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Spider, Rokko
Electronic painter

Stalder, Andrew
Paintings that combine photography and painting using silver-halide emulsion and oil on canvas

Tatem, Matt
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The Prototype
The Prototype was formed in 1998 in Ottawa. The band has released two CD's, "No Possible Way" ('99) and "Not Too Far To Go" ('01). The band has received great reviews for both CD's and the first single from Not Too Far To Go, "NPW Remix", has been added to...

Oke, Theodore
I love to explore the world of creativity, especially in the area of 3D animations. Striving to be a 3D animator.

Karaxha, Blendi
Three dimensional oil paint on a constructed pasteboard.

Phelan, Michele-lee
Fantasy, furry, erotic, and pagan art, as well as art commissions, custom graphics and web design.

Monnier, Samuel
Fractal and geometrical images made with Ultrafractal.

Ohikhuare, Stanlee
...I want to explore every form of art and make a creative impact on my world

Orchard, Pat
Powerful songs using open-tuned acoustic guitar with effects. A cross between Nick Drake and Pink Floyd. Moody. Dark. Haunting...

Anossov, Ilia
"...His exceptional talent and extreme sense of responsibility earned him high acclaim and recognition by our company and by our associates. His last assignment with our company - painting of over 2500 sq. feet of trompe l'oeil frescoes for 73rd Academy Aw...

E.Denis Art Studio
I was born in April 1971 in the family of architects. My painting skills started to develop in early childhood. My mother tried to develop this ability of mine and to cultivate good taste in me. But my parents' insistence in such early age discouraged my c...
Pogozine is an online community and forum for contemporary art and art issues. Also includes music, culture, creative writing and astrology.

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Toncheva, Natalia
I am working mostly on a thick paper with water colour or gouache, but I use to experiment with non-standart materials.

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