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Are You an Instagram Creator or a Business
Instagram Creator accounts are different from Instagram Business accounts and you might not be sure which one you should be using. In this episode, we are going to sort through all the options and help you decide which way to go.  Watch the YouTube video if you are a visual learner but for those you love listening to the podcast, you'll find additional insights and a quick personal update. More show notes can be found on the website:

Introduction to Using Studio Beta for Your YouTube Analytics
As someone who creates content on multiple platforms, like podcasts, live streams, social media platforms, blogs, and YouTube videos I have a unique vantage point when it comes to seeing the back-end of multiple platforms. I get to dive deeply into different dashboards and analytics tracking software and this is cool because I love the fact that we can use statistics to see what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating content. Out of all of these platforms, when it comes to free tools for tracking organic growth and progress, YouTube is head and shoulders above the rest. I mean, when you look at the big picture, YouTubers almost have an unfair advantage over other content creators because of the level of sophistication we have access to when it comes to our analytics. With that said, classic YouTube Analytics is an old, outdated relic that will soon be sent to the Google graveyard along with many of our other beloved tools. But let's not shed any tears for the old YTA because the beauty of the new Studio Beta is that, unlike some of the other retired tools, we as YouTube content creators get to have our say and share our feedback in what goes into this new analytics dashboard. To resist is futile, so suck it up buttercup and find out how you can use the new Studio Beta to improve your the performance of your channel. Listen to the Q&A with Tom Leung from YouTube and find out what's coming next for creators. Full show notes for this episode:

Unique Strategies for Promoting Your Podcast on Instagram
At this point, Instagram is like a snowball rolling downhill that just keep growing and becoming more massive as time goes by. There seems to be no end in sight for this beloved social network (at least not in the near future) that offers multiple formats and interactive features to keep users intrigued. You might as well jump on board while Instagram has all this momentum — along with all the fancy tools — to help you promote your show. Here are some of the newest ways to attract podcast listeners using Instagram and IGTV (yup, I said IGTV)! This tutorial walks you through step-by-step instructions on how to capitalize on this and other new features that are really helpful for promoting your podcast on Instagram! You can contact me 2 ways: Email at Voicemail at Episode show notes:

How Content Creators Can Nurture Audience Relationships with a Facebook Page
Out of all the social platforms, Facebook has the most sophisticated suite of audience engagement tools that we can use for free. So let's start with an overview the most popular features we can use on a Facebook Page: Watch Parties Events News Feed Stories Messenger Video Premiers and Facebook Watch Facebook Live Take a look at this YouTube playlist of step-by-step Facebook video tutorials I put together for you and you'll be off to a great start. Get much more info and show notes -  Join the community on Patreon and get early access to all the trainings and tutorials: 

The Best Social Media Live Streaming Platforms
Live streaming is one of my passions. I hope you have plans to go live on at least one of the 5 platforms I cover in this episode: Facebook live YouTube live Instagram live Twitter live aka Periscope Twitch You can contact me 2 ways: Email at Voicemail at Full show notes can be found at

Celebrating 1 Million YouTube Views
I started my YouTube channel back in 2009 and since then I uploaded over 300 videos. With nearly 7,000 subscribers I'm still amazed that the channel has over 1 million views.  Full show notes along with the video embed can be found at Email me Leave a voicemail  

Top 5 Myths About Anchor is a free podcast host and in this episode we cover their presentation at Podcast Movement and clear up some confusion about the app. Detailed show notes: Become a supporter of this podcast

Get Your Podcast Heard in the Smart Home
Can your listeners play your podcast on Alexa? If you already started your podcast this episode of Ms. Ileane Speaks is going to be important to the future growth of your show. If you are just getting started or still in the planning stages of your podcast this episode is going to help you as well. I want to help prepare you for the future and get you thinking about the next generation of podcast listeners who will be looking for your show on their smart speakers. Show Notes:

How TubeBuddy Can Rescue Your Dying YouTube Channel
TubeBuddy is the all in one tool to fix your broken YouTube Channel. Learn how you can save time finding the right topics, titles and tags for your videos. You'll be able to make better content and provide more value to your audience.   It's a free browser extension and you can install TubeBuddy now Show notes: Got a question for the show call 215 703 8316

Sponsorships and Affiliate Marketing 101 with Bernadette Henry
Bernadette Henry from Make it Fun NYC is a fitness expert specializing in Jump Rope tutorials and meal ideas. She has already gotten started with sponsorships and affiliate marketing but she wants to know more about the best practices when it comes to protecting her brand. How will she get paid and how can she connect with more sponsors? Find out in this episode of Ms. Ileane Speaks. Show notes:

The True Story of Podcasting Now and Then
The story of podcasting starts with Adam Curry, Dave Winer, RSS feeds and iPods. Over the years it has come to mean so much to many who have grown their audiences, built their businesses and ultimately changed people's lives through the power of podcasting. Has podcasting hit it's peak? No one knows for sure but what we do know is that there is a lot of potential for growth and mainstream adoption. It might mean that we need to expand the reach of our podcasts beyond the Apple ecosystem and into the Android smart phone market. Show notes:

How to Start a Great YouTube Channel
The best time to start your first YouTube Channel is today. In this episode I share the best tools, tips and people you need to get started. Show notes are at:

How to Use Branded Links on Your Podcast
Are you using a link shortener? Well if you are a podcaster listen up because in this episode you'll discover the best way to use link shorteners to promote your brand. Show notes: Call in to the show: NOTE: Be sure to listen to the end to find out when NOT to use the link shortener.

Live Streaming Tips and Tutorials
Live streaming on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are covered in this episode. Audio live streaming is also mentioned. Show notes: Call in to the show:

How to Understand Your Podcast Rankings
In this episode I cover the mysteries and mystique of podcast ranking and along the way I do a little myth busting about the importance of being at the top of the charts. Show notes are at: Call in to the show:  

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