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Vorein, Sebastian
Young artists with comprehensive selection of painting, graphic, photography and sculpture.

Wyler, Mandi
Abstract pop art - mostly showcased in acrylic medium.

Wiklund, Roger
My name is Roger Wiklund, drawing and painting is my hobby. I have distributed some of my work over the Globe to countries, such as Germany, Thailand, France, Denmark and others. Most of my art I distribute through connections with people I meet in person...

Ford, Eduardo
Expressionistic paintings by American fine artist.

The Humbugs
The Humbugs play origional songs based on '60's style rock and roll. They also do cover tunes ranging from Little Richard and Chuck Berry to R.E.M. and Fastball. They call it new classic or neo-classic rock and roll. They have been described as "retro to t...

James, Roseanne
Beautiful illustrative channelled visionary art of angels & fairies. Also fantasy art & cats along with dreamy watercolours of flowers, trees, landscapes, snow etc. Page of artist's spiritual path & also of channelling process, along with art as therapy &...

Gonzalez, Salvador
Mural artist dipicting the Yoruba religion.

Hickmon, Sylvester
Original 100% colored pencil artwork that focuses on still lifes and figurative scenes created in a representational style of realism.

Dove, Chipper
Chipper Dove is a rock band, based out of North Jersey, that is hitting the New York, N.J. area. Their style of rock n roll is a mix of grandfunk meets iggy pop. The talents behind Chipper Dove is Nick Scarano - lead guitar, Mike Evans - bass and lead voc...

Heywood, Brian
Since arriving in the UK in the early 80's Brian Heywood has been making steady inroads into the roots fusion, popular music and video composition fields.

Claud, Amano
A French painter artist with spiritual vision in oil paintings. Energy of love in arts.

Baffin Inuit Art Galleries Inc.
Interested in Inuit Art? Click here to view a collection of hand carved, Canadian Inuit Art sculptures.

10 Months Later
Think of the Replacements driving a monster truck through your grandma's rose garden while listening to "the Band" and stopping long enough for tea, cookies, and a nice conversation. Prepare yourself for a dose of lyrics that stir up memories of a restles...

McClanahan, Laura
My work is computer art based on digital photography or scanned images. Subjects I explore are driving, travel, myself, nature and architecture.

Jarvis, Tamara
Much of my art reflects my deep faih in God & His Son Jesus Christ. I very much believe in the spiritual realm. Most of my work is based on or reflects a verse from the Bible.

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