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Contemporary Art Gallery Online
Contemporary Art Gallery Online specializes in the contemporary art form. Contemporary art is defined as artistic work from the present era that uses the current practices and styles of its discipline. Although the words Modern Art and Contemporary Art are...

Black, Helene
Mixed media, new media, installations, sculptures, videos, paintings and full on line illustrated cv of the artist. Her full cv and latest works can be found on her site.

Bonacina, Adelio
Adelio Bonacina was born in Vercurago, in the Province of Lecco in Italy in 1950. He attended the first elementary classes at the village school in a religious-pastoral-agricultural context that will accompany him on his life path. In a context divided bet...

Dohuzya, Vyacheslav
This is my portfolio it has different styles of work I do such as: ornamental plaster, stencilling, murals, illustration, painting, interior decorative design, restoration and much more.

Ntw Designs
As an experienced digital agency, we can say that the digital approach is the fastest, most accurate, and modern way for providing the best services possible to clients around the world. In just 6 easy steps, project planning, creating, tracking, and launc...

Forbes, Paul
Mixed media collage art

Villarruel Mangas, Andres
The description of my work is a mixture of Realism and Surrealism, I am inspired by the Old Masters and by my idol Salvador Dali. The Psychedelic and Surreal is on most of my paintings and titles. The Poetic, Romanticism and the Symbolism complete the mixt...

Kerekes, Elek
Traditional and contemporary figurative paintings

Indian Art Ideas
We, at Indian Art Ideas, strive to deliver art lovers an edited selection of original Indian art paintings, ranging from Modern, contemporary, abstract, landscape and figurative art painting to sculptures. Our selection includes nearly every possible them...

Garaughty, Marti
"I think... that abstract art is probably the most difficult thing to create. Without any recognizable image, true abstraction has to stand on it's own merits, to speak for itself. I'm inspired by the concept of God, mathematics, physics, light/dark, time ...

Gribinski, Nathalie
My work is playful and light. Shapes interact like oxygen bubbles, free from each other but animated by the same curvy spirit. They condense in sensual curves I called Tourlicoulis, which form funny and childish characters, explode into waves of light. The...

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