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Episode #540 - Fan Mail and Michael Jackson Composed Music in Secret for Sonic 3
We answer listener questions and interview with Todd Van Lulling of The Huffington Post about his piece "The Michael Jackson Video Game Conspiracy".

Episode #539 - Bethesda announces E3 2016 showcase
Bethesda confirms E3 2016 press conference, New information about Quantum Break and Alan Wake 2 from Sam Lake, Nintendo Q3 FY2015 shows profits decline, NBA 2K16 Devs Sued Over Virtual Tattoos and roundtable discussion about The Division.

Episode #538 - Fan Mail and Severed Interview
We answer listener questions and Patrick talks with Chris Harvey co-founder of Drinkbox Studios about their upcoming first person epic adventure Severed for the PS Vita.

Episode #537 - Electronic Arts Leaving E3 Showfloor for new EA Play
Electronic Arts leaves E3 2016 showfloor for 'EA Play' event, EA Announces New 'Battlefield,' 'Titanfall' Games, Xbox One's lifetime sales, PS4 towers at nearly 2:1 and Bungie president Harold Ryan steps down.

Episode #536 - Tom Clancy's The Division Beta, Paustin's new toy, Nintendo NX & PS VR for $400?
The Division Beta, Patrick owner of a new OriginPC, Microsoft also announces no more monthly back compat monthly games, Nintendo NX and Michael Pachter predicts PS VR Price at $400.

Episode #535 - Far Cry: Primal - Final Preview Event
Join Patrick as he shares his thoughts on the first three hours of Far Cry: Primal and interviews the developers at Ubisoft's final preview event held in San Francisco last week. Tune in to hear straight from Creative Director Jean-Christophe Guyot and Associate Producer Paola Jouyaux on how the idea for Far Cry: Primal came to life and what makes it a unique experience unlike anything you've played before.

Episode #534 - Fan Mail, Uncharted 4 and Online Gaming
We answer listener questions about favorite gaming events, white actress is voicing a black character in Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, online gaming and more.

Episode #533 - Tricky Towers Interview, The Division Roundtable and Fan Mail
Gamertag Radio crew reactions to The Division interview, Fan Mail, GameStop closing all stores in Puerto Rico, Snoop Is Not Happy About Xbox's Servers, Unravel's EA Access trial will only let you play the first two levels and more.

Episode #532 - Tom Clancy's The Division Hands On Impressions and Developer Interview
Parris and Peter head to Los Angeles for some hands on with Ubisofts newest upcoming title, Tom Clancy's The Division. Interview with Creative Director at Ubisoft for The Division, Magnus Jansen.

Episode #531 - The Oculus Rift Costs $599, Horizon Chase Interview and Xotic PC review
Oculus Rift price $599, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Beta [Jan 14-18], Street Fighter 5 will support SteamOS, Xbox One exclusive Scalebound delayed to 2017, ReCore delayed to the second half of 2016, Patrick interviews Amilton Diesel - Co-founder, Producer & Technical Art Director and Barry Leitch - Composer (Aquiris) about Horizon Chase for Playstation 4.

Episode #530 - Interview with Aaron Greenberg, A look back at Xbox in 2015 and Beyond
A look back at Xbox in 2015 and beyond with Aaron Greenberg, Marketing Lead for first and third party titles for Microsoft.

Episode #529 - Game Of The Year 2015
The final episode of 2015. Roundtable discussion about our favorite games of the year, honorable mentions and disappointing games.

Episode #528 - Hideo Kojima partnership with Sony, Rainbow Six Siege Review, Destiny and Chasm Interviews
Short roundtable discussion with Danny and Parris about games coming in early 2016 and Nintendo NX. Patrick recorded his reaction to the breaking news of Hideo Kojima partnership with Sony. Interviews with Bungie about Destiny Sparrow Racing League and with Environmental Artist at Discord Games, Dan Fessler about Chasm for Playstation 4. Rainbow Six Siege Review and the final Holiday gift guide. This week features NBA 2K16  (PS4), Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (Xbox 360) & Lego Dimensions (PS4)!

Episode #527 - Fan Mail, Salt and Sanctuary & Metrico Interviews
Fan Mail with Parris and Danny! We answer listener questions. Patrick interviews with the Lead Artist at Ska Studios, Michelle Silva about Salt and Sanctuary, also with the Co-Founder/Technical Director at Digital Dreams, Thijmen Bink about Metrico. This week's Holiday Gift Guide includes: Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain (PS4), Rainbow Six: Seige (Xbox), Madden NFL 16 (Xbox) & Star Wars Battlefront (PS4)!

Episode #526 - Interviews: Podcast Movement 2016, Trans-Galactic Tournament and Lost Sea
Interview with the co-founder of Podcast Movement, Jared Easley. Find out why this is the world's largest podcaster conference. Patrick interviews Jacob Schieck, the Lead Developer at Kiz Studios about Trans-Galactic Tournament and Aidan Price, the Game Designer at EastAsiaSoft about Lost Sea. Holiday Guide continues with Danny and Parris. This Week's Guide includes Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox), Destiny: The Taken King (Legendary Edition) (PS4) & Assassins Creed Syndicate (Xbox)!

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