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Gluten Free Dining in New England: New Hampshire, Boston and In Between
I am a New England girl, born and raised. I grew up in Massachusetts, and have settled here in New Hampshire. I have a few, not many, restaurants that have gluten free menus, or are very amenable to gluten free eating, that I love to go to. That I count on when I need to get out. I thought a list here would be great for people driving through, or traveling to this part of the country. I am also

Sauteed Apple Pumpkin Oven Pancake, Gluten Free
I got the original recipe from a New Hampshire newspaper, The Concord Monitor. It was adapted from A Harvest of Pumpkins and Squash, by Lou Seibert Pappas. This looked too good, I had to try and make it gluten free. Apples and pumpkin, the perfect fall foods.The kid comments were amazing on this recipe, my daughter gave a double thumbs up (highest praise possible), and they even forgot to ask

Rustic and Hearty Gluten Free Apple Pie
Before I had to eat gluten free, my daughter, then aged 2, and I made an apple pie together. It was a "no roll out crust" pie. I had seen the recipe in Better Homes and Gardens, and wanted to try it. It was such a fun pie to make with a 2 year old, patting balls of dough into flat pancakes with our hands to form a top crust.My son and I had never made that pie together; he is now 5. I have been

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes
I have it easy this Thanksgiving, I am making a couple of side dishes and a pie. My mother is in charge of the rest. She found a turkey, Shady Brook Farms, from her local grocery store that says gluten free right on the package, she was so excited!There are so many posts about eating gluten free at Thanksgiving, look at the links to other blogs in my sidebar, and you will find many more options

Brussels Sprouts with Maple Syrup Glaze
I love brussels sprouts. I crave them. I know, some people think that I am weird in that way. Judge after you make this recipe, and you will join me and start craving brussels sprouts too.This is a great side dish for any meal, Thanksgiving, holiday, or weekday. ( I am making this as a side dish for our Thanksgiving meal.) If I am running to the grocery store, and the sprouts look good, I will

(Some of) My Favorite Fall Recipes
I love fall, and rainy days. Today is such a great dreary fall day. A day that gives you a break from thinking about all the yard work that need to be done, and lets you sit and relax and listen to the rain against the windows.My camera bit the dust, and we finally bought a new one..then after a great night out, the 1st night out with the NEW camera, with friends (happy b-day Sheri!!), we lost it

Gluten Free Travel Paris ~ Links, Tips, & Information
Paris, celiac boyOriginally uploaded by justmakeit(Important: I wrote this post before I went to Paris. All of the text in blue are my comments after my trip.So far this is the most comprehensive guide to Paris gluten free on the internet. There are links to many other individual's experiences and posts. If you find something I didn't include here, or you wrote your own post about your trip to

Sunglasses, Guest Blogger, & Last Post about Paris
I know, I know. I keep on coming back to Paris. How can I help it? I promise, this will be the last post that I write about it, and, I have to say, this post is only a little about Paris. (Down in the middle of the post are the links to the "travel there" information, if that's what you are looking for.) Mostly, it's about taking off my sunglasses.As many have noticed, my profile picture never

Paris - There is a Gluten Free Restaurant Opening!!
Tour Eiffel - HDR - Eiffel Tower ParisOriginally uploaded by Al IanniBack story ~My husband is taking me on a trip to Paris for our 10 year anniversary in just a week and a half. I have been doing a ton of (and I mean HOURS) research (Paris does not have the reputation of Italy for celiacs.); it seems there is a new dining option for celiacs and gluten intolerant travelers and residents

The Flu and the Gluten Free Vacation
I am going to Disney World with my family!!And we are very excited. So I won't be posting for at least a week. I just don't want anyone to think I have dropped off the face of the earth.Plus this week, my little boy got the flu, and then I came down with it. We are on the mend though, and looking forward to a little family adventure.And, FYI, my husband called all over creation to find out if

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