make your way through this snowy mountain area. When you reach the first save point, save, and then start doing battle with enemies as you keep going along the mountain. Keep fighting your way up the mountain and dodging the mortar fire. You'll need gunpowder for the cannon. Keep following the orbs and you'll find a locked gate. This is where the golden orbs are pointing towards. Turn directly around and then walk down that path until you come across an NPC that will have a conversation with you. When he is done talking, start following those golden orbs again. Take note of the soldiers doing battle. Keep following the orbs more. There will be a big, giant frost troll that you will have to kill. His attacks are easy to dodge, but he has a ton of health. After he is taken care of, open the chests and get the gunpowder and cannonball. Backtrack to the cannon and use it to help out the soldiers. Start following the golden orbs again. There will be a big wall of ice. Destroy the ice wall and then keep following the orbs again. Walk under the waterfall and have a conversation with Ibsen. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - J. In Search of Solitude - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----------------------------------- THE KAARI PASS ----------------------------------- Follow the orbs, save, fight the enemies. Then keep following the orbs again. You should know the drill by this point. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Elder Frost Dakkenweyr * * * * * * * * * * This guy is a walk in the park, except he has a lot of health. Defeat all of the other enemies that surround him, and then focus on destroying him with a combination of magic and regular attacks. Dodge his attacks, and you should be fine. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Elder Frost Dakkenweyr * * * * * * * * * * With him dead, the glowing orbs will lead you to floating purple rocks. This is a conduit to destroy. Take care of it with repeated attacks. Then start making your way up the mountain again by following the golden orbs. Fight enemies, collect loot, and then just keep pushing forward. Destroy the second conduit as well. Then follow the orbs to the third conduit as you fight your way up the mountain more. Backtrack all the way back to Ibsen when all of the Conduits are destroyed and have a chat with him. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - K. The Tumbledown Court (revisited) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----------------------------------- THE KAARI PASS ----------------------------------- Follow the orbs. Fight enemies. With the Ibsen business taken care of, you can now focus on Tumbledown Court quest yet again. Mortars will try to kill you again, so be sure to dodge them. Break down any ice barricades that get in your way. Eventually, you wind up in a cavern. Fight through the cavern along with the reunited Roderick. Fight alongside him and make your way through this cave. Save at the next save point. Keep going to reach a conversation/cut-scene where you will be re-introduced to Phineas the nerd. Argh! When you're done talking, follow the orbs again. Avoid the fire trap on the ground and keep going. ----------------------------------- THE DEEP WELL ----------------------------------- There is a red stone. Press it with RB to turn it green and summon a platform. Get on the platform and press RB again to go across. Then start following the orbs again. ----------------------------------- THE TUMBLEDOWN COURT ----------------------------------- Follow the orbs and save at the save point in here. Visit the merchant to upgrade your equipment and sell your useless equipment. Have a long conversation with the queen and the lord. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - L. Enemy at the Gates - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----------------------------------- THE TUMBLEDOWN COURT ----------------------------------- Gather up any side-quests that you want in your queue of quests to complete. When you are satisfied, follow the golden orbs. ----------------------------------- THE DEEP WELL ----------------------------------- Follow the orbs to reach Roderick. ----------------------------------- SOUTHERN MINING TUNNELS ----------------------------------- Follow the orbs. Kill the enemies, which will now include little goblin dudes, and grab the black powder satchels. The golden orbs will lead you to a dead end. When you get there, head to the right and then follow the path track downards. There is a rock switch down here that is red. Press it to turn it green. This will make a platform go to the area that the golden orbs are pointing towards. Run back up there and then use RB to use the platform. The golden orbs will lead you to the last satchel of black powder. Run through the next area, destroying the explosive barrels, defeating the enemies, and pushing along until you get to the save point. Save and head through to the next area. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Azunite Lieutenant * * * * * * * * * * Not a tough boss. Kill the enemies around him. Then focus all of your attacks on him. He's essentially a bigger version of the other knight-like enemies that you have been fighting in these tunnels. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Azunite Lieutenant * * * * * * * * * * With the boss dead, walk over to the nearby mine cart. Place the explosives that you have collected in the cart. Then turn tail and RUN. Backtrack, using the yellow orbs for guidance. Kill the enemies that you come across, and keep running out of the tunnels. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - M. Uninvited Guests - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----------------------------------- THE DEEP WELL ----------------------------------- Follow the golden orbs. They will lead you to Roderick. Have a chat with him about this next quest. Then follow the orbs again. ----------------------------------- WESTERN MINING TUNNELS ----------------------------------- Yup. Explosives again. Follow the orbs until you find the black satchel powder. Keep going through the tunnels, nabbing the powder, until you have three. Then use the rock switch you'll inevitably come across, and walk forward into the next room. Kill the enemies in this room, and then nab the last satchel charge. Then follow the orbs again to a floating platform. Use the platform to sail across the gap. Do battle with the enemies over here, and defeat them all. Use the save point across the gap. Defeat the enemies in the next room. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Azunite Lieutenant * * * * * * * * * * Yup. Him again. Except now he has an aura around him. Stay back, and then just shoot him to death, essentially. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Azunite Lieutenant * * * * * * * * * * Place the charges in the cart. Then run. Backtrack all the way back to the queen. You'll encounter some enemies, and when you use the platforms, there will be giant flaming fireballs soaring at you. Dodge the fireballs. ----------------------------------- THE DEEP WELL, THE TUMBLEDOWN COURT ----------------------------------- Follow the golden orbs all the way back to the Queen. Save your game, and then go have a chat with Phineas, the Queen, and the lord. It's a lengthy conversation. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - N. Ebb and Flow - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----------------------------------- THE DEEP WELL, THE TUMBLEDOWN COURT ----------------------------------- Follow the golden orbs after Phineas runs off. He will then lower a platform. Walk onto the platform and then use RB to take it up like an elevator. To the left, there is a treasure chest off-screen. Grab the loot. Phineas will then start performing a magical ritual. Invincible enemies that will just keep rebuilding themselves will appear. The goal here is to defend Phineas from these guys. Just stand your ground and constantly kill them. This section really isn't all that difficult. When they are all dead, take the platform back down. Follow the orbs to have a quick convo with Roderick. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - O. Lord Devonsey's Trap - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----------------------------------- THE DEEP WELL ----------------------------------- Follow the orbs. Just keep following them, taking out enemies, saving at save points, opening treasure chests. Typical Dungeon Siege III stuff. Keep following the orbs until you reach Lord Devonsey again. He will talk to you and relay the plan. When he is done talking, walk over to the platform. Lower the platform. Take out all the enemies down here. A cut-scene will then trigger. And a nice little conversation. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Warbeast * * * * * * * * * * This giant mammoth is blind, but deadly. Stay away from it, and spam all of your special ability attacks at it. Use your magic. When you run out of magic, kill the smaller enemies that try to help the Warbeast. This will recharge your magic, and will allow you to return the focus of laying in damage to the Warbeast. This fight will take a while because the Warbeast has a lot of health, but this strategy will ensure a victory. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Warbeast * * * * * * * * * * With the Warbeast dead, another cut-scene will trigger. Followed by a conversation between the Queen, Phineas, and Lord Devonsey. When the conversation concludes, raid the treasure chests for a ton of gold and other loot. EPIC LOOTS! Really, it's epic how the gold flies out of the chests. When you're done, follow the orbs. Roderick will offer to take you to the Causeways. Take him up on his offer. ----------------------------------- FROSTSPIRE MOUNTAIN ----------------------------------- Orbs. Golden ones. Follow them to the portal that leads to the Causeways. ------------------------------------- THE STONEBRIDGE/GLITTERDELVE CAUSEWAY ------------------------------------- Walk through this area back to the Chapterhouse with Odo. ----------------------------------- THE GRAND CHAPTERHOUSE ----------------------------------- Walk forward. Get Odo and Marten up to speed. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - P. Majority Rules - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----------------------------------- THE GRAND CHAPTERHOUSE ----------------------------------- Save. Leave. Follow the orbs. ----------------------------------- STONEBRIDGE CITY ----------------------------------- Follow the orbs. Go through the big doors next to the robots, and then keep following the orbs until you see the merchant icon on the mini-map. Buy any new equipment you can afford, sell old, useless stuff. Then keep following the golden orbs. Open the doors into the Meisterhall. ----------------------------------- MEISTERHALL ----------------------------------- "FREE THE KRUG!" Walk past the protestors and then have a conversation with Sigmund. Follow the orbs to go talk to the meisters and propose an alliance to the council. They will propose a recess after a while. Now it's time to win their votes so they will swear allegiance to the Legion! You can complete these in any order, but I suggest, if you have been following the guide thus far, to complete them in the order that I have written them in the guide. Head to the guy standing in the upper left part of the room, with a big yellow exclamation point above his head. Chat with him. Get his quest. Then go talk to Mudgutter, the weird little goblin with the George Washington wig. Have a conversation with him as well to get his quest. Talk to the other goblin, Fiddlewick, and go through his dialogue to learn about his quest. You can't get his vote, though. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Q. Strike! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----------------------------------- MEISTERHALL, STONEBRIDGE CITY ----------------------------------- Follow the golden orbs back to the City. You'll have to talk to the robot guard to gain access through a door to the Lower Ward area. ----------------------------------- LOWER WARD ----------------------------------- Run through this area. Stop at the merchant to get new equipment. Save the game and then follow the golden orbs again. ----------------------------------- GREAT FOUNDRY ----------------------------------- Use the levers to open the doors as you walk through this area and follow the golden orbs. Keep going until you are stopped due to a conversation starting. After the conversation is over, start following the orbs again. Save at the save point. Keep following the orbs, and you'll get in a fight with some Cyclops and other enemies. They are easily defeated. Keep going until you come across giant gears. Head to the right to pull the lever on the ground. This will activate the gears. Then follow the golden orbs again through the door. Keep following the orbs, fighting enemies, and walking along. This will go on for a while until you find a save room. Save. Head out onto the ledge. Pull the lever to make a bridge. Walk across the bridge... * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Cyclops Foreman * * * * * * * * * * This Cyclops is easy. Defeat the enemies around him. Defeat him. That's all there is to it. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Cyclops Foreman * * * * * * * * * * With him dead, the golden orbs will forsake thee! They will point off the platform and into the lava. You can't go that way, obviously, so keep walking across the bridge, to the left. This is still a straight-shot, so don't worry about not being able to rely on the golden orbs. Just run through, pulling the levers as necessary to summon bridges, defeating enemies, and keep running through. Eventually you'll pull a lever that will reposition the bridge so you can faithfully pursue the path of the golden orbs once again! Follow the orbs again. Defeat any enemies you encounter. Walk through doors, and then keep following the damn golden orbs. You will encounter a cut-scene with a prisoner behind bars. Save, and then continue to follow the orbs. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Mad Bomber * * * * * * * * * * This little goblin will be behind a wall of fire, chucking bombs. Other goblins will help him out, as well as a couple of Take out the other enemies and dodge through the fire to confront the Bomber. Beat the hell out of him and he will be dead very soon. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Mad Bomber * * * * * * * * * * Business taken care of! With him dead, follow the orb into the next cavern. Use the save point. Then follow the golden orbs some more. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Ergometheus * * * * * * * * * * Big boss Cyclops! He's actually pathetically easy. Just don't let him hit you. He deals a lot of damage, but he also takes a lot of damage as well. What an anti-climatic battle. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Ergometheus * * * * * * * * * * When he's been defeated, chat with him. Then follow the golden orbs through the gate and into the next room to find A GIANT CHEST! EPIC LOOTS! Raid the big chest, raise the smaller chest, save the game, and then follow the golden orbs into the next area. Defeat enemies, raid for loot, and then keep following the golden orbs. You'll then have a conversation with Kassel and Fiddlewick. Decide the fate of the Cyclops and then leave the know, by following that ever-so- awesome trail of glowing golden orbs. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - R. Trouble in the Crypts - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----------------------------------- LOWER WARD ----------------------------------- After the convo, follow the golden orbs to the next area you need to go to. ----------------------------------- THE CRYPTS OF THE SCARED BLOOD ----------------------------------- Follow the golden orbs. There will be a lever attached to a pillar that you will have to pull to lower the bridge. Continue to follow the orbs. Fight enemies and be sure to check coffins for more loot. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Goblin Demolitionist * * * * * * * * * * Beat the hell out of him. That's it. Donezo. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Goblin Demolitionist * * * * * * * * * * Follow the golden orbs again. The next lever you see, pull it. A bridge will move into place. You have to walk across it while fighting enemies and avoiding the giant swinging guillotines that threaten your life! The golden orbs point to a closed gate that is locked, so just walk past it to the other side. On the other side, pull the next lever to open the gate. Then make your way back across to that door and keep following the golden orbs through. You'll come across another locked gate. The orbs will be pointing to it. Do a 180 degree turn and head up the stairs. Avoid the guillotines and then pull the lever to open the door. Head back down the stairs and through the door. Pull the lever to make a bridge. Go across the bridge. Pull the two levers on the pillars next to the cage with the robot inside. Then head to the left of the cage to find another lever on the ground. Pull it to lower the cage. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Modified Automaton * * * * * * * * * * Easy boss fight? You know it. Apply the same strategy as you have since the very beginning of the freaking game. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Modified Automaton * * * * * * * * * * Pull the lever to lower the bars. Then head to the right of where the boss was once located. There will be a lever over here. Pull it to make a bridge appear. Kill the enemies. Head into this room to get a bunch of loot, and then cross the bridge. Start following the yellow orbs again. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Street Boss * * * * * * * * * * I literally defeated this boss in mere seconds. You will have NO problem at all with this one. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Street Boss * * * * * * * * * * Follow the orbs. Save. Pull the lever on the pillar. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Ehregott * * * * * * * * * * For being a Master Thief, Ehregott is another boss that is disapointingly easy to kill. His minions will constantly respawn, so focus all of your attacks on him. After not too long, his health will be completely depleted. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Ehregott * * * * * * * * * * With Ehregott defeated, he will surrender. Have a conversation with the dude. When the conversation is over, it's time to return to Mudgutter. Follow the glowing trail of gold orbs out of this place. You will come across a couple of rooms along the way filled with epic loots. Leave. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - S. The Automaton Rebellion - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----------------------------------- LOWER WARD ----------------------------------- Oh no! The robots have gone absolutely MAD! Talk to Marten and keep walking through the city, following the golden orbs. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Firestorm XE * * * * * * * * * * Easy robot boss. Kill him. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Firestorm XE * * * * * * * * * * Follow the golden orbs. Defeat the robots as you make your way through the city streets. Save at any save points. Continue following the golden orbs. ----------------------------------- STONEBRIDGE CITY ----------------------------------- Yellow orbs...must be followed. Robots...must be defeated. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Thunderstorm CE * * * * * * * * * * Another easy robot boss. Kill him in the same manner as the last. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Thunderstorm CE * * * * * * * * * * Follow the orbs to the Meisterhall. ----------------------------------- MEISTERHALL ----------------------------------- Save as soon as you step in. The robots in here are friendly. Walk past them and head into the next room. Have a conversation with Sigmund about the Gent. Then follow the orbs to the next save point and save your progress yet again. Walk through the portal. ----------------------------------- DAPPER OLD GENT'S LAIR ----------------------------------- * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Dapper Old Gent * * * * * * * * * * OH MY GOD! A unique, challenging boss fight! This guy is quite difficulty, especially compared to all of the other bosses in the game. There are little towers lining this platform. Some are covered in orange forcefield energy. Ignore these ones. Destroy the ones that aren't covered in a forcefield. These will spawn violent Automaton robots, by the way. Keep destroying all of these little towers until one of the big generators in the middle lacks a forcefield and you can focus on that. Destroy the generator. The shield covering Dapper Old Gent in the middle of the platform will then disappear. Run over and attack the pedastal that the Dapper Old Gent is standing on. He will knock you back with his forcefield. Turn your attention back to the Automaton towers. Then destroy the next generator. Then attack the pedastal again, which will drain the Gent's lifebar. The next time, you'll have to destroy twice as many Automaton-generating towers and two generators this time to lower the forcefield. When his health is less than half, he will concede defeat. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Dapper Old Gent * * * * * * * * * * You get to decide the fate of the Dapper Old Gent during the conversation between him, you, Odo, and that whacky pirate Sigmund. Following this, there will be yet another cut-scene to watch. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - T. On Holy Ground - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----------------------------------- SPIRE BAILEY ----------------------------------- Save the game. Follow the golden orb. Have a conversation with Rajani and another one of the weird fire-angel people. Kill enemies. Follow the golden orbs. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Azunite Lieutenant * * * * * * * * * * Kill him. Seriously. Kill him. That's all there is to it. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Azunite Lieutenant * * * * * * * * * * Save at the save point. Continue following the golden orbs and killing enemies as you make your way through this Spire. ----------------------------------- WEST TURRET ----------------------------------- When you reach this area, walk over to the platform. Pull on the lever, and the platform will make like an elevator and take you up to the next floor. Walk up the stairs. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Archon of War * * * * * * * * * * Waaaaay easier than the fight with Rajani. And there's a ton of loots to get from this fight. Just fight her like any other boss, but be a bit more wary. She can deal more damage, for sure, but she's not a huge threat. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Archon of War * * * * * * * * * * When she is dead, take the platform back down. Follow the golden orbs. Defeat any enemies you come across, collect loots, and then keep pushing forward. ----------------------------------- SPIRE BAILEY ----------------------------------- * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Azunite Lieutenant * * * * * * * * * * Surprisingly, this guy is actually tough. He has an aura around him that makes him so. He has a ton of health as well. Still, spam attacks on him. Just try to stay far away to avoid him dealing too much damage to you. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Azunite Lieutenant * * * * * * * * * * Keep following the orbs. There will be a tight hallway FILLED with enemies. They are all easily taken out, so it's pretty easy to kill them all. When they are all dead... * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Archon Handmaid * * * * * * * * * * A flashy servant to the next Archon you fight. She's fairly easy to kill, but dodges moves a lot. That's all there is to her. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Archon Handmaid * * * * * * * * * * Follow 'dem orbs... ----------------------------------- EAST TURRET ----------------------------------- Ride the platform up. Follow those orbs! * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Archon of Vengenace * * * * * * * * * * This Archon is a bit more challenging than the last one. She can summon fire jackals and will also make flaming pillars appear. Try your best to dodge her attacks. Get in close, and then use attacks that have a wide area of attack so you can simultaneously destroy her jackals while you do damage to her. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Archon of Vengeance * * * * * * * * * * Scour the area for loots. Take the platform back down. Follow the orbs. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Archon Handmaid * * * * * * * * * * Same as before. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Archon Handmaid * * * * * * * * * * When she's defeated, notice the merchant icon on the mini-map. I know I have almost never said this during the entire guide, but stray off the path of the golden orb path. Make your way to the merchant, who is on the west side of this area. This guy has KILLER equipment. Purchase it. You surely have enough gold after the endless string of boss fights the game has thrown at you since the last time you've had a chance to visit a merchant. Follow the golden orbs...the end draws near! ----------------------------------- CHANCEL OF AZUNAI ----------------------------------- Short conversation. Followed by... * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Cyclops Brute * * * * * * * * * * This is a super-powered Cyclops. To make matters worse, you have to fight two of them at once, and Jeyne and Chakti are chilling out in the middle of this place, constantly casting spells. Whenever there is a big blue circle around you, be sure to use dodge to avoid taking the damage. Focus all of your attention on the pair of Cyclopses, and only attack the smaller enemies when you need to recharge your magic. When they're both dead, you don't get to rest for long... * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Cyclops Brute * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Chakti * * * * * * * * * * Chakti will make clones of herself, and uses a staff to fight. She is very fast and tends to bounce around. There's not a real strategy to her besides just hitting her with all of the attacks at your disposal. Also keep in mind to be constantly dodging the spell attacks from Jeyne while completing this battle. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Chakti * * * * * * * * * * With Chakti defeated, follow the orbs. There will be another platform that you pull a lever to ride up. ----------------------------------- SANCTUM OF FIRE ----------------------------------- After a conversation, there will be a giant fight with a bunch of enemies. Take them all on and take them all out. After they have all been dealt with, check the spaces to the right and to the left of the staircase. There is loot hidden here, so be sure to raid those treasure chests. Then head up the stairs, as the golden orbs will tell you to do anyways, and go to the next platform. Use the lever to ride it up. ----------------------------------- SAINT'S SOLACE ----------------------------------- Head right into the next room. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Jeyne Kassynder * * * * * * * * * * Jeyne is quite powerful. She is like a rainbow Archon, and has devastating light attacks. Her melee attack will destroy your shields with one fell swoop, and her magic attacks dish out a significant amount of damage. The strategy here is to stay as far away from her as possible and then start hitting her with projecticle attacks. When you run out of magic, run up and start swinging at her to replenish your magic supply. Activate any shields you have and constantly heal yourself as well to avoid death. Her attacks can one-shot you, so spam dodges whenever you aren't dealing damage to her. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Jeyne Kassynder * * * * * * * * * * - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - U. Rebirth - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----------------------------------- SAINT'S SOLACE ----------------------------------- Ah, but it is not yet over. Marten will meet back up with you and your party. After the cut-scene, take the platform down. Follow the golden orbs, and then there will be another cut-scene. In this scene, you will be introduced to the final merchant that you encounter in the game. He has epic equipment as well, so be sure to buy the best of the best from him, and of course, sell all of your wanted gear. Head to the portal. Marten will stay behind, no matter what dialogue options you choose. ----------------------------------- CAUSEWAY HUB ----------------------------------- Straight-shot to the next portal. ----------------------------------- LEGION CHAPTERHOUSE ----------------------------------- When you enter the Chapterhouse, Armand (remember him?!) will talk to you. When the conversation is over, press up on the d-pad to activate, no, the orbs have been deactivated! Crap. Well, head to the right, and then Jazar and Armand will have another conversation with you and your party. They need you to escort them back to the portal so they can use the Causeways to reach safety. The orbs magically return. Yay! It's true what they say; you don't know what you got until it's gone. Follow those orbs around, and they will lead you back to the portal. Armand and Jazar will go through the portal after another nice chat. With that business taken care, start following the orbs again. They will lead you back downstairs. Down here, be sure to save your game before exiting through the door to the outside. ----------------------------------- EAST FOREST ----------------------------------- As soon as you start following the orbs outside, enemies will fall from the sky in giant fireballs. These enemies are somewhat tougher than any of the other generic minions you have encountered throughout the game, so don't take them lightly. Keep defeating them and following the orbs until the game does a little mini-cut-scene. This scene is to introduce you to the toughest regular enemy in the game. It resembles the feminine, demonic enemies that fall from the sky, but it has multiple arms and it dances around in a really creepy manner. These things are even tougher than the enemies that fall from the sky, so they are not to be taken lightly. Defeat this first one, and then follow the orbs again. There will be a conversation with The Radiant Youth. When he's said what he came to say, keep fighting through the forest. Use the orbs as guidance. Save at the save point that you will come across, and then continue to follow the orbs and save. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Corrupted Creator * * * * * * * * * * Following the scene, it's time for the...FINAL BATTLE! This boss is actually pretty hard until you get his pattern done. Luckily for you, this guide will tell you exactly what that pattern is so you will be able to defeat him without much trouble at all! Actually, I take that back. It's still going to be a tough battle, but with me by your side, you will be able to get through this! This behemoth of a boss will start the battle by swatting his armored arm down at you. Spam projectile weapon attacks at him until the armor on his hand bursts. Be sure to dodge any of his swiping or smashing attacks. Kill any enemies that spawn as well. Keep focusing the attack on his armor-plated hand until the armor falls into pieces, and his entire arm blows up! Now he's mad. The Creator will shoot black goo all over the place. Little monsters will spawn from the goo, and enemies will also fall out of the sky. Kill as many of the little monsters as you can as you run around. Avoid stepping in the goo, as it will drain your magic. The Creator will be firing a laser directly at you the entire time as well, so be sure to spam dodge attacks as you also constantly use shielding and heal yourself. The Creator will then suck up all of his minions into his mouth. Hide behind a rock, as he will then spew the goo everywhere, which will knock you down and take away precious seconds that can be used spamming attacks at the boss's head. After he spews the goo, he will collapse. That's your cue to run over there and hack and slash like you never have before. Magical attacks do a lot of damage to this boss as well. When the health bar is depleted, he will be done for. * * * * * * * * * * BOSS FIGHT!!! Corrupted Creator * * * * * * * * * * Enjoy the ending dialogue. You get to choose the fate of Jeyne! Should she live or should she die? The choice is yours! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 5. Conclusion - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I hope this guide helped you beat Dungeon Siege III for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or PC! Special thanks to SBAllen for keeping GameFAQs crawling along! Special thanks from pc games strategy to all the GameFAQs contributors that have written long walkthroughs like this that have helped me out a lot over the years! Did you feel like I didn't elaborate enough on certain quests? Did you find awesome loot that I overlooked? Well, shoot me an e-mail and I will edit the guide and give you credit for any corrections, concerns, personal strategies, hints, tips, and what-have-you!

News : Sony Playstation Vita Wrap Up
What Is the PlayStation Vita? The PlayStation Vita is Sony's next-generation takeout vice housing. The new handheld gift characteristic developed graphics and controls and a hardy online connectivity. Low the punk, the Vita will be powered by an ARM Cortex-A9 CPU and a PowerVR SGX543MP4+ GPU, both meeting on the trauma edge for the moment. It leave also be the rank diversion handheld to characteristic nonobligatory faveolate 3G connectivity.   How Much Testament It Value? A Wi-Fi-only variant give expenditure $249, and a Wi-Fi/3G worthy gift retail for $299 in the US. In the UK, the two versions module cost £229 and £279 respectively, spell Eurozone pricing for the console testament be €249 (Wi-Fi) and €299 (Wi-Fi/3G). In Nihon, pricing faculty be ¥24,980 (Wi-Fi) and ¥29,980 (Wi-Fi/3G). When Is It Coming? The PlayStation Vita testament be released during the 2011 leisure flavor. However, a recent disclosure power hit revealed the relinquishment fellow to be Nov 4.   How Faculty Accumulation Plans Utilise? Sony declared that 3G aid testament be provided by AT&T in the Incorporate States. The associate did not clarify whether information plans would be offered on a contractual or month-to-month part. There were also no information on pricing and worldwide 3G serving. What Some the Games and Negative Compatibility? Games specifically prefab for the Vita give get on immature flash-based remembering cards. There is no UMD interval on the Vita for older PSP games. Yet, the Vita will be healthy to activity PSP games prefabricated forthcoming finished the PlayStation Stock.  What Kinds of Controls Does It Bonk? Among its accepted controls, the Vita give characteristic two similarity sticks, a D pad, two berm buttons, state buttons (triangle, junction, see, and shape), and the usual stand of system-related buttons (powerfulness, volume, move, superior, and PS button). Sony leave also add move controls to the Vita that rise in the comprise of its Sixaxis motion-sensing group (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer) and a three-axis electronic reach. For the touchy-feely, the Vita will property a multitouch-capacitive adjoin door and a multitouch erect touchpad.  What Near the Surface and Cameras? The Vita give hold a capacitive multitouch 5-inch (16:9) OLED check that runs at a determination of 960x544. By examination, the Sony PSP featured a 4.3-inch (16:9) strain with a 480x272 closure. This represents a multiple papers growth and nearly twice as numerous pixels per advance (220 PPI versus 128 PPI). The frontal and place cameras on the Vita will run at a maximum papers of 640x480. They module be competent to book at 120fps at 320x240 and 60fps at 640x480. How Tenacious Leave the Shelling Endmost? Sony made no statements regarding bombardment lifetime. What Present Online Access and the Individual Port Be Equivalent? The Vita instrument yield users to jest a game on the Vita and beak up far where they tract off on the PlayStation 3. Patch demonstrating a business called Wrecking at E3 2011, the presenters started a play term on the Vita and then picked up in the rigorous unvarying bit on the PlayStation 3 moments afterward. The PlayStation Meshing's darken drop abilities aid piss this flick a reality. PlayStation 3 user-generated volume module be serviceable on the Vita. Sony demonstrated the have at E3 2011 with ModNation Racers, where demonstrators imported tracks. An upcoming Vita writing of Minuscule Big Follower also promises to let users access levels prefab for the PlayStation 3. The Vita gift athlete a brand-new individual port that replaces the old XMB. Welcomed Lot, a tutorial information, leave support users image out and live all the new software that comes on the Vita. Elsewhere, new networking features titled LiveArea and Warm will let Vita users download games, survey an "activeness" log with accomplishments from others playacting the homophonic gamy, and let them chance out what nearby friends are performing or what they were activity late. Additionally, Neighbor give also let users talent realistic spirited items. Added property called Recipient gift let users schmooze via air and schoolbook during games and region of them. What Games Are Forthcoming?  The multitude list contains games that know been announced for exercise like pc games strategy : Disposition of Tariff Dungeon Defenders Ruction Kings Lego Destroy Busy: Years 5-7 Realness Fighters Super Stardust Delta Voltron Understood Businessman: Product of Memories Killzone Metal Paraphernalia Strong Yakuza

Reviews : The Witcher 2 - Assassin's Of Kings
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is the sequel to developer CD Projekt's mature-themed fantasy role-playing game based on the works of author Andrzej Sapkowski. The second installment about the Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, features a mature storyline defining new standards for thought-provoking, nonlinear game narration. A new, modern game engine, responsible for beautiful visuals and sophisticated game mechanics, puts players in the liveliest and most believable world ever created in an RPG. A captivating story, dynamic combat system, beautiful graphics, and everything else that made the original Witcher such a great game are now executed in a much more advanced and sophisticated way. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings also features an original, brutal combat system that uniquely combines different tactical elements. Fight your way with swords or use magic and spells to slay your enemies as you try to solve the mystery of the assassination attempt on the king. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is a present, insincere with moments that decree with you straight after the curtains intimate on its depressing tale of indefinite pasts and unsafe futures. Equal the rarified Roses of Remembrance you mightiness pronounce thriving in this role-playing courageous's riotous comic, these moments are carefully cultivated. They're purposeful not honorable because they are crowded with excitation, but also because there are stakes--both individualized and governmental. As Geralt of Rivia, your actions don't upright modify you closer to the truths of your own murky account, but they also persuade the tides of war. And cause on you, art you encourage into a gorgeous humanity populated by quarrelling trolls and drunken, sex-crazed dwarves. Both bugs, engagement quirks, and otherwise foibles shew galling, but they don't greatly minify the fight of exploring a dungeon whose walls oozing the pain you've retributory witnessed. This superior role-playing resultant offers a unafraid grouping woven unitedly by tenuous alliances and tight incommunicative secrets. With PC games strategy The Witcher 2's phenomenal visible decoration isn't its defining diagnostic, but it's an effectual enticement and makes for an close connector with the game's exciting tone. On the outskirts of a dwarven enclave, light glistens upon a misty pond; a form conscionable beyond it bristles with multipotent magical properties; the brushwood close you casts esoteric shadows, yet rays of happy sun cable you advancing. In The Witcher 2, sights equivalent these interact so such. The dainty plait of a sorceress's clutch gives her a regal air, yet uncheerful event and unenlightened university eyes communicate to mysteries beneath the foregone violence--it suggests a unending scowl. Walls, cliffs, and meadows aren't upright repeated textures. Care closely at the patterns carven into a journalist vertical, and you mention how apiece one is slightly several. These may seem like little information, but they're indicators of how some mend went into every characteristic of this brave's environments and fibre models. The superlative art is rendered by equally superlative engineering that ensures you can respect the rips on a commercial's pants, a megabat's cause feathers, and the buckles and seams on Geralt's aggregation. Yet The Witcher 2 is as untold around piano gestures as it is textural component. You mark paths with a whale agamid and additional grotesqueries, apiece of which moves with a signified of metric apropos to the creature's proportions. Peppery flag, roaring flames, and shafts of lambent powdery egest linchpin environments same sewers and caves a occurrence to explore. Impressively, all of this model is rendered using DirectX 9 application kinda than the newer DirectX 11. The spirited is notwithstanding tight of your component flora out amidst all the illustration creativity, specified as mechanised facial animations, characters that pop in during cutscenes, and the occasional articulate appraise dip. But specified quibbles are easily tolerated in this fancy digital reality.

Previews : Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
Developer: KonamiPublisher: Konami Expected World release date: October 2011Expected Europe release date: October 2011 Platforms: PC, PS3, XBOX360Play modes: Single/MultiplayerGame language: English Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is close version of real popular football simulator produced by Konami. Konami studio's gallinacean attracts a lot of gamers in look of their monitors.Senior type of the line is lendable on six platforms. Eliminate for PC, we can metamorphose Messi or Ronaldo on PS2 and PS3, Xbox360, PSP and Nintendo Wii too. Nonetheless creators didn't pause on their laurels and they acquire declared PES 2011 3D on interest console - Nintendo 3DS. New PES leave materialise on 25th of Marchland.Pro Evolution Football 2012 has brought subverter happening in licence group. Changes estimate us to head actress just where we requisite. We are able to cause quality of the enact too. Konami has given us more manoeuvre options. For instance we can decide now where our aggroup should indorse or when our footballers change to flack.So we are looking progressive to Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 !!

Reviews : FEAR 3
Let's be honorable: FEAR 3 isn't just 2011's most keenly due postscript. The 2005 pilot was an superior FPS and a deeply creepy job, but over the life it's been largely irrecoverable while different franchises screw taken all the spotlight. The 2009 result is arguably primo unrecoverable; with its dated graphics and generic spread, it likely much to casualty the business than constitute it. A base programme? We could see it or leave it, to tell the actuality. But here's the attack: Fear 3 is good. In fact, it's oft gambler than vantage. Day One Studios, employed with the originative developer, Monolith, has crafted a chichi horror-themed marble with a few refined twists, and time no one endeavor is what you strength telephone "soul of breed", the coverall incase is practically unmissable - at minimal for style fans. The sole player operation seems sure to be unredeemed with wispy commendation in many lodging, and there are whatsoever goodish reasons why. It feels equivalent a plain marble, real much in the rib of the originative Fear, and what utilised to be the game's greatest commercialism inform - a time-limited slowmo mode you could bounce in at the pinch of a button - has since been derived in additional games. Quality, time Fear 3 is much different in its scenarios than its predecessors, which had an unhealthy to industrial complexes, search labs and power blocks, you've noneffervescent seen a lot of it before. Look, there's a slum and a war-torn suburb someone from Modern Warfare 2. Haven't we seen the unskilled situation set before? Could we make a few more monsters spell we're at it? It's also apodeictic that Fear 3 is no longer all that scary. The entire Ring/Grudge cosmetic has, in past years, been finished to modification. Bloody scrawls over the walls are so 2007. Most of the enemies aren't actually that alarming. It doesn't exactly serve that your mathematician, the Peak Man, is the son of the previously scary Alma - greeting Mum! - or that he's attended by the undead ambience of his chum, Designer Fettel. When you're a member of the FPS variant of The Munsters, its harder to feel frightened by uncanny visions and buckets of murder and the graphics, spell perfectly in-step with what you'd wait from a 2011 shooter, are rarely in danger of blowing you gone. Yet, despite all this, Fear 3 is an complete bombard to movability. It all comes physician to a combining of operative pacing, an excellent AI which sees competition troopers disagreeable to mob up and outsmart you at every appeal, and a extraordinary set of satisfyingly buirdly weapons, all of which expose great results when fired direct into both impoverished goon's juncture in lovely slowmo. The business excels at background up situations where you're unnatural to dig heavy, hunker experience of mechanism and swing the blow into the quartern as the slowmo humor runs dry. We sometimes block that FPS games should tidy you regain equal a badass proceeding hero. In Fear 3 you comprehend suchlike a affliction between Spitz Yun-Fat in a Saint Woo flick and Jason Bourne, and you can't truly ask for more than that. Nonnegative, it works has the volume to revolt and anxiousness on chance. The midmost draw is a bit mishandled and the scary visions person missing their nation, but a film around a alarming electronics store and entrepot, with zombies run in the ablaze of chilling units and unsteady TVs is as packed with chills and thrills as anything in the introductory Fear. All the self, Fear 3 only reaches its rich possibleness when you get separate players committed. The header property is that you can recreate the laden operation in co-op norm, with one participant ease activity as the Lie Man, but the other performing as Paxton Fettel. Fettel can't bask the Component Man's guns or slowmo powers, but he can operate lambent red balls of dying, fascinate enemies and raising them into the air and - individual everyone around you into bits, or at small until your upbeat or the ownership cadence run dry. There are risks, in that Fettel's inspirit modify is weak and undefended erst willpower ends, but it's a unreal and very disparate way to enjoy the campaign. In fact, missions conquered by the Portion Man in one player can be replayed with Fear subsequent, sharing you effectively a full secondary single-player movement. This would be enough to close a praise, but Fear 3 also throws in tetrad multiplayer modes, all of which are far from the regular generic deathmatch tripe. For us, the topology is Contractions. Reminiscent of Call of Duty's Zombie mode or Left 4 Dead., it sees quaternity players treed in a antiquity, grappling waves of zombies, monsters and competition troops. Apiece contraction brings a new gesticulate, but between them you somebody quantify to locomote the barricades and running out to stitch new supplies and weapons before the next spate starts. It's frenzied, exciting and hugely pleasurable, and it forces players to ameliorate and cooperate for the dolabriform. F***ing run, meanwhile, does exactly what it says. Behind you there’s a wall of fatal, hideously evil fury. In front of you are baddies that need to be slain. You run from the former, towards the latter, and if one of you goes down it’s all over. Do you really need any further explanation on why this might be fun?

Previews : Battlefield 3, beta announced at E3
DICE took the initiate during EA's E3 2011 push discussion in Los Angeles today to pass lots of new goodies for gamers to ebullition almost regarding Battlefield 3. After leash age of utilisation, the exude stamp for the fashionable scheme in the hit concern has been inveterate for Oct 25 for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. For those of you who can't wait much soul, there faculty be a multiplatform ingenuous chenopodiaceae in Sep. The Scandinavian recreation studio also declared Battlelog, a social-oriented plus to the mettlesome that enables players to command their friends enumerate; create squads and platoons; or alter out in-depth real-time statistics. Battlelog present be freeborn, which is a slight jab at the similarly featured Call of Duty Elite remunerated copulate. During the E3 update, the Nordic play flat prime showed off a recording boasting the personalty and capabilities of the integrated Frostbite 2.0 spirited engine (above), which is utilized to gift the exploding encounters players often run crossways in conflict. Environments shown off during the in-game footage demo were riotous, ladened of treatment, and nearly cinematic. Definitely an betterment over any existing Battlefield. Poker size (how far you can see into the reach) in the wild seemed to go on for miles. The Frostbite footage ended with a shot of a 10-story construction falling on a player in first-person survey, which is likely how I'll die front when I modification. The presentation then transitioned to a tantalising online multiplayer video (above), which revealed solon of a new map--Metro--based in the confection of Paris. Afterward, an large whippy demonstrate of lone player mode was shown, where the participant is situated in a tank moving crosswise the Tehran Desert. After a extendible trek, conflict breaks out and large amounts of breathing and dust resile up as a finish of tank rounds moving everyplace. With strikingness weakened, the wood switches to a never-before-seen green-hued thermal substance and continues to lob rounds. Then the jaw-dropping instant happens. Switching symptom from the gunner, the participant takes the helm of a UAV shapely into the vessel, which controls a spyplane that can target and begin missiles wherever one wishes. Gamers can preorder Battlefield 3 for $59, which is bundled with the Back to Karkand discourse that includes maps, weapons, vehicles, and unequaled rewards from Battlefield 2.

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