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What Inspires You? I Hope I Do
What’s so important about being inspired anyway? Why do we need to be passionate or have passion about the content we create?  Get the full show notes: 

The Quest for Social Media Nirvana
Http:// In this episode Ms. Ileane explores 5 tools to help you turn down the noise in your social media streams.

Get Active On Google Plus With Hangouts on Air
Show Notes Are To Come

Optimize Your Blog: A WordPress Theme and Plugin Wishlist
What should you consider before getting a WordPress Theme. What about plugins? Find out and get the show notes at

How To Start Winning The Social Media Game
Confused about which social network you should focus your time and efforts on? Unravel the the tangled web of social media in this episode. Find the full show notes here

Introducing the Content CREAM Machine
In this episode we discuss how to optimize your content to meet the needs of your audience. Show notes can be found

Visual Marketing on Your Blog and Social Media with Wade Harman
I talk with Wade Harman about Visual Marketing and using images on social media and your blog. Read the show notes here

SpeakPipe Keeps The Conversation Going With Your Audience
I answer a listener question came in via Speakpipe about landing pages and I also make an announcement about some news from the folks at SpeakPipe. Look for the PDF file that goes along with this show with some screenshots and tips for using SpeakPipe on Android. Feel free to share it with your listeners.

Hot Tips for Using Facebook and Tracking Your Social Proof
Facebook marketing can play a vital role in promoting your blog. Take full advantage of your Facebook Timeline and track your social proof with Klout.

The Positives and the Perils of Monitoring Your Brand on The Internet
In this episode we explore the concept of monitoring your brand on the internet. Why is it important to know who's talking about you and what's being said? Find out about that and more

How To Use Images and Titles To Connect With Your Audience
The effective use of images and blog post titles can evoke an emotional response from your audience. Visit the blog for more info

5 Ways To Increase Your Presence on Social Media
Get the full list of show notes on the blog:

How To Get Subscribers and Keep Them Happy
Subscribe to my email list Learn how to get subscribers and keep them happy. Sign up for AWeber

Pick One Tip For Driving Traffic To Your Brand New Blog
If you had to pick just one tip to drive traffic to a brand new blog, what would it be? Find out my tip and what 40 other top bloggers have to say.

Finding The Best Guest Bloggers for Your Blog
In this episode I share my top 5 tips for finding the best guest bloggers for your blog. How to attract the pros and avoid the nos.

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