Recipe for a Gluten Free Life by Mrs. G.F.

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Gluten Free dining in the North End Boston, MA
Just a quick note to some great readers who wrote some wonderful comments over the past year...I just read them and hit the publish button. Thank you for taking the time to write, and I am so sorry I did not respond! I forgot I put an approval for them to publish. I had been getting so much spam, I had to stop that somehow. Thank you so much for all your comments and contributions. I will try and

Oatmeal Date Chocolate Cookies ~ Heart Smart and Gluten Free
UPDATE September 2012: I just thought I should jump in here and let people know some changes I have made to this recipe. The one below works just fine, but my baking style has changed a little bit. I now use only sweet sorghum flour and millet flour. I find that these 2 work just great together. Sometimes I might add a touch of almond flour, if I have it around. I barely use xantham gum

Real Simple Magazine Cake Recipe ~ Gluten Free
I wouldn't call this recipe real simple, it's a cake from scratch, but it's not all that difficult either. This was hands down the best, the absolute best, gluten free cake I have ever had. It stayed moist as leftovers, did not turn crumbly in texture at all. No one would guess it was gluten free. I think it's the sweet rice flour that is the trick.Sorry no pic, we ate it and enjoyed. Thought is

Some of my favorite products
Hi!!Long time no blog. Sorry, life has been so busy, blogging has been pushed to the back of my list. I have been getting a lot of questions lately about good gluten free products for people just starting out on this lifestyle. I spent so much time and money at the beginning to find food that tasted good, and I would love to save someone else's time and money. I will be working on this list a

Gluten Free Quest: Whole Grain Commercial Bread?
I have a quest, and was wondering if any of you could help. I like good food, and most of the time I don't mind making it. But when I want to make decent french toast for my children, and I have to make the bread before I can even think about making the french toast, I get a bit aggravated.I feel like Martha Stewart.I feel like I should have grown the grains in my backyard, ground them by hand,

Triumph Dining: A Review for a Gluten Free Resource
I started this awhile ago, and never got the chance to finish it. Here is my honest review.Enjoy!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I don't know about you; but when I started off having to eat gluten free, I used resources and the web a lot. I came across something called "triumph Dining Cards" but never thought much about it. I didn't think I needed that. You see I thought my eating out experiences would

Great Website to Explore
Hello all, I hope that life is treating you well. No recipe tonight, just an interesting website that warrants a closer I have it connected to what I was looking for, a different or new gluten free restaurant in Boson, Ma. I do not know how or where they get their info, I know nothing about it really, but I may be trying a new restaurant tomorrow based on it.Check it out,

Lost all Emails, Hard drive bit the big one
Just a quick note to those who have sent me emails since the beginning of December:My hard drive is gone, and I lost all emails and email addresses. If you did not get a reply to your email, please write again, I respond to all emails.Also, any friends or family that check this site...send me an email so I can try to reestablish my address book.Thank you!!(Great bread recipe post coming soon!)

Marinated Flank Steak for Fajitas
I chatted with my mother briefly the other day, and she told me she was asked what her motto was for the new year. Without any forethought, she said, "Embrace life." She didn't have time to think about it, it just slipped out. That's why I think it is such a good one.I haven't come up with one yet. Maybe by the time I finish my post one will work it's way out.I like the idea of a motto for the

Happy Holidays...Let's Be Thankful
NH Ice Storm, December 2008Originally uploaded by doortoriverI live in New Hampshire, and you may have heard about us lately in the news. "Ice Storm...2008." I didn't have any power, running water, or heat, except for our gas fireplace, (and a borrowed generator for part of an evening that gave us a heat boost, Thank You!) for 5 days.. And there are still people without power now. I hope they get

Molten Lava Cakes ~ Gluten Free
My mother got a card with this recipe, and there is nothing on there for me to give proper credit. The recipe is too good not to share. My family and I really enjoyed it, and it was quite easy. I liked mine topped with ice cream and would consider adding shredded coconut, nuts, or liqueur next time I made these.Also, I did get tagged a few times for a meme, I will do it, I just do not have time

Back from Disney
Greetings. I have gotten all your comments and emails; I just haven't had enough time to answer, I hope to catch up this week. We are back, and it was a great trip, and Disney is as great as it is cracked up to be. (The above picture is from Animal Kingdom and the safari, it was beautiful.)This will not a super long post, but I will throw a few things in here, and maybe more another day if I

Banana Bread ~ Gluten Free & Whole Grain
I made this right before my son got the flu and we left for Disney. This bread was fabulous; whole grain and easy. I used the flour combination I love, teff, sweet sorghum, and brown rice. Also, I forgot to put xanthan gum in this recipe, and it really didn't need it, so add some if you wish, but the bread stayed moist and together without it. I was thinking of giving the second loaf away to a

Pork Loin ~ stuffed with feta, spinach and olive tapenade
I had this beautiful pork loin in the freezer that I had gotten on special, and needed to use it. I pulled it out of the freezer the night before I was going to cook it, and I planned to figure out what to do with it the next day.This recipe was inspired by what I had on hand, and I have to tell you it was delicious. Next time I may throw in a few sun~dried tomatoes and maybe pine nuts. Also,

A Taste of Sunshine ~ Caesar Lemon Dressing
I love this dressing. A good friend gave me this recipe, and it tastes so fresh and clean. I love it on salads of any kind and any mix, or on roasted veggies (like roasted asparagus with grated Pecorin Romano cheese..YUM!)This is where you would use your virgin olive oil, if you have some handy. If you don't, and can't afford it, use regular. My Mom did, (She is first generation Italian-American,

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