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Episode #568 - Fan mail and E3 Predictions: EA Games
We answer listener questions about Uncharted 4, Playstation VR, favorite video game soundtracks, the original Xbox games, Fable and more. LET ME HAVE MY DREAM! E3 2016 predictions: EA Games. Give us a call – 786-273-7GTR. Send us an email – Speakpipe:

Episode #567 - Watch_Dogs 2, Uncharted 4, Fan mail and E3 Predictions: Ubisoft
Watch_Dogs 2 will have a new tone and innovative hacking gameplay, Microsoft kills Project Spark, Uncharted 4, fan mail and E3 predictions: Ubisoft.

Episode #566 - Mass Effect Andromeda, Fan Mail and E3 Predictions: Playstation
Mass Effect Andromeda update, Epic Games is over single player campaigns, Battlefield 1 is the most liked trailer In YouTube history, COD Infinite Warfare the most disliked, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine, Fan mail questions and E3 Predictions: Playstation.

Episode #565 - EA Announces Battlefield 1 & Respawn is Working On a Star Wars Game
Battlefield 1 announced, Respawn working on a Star Wars game, E3 2016 predictions: Microsoft, Battleborn impressions, Fan Mail and Nvidia announces 1080 and 1070 GPU's prices at $599 and $379.

Episode #564 - Interview with IGN's own Ryan McCaffrey
Danny and Parris interviews Ryan McCaffrey from IGN about his podcasts, E3 2016, Xbox One and Xbox 360. All this and more only on Gamertag Radio!

Episode #563 - Nintendo NX Will Not Make An Appearance at E3 2016
Nintendo NX will not make an appearance at E3 '16, Zelda will be the only playable Nintendo Game at E3, MS Leo E3 predictions: Nintendo, Infinity Warfare cover and COD 4 MW info, New Xbox Hardware and controller will be announced at E3, The Division's cheating and Sega developing Shinobi movie.

Episode #562 - Fan Mail: Xbox 1.5 and PS4 Neo
We answer listener questions about Xbox 1.5, PS4 Neo, Nintendo NX and PS VR. All this and more only on Gamertag Radio! Give us a call – 786-273-7GTR. Send us an email –

Episode #561 - 10 Years Of The Xbox 360
On episode 561 of Gamertag Radio, Parris and Peter celebrate the past 10 years of the Xbox 360 and why it just might have been the greatest console ever made. Later in the show we continue our Xbox 1.5 and Playstation Neo discussion from last week and ask the question, will these upgraded consoles split the gaming community? And as we wrap up the show talk about the passing of Prince.

Episode #560 - Playstation Neo: The One for 4K?
This week on Gamertag Radio Episode 560, Parris and Peter discuss the leaked map for the rumored Red Dead Redemption 2 and the now semi-confirmed Playstation 4K code name: Neo. We also get into why Ubisoft is allegedly punishing players for using exploits in The Division and end the show with fanmail.

Episode #559 - Nintendo NX is More Powerful than PS4, Dark Souls III review and Ratchet & Clank
Rumor: NX more powerful than Xbox One and PS4, Ratchet & Clank impressions, Dark Souls III review by Patrick, Kobe Bryant on cover of NBA2K17, Gears of War 4 multiplayer and taking Story less seriously.

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