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Reflecting the artist's passion for cinema, VHS consists of audio recordings that were produced through an openVHS Recorder using manipulated videotapes. Most source sound is taken from background parts edited from old tapes of obscure and underground cinema. Mechanical memories and the suggestions of past cinematographic sets are converted and re-contextualized in order to explore the expressive possibilities of an archaic media.Andrea Borghi "VHS" LP | Misanthropic Agenda (USA) ‎– MAR047Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi, released in a limited edition of 100 LPs packaged in deluxe tip-on gatefold jackets.Photography By – Silvio Pennesi

Istanti Sonori #3 Cantiere SanBernardo Pisa,15.03.2019

Tistre | 2018 | artist in-residence Lottozero / textile laboratories
                                                                                                   Tistre | 2018artista in-residence Lottozero / laboratori tessiliPH Florian D'Angelo

Crettographia | 2017
Fêlure / Failurele jeudi 16 novembre 2017, dès 19h00Le Galpon, route des Péniches, Genève, Suisse PH Silvio Pennesi

Superelief n°2 | artist in-residence Tempo Reale
Superelief n°2 | 2017artist in-residence RESIDENZE KATETempo Reale, Villa Strozzi, FirenzePH Silvio Pennesi

MFCD A | Sostrato by Marginal Frequency Limited 3" CD
MFCD A | Andrea Borghi | Sostratoby Marginal FrequencyLimited miniature 3" CD. Custom jewel box packaging. Edition of 50.Compact Disc (CD) + Digital AlbumMastered by Alan Jones

Discomateria #24 / 2017
Andrea Borghi / Discomateria #24 / 2017old piece of travertine marble covered in mosses, lichens, algae and fungus.PH Silvio Pennesi

@Festival Akouphène 2016 | 14ème édition // Geneve

Andrea Borghi First Prize Radical dB 2016 category multimedia artist
GANADORES DEL CONCURSO RADICAL dB 2016: categoría multimedia: Andrea Borghi

Chris WhiteheadChris recorder material exclusively for our label. The source of inspiration as well as workplace for this record became the abandoned Roman. This abandoned architectural monument is filled with diversity of nature's ambient sounds and Chris' reflections about the symbiosis of life and death. This is gorgeous and nuanced sound work worthy of multiple immersion to reveal the hidden at first glance facets.Andrea BorghiIn recent years, Andrea Borghi focused on study of substitutability of material and sound. He makes sound directly from the concrete material through "discomateria". He is experimenting with different materials such as glass, plastic, metal, and more recently, marble. In discomateria one play, treated and processed and generate sound in real time. And at the same time discomateria is independent works of art. So, all tracks on this album are mainly documented pieces of process of improvisation.format: CD in digifile ltd. 300

U36 | Andrea Borghi | Fuochi Rituali di San Giuseppe
Format : CD ltd to 200 hand numbered copiesall copies come with an additional art card on 300gr satin paperrelease year : 2016length : 28’11tracks :all copies come with an additional art card on 300gr satin paperrelease length : 28’11all copies come with an additional art card on 300gr satin paperrelease year : 2016length : 28’11tracks :1. part I2. part II3. part III 19th is Father’s Day, which falls in correspondence with St. Joseph, husband of Mary and also considered the father of Jesus. In Italy, however, we know that every religious holiday is intertwined magically with some pagan ritual that lasts even today despite the years. So, on March 19 in many cities and villages of Italy it also celebrates the end of winter and beginning of spring, and the fire is the symbol of this long awaited step.The bonfire is also part of a purification and consecration ritual.In March agrarian purification rites are also carried out. Traces of the bond with this type of worship are found in the tradition of the bonfires of crop residues of the previous year and still widespread in many regions.Usually, in this huge fire under control, a puppet which takes the shape of an old man or an old woman is burnt, and symbolizes the Winter. While burning the puppet, one says goodbye to the cold weather and greets the beginning of spring.Throughout Italy, especially in small towns, the Feast of St. Joseph is still very much felt by people, who are carrying on the old traditions.This work is the result of field recordings made during a whole night spent last year on the occasion of this particular traditional celebration, one of the many fires that are done in the countryside near the area where I live, precisely in Versilia, Lucca Province, Tuscany .This particular location is a wasteland of about 2000 square meters located near to the sea.(Andrea Borghi,  February 2016)

Hyperlinear and N.K. presentAndrea Borghi - Discomateria at Museum Kesselhaus KEH night: Wednesday Sept. 7th from 6pmExhibition: Thursday Sept. 8th and Friday Sept. 9th from 12am to 6pmClosing night with performances by: Lucio Capece | Mario de Vega | Adam Asnan | Andrea Borghi Saturday Sept. 10th from 6pmAndrea Borghis recent work is focused on the idea of “osmosis”, with particular attention to an osmotic relationship between sound and matter.Discomateria are objects in the shape and size of an LP manufactured in various materials such as glass, resin, metal and recently marble amongst other materials.In practice, discomateria are used by Andrea Borghi to produce sound directly from the material by being played on modified and customized turntables and processed with substances that transform the structure of the materials surface such as acid.These discs are treated and in real-time processed to generate sound and also becomes autonomous art objects.The idea of osmotic sound derives from the motivation to overcome a "superficial" effect of sound and to make it as tangible as possible for the listener, through a psychoacoustic effect in a certain way "epidermal". The sound becomes tactile and the material becomes auditory.The sound source is real-time processed through Max/MSP patches (algorithms for sound processing) specifically designed to "shift" various registers of audio treatments to obtain a more physical and material effect in relation to the space.presented by:

Lesa Prepared Turntable | 2016

Discomateria #14 _ Marble series 2016 | modified turntables, marble disc treated and real-time processed with hydrochloric acid and various materials, computer + Max / MSP 2016

/và·sca/   Installazione|performance per agitatore magnetico, vetro, acqua, microfoni a contatto,Max/Msp e videoproiezione. 2016videoproiezione:Nicola Quiriconiconsulenza tecnica:Matteo Puccinellifoto: Valentina Ramacciotti“vàsca, ant. Bàsca=lat. Vasca |sec.VII|, che sembra trarre dal lat. VAS vaso, mediante una forma diminut. VASCULA, VASC’LA, o, secondo altri, VASICA, che però non presenta una terminazione normale latina.”

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