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Alexis Borel
Alexis is a French Riviera based destination wedding photographer who works as a photojournalist all over the world, covering high end weddings. As a professional wedding photographer, I only obey my artistic feeling that I developed through my trips, my m...

Khalladi, Houda
Realism in mixed media

Urdaneta, Rita
Gallery of contemporary abstract and figurative oil paintings on canvas.

OBrian, Catherine
I manage a blog that features exceptional art available for sale online; the blog provides links to featured artists to facilitate the sale of their work

H, Haefen
Art for sale at my site:

Gorodetsky, Dmitry
My name is Dmitry Gorodetsky. I am a painter-restorer by profession, I graduated from the local Art Institute in 1998. Now my major art field is moose antler carving. I have my own studio.

Bunce, Jeffrey
Ability to paint traditional art and the exceptence of failure to paint the un-known on a blank canvas!

Ambrosini, Marco Gilberto
A group of subjects by the beloved Artist… In a single large painting, Trompe d’oeil or Affresco, in the context of the setting that will host that same painting.

Lungu, Gheorghe
He was born on December the 12th 1948 in Stefanesti, Botosani, Romania. He graduates the IP University from Iasi, Romania.He is a member of the Plastic Artists Union from Romania. In 1983 he has a personal exhibition at the Cupola Art Galleries from Iasi, ...

Marra, Valentino
According to these beliefs, in a subjective time of the past Valentino Marra was a very active artist who has devoted his life "objective" art and the pursuit of an "A". If we were to draw the classical "curriculum" we would notice who has exhibited his wo...

Hieu, Luu
Vietnam art gallery presents oil artworks, lacquer paintings by popular Vietnamese artists

Castaneda, Renso
Surrealists and realists paintings

Karcz, Rafal
The development of new technologies is associated with the development of mass media. Will or not, we should accept the new aspects of reality. Karcz is interested in different aspects of reality. He focuses on both social as well as traditional forms. He ...

Peled, Sara
Using humor and exaggeration, my drawings tear the facade off daily life, exposing the true self underneath. I try to capture unique moments and motifs from a careful examination of the local culture and society. The viewer is transported into a colorful, ...

Zarnoski, Lime
Architect and woodwork designer

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