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Unique Ginkgo leaves colours in Osaka, Japan
 The edges of these Ginkgo leaves do not turn yellow but show a contrasting green colouring. Very special and beautiful! Location Osaka, Japan.Enlargement of this photo on my Photo Special-page on my website.Photo courtesy Sando Tomoki. Thank you! Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

Merry Christmas - Happy 2021
Wishing all visitors of my forum-blog, website The Ginkgo Pages , YouTube channel and Twitter  Merry Christmas - Happy 2021 * * *Cor Kwant =***********=***********=  Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

2020 Ginkgo trees in fall on my Twitter
Visit my Twitter account The Ginkgo Tweets : many photos/videos/news about the Ginkgo tree in fall, for instance:  Check out the stunning view of two 1,300-year-old ginkgo trees whose leaves turn luminous golden yellow in China's Shaanxi. #AmazingChina— China Xinhua News (@XHNews) November 5, 2020 Today I was attacked by a cluster of ginkgo leaves.— geronimo (@geronim76006585) November 11, 2020 Howard Nemerov - poem 'The Consent'— The Ginkgo Tweets (@theginkgopages) November 14, 2020 #ChinaStory The metro in Chengdu, Sichuan province is full of ginkgo biloba. Is your subway commute this beautiful?— China Daily (@ChinaDaily) November 11, 2020 A gingko tree shedding its leaves. Fukuoka, Japan. #gingko #autumnleaves— Cami H (@trulycami) December 5, 2017  Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

Ginkgo tree - 800 years - in South Korea
 Ginkgo tree of about 800 years old is growing in South Korea, address 779, Ungok-ri, Seoha-myeon, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do.Height c. 38 m, girth c. 8.75 m.It was planted when the village was settled and is the symbol of this village. It is also called "ginkgo tree arbor" and "ginkgo tree village".Natural monument no. 406.Video by MBC on YouTube. Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

Naomi Berrill plays "Ginkgo biloba"
 Naomi Berrill plays "Ginkgo biloba" Naomi is an Irish cellist and singer, now living in Italy. "Ginkgo biloba" is inspired by the poem by the German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (on my website).  Like the leaves of this tree - made up of different parts - the piece also consists of different elements, combining music, poetry and nature. Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

Ginkgo fossil Triassic
Ginkgophyte Baiera fossil from the Triassic of Antarctica.More about Ginkgo fossils on my website: Fossils-page. Picture by Brian Atkinson. Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

Update of my website The Ginkgo Pages
* New photo on Photospecial page: Ginkgo bark and leaves.Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

Art Nouveau Pharmacie du Ginkgo, Nancy
 Art Nouveau Ginkgo mosaic on floor of Pharmacie du Ginkgo, Nancy  Interior decoration by Louis Majorelle, architect Paul Charbonnier 38 Rue des Dominicans,  Nancy, France 1915This is one of my photos of Ginkgo and Art Nouveau. Enlargement of this photo and many more photos of this Pharmacie du Ginkgo here. More info and photos of Ginkgo and Art Nouveau in l'Ecole de Nancy here. Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

Unfolding Ginkgo leaves
It is spring,  beautiful timelapse video of unfolding Ginkgo leaves.Ginkgo trees come into leaf later than most other trees.More about the leaves on my website: Tree-page. Video on YouTube.Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

Sprouting Ginkgo leaf
Sprouting Ginkgo leaves in my garden, a new beginning....Enlargement of this photo on the Photospecial-page of my website. Visit my website The Ginkgo Pages.

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