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Origami Ginkgo leaves art by JeeYoung Lee
 Ginkgo leaf sea "Maiden Voyage" Origami objects by South Korean artist JeeYoung Lee. The objects draw on her childhood observing the autumn Ginkgo leaves in the streets of Korea. Also known as “living fossils” ginkgo leaves date back over 270 million years and was a way for Lee to convey the passage of time: "I compare life to a voyage".  Read more about the exhibition at Now Gallery, London (with videos). Photo: Now Gallery.Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

Update of my website The Ginkgo Pages
 * Update Awards-page with El País- el periódico global en Español: July 2022 Article "El ginkgo, el árbol que sobrevivió a los dinosaurios y a la bomba atómica" with mentioning of my website The Ginkgo Pages.  * Update Literature-and Awards-pages with article by International Biological Flora: Ginkgo biloba (with references to my website The Ginkgo Pages), 2022. Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

Huanggang Vertical Forest and Ginkgo trees
   StefanoBoeri Architetti’s Easyhome Huanggang Vertical Forest City Complex, located in the city of Huanggang in Hubei province, eastern China.  Boeri is best-known for the Bosco Verticalein Milan.The 4.5ha site contains five towers, two of which are residential "vertical forests" that combine open and closed balconies.The greenery of the Vertical Forest is made up of 404 trees, the main trees are Ginkgo biloba, also Osmanthus, Acer, Ligustrum etc., 4620 shrubs, perennial grass, flowers and climbing plants. Boeri:“The inhabitants of the residential towers have the opportunity to experience the urban space from a different perspective while fully enjoying the comfort of being surrounded by nature."Video: Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

Confuciusornis birds and Ginkgo
 Confuciusornis birds sitting on Ginkgo tree branches. It was a feathered small dinosaur and could have eaten Ginkgo seeds.Early Cretaceous Period; many fossils have been found in the rocks of Liaoning, China. Confuciusornis is considered to be both the oldest beaked as well as the most primitive bird after Archaeopteryx. Its name is a combination of the Chinese philosopher Confucius and the Greek word for bird. Picture: Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

Famous ancient Ginkgo tree, Guanyin Temple, Xi'an
1,400-year-old Ginkgo tree on the grounds of the Guanyin Temple in Luohandong village in the city of  Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China.This ancient Ginkgo tree is thought to be planted for Emperor Li Shimin, founding father of the Tang Dynasty, ruling from 629 to 649.It has become a tourist attraction because of its many golden leaves. The video also gives an impression of a visit to the temple.Bus: Take the No. 916 bus in Xi’an, get off at Nanshicun Station, go straight to Sanchakou for about 10 minutes (walking),  “Guanyin Temple” is on the left. Video by going走走looking看看 on YouTube.Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

Merry Christmas - Happy 2022
 Wishing all visitors of this forum-blog, my website The Ginkgo Pages , YouTube channel and Twitter  Merry Christmas - Happy 2022 * * *Cor Kwant =***********=***********=   Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

Old Ginkgo dropping its leaves in Gregg Park, Vincennes
 Old Ginkgo tree is dropping its leaves all at once. This great tree is located in a historic place: Gregg Park (1931), Vincennes, Knox County in Indiana, U.S. Video on YouTube by John Stangle. More fall photos and videos of the Ginkgo leaves on my Twitter and website:  Ginkgorain: leaves all fall at the same time. Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

Ginkgo love symbol : song and dance
The Ginkgo leaf is a symbol of love in this Chinese song.Singers Cao Fu Jia, Tang Zi Xing.The Ginkgo is the national tree of China.Below you can see a girls group dance performance on this song (followed by a dance lesson):   More about the Ginkgo as a symbol on my website.Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

Ginkgo seed with and without its coat
 Ginkgo seed with and without its fleshy coat.Cleaning of the seed:  video on my YouTube channel:  More info on my website: Propagation-page.Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

Old female tree in Japan
  Japan: Female Ginkgo tree of about 300 years old still bearing many seeds! Girth 10.1 meters, height 23 meters. Location: Hongo, Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture (next to Kamo Athletic park).  Video by Tree Film Production on YouTube. Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

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 Follow me: The Ginkgo Pages by Cor Kwant on Twitter:   Tweets about the Ginkgo tree - info, photos and more from around the world.    Now over 3,870 followers, if you like join them!Follow me on Twitter, thanks! Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

Jurassic: Pterosaur Monkeydactyl and Ginkgo
 Illustration of two 'Monkeydactyls' climbing in the boughs of a Ginkgo tree.  Newly described flying reptile 'Monkeydactyl'  Kunpengopterus antipollicatus (opposite thumbed) is thought to have lived in the Jurassic period.This pterosaur lived its life among the trees, hunting for bugs and climbing with the help of its two opposable thumbs — one on each of its three-fingered hands.  It is the first known pterosaur found in China with an opposed thumb. More about Ginkgo in the Jurassic period on my website: Fossils-page. Article and illustration: Current Biology.  Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

Mezzotint art - Ginkgo biloba by Michel Estèbe
 Ginkgo biloba by Michel Estèbe, 2002Color mezzotint Michel Estèbe is one of the few modern masters of the mezzotint.More info about the artist and mezzotint here. Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

Ginkgo seed germination recording
 David Beard shows a wonderful video on YouTube of the germination of a Ginkgo seed.He made his video over a period of two months and recorded on a daily basis. Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

Unique Ginkgo leaves colours in Osaka, Japan
 The edges of these Ginkgo leaves do not turn yellow but show a contrasting green colouring. Very special and beautiful! Location Osaka, Japan.Enlargement of this photo on my Photo Special-page on my website.Photo courtesy Sando Tomoki. Thank you! Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

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