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Cejkov, Goran

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Abstract photos, Graphic Design, Illustration.

Nextbrain Technologies
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Allyoop! Originals
Original papier mache folk art collectibles with vintage appeal. Halloween icons and Mother Goose characters. Whimsical veggie people too!

Stefanizzi, Gianni
Italian landscape painter

Israelian, Hratch
Hratch Israelian born in Armenia, 1956. In 1972 he pioneered a new painting technique. This new painting process, is a replica of technologies developed through the Industrial Revolution. Why Industrial Revolution? Because the new shapes and surfaces, tha...

Bagatin, Marco
Marco Bagatin was born in San Bellino in the province of Rovigo in 1965. In 1979 he moved with his family to Vigarano Mainarda in the province of Ferrara, where he currently lives and works. In 1981 at the age of 16, he began his career as an apprentice in...

Zobova, Marina
Original paintings in oil by artist Marina Zobova.

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Picchio-Specht, Dieter
I have always looked upon creativity as the driving force behind things, a kind of motive power. That is why creativity should not just be associated with art. Creativity is needed everywhere. After all, without it, nothing would ever be changed, theory wo...

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Milan Kriz Online Art Gallery
Milan Kriz born in 1945, in very hostile times for all Europe, and, indeed, for the former Czechoslovaquia. He spent his first years in his town, Námest n./Osl., Czech Republic. Looking for a way to express his inner feelings, he studied at the Fine-art Sc...

Vietti, Giuseppe
Italian artist with classical inspirations creates painting works with particular attention to portrait

Baron, Sarah
I own the art I draw and paint. I discover the world I live in through my drawings and paintings. I am fulfilled when I have a piece of paper, and a pencil to draw. I get nourishment from the art I create. My art is pure art, makes me evolve. Pure art is f...

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