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TDI Podcast: A Crude Reality (#650)
Matt Smith of ClipperData is out guest on this week’s episode. A really informative discussion on the energy complex. Markets Starting to Get worried – Bonds kick into high gear and more bad news on the Coronavirus. Plenty of interesting topics to tackle this week. Matt Smith is a Director of Commodity Research at ClipperData. […]

DHUnplugged #493: Bad Apple
Apple warns that the will not meet their guidance. China still remains virtually shut down – but U.S. investors do not seem to care. Japan’s GDP print, Contactless Pickup and Delivery – and more. YES – Limericks are Back! PLUS we are now on Spotify ! See this week’s stock picks HERE Follow John C. […]

TDI Podcast: Lesson Learned (#649)
New proposal floated to incentivize stock purchases and stocks rally because – well, stocks rally! Consumer debt hits all-time high – we are now living in the upside down. A sneak peak at a special announcement. Plus listener questions – one specific to the idea of “holding on too long – no trading plan”.   […]

DHUnplugged #492: Hard Stop
Markets stage a stunning comeback after a horrific week. Updates on the Baltic Dry Index – shows that global trade is suffering since peaking in September 2019. Tesla finally comes back down to earth – for a day – and an update on the impact of the fast spreading CoronaVirus. YES – Limericks are Back! […]

TDI Podcast: Sudden Stop (#648)
What happens when an economy grinds to a halt like we are seeing with China? We explore a great Barron’s Roundtable interview with Mohamed El-Erian from this weekend. There are some great insights within this discussion. Plus listener questions – one specific to the idea of “price discovery”.   Follow @andrewhorowitz Looking for style diversification? […]

DHUnplugged #491: All-Clear Or All-Fear ?
Investors are re-rating global growth in light of the CornaVirus outbreak – maybe. Tax hikes are being floated as plans to help middle income earners by the democratic candidates – how is that going to win over voters? Markets around the world on edge – but is this PLUS we are now on Spotify ! […]

TDI Podcast: Markets Catching A Cold (#647)
The potential for a global pandemic is creating quite a stir with markets. We dig down into some strategies and past events that had similar characteristics. We were destined for a correction, but is this the catalyst that will remove some of the froth that has built up? Plus a listener question about the REPO […]

An Update on the REPO Market
An Update on the REPO Market From our latest Quarterly Economic Commentary and Review… (1st Quarter 2020) Back in September, there was a mini-crisis within the Repo Market.  We discussed the details of what occurred in the 4th Quarter 2019 Economic Commentary. Since then there has been a concerted effort by the Fed to ensure […]

TDI Podcast: Alpha Quest (#646)
Clare Flynn Levy, CEO of Essentia Analytics explains best practices for achieving alpha. We explore indexing, passive and active investing. Habits – especially bad ones can be changed as long as we have prompts and knowledge of our investing process. We also cover markets, news and updates on the week. Prior to founding Essentia, Clare […]

DHUnplugged #490: Elites Gather On The Slopes
Nothing going to derail the U.S. equity rally – even selling pressure after a new deadly virus strikes China has limited impact. Upgrades are coming in fast and furious – earnings season will be a checkpoint for analysts. Better news out of Europe – hopes for the bottoming process to take hold. Davos confab – […]

TDI Podcast: Left Brain Research (#645)
Noland Langford, founder of Left Brain Research is our guest this week. We get right into questions about conflict of interest and then move on to the topic of fundamental analysis. This episode starts with a quick recap of the week as well as a look at the newly signed trade deal. Plenty of great […]

DHUnplugged #489: Heel on Throat
Here we are again – earnings seasons and banks are making lots of money. The Phase 1 trade deal is scheduled to be signed on Wednesday (1/15/20) – what does it mean for markets? MJ stocks may again be in the spotlight…Tesla hits all-time highs and more… PLUS we are now on Spotify ! See […]

TDI Podcast: Buffing Up on Defined Outcomes (#644)
Earnings Season is right around the corner and we are looking to see if expectations will meet reality. The unstoppable stock market keeps on rallying even as tensions in the Middle East continue to simmer. At the same time, we are waiting for the Phase 1 Trade Deal to be signed this coming week. PLUS […]

DHUnplugged #488: A Fresh Dose of Froth
Tension in the Middle East – what happens if oil prices surge? You will be surprised to hear what we found. Historical wartime market performance explored with @therealdvorak The new year starts with investors looking to get in on the action – no matter how frothy market conditions have become. PLUS we are now on […]

TDI Podcast: DataMattas Everything Cycles (#643)
Out with the old, in with the new. The data does not seem to matter – what (if anything) will change that? A deep dive into the highlights of 2019. QuantaFundaTechna – what type of analysis technique to use when MOMO takes over. Plus a look at the PEG ratio, multiple expansion and charting.   […]

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