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Ismailova, Nesi
The creations that I nominate choose them ahead from their writers, living, in historic regions. They are Primary, singular as well actually alone, fertilized with natural favorable energy. When deriving the bank account and have paid the sum, expect you...

Burby, David
Existential - stills photography Main Entry: ex·is·ten·tial Pronunciation: "eg-(")zis-'ten(t)-sh&l, "ek-(")sis- Function: adjective Date: 1693 1 : of, relating to, or affirming existence 2 a : grounded in existence or the experience of existence : EMPIRI...

Black, Darrell
Born March 25,1964 Brooklyn NEW YORK, My name is Darrell Black, an American visual artist living in Frankfurt, Germany. I work in a variety of formats that include paintings on canvas, wood and wall hanging sculpture called definism. Baumert Strasse 77 603...

Sugden, Olga
Olga Sugden was originally born in Lviv, Ukraine, in 1962. After graduating from Lviv's Trush College of Applied & Decorative Arts in 1981, Olga then entered the book llustration/design graduate program at Lviv's Fedoriv Polygraphic Institute, which she co...

Kobusinski, Jacek
Acrylic painting

Khong, Felicia
I am located in the San Fernando Valley area. I am a student freehand/graphic artist with a fresh ideas and a new approach to design. I am currently looking for any position as an intern/temp to expand my experience and portfolio. My resume/portfolio is at...

Gallery-SAKURA is an online art gallery dedicated to such the Japanese fine arts as paintings (framed, scrolled), prints (woodcut, lithograph, silk screen).

Ruiz Diaz, Maria de los Angeles
Fine art critic, producer and curator.

Maria, Isa
Isa Maria's joyous, sun-drenched paintings of sensuous mermaids and the people of Hawaii. Custom portraits, original oil paintings, and prints.

The Procter Gallery
We offer prints as well as original and commissioned art.

Tayar, Shimon
Wood is a wonderful substance; it's warm and easy to work with. You can bend wood; you can carve it, glue it, and paint it. The wood seems to like being worked with, and I certainly love to work with wood! Recently, I began fashioning items which are not ...

Maki, Maureen
Los Angeles painter Maureen Maki's latest works are images from daily life. The media is collaged paper, paint, and pen & ink.

Sadvary, Stevo
"A passion for art and pleasing clients." That's what makes Stevo so Stevo-licious. Whether dreaming up whimsical weavings or piecing together magnificent mosaics, Stevo is the rare artist who manages to be both highly creative and very accessible. A rena...

Brown, Colleen
Australian-American artist specializing in colored pencil/watercolor art in a variety of subject areas.


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